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4.0 out of 5 stars872
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 14 April 2015
Had to admit I had a thinking this might be a stinker but my son loved the first one. From the early stages it was like watching Joel Schumacher (the BAD Batman director) directing Spiderman. Nothing Andrew Garfield or Emma Stone could do rescues your interest. You even get Spiderman rescuing a kid from bullies at one point and crowds standing around (whilst mayhem goes on) cheering him on..............Dreadful.

When you read about the development, Sony stepped in and had the script rewritten. Too many characters, too little story and you have a convoluted mess that rolls on over TWO HOURS.

Suffice to say that with Spidey joining the Avengers ANOTHER reboot is on the way in 2017.

Rent it but don't waste your money on this.
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on 19 November 2014
Just does'nt engage or make you feel like you care about the was okay but just not up to the Sami Rami version. Should just leave it alone few years til we almost forgot about it then Re-Boot it. Good CGI & Productiion but weak film. Disappointed is what comes to mind...
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on 15 February 2016

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 flies onto blu-ray with MPEG-4 AVC 1080p 2.40:1 encode. The video was shot on film, which gave it a very rich, cinematic look. The transfer was pristine, being mastered in 4K. Details are robust and crisp. Facial and clothing textures enjoy precision detailing, right down to fine makeup lines and stitches. Colours are robust, with deep blacks. This is another brilliant transfer from Sony. (5/5).


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 flies onto blu-ray with MPEG-4 MVC 1080p 2.40:1 encode. The greatness of the 3D element begins immediately. As Sony's logo gradually appears through the darkness via backlighting, the colourful prism of lens flares beam through the foreground with brilliant defined clarity, extending from the back into the close foreground. Once we dive into the actual movie, the strength of the deep and unfailingly natural 3D effects continue. The depth and layering is consistent and smooth. There are several moments when visuals appear to extend beyond the screen. Raindrops appear to fall on the 3D glasses in one upward-looking rainy shot early on, and various blasts of electricity later in the film look like they are trying to reach the viewing audience. Debris -- particularly in slowed-down shots -- has the feel of floating in open space. An unexpected scene when Gwen was talking on the phone, she almost appears to pop out of the screen. A thoroughly enjoyable 3D experience. (5/5)


Originally mixed for Dolby Atmos in the theaters, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 presented us with DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio tracks. This 5.1 mix is so well-produced and perfectly prioritized that it creates an all-encompassing listening environment. The rear channels feature a ton of action. Both Spidey vs. Electro fights send all sorts of action to the rear channels. As they fly around the screen beating each other up, the sound flies with them without missing a beat. The transitions from speaker to speaker are flawless. Dialogue is clear. The choice of songs in this soundtrack is great, like Phillip Phillips’ Gone Gone Gone, which simply sounded great! This audio is a totally satisfying and immersive experience. (5/5)


What's appealing about Director Marc Webb's superhero vision is how willingly he puts aside the geekier aspects of the comic book world and sets out to focus more on the characters instead. Here, we see Peter’s delicate human balancing act between himself and Gwen Stacey (Emma Stone), after he promised her father not to see her, plus her relationship with Aunt May (Sally Field) and best friend Harry Osborn (Dane Dehaan). Mixing these human plots with CGI mayhem give this sequel a more satisfying experience. (4/5)


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has an estimated budget of $200 million, but has a worldwide gross of $708 million. Interestingly, it made most of its money overseas (78%). Amazing Spider-Man 1 had a slightly higher gross at $758 million.


Instead having its own flipcase, the 3D disc is stacked on top of the 2D disc. Sony, you can do better than that! (Unlike I Frankenstein where 3D and 2D are in ONE disc, at least we have two separate BD-50 discs).


I was very impressed with the way Director Marc Webb treated the characters, tip-toeing through their relationships, and he was not afraid to change up what was perceived as comfortable, thus creating a satisfying unknown, something that was sorely missing in the Disney/Marvel 'Avengers' storyline. With demo-worthy audio and video – including a wonderfully consistent, deep and always-impressive 3D transfer – and a truckload of special features, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is highly recommended.
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on 18 January 2015
If i was to sum up The amazing Spider-man 2 in one word that word would be 'Too much', The story suffers from lack of narrative and focus on a specific storyline, You've got Gwen & Peter's relationship, Harry and his story (trying to be as spoiler free as possible), Electro and his story, You've got Peter trying to find out about his parents past and their story! and if that's not enough you've got peter and him having visions of gwen's father, and they have RHYNO shoed in as well!, It's all too much they would of been much better off focusing on one or two of the story elements here (Me personally i would go for Gwen & Peter's relationship & Electro) The problem is they tried to make each of the story aspects as big as each other, None sat in the background whilst one or two took centre stage! That being said does this make The amazing spider-man 2 a bad movie? No, The movie isn't bad at all, It just could've been a lot better, The special effects are top notch, The action is quick, powerful and intense, and one of the scene's towards the end of the movie sticks in your head (Mine at least) for a long time, Seriously it's been nearly 24 hours and i still can't stop thinking about it, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are both superb! Their chemistry on screen is fantastic and actually made me enjoy their romance a lot more! (Due in no doubt to their off screen romance, Andrew Garfield is one lucky guy! He gets to be Spiderman and date Emma Stone, Jealous much) Overall i enjoyed the film if so it didn't quite live up to my expectations, That being said i still want The Amazing spider-man 3! There is a story here that need's to be wrapped up, Or continue if indeed the third film is a success (NOT JUST FINANCIALLY SONY) and with all the talk about Marvel bringing spider-man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe I'm okay with as long as it's not another reboot, Seriously the last thing this franchise needs is two reboots in 10 years, Oh and keep Andrew Garfield as Spider-man, If it turns out Marvel does indeed want to reboot the franchise then i would much rather sony keep control and keep this franchise rolling (Maybe with Marvel's help?) It's not a bad movie but again it's not better than Spider-man 2 (Sam Raimi's) which still is the best Spider-man film to date in my opinion!

The Amazing spider-man 2 - 6/10
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on 25 September 2014
Ok, if i were indeed a youthful teenager this would be generally acceptable sensory-wash, with its loud music, dazzling effects work & the humourous tinge to the dialogue. The effects are clearly geared toward to the 3D crowd, the whole mash of escalating threat from villains is to allow the latest in CGI to fill the screen. If i were indeed a teenage male once more, i think the soap-operatics between the 'good bits' would drive me up the wall. Who recalls the winsome exchange of oohs and ahhs from films of their youth?...we remember the striking moments, the villainy. This over the entire movie, doesn't engage emotionally as the characters don't interact nearly enough with each other. The movie suddenly changes gear like a love-sick rhino on a red bull amphetamine kick.

Overall the effect was stupefying. Almost a rhythm to the dullness lulls.The first film of this series of Amazing was impressive, he was very uncertain, distinctly spidery, very nimble & interesting. Now he has gotten slightly older and lo and behold, this is a directionless dweeb who is only permitted in the messy script to pine, stalk & crave his gal with occasional bursts of protecting the innocent. The 2hrs 15 minutes seemed verrryyy lonnngg. A bit Dark Knighty with a foam-latte head on it. Yes there is a twist in it, yes we can see it coming. Disappointing with occasional bursts of flairy stuff, edited the modern style that does not permit us to dwell or measure what we have seen for more than a brief rocket glare flare.
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on 15 September 2014
I apologise in advance for this long review, but after seeing 'The Amazing Spider-man 2' at least three times now, I feel that I can finally say my thoughts in a non biased way with constructive criticism.

I'm not a fan of Spider-man, but I do have a soft spot for the character and enjoy most fantasy or superhero movies. The Amazing Spider-man 2 is a switch off your brain and enjoy the child's ride fantasy movie, but it's not a solid story driven, strong villain, definitive Spider-man movie. It's one of those movies where you appreciate what they were aiming for, it's fun and impressive in places, but on more than one viewing you can see and realise where all the weak points which bring the movie down are.
The villain Max Dillon/Electro was impressive to watch when he used his abilities on screen, he was fun, but if you compare him to Alfred Molina's Doctor Octavius from 2004s Spider-man 2 you can see how much substance the Electro character lacks. Octavius was by far the best example for a villain, not caring about Spider-man and only taking care of that 'little chore' as he put it when the time came.

Unlike the typical villains of this movie and many others, neither Doc Ock or Conner's Lizard from 'The Amazing Spider-man from 2012 wanted revenge on Spider-man, or wanting him dead, he was either only a small obstacle for them or merely a hindrance for their bigger goals. It seems that Electro on the other hand wanted to kill Spider-man just because of a misunderstanding. Even Rhy's Ifan's Doctor Curtis Conners/lizard was a more solid and better acted villain. Electro spent too much time being held captive at Oscorp to be a serious major villain. There's also the problem with having him obsessing over his birthday and being upset at not being noticed or having friends, some can relate to that, however, they aren't the kind of things your going to care for with a strong villain in a major blockbuster movie such as this.

It seems that Sony are desperate to hold onto the Spider-man franchise since it's their golden ticket, not that they need it. You don't use a sequel as the foundation for a bigger universe in a franchise, you only focus on that particular movie, making it as substantial as possible.

They did get a few things spot on with this sequel, improving on small things from 'The Amazing Spider-man,' better webshooters, improved comedy, incredible web swinging acrobatics from the webbed wonder, plus brilliant special effects with the fight scenes, plus terrific acting from the main leads. Unfortunately what works in some comics just doesn't always work for a movie.
In a few comics Spider-man would have to face small villains such as the 'Shocker' or the 'Rhino' on his way to school or college, however, you can't just add a small extra villain/s like them into a main movie and expect it to work. One main villain is all you need, maybe.......'maybe' 2 villains if the film makers can get both to work, but it's usually better to not take that risk. Harry Osbourne didn't work in that regard, he wasn't a strong enough character, it seemed like the new Goblin was added at the end just to kill of Gwen Stacy which in itself was a mistake.

But here's the big reason why this movie wasn't strong enough.........Uncle Ben Parker, Peter Parker's main reason for being Spider-man in the over 5 decades since the start of the character was only briefly mentioned. He was Peter's father, guardian and raiser from being a child, and taught Peter that 'With great power must also come great responsibility.'As nice as it was to know about his parents, it was only a small story arc in the grand scheme of things, one small piece of a large jigsaw puzzle which has pieces which all fits awkwardly together.

Marvel Enterprises may be making huge amounts of money with their large movie franchise, but it's because they care about the movies they make, they aren't focused on money, but they are focused on what will work, and what will help to draw a larger young and old audience. When 'The Amazing Spider-man 3' is released in 2018 I will watch it because as I already stated, I have a soft spot for the character, but it's sad when you go from being excited about a new movie like this coming to just thinking, I'll still watch it but it's most likely to be average.

Sony need to give the rights for Spider-man back to Marvel, because even if it takes Marvel 5 years to start working on a Spider-man movie, you can rest assured that it will be given the treatment for the big screen that it deserves. As much as I enjoyed 'The Amazing Spider-man in 2012, I know that movie could also still have been much better. It doesn't need to be another 'The Dark Knight', but it should be a movie you walk out of the cinema thinking, not 'well that was a decent superhero movie, but 'Wow!!! Now that's what I can a solid and definitive Spider-man film, the movie they should have made a long time ago.'
The Amazing Spider-man 2 is a fun time at the movies, and it's by no means terrible, but it should have been far better, much more focused on itself, and not as a set up. Sony just aren't learning, and 2007s Spider-man 3 and this years Amazing Spider-man 2 are good examples of only thinking of how to hold onto a franchise to keep the money coming in.
3 stars for the movie
5 stars for blu-ray picture quality and sound with some nice extra features.
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Another Marvel movie, and another outing for Spidey. Once again played by Andrew Garfield in a direct sequel to the effort from two years ago. The Amazing Spider-Man (DVD + UV Copy) [2012]. This is not a perfect jumping on point if you haven't seen that. But if you're reading this you probably have, so that may not be a problem.

An opening scene at first threatens to go over old ground once again, showing the way his parents left in a hurry. But then does fill in a bit more information as to what happened to them.

Then back to the present day and it's all going well for Peter. Taking down bad guys in an excellent opening set piece, whilst trying to juggle student and love life with it. And getting the adulation of the public along the way.

Being Peter, can the good times last?

Not least since things keep reminding him of a promise that he made to Gwen's father.

Meantime Max Dillon [Jamie Foxx] low level electrician at oz corp is saved by Spidey from certain death, and a lonely man who just wants to be noticed finally thinks that he has been.

Disillusionment and a supervillain origin await.

As it does for others, lurking in the wings.

Helped along from the off by the excellent chemistry between Emma stone and Andrew Garfield, this is a very assured production. It's also a very long movie. Perhaps not least because it's really chapter two of a four part story. Which is good, given the way the story of the third toby Maguire version never really came together. And it does allow things time to live and breathe and develop naturally, but there's a stage where there's a lot being juggled.

Dane DeHann plays Harry Osborn, making his mark from the off by making him a bit more edgy than the James Franco version. There's a lot to come for this character, and he gets some good development along the way.

This is very watchable throughout, but it finally clicks in the final quarter, with more decent set pieces, playing fast and loose with he expectations of those who know the comic continuity, and actually making you feel as if people really are in jeopardy.

It does seem that it doesn't quite know where to end, going on for a little longer after a seemingly natural - and very memorable conclusion - but the story beats of this section do make sense. And set up more to come.

A decent and entertaining blockbuster on it's own. Judged once again in years to come after impending sequels, it could have worked even better. But those will not now happen. Spidey being due to be rebooted again. Which is a little bit of a shame, as this story wasn't done.

Some moments will be a problem for epileptics or those who have a problem with strobe lighting.

There are no extras scenes at all during the end credits.

The dvd has the following language and subtitle options:

Languages: English, Hungarian, Polish, Turkish.

Subtitles: English, Hindi, Hungarian, Polish, Turkish.

It begins with an anti piracy ad. Which can't be skipped but which is very short so can be sat through. Then a few trailers. Which can be skipped via the next button on the dvd remote.

Extras are:

Previews: two trailers for totally unrelated movies. One of which is in the batch of trailers at the start of the disc. And once of which isn't.

Film maker's commentary: a commentary on the film. Featuring two of the writers and two of the producers.

Alicia Keys 'it's on again' music video. Video to a song from the film. That doesn't actually use that many clips from it.

Deleted scenes. Four of these. Which can be watched individually or all in a row. If doing the latter they run to seven minutes in total. If the former, then the first is two minutes. The second three. The third one. And the fourth also one.

The first two do contain some interesting things that didn't make it into the final cut. The fourth will be a problem viewing for epileptics and those who have a problem with strobe lighting.

These can also be watched with or without a commentary from the director, which reveals why they were cut. Be aware that his commentary on the second refers to another deleted scene that isn't on the dvd, but can be found on the blu ray.

The box also contains the usual flyer with link to website and code for downloading a digital version of the film to a digital device.

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on 6 January 2016
Not as good as the first!!
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on 3 November 2014
Sorry to say it, but this was a very poor film. Had I not paid for it on rental from Lovefilm, I would have ditched it after the first 20 minutes - and it still had 2 hours to go at that point. Please save your money.
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on 14 September 2014
The amazing spider-man was a rather slow going rehash of the Spider-man story. I was hoping for a better second outing for Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man but how I was disappointed. You can forgive the direction of one overly long film but to do the same again is unforgivable.

The amazing Spider-Man 2 suffers the same problems as the first, but even worst, long periods of character building or useless mind-numbing chit-chat that makes this film run like snail in a marathon. At first it starts off well and looks promising with a nice action scene, then chugs along until the last 30 mins when you get not 1 but 3 enemies. The problem is that although a few enemies survive none of the battles are that intensive. They are more like a couple of oldies having a handbag fight.

The amazing Spider-Man also did not learn from Spider-Man 3 which was don't introduce too many enemies in one film, 2's a crowd but 3....

Overall, it's a poor film that suffers all the problems of the first film. I hear they are making a third but if the franchise continues like the first two the 3rd will be its last!
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