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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 3 April 2014
Fairly short story which kept me intrigued wanting to know what happens.

However, during my reading of it I did say to a friend that I had a feeling it was going to have a disappointing ridiculous ending and 'boy, how right was I!' We laughed and said maybe she was abducted by little green men but having now finished the book that would probably have been more believable.
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on 29 November 2013
This was a fascinating little story and I enjoyed it and didn't guess what was going to happen either.
Charlotte was eight when she disappeared for a year and nobody knows to where or what happened to her while she was gone. It was odd as I got a long way into this and had no clue where it was set only to realise it was over here but the author used American spellings.......hence my confusion. I liked Charlotte. She has a cutting turn of phrase that made me laugh even whilst cringing at times.
There were some odd mistakes too. Very silly ones I feel should have been easily noticed. The word if replaced by of, things used where it should have been thinks, place and not places, extent and not extend.....the worst one for me was foot-stall !! Ouch. Then the sentence, "It was a stupid". Then like was replaced by last and unchanged by unchained. In some ways it's like it was dictated and somebody wasn't listening properly or paying attention to what they put down. Then her was used instead of his. Yet there were no mistakes till around a third into the book. Maybe the author used a new editor for the other two-thirds.
The book itself finishes at 86% making it quite a short story all in all. I only realised today I also have another by this author downloaded. I'd recommend this one. It's different and interesting. I just hope her other I have doesn't have the careless bits that let this one down, though.
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on 18 March 2014
The book was good for the most part but the ending was ridiculous. It made no sense, felt completely unbelievable and leaves the reader feeling disappointed. The ending definitely ruined what was otherwise an interesting story.
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on 17 March 2014
Save yourself time effort and money and don't bother reading this book. The characters are very unpleasant and the story is quite simply rediculous. I could find no redeeming features and if I could give it a zero star rating I would do so.
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on 12 February 2014
Silly story, unpleasant characters, ridiculous ending, totally unrealistic, do not waste your time reading it. what more can I say!!!!!
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on 7 July 2014
Utter rubbish. A ridiculous, far-fetched implausible story about horrible characters it's impossible to warm to at all. It didn't have my usual bugbears of bad grammar and punctuation (that's why I gave it 2 stars), though I was really surprised to find that Charlotte is English and lives in London as the book is written in American. This author won't be making it onto my "must read" list.
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on 3 December 2013
Having just finished this book I am not at all sure if I enjoyed it or not. It was a strange story about a girl that never was. I sort of worked out what the story line was aiming at ......long before the big reveal, but it was just seemed a strange and twisted way of going about it. So many other ways could have done the job just as well . The ending wasn't in my opinion as well created as the rest of the story.

Although the story line was original and interesting in the twists and surprises in the plot, it didn't quite ring true. More so as the ending sort of ruined what promised to be a good book. It ended up being a step to far. This made it come over as a fairy tale. But some could argue that's how a dysfunctional mind would work. Making you wonder if both Ruth and her mother were equally crazy in their own twisted way. Really not sure who was the craziest as the plot just didn't work for me.

If you like a fast moving short story with a few twist along the way then you will like this book, as it as an element of everything.
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on 22 September 2015
Mild spoiler warning!
The idea of the story is very intriguing and until quite late in the story I thought the explanation was going to be something at least partly supernatural which it wasn't. It was quite surreal though and while in the case of a supernatural-type story it's quite all right to not have to explain everything, the ending left things unexplained that made the whole novel feel like the writer didn't bother to think things through and develop the story properly.
Charlotte as a little girl is incredibly annoying, I'm sure the writer meant her to come across as a wonderfully original, creative and imaginative little girl but to me she felt like a little girl with borderline schizophrenia. I know imaginary friends are all right that's not problem but this character was out of bounds. There were several things in the way she thought and talked that didn't even sound like an 8-year old at all, but rather like a 14 or 15-year old so the fantasy-world was all the more surreal and abnormal-like.
The book did keep me quite intrigued all the way through but while it wasn't badly written it left me feeling that the story would have deserved more thought and a full novel instead of a not-quite fully developed short story.
For example, and I am trying not to give away too much, if the cave is "barely even a cave, doesn't go very far back and all you will find is some wet rocks and a damp smell" then there's really no explanation to what happened there and how nothing was ever found. Unless of course the writer was after all suggesting that some of the supernatural-sounding bits were in fact supernatural but the reader was just left wondering what has really happened there.
And then what was the thing about the grown-up Charlotte in the bathtub with the water going right through her? You can't just throw such a crazy idea into a book and then leave it hanging and never come back to it or create a link with something else.
I think on the whole the writer was in a rush to publish a half-ready story and never thought properly about it.
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on 12 March 2016
All I can really say about this book is, is that its rather odd. A little like Alice in Wonderland, not quite a fairy tale nor does it give you a belief in the story. It is readable, just. But I don't think it comes up to the reviews of others who said it was riveting and captivating. I just didn't feel it myself. The characters don't connect with you at all and I felt I was just reading a dream sequence throughout. Not one of my favourite reads and was left feeling that the book was just a "little odd".
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A very well written, clever mystery that intrigued me all the way through.

It's not easy to say too much without spoilers, however, this story has an undercurrent of curious insanity running through it, but it's not clear who is crazy or what is real - that's its fabulous appeal.

I am not sure why this book has received negative reviews - maybe other readers didn't feel satisfied with the ending, but for me it made perfect sense, even if I wanted certain characters to be punished...although sometimes circumstances make it difficult.

I thought the characters were fascinating and loved the plot and its original storyline. Yes, different, and a refreshing change to the humdrum 'formula' books, of which there are too many.

An excellent read and recommended to those who like to think outside the box.
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