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4.7 out of 5 stars42
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 30 November 2013
I really enjoyed this story. I loved Dylan who had a rough past and was commitment shy. The storyline should be one that's been done to death but you can't help but enjoy this story. I just really like the writing style and wanted them to work. You get a great happy ending and I will be looking for more from this author based one this book.
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on 18 May 2014
I didn't know what to expect when I started to read this but I have to say I loved it.

I become so caught up with the characters I actually lost track of time whilst reading it and forgot to have dinner! Alec was so confident with what he wants from life yet vulnerable and Dylan was so strong yet hurting but they complimented each other so well.

I devoured the book because I just had to see where the couple ended up and how they got there. And it was quite a journey for them both. River Jaymes really draws you in and catches you from the onset of the story to you just can't let go.

I can not wait to read more from this author.
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on 2 March 2014
So a while ago, some of my friends strongly recommended I read this book. I bought it, but had so many books to read that I never got to it.

Still more and more of my friends read and loved the book and it was getting unrestful in it’s kindle cage and wanted to be read. With all the buzz surrounding this book, I finally caved. =)

My friends thought I would love it and they were completely right!!! It was an almost perfect read for me! Now after thinking so much about the book, I just had to get the paperback (only my 6th M/M paperback) of this story. That’s how good it is <3 Highly recommend this book!

The Cover: looks sexy as hell. Love that smile. For me the floating torso is a bit weird and it would be much prettier without it, but I still like it a lot!

The Title: feels a bit mysterious, but you very quickly get what it means when you read the blurb. I think it grabs your attention and makes you want to read the blurb and then the book, so it is effective as well.

The Story: So the whole concept of the backup boyfriend worked very well for me! Why you ask? Well, because I’m a big sucker for “straight boys” being comfortable enough with their gay friends to stand up for them and help them out. Loved when he saw his new buddy in an awkward position and wanted to protect Alec.

The hot connection that develops between them as they explore things is sizzling and I loved that Dylan had no problem with the whole gay sex thing. Actually neither he nor the author is a big fan of labels. So if you are expecting a typical “Gay for you” trope you won’t find it here. Which I loved and was very refreshing to me.

So you might wonder what the conflict is, if the “straight boy” is so easily converted to the dark side ;) Well, Dylan doesn’t mind the physical fun that sex with anyone provides for him, but he has some serious baggage that makes him shut his feelings off, preventing him to commit to a real relationship. Having this bad boy so vulnerable and so in need of protection himself, actually made him into one of my favorite characters.

Alec’s seemingly cold ex Tyler and Dylan and Alec’s common friend Noah make for interesting supporting character, who will have their own story told in book 2 (“The Boyfriend Mandate”) and book three, respectively. We get glimpses of Tyler’s true personality, so that will be very interesting and Noah … well, he can be kind of cool and annoying as no one else, so it will be very interesting to see if River manages to get me to love him in book three.

This book is super hot, with some incredible love scenes that you won’t forget very easily (and that might make your partners very, very lucky, indeed) and has a sweet romance that is balanced by some well placed angst. It all makes for a very enjoyable read. I literally smiled most of the time while reading it. Great book and… wait- why are you still here? Go get your copy!!! ;) <3

I would like to thank River Jaymes for sharing this beautiful story with us.
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on 22 March 2014
This book is a nice easy read that got it all! It's a sweet love story between two complete opposite men and the challenges gay men sometimes have to face. The story is about fate and what's meant to be will be. It just shows that true love can come in any shape or form, happen anywhere and at any time. I could not put this book down and I will definitely read more of River James's books. This man knows how to write a good story!
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on 27 December 2013
This book was a brilliant read I thoroughly enjoyed it. The main characters were lovely the story was sweet and emotional at times can't wait for book 2
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on 1 January 2014
My first book by this author but definitely not my last. I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading the others in the series :)
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on 1 January 2014
What a fabulous, well written book. I am so glad I found it and now reading another book by this author. A great, well written love story.
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on 16 February 2014
I literally couldn't stop reading this book. I read it on the train and the bus and whilst waiting. It was beautifully written. At some points my heart was in my throat when I thought there were going to be some cliche moments, but there weren't any. I loved following Dylans insecurities and troubled past, I loved Alec trying to remain in control with his utter geekiness. Tyler just seemed so strange compared to Dylan but you can clearly tell how amazing Alec has improved and matured throughout the story. There was a beautiful moment of closure right near the end and it made my heart melt.
The only saddening part was at the end where it said that the sequel would be Tyler's back-story which I thought was mis-selling the sequel as there was so much we never learned about Rick and Dylan's childhood. Which I personally think would be a much better sequel.
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on 20 September 2015
This started out as an accident purchase, which I decided not to get a refund on, and I'm glad that I didn't.

I thought it might go down the same road as every other book in this genre, but it actually surprised me with the way the characters turned out and where the plot went, though predictable in most parts, it was a nice surprise to be right, because it's different to most, or, at least, it stands apart from the others. It's well-written, the characters are likeable (the main ones, at least), and it was touching. It touched on HIV/AIDs, which was done respectfully, I think, neither painting it in a bad light or a good one, but merely a truthful one.

So, yeah, overall, I really enjoyed this story, struggled to put it down, and wish it were longer. It wrapped up nicely, and by the end I was satisfied.
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on 22 December 2013
The Backup Boyfriend was a joy to read from the first to the last page, the type of book you have to read in one sitting.
I really enjoyed the storyline as it was not your usual m/m read but instead a very easy to read thought provoking story. I really did like the characters, they each had their own issues but the author managed to keep the seriousness light hearted and not too deep. The Two main characters were so loveable, the type of guys we would all love to have in our world. Although I say the author kept the story light hearted I still felt every emotion the guys went through and was praying for a happy ending. I am now hoping to hear more from them in the second book as I am not really ready to say goodbye to them yet.
Highly recommended!
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