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4.1 out of 5 stars
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Style Name: Iron Only|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I’ve had a reasonably decent steam iron for years, but it’s always struggled with shirts from TM Lewin. They’re quite nice quality but usually made of thick cotton – and generally, if you don’t iron them while they’re still a bit damp, they’re more or less permanently creased. This iron / steam generator makes ironing TM Lewin shirts more like ironing regular shirts. It’s not quite as magical as the other reviews led me to believe, but it’s definitely a lot, lot easier than a regular iron.

It’s also pretty big – and this model isn’t the biggest. What you get is a device which looks like an iron, but without a temperature gauge, attached by a thick cord to a large (1.5l) reservoir which you fill with water and plug into the mains. You have to fit filters into the reservoir to make sure the water is descaled, and it won’t function without them. Two such filters are supplied with the unit.

Once you’ve fitted the filter and plugged it in, the iron pulses blue while it’s warming up. Once it’s warmed up, it goes solid blue and you’re good to go – you simply hold down the steam button and iron away. It does generate a reasonable amount of steam; by the time I’d done three shirts, the windows were quite steamy, but it wasn’t exactly a rainforest in my lounge.

Normal shirts and clothes are very easy to iron, as the unit quickly smoothes out any creases. I did have to revisit thicker shirts on occasion, but it certainly wasn’t the battle it’s been in the past with a regular iron.

It is significantly more expensive than a normal, good iron, and although I’m not sure how long the filters last (I will update when I have to change them) this is another expense. It's also worth noting that it's quite heavy - I think the boxed weight is about 3.4kg, so if you're ordering it to the office and taking it home, you might want to reconsider! However, it's not too bad and it’s also a lot easier than a regular iron and a lot quicker.

October 2015 update: After just over six months, the Steam Generator broke - the green light on the 'eco' button wouldn't stop flashing. At first I thought it was just that the calc cartridge needed to be changed, but after trying a few, it was still broken. Fortunately, Philips customer service was pretty prompt (NB. Make sure you register your appliance as soon as you get it!!) and they picked it up, repaired / replaced (I suspect the latter) and returned it for free. Now works fine again.
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VINE VOICEon 28 March 2015
Style Name: Iron Only|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have owned steam generator irons before and found them to be big, bulky, heavy items that take up loads of space and don't really encourage me to use them. This new PerfectCare iron from Philips, therefore, looked quite promising, being lighter and smaller than my previous 'monster' steam generators. There is also an impressive array of features which promise to look after your fabrics in a way I've never seen on any iron. This is, according to the literature and adverts, achieved by use of a smart chip which allows the iron to be placed face down on the ironing board or even on the clothes and left without burning the fabric. Whilst I have never burned clothes with an iron, it is reassuring to know that if it was left sitting on fabric longer than it should be, it shouldn't damage it. An added bonus to this new tech, is that there is no temperature dial to faff about with as Philips have engineered the iron to automatically adjust to different materials thanks to their smart chip. This is great as it is often a chore when ironing to sort fabrics into delicates etc and then iron from coolest setting to hottest in order, waiting each time for the iron to get to the required temp. You can also vertical steam which is a boon for curtains and long dresses etc.
The only downside to this iron system is having to buy cartridges for descaling/anti-calc. Philips suggest they should be replaced every 3 months (depending on usage and local water type) so it could become quite pricey. There is a warning light to tell you when to change and they do provide 2 cartridges to get you started. The upside is that your iron should last longer as it won't get bunged up with calc/scale deposits.
You can whizz through the ironing using the Philips PerfectCare - it's light weight means the ironing won't drag the arms out of you and you won't have to worry about the iron being the right temperature - the smart chip takes care of it all for you ... if only it would actually do the ironing by itself too!
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Style Name: Iron Only|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Firstly, it's clever - there's minimal fiddling and adjusting settings. The no-burn feature is very smart indeed, and gives a lot of extra peace of mind - especially for an amateur ironer like me. A highly efficient steam system means the thing just glides across clothes, making the chore slightly less hasslesome (which, let's face it, has to be a good thing when it comes to ironing).

The surprise killer feature for me is the vertical steam. It's perfect for giving fabric blinds, curtains and other upholstery a refresh - certainly not what I had expected to be using it for, but I'm not sure how I managed without it before!

The base is perhaps a little unwieldy compared to a standard iron, although this is a serious piece of laundry equipment, and its bulk is what provides most of that steam power. It still manages to have a fairly small footprint despite that bulk, so shouldn't be particularly cumbersome to store away unless you're really pushed for space.

It's potentially annoying that you have to replace the water filter cartridge, but then, if it keeps the iron working as well as it does, then it's worth the extra (the manufacturers' guideline is to replace it every three months or so).

All in all, a super little (ish) appliance - great results, and safe to boot.
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on 1 May 2015
I spent 24 hours owning this, more than long enough to realise it was a great concept that did not work in practice. It was incapable of scorching anything because it doesn't get hot enough, it relies on a constant flow of steam to get the creases out. Unfortunately the steam is produced in short erratic bursts and frequently not until you set the iron down to adjust the item you are trying to iron. It also dribbles water constantly so I returned it.
Had it worked it would have been great as it's compact, a good weight and sits on the end of the ironing board and doesn't need topping up constantly. Pity it didn't do the job as well as the Philips iron it was replacing.
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Style Name: Iron Only|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The "Philips GC7635/30 PerfectCare Pure Steam Generator Iron" is a proper man's iron. Delivering steam at 5 Bar from a large water reservoir that hardly ever needs refilling, the iron nevertheless only weighs a little more than a kilo at the business end, so you can keep going with it for hours. There are also no fussy temperature controls to get wrong as the iron automatically adapts to the fabric being ironed, so you don't risk ruining the wife's favourite silk blouse if you accidentally iron it straight after doing cotton sheets. Of course, if you want to play with the big league boys and partake of some serious extreme ironing, you'll probably need to upgrade to the bigger 2.5l water tank of the "PerfectCare Aqua GC8638/20" or move up to the 6 Bar steam pressure of the "PerfectCare Expert GC9231/02". In the meantime, though, the "GC7635/30" is an ideal way to make your mark on the domestic laundry. Or rather, not to!
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Style Name: Iron Only|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm completely new to the world of steam generators, this being the first one that I have used. Frankly, it's a revelation.

I'm a notoriously slow ironer, and am used to going over the same bits over and over again to get the creases out; not with the PerfectCare steam generator.

It consists of a base unit into which one pours water; the base unit itself is plugged into the wall. There's then a relatively light iron which is connected to the base unit by a cable through which water passes. Plug the iron in, wait for a minute or so for things to heat up, and then you iron by pressing the "steam" button, at which s frankly ridiculous among of steam is expelled, and you start ironing. This works on the basis that the moisture from the steam gets the creases out when you iron. This is where the magic of the PerfectCare comes in, in that it doesn't have a temperature control - it simply irons at a constant low temperature that is suitable for any fabric. Now that's magic! This means that it should be impossible to scorch anything when ironing.

I must say that I'm remarkably impressed with the steam generator; ironing is faster, and simply better, with even troublesome non-cotton shirts being easy to iron. It normally takes me about forty minutes to iron a week's worth of work shirts; with the PerfectCare it's taking me half the time - and the results are better.

However, having said all of the above, and having been flabbergasted at how great it is to use, I can only give this four stars out of five. Firstly, it seems ridiculous that whilst ironing one has to constantly hold down the button to produce steam. With the cost of the steam generator, you'd have thought it would have been possible to have a button that you simply tap once to pruduce steam, tap again to stop.

Most importantly, however, the iron has a decalcification filter, which stops the build-up of limescale, theoretically increasing its life. Whilst this sounds good, the filters need replacing when they are worn out; if you don't, then it seems that the steam generator will simply stop working until it is replaced. I have no problem with this, and I shouldn't need to replace the filters (which cdj be bought separately) very often, as we live in an area with very soft water. However with those in hard water areas potentially needing to replace the filters every few weeks, this could get rather expensive.

All in all, a really good thing that has impressed me a lot - so I can strongly recommend it. The only downside is the need to buy new filters in order to carry on using it. I guess this is s small price to pay for something that is saving me so much time and annoyance.
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Style Name: Iron Only|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
We own the lowest cost version of this iron ( and were given the chance to test and review this slightly pricier model.
These new steam generator irons use high pressure steam rather than high sole-plate temperatures to work. Philips have worked out the optimum sole-plate temperature that will remove creases using steam rather than high heat levels. It works – very well indeed. The result is that the iron simply cannot burn fabric – this means you can iron any kind of fabric without changing the temperature (there are no settings!). Also, you can rest the iron on the ironing board cover – it will not burn and, we’ve found, lasts and lasts (thus saving buying new covers).

I’ve been reading the very few reviews in which the reviewers suggest that the iron is not hot enough to remove all creases. I can say that we have not once felt this to be the case except when the creasing has been intense because the clothing has been overly dried. In those cases this iron – just as traditional irons – does struggle more. Our experience with these new Philips steam generator irons is that they are the equal of traditional irons in this respect and we are, genuinely, 100% satisfied. We have owned older steam generators over many years and we remain utterly convinced that Philips have produced a genuine and useful innovation. An issue in the past with our previous steam generators has been scaling and dirty water occasionally emitting from the steam vents - not so with this iron. Philips have invented a guaranteed scale-free system that seems to work brilliantly. It's a wonderful product.
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VINE VOICEon 25 March 2015
Style Name: Iron Only|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a new experience for me. I had seen these type of irons but wondered what they were like and reviewing this Philips PerfectCare Pure was an ideal opportunity to test one out. I placed the cartridge in the correct position to help remove any limescale deposits and filled the tank us with tap water. I plugged the iron in. The electrical flex is a very good length which is ideal as most people won't be able to put the tank on the ironing board stand. The water then feeds to the iron along a chunky cable. That is a little shorter but average length for an iron. The iron although looks small still has some weight.

I tested the iron on four garments and I used the trigger which is the underside of the handle and it let out a good jet of steam and steamed my glasses up temporarily. (this stopped after a short while). I could press more to get a more prolonged gust of steam. I was pleasantly surprised to note that the steam really did the job and I didn't have to keep going over the same area time after time. I like the fact that you don't adjust any temperature settings for different fabrics as the steam does all of the work for you. It is also OK to place the iron on the board and it doesn't scorch as it's the steam that creates the heat. You cannot place the iron upended on the board as you would conventional iron, although you can hold in that position when steaming things such as dresses and irons. The garments look well pressed and were don't in half the time.

All-in-all I am very impressed and I doubt that anyone using it would fail to be either. It does get hot and I am surprised when people say it doesn't and clearly ironed very creased cotton items.
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Style Name: Iron Only|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am a total convert to steam generator irons, they really do seem to much more powerful and easier to use than regular irons. Yes, my wife irons more than I do but I still do my share and we both love these things.

The Philips Perfectcare is a well built unit that seems quite compact compared to other steam generators. Philips seems very good at designing really ergonomic products and this is no exception, its all curves and nice buttons and handles, really well thought out, made from decent materials and solidly put together.

Its a simple machine to set up, pop in the anti-calc unit, fill it up with water and away you go. I tend to set the base unit on the floor and have just the iron up on the board. The cable that connects the iron to the generator is long enough for this but I think another foot or so of cable would have made a big difference. The controls, what little there are, are on the base unit. You have an on/off button and an eco setting. I always use the co setting as it still produces more than enough power for everyday ironing.

The iron has one button, a trigger which will, when held, make the iron produce steam. When moving from a regular iron to a steam generator it initially feels a little strange but soon becomes second nature.

When using this iron there is a genuine difference in speed, this is helped by two things. One is the phenomenal amount of steam created and second is a feature that seems unique to Philips, there is no temperature setting, the iron works on all 'ironable fabrics' and the baseplate seems to stay at the same temperature. Not sure how this works but it does and it works well, no more twiddling a temperature wheel and waiting for the iron to heat up or cool down.

I am a total convert to these irons, they are awesome, really do make a difference and are way better than old school irons.

The only downside, and this is not just a criticism levelled at the Philips, is that the pump in the steam generator is pretty loud and every few minutes makes a rude blast.

Beside that this is an excellent unit and highly recommended.
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Style Name: Iron Only|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Philips pioneering of steam iron development has produced this amazing unit which will let you finish your ironing tasks almost twice as fast. It is crammed full of the latest cutting edge technology which, hidden under the bonnet, allows it to maintain a steady, lower than normal temperature while producing an increased amount of variable steam power under pressure. The innovative design of the footplate also adds greatly to the overall efficiency. These features together let the iron tackle any material without adjustment and removes the possibility of scorching or burning of the fabrics at the same time. The results are impressive and quite spectacular. Philips have not restricted their attention only to performance, but have provided enhanced visual presentation as well. It not only looks good, but it has been built out of quality, durable materials to a very high standard of finish. I have the good fortune to live in a soft water area, but if scaling is a problem where you stay, anti-scal cartridges are supplied for the unit which offer a 5 year warrant against scale build up. While the unit is more compact than some of its competitors, this allows for easier storage when not in use and still offers a continuous two and a half hours of use at one filling. The water storage can be topped up at any time.

While it is not cheap, it is excellent value for money and may well prove to be the iron that will meet all of your needs. It is extremely user friendly and should also last for a long, long time!
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