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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 8 November 2014
This is, without doubt, totally deserving of 5*. I love the way the author has written the characters. each have their own personalities, but their differences are all realistic because of their background.

Rebecca was a lovely girl. She had her heartbroken by Julian and she moved countries to get over him. She wasn't strong enough to stay away from him and so took the drastic option on taking a new job and moving away from all that was known to her. She left, not only, her boyfriend, but her family and her home and everything familiar to her. This showed her strength to make the changes but also a weakness in her resolve of matters of the heart.

Enter the suave, sophisticated Frenchman. He saw her on the plane and started his pursuit of her heart despite watching her sob for 20 minutes. He preyed on her while she was at her most vulnerable.

Of course we need the alpha male....the arrogant CEO, to also vie for her affection and attention. Maxwell was what we've come to expect from the top dog. But he seemingly has baggage, baggage that makes Rebecca think he's a cheating tw@t and one whom she doesn't want to get involved with.

She's the kind of girl who lets her heart rule and very rarely listens to her head! She's been hurt in the past yet she seems to continuously put herself in the position of being hurt again.

The two male leads are going on an all out c0ck fight and you can practically see the feathers flying.

I love the writing style of the author. There were POV changes that were smoothly executed. You never get lost in who is speaking.

I think this is a book you most definitely have to one click.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 2 December 2013
OMG, I have a book hangover now...

Need. Book. Two. NOW!!

What do you mean book one isn't out yet? I don't care, I need the next one...

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Rebecca has the opportunity to start over with a new job and life in France. Since she was trying to get over a bad break up, she decided to go with it. Jani Kay, very cleverly keeps you guessing about the reason's behind the break-up, but all is revealed later in the book.

So leaving her family behind, she moves from Australia to France. Whilst on the flight she meets the very charming and handsome, Frenchman, Alain. Suffice to say, things get steamy between them very quickly. As Rebecca has some spare time before she is due to start working, Alain asks if he could show Rebecca some of the sights of Paris beforehand and she agrees. Things continue to sizzle between the couple, but then you throw in Rebecca's new boss, Maxwell, into the equation and things start to look explosive. Maxwell shows his intentions to Rebecca and Alain shows his jealousy. What do you do when two larger than life men compete for your attention?

Rebecca finds herself in the unenviable position of having to contend with both Maxwell and Alain. They are both single minded - when it comes to Rebecca they both want her. Who will win is anyone's guess.

I can't decide who I prefer the most. I found I kept switching from Alain to Maxwell and back again. Alain was a proper gentleman, hot and sexy, attentive, protective, but jealous as hell. Although, you know he is hiding something. All becomes apparent later on when Rebecca is finally introduced to his Father. If ever there was a character that would make you NEVER want to meet the parents, it would be him. He was nasty and creepy and he made it seem so effortless! Maxwell, on the other hand had annoyed me early on and I took a while to warm to him, but when I did, I found I started to like him. He had gone from arrogant, to caring (still with a touch of arrogance), and gentle. Showing a deeper side to his character. He was the proverbial chameleon! Jani Kay did a brilliant job of putting you off him, but slowly getting his character to chip away at your first impression and have you reconsider your initial reaction.

I was gutted when I had finished the book, for two reasons. The main one being that the book had ended. The second one was because the book went in a direction I had not anticipated and as soon as the leaky eye syndrome came to an end, I emailed Jani Kay to let her know how devastated I was at the end and prayed I didn't have long to wait until the next book came out. Thankfully it's not too long (YAY!)

So now I am waiting on book two to come out to see who will win the next round of Alain v's Maxwell!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 6 January 2014
Lost in France certainly lives up to the author's warning. This book definitely sizzles. Not only that, but the storyline held weight and proved to be an entertaining, enjoyable and of course, hot read.

I really enjoyed Rebecca's character and following her on her journey. This teamed with the two hotties, plus an ex in the mix, provided lots of book candy to drool over.

The author managed to create vastly different characters in her men especially, and what's more, successfully developed them. They were each unique and were therefore interesting to read about.

The sex scenes were steamy, nothing crazy, heavy erotic, but enough to create a pleasant sizzle. This alongside the pace of the book, which really picked up toward halfway, made me want to read this book in one sitting. The author weaved the plot and its twists well, and ended in away that left me with raised eyebrows, a little bit of an emotional reaction and me eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Hot and a definite must read.

Reviewer: Bex
Disclosure: This ebook was provided by the author in exchange for an HONEST and not necessarily positive review.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 3 December 2013
Wow what a hot story this was. Not one but two hot men this author allowed me to drool over. Rebecca moves half way around the world to heal from her break-up. Nearly straightaway We are introduced to the sexy, hot Frenchman called Alan.... What happens with these two within minutes of meeting had my jaw dropping!!Just when I'd calmed down from that in enters Rebecca's boss Maxwell.... Yes another hot and sexy man.
Thoroughly enjoyed the storyline & yes there are lots of sex scenes in this book:)
This book ended in a 'no way' moment for me. I hope I don't have to wait too long for book 2.
Received in return for an honest review.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 1 December 2013
omg amazing storyline,loved it from start to finish,shes been hurt before,seems she's gunna have another broken heart.alain & Rebecca loved each other but his father had other ideas.broke my heart,I'm so angry @ ending how could Alain ask rebecca to do that,u can't love somebody & treat them like that,hope he comes to his senses in next book he's a bloody fool.he will realise what he's lost & be hard for Rebecca to take him back after they way he's treated her can't wait for next book hurry up January any chance u could bring it forward pretty pwease !
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 28 November 2013
I was asked by Jani to read/review this book for her.. and it is absolutely awesome.. I was totally blown away .. the sizzle between Alain and Rebecca is so full on..
I will not give away the plot suffice to say this book is HOT HOT HOT.. and a love story with a twist... I screamed at the end of the book.. then burst into tears and cried like a baby.. I need book 2 now and book one has only just been released .. you have to read this book.. you will never know what your missing if you do not !!! Jani Kay you rock as an author..
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on 21 October 2014
Rebecca is a fiery red head who has learnt to curb her temper by becoming the ice queen... When she is offered the job of a life time, thousands of miles away from home.... She jumps at the chance, so she can heal her broken heart and move on....
Unfortunately poor Rebecca jumps out of the fire in to the pan where her heart is concerned as she is taken in by the sexy, confident Frenchman....
He sets her core on fire by his words alone and shows her pleasure she never knew existed.... Maybe this is her chance at a happy ever after ....
But nothing for Rebecca Clarke is straight forward... She has her arrogant, controlling, gorgeous boss to deal with and her new French lover is hiding secrets from her ...
Can her poor heart and mind take much more before she is broken beyond repair???
This book will hook you and keep you needing more as you are taken on a hot hot roller coaster ride... I loved Rebecca and felt every emotion right along with her... I felt her happiness, her heartache, her loss and her needs .... This is a sweet yet painful love story of one young lady simply trying to find her one, who will love her, protect her and only her...
I can not wait for the next instalment... to see what will happen next for Rebecca and her fragile heart....
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I was given this book to read with a blog tour. I'd not heard of this author at all.

This is going to change! because after reading this book I can't wait for book 2, its left me empty, I want more!

The female role is heartbroken, she has no alternative but to run, as she always does. By the time she gets on the plane she burst into tears. But she knows she's doing the only thing that she can think of to help herself and the situation.

Then finds herself sitting next to this gorgeous hunk! Just loved the sex scene in this one, it kinda made me laugh. Especially when someone else witnessed it!

Anyway, I am not going to spoil it for you all, just that, has she gone to Paris to solve her problems? or to make more?

Read it, find out!
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on 28 October 2014
Rebecca is on route to France to try and get over her broken heart when she meets the sexy frenchamn Alain. They immediately hit it off and embark on a steamy love affair. I really liked Rebecca's character but I just couldn't take to Alain.

Thankfully, we also have the lovely Maxwell Grant to swoon over. For me, there wasn't enough Maxwell and I loved the interaction between Rebecca and Maxwell and could't wait to read more from them.

This was a really enjoyable read that I'd be happy to recommend. You can't go wrong with two hot guys and one hot girl. Although don't be put off it's not a really a love triangle in the truest form. I can't wait to find out where the story goes.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 30 November 2013
I don't want to say to much about this an give too much away, it's an amazing book with great characters a few twists and a very different ending to what you'd expect with to very hot men
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