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4.4 out of 5 stars401
4.4 out of 5 stars
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Whilst reading my Facebook wall one day I came across a share about this book, which after reading the blurb and as a fan of horror movies as well as ghost stories I thought I'd give it a go as I'm more than interested in getting to read someone's real life account of a haunting.

Yes, generally a lot of them are all based in historic places such as tales of the past Kings and Queens or a haunted old inn yet this one stood out as it was set in a fairly new property, not something that you'd think would be haunted.

So upon opening the pages the reporting of the events started straight away and to be honest never slowed down.unlike so many others. What this title has done completely differently was to sit down and explain everything in a clear concise manner that also allowed you to get to know the victims of this haunting. There was no bravado or heroic stances from the family concerned and after doing what they could, they took the only step left to them which was to leave their home but even that didn't end the paranormal events.

All in, this is a book that has a lot of twists and turns within, taking the reader from tears, from when the family had to rehome their dogs or your hair standing on end as the events are described in detail, yet throughout it all, it was clear that the familial bonds were strong as they stood together against the unseen foe.

I have read other reviews and am shocked at certain people's attitude to part of the story ( I will not go into it ) and I want to say to them until you have been literally been to hell and back don't be abusive about people's reactions to a situation like this. The books author also has a blog which is very interesting and in my opinion is something definitely worth looking at. I would definitely give this book 10 out of 10 and I'm glad the author could come forward with this story it may well help others.
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on 1 February 2014
This is a creepy tale of a family's dealings with a poltergeist in their own home. The occurrences the family experience are witnessed by friends, other family members, police officers and paranormal investigators. This is a brilliant book I struggled to put down, reading late into the night and wondering what every noise was as I tried to go to sleep. Loved it.
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on 22 August 2014
A brilliant read, this book had me hooked from the start and I couldn't put it down!
I'm a believer of the 'after life' and always have been, reading this book gave me an insight of just what it can be like after we die, (if we are evil!) me myself hope that I will not be trapped like this evil spirt this poor family had to endure! But hope that I go to the better and happier side! It makes me think that the choices we make and do in this life has an effect on where we end up when we be good everyone!!
I feel very sorry for the family that had to endure all the awful things that are written in this amazing, eye opening book, but thank them for sharing their ordeals with us, I can only imagine how hard it must have been.
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on 26 September 2015
Read it with the lights on!

Well, where do I begin? First, my utmost admiration for opening this storey up to the world – I don’t think I could have, given what her family has been through. This is a straight-forward, up-front and open account of a family in fear of a paranormal entity. If you didn't believe before you read Paranormal Intruder you probably will afterwards. It is really gripping to feel a part of the events which unfold in the house, in the car, and at pubs! Sadly the church took some time to step in and help the family, but thankfully they did.

Thoughts, feelings and events are described well and it all flows seemingly from the heart. The main individuals involved summed up in a chapter each towards the end – this was a very effective way to round off the book. In a nutshell, I loved it (maybe that is an uncool thing to say!) I felt for the family as they dealt with it and continue to deal with it. I'm on a mission now to read Caroline's other books.
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on 12 December 2015
It may be a small known fact that they actually consider myself a little bit of a wimp. So when it comes to reading books in genres which encapsulate something that could potentially evoke my fears, I generally steer clear. I must admit when I was sent Paranormal Intruder by Caroline Mitchell, it took me quite a while to build myself up to be brave enough to actually read it. This book tells us the real-life account of one family’s dealings with a very nasty paranormal intruder. The contents of this book are what actually happened to Caroline and her family, and I think the fact that the events in this book actually happened made it just that little bit more scary to actually try and read.

But eventually from somewhere I actually managed to grow some balls and read this book. What I was presented with was a very intense read that managed to keep my attention to the very last page. It may seem twisted to say that I really enjoyed this book, considering the fact that it documents the misery this family went through when something invaded their happy home. But this book was truly captivating in the way that it gave a first-hand account of paranormal experiences. I am somewhat of a believer in otherworldly beings and spiritual entities, and have always been curious about that particular world. So what I found in reading this book, was that it added fuel to the fire of my curiosity. I now have a new reaffirmed love for all things paranormal, and actively seek out television programmes or other forms of media in regard to the exploration of this world.

Caroline Mitchell is clearly a naturally skilled storyteller, and I can’t help but admire her commitment to reliving these events in order to tell her story to the world. Everything is told with such clarity that you can’t help but feel like you are actually there with her. While reading, I felt the fear and the intensity that Caroline wrote about and it gave me a better understanding of what she and her family went through.

This is an incredible book for believers and the sceptics, because it gives a true and honest perspective from people who originally didn’t give much thought to otherworldly beings.

Caroline is now a successful author with further books under her belt, while these new books are works of fiction with paranormal elements I have no doubt in her skills as a writer and look forward to reading more from her as soon as I can.

I gave Paranormal Intruder a chilling 10 out of 10
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on 7 July 2014
I made the mistake of reading it before I went to bed and ended up not able to sleep for 3 nights! The fear I felt when I'd turned off the light was miniscule compared to the fear the family must have felt, but thankfully I can only image the months of terror they have endured. This is one eye-opener of a story, one that I hope I never have to encounter for real.
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on 9 March 2014
This book was gripping from the word go, the experiences this family endured go beyond anything you can imagine its scary but when your reading it you feel like your there
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on 15 November 2015
I decided I needed to read this book after seeing lots of great reviews and recommendations for Caroline Mitchell's books and as much as it scares me, the paranormal has always fascinated me.

Paranormal Intruder intrigued me as it is a true account of paranormal activity which Caroline, her husband Neil, their family and friends were subjected to. Seemingly random as they wouldn't have expected their house to be haunted as it was a new build and they were the first and only family to live there.

The occurrences they experienced ranged from seemingly playful games to down right dangerous, such as fire starting and knife throwing! I can only imagine what it must have been like to witness such activity and actually fear for the safety of your family. The disruption they had to deal with because of this 'entity' was more than many could have dealt with whilst trying to function normally day-to-day. Having to travel to parents homes, for quite long periods of time as they were too scared to stay in their own home overnight must have been a strain on family life. Having to re-home their beloved dogs must have been heartbreaking. I can't imagine having to give up my Shih Tzu. I'd be devastated, as Caroline and her family obviously were. To feel like you aren't welcome in your own home must be horrendous!

This is a fascinating story, but equally terrifying. Not for the faint hearted, but a must read for anyone with even the slightest interest in the paranormal. If you are a sceptic, I challenge you to read this and offer a reasonable alternative explanation for these occurrences. I doubt anyone could!

I'm happy to say I'm now a Caroline Mitchell fan and I will be reading her other books.
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on 9 March 2015
Well, I really just have no idea of where to begin with this review. There are so many things going through my head right now, it's seeming rather impossible to form any sort of coherent sentence out of them.

I'm a very open-minded person, I always have been and I probably always will be. My mother is the same, and over the years she's told me about things that she's experienced, about things that she's never been able to explain. My own views on the paranormal definitely lean towards believing that there's something out there. I've never experienced anything myself, but I've always kept an open-mind in regards to spirits etc. purely because I just don't know. I've always been fascinated by people's accounts, and by pictures, videos and famous stories that have been around for years and years and so, when I spotted Caroline talking about her book on Twitter, it immediately caught my attention.

It wasn't long until I bought Paranormal Intruder and I really couldn't wait to begin reading it. Alongside the eagerness to get started, there was definitely a hesitation on my part, purely because things seem to stay with me for a long time, and I get so scared stupidly easily, it's ridiculous. The fact that Paranormal Intruder is based on true events really niggled at me before I'd even started reading, but in the end, I pulled myself together and began. After all, it must have taken a lot of courage and strength on the author's part to re-live her experiences whilst writing, and I had no reason to put it off any longer.

Paranormal Intruder was, to me, both shocking and compelling in equal measure. At times, I found myself not wanting to continue reading, but unable to turn away because I really wanted to know what happened next. Noises, physical attacks and dangerous attempts at fire-starting are to name but a few of the many unbelievable things that take place within this book, and it disturbed me to know that it had all truly taken place. At times, I found myself shaking my head in utter disbelief at what this poor family went through, because it was just so inconceivable. It's not something that's easy to take in and make sense of, that's for sure, and if that's how I felt from purely reading the book, I know it doesn't even come close to how the family that experienced it felt.

The book follows the family from the very first time the activity took place. From the shocking and the disturbing, to the terrifying and the downright chilling, Paranormal Intruder rocked me to my very core. Just to sit there and imagine these things happening, with no explanation and no apparent person who was doing these things, is the very height of fright and confusion. The evidence that the family picked up from their home was just insane, and I cannot fathom how scared they must have been during the time when it all took place.

By the time I'd finished reading this, I felt like I'd been with the family myself. Caroline's descriptions hit the nail right on the head, and I was left speechless, and utterly in awe of the family that suffered through it all. It really is a terrifying account of what happened and how the family tried to pick up the pieces of their lives.

I can only hope that more people read Caroline's story and become aware of the horrors that the family went through. It's an eye-opener, and a frightening one at that.
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on 25 May 2014
<b>Reviewed for Bit'N Book Promoters & Ink of my Heart Book Blog. For full review and interview go here:

I'm reviewing this novel on the basis that I believe in its authenticity and truth wholeheartedly. Haters and unbelievers be damned.

So this novel is actually more of a detailed account of a family terrorized by a mischievous (BIG understatement there) 'entity'. The novel isn't about trying to convince us whether it is this or that, but mainly just allowing you to see what the 'entity' is capable of. The author, Caroline, doesn't expect us to believe their story but even if I <i>had</i> been someone who didn't believe in the paranormal before this novel, I think I would have been convinced after reading it. Even just a little bit.

What I admire about Caroline and her family is their strength and grace. They carried on with life as best they could despite this evil presence under their own roof. It was horrible, entertaining and shocking to read but above all, it inspired hope. I enjoyed the accounts from both Caroline and her husband Neil, who seemed to take the brunt of the attacks. The 'entity' was physically harmful to him.

Even if you don't believe this is real, the story itself is really good, intriguing, enticing and scary. I know I had to pace myself because I didn't want to be reading it late at night. I'd start to get paranoid around dark shadows.

The writing itself was informative, simple and direct. It didn't contain any unnecessary detail or plot-filler. It didn't take its time getting to the point. The flow was smooth and constantly kept you on your toes. It was enjoyable. Not Shakespeare, but decent.

As for my opinion on what the 'entity' is, I'd go with what I believe, which is that it's a demon. Also known as a Jinn. The reason I think this is down to many things that the novel talks about, some of which I bothered to highlight.

Jinn are made of fire, which would account for the fire-starting. They're also very fast, incredibly strong and have powers that if we fully understood, would make the phone calls and tricks that the 'entity' perform seem reasonable. Not all are harmful or bad, but those that are, tend to be mischievous, prone to losing their tempers and being generally hot-headed, and many believe themselves superior to us because of their vast amount of abilities. I have read that they are meant to be filthy creatures, not all, just those that are evil in nature which is why they tend to hang out in graveyards, bathrooms etc. So it makes sense that they would piss on floors and let off supernatural stink-bombs or farts.

<i>'His nostrils were filled with a pungent smell, like rotting cabbage. “Awe mate, is that you?” Neil gagged as the smell grew stronger.

Lee laughed at being accused of producing something so odious. “No it bloody well isn't. That's disgusting.”

Neil opened the back door and they both went outside for air.

“You have to admit, it's kind of funny... a farting ghost.”' </i>

It is pretty funny. But gross.

The other thing that convinced me that it's a Jinn is that in the book it mentions 'Phil' a.k.a the entity, has a wife (who is to blame for the fires) and that they were born in the sixteenth century. Jinn do procreate (though don't ask me how, my guess is pretty much the same as we do). They also live much longer lives than us but they can die. They're not dead and they're not immortal. And there is never any mention that the 'entity' is a lost soul or has died. In that same page that this information is mentioned, they also ask the 'entity' if he wants to be their friend to which he knocks twice for YES. I can tell you now, he was playing them. He wouldn't be hanging around if he had a good bone in his ethereal body.

This statement is absolutely spot on – <i>'Mike has a theory that the entity thinks of us as inferior, here for his entertainment. It sees itself as way more powerful than us. The fact we would offer help is an insult.' </i>

He is more powerful than us, strength wise and power and ability wise. But from what I know of demons, letting them in and more importantly FEARING them is what makes us weaker than them. Easier said than done, but if from the start Caroline and Neil had shunned his presence, ignored him and shown they had no fear and only had faith in God, reciting His name repeatedly in the house, I don't think things would have got as bad as they did. But that's not fair for me to judge. I'm not judging, honestly. No one can know what happened to this family.

Going back to the nature of demons from what I know, they tend to be pretty erratic emotionally. Anger is one big thing. But also jealously. Because of how often 'Phil' disliked Lee being in the house with Neil it had me wondering if 'Phil' was jealous of their friendship. I wonder how much 'Phil's' wife played in these attacks, and what her motive was. Perhaps she was jealous too, for other reasons. I've heard so many cases of demons being jealous of a man or a woman because they want to be with them. Odd, I know. But this book reminded me of those previous accounts I studied years ago. And when it mentions that 'Phil' is trapped, it had my thoughts racing. What is his motive? Is he bored? Is he just using the family as a cruel source of entertainment, like a child pulling of the wings of insects? Or is it something even more sinister, such as a fiery emotion like jealousy, anger or even hate? Or all of the above? Creepy to think about.

The whole thing with the family trying to seek out help at their church and beyond was the hardest thing for me to read. I felt so sorry for them. I hated the fact that for the priests, the family's going to church and listening to sermons was more important than their well-being. It was ridiculous. That scene where they go to church and Caroline pulls the Father aside and says that <i>'Things have been really bad'</i>: it's a precious moment where she's opening up to this so-called man of God and asking for his help, and he just brushes her off and says, <i>'Well at least it brought you back to the Church.'</i> I mean what the fudge? How can he say that?

And then it gets worse when they finally go for the exorcism (took the priests long enough) and the priests are all up in their grill about renewing their vows or something and it's like, why can't they just help someone, no questions asked? Why does faith have to get involved? Does it really matter how often they pray, or go to Church or listen to sermons? No. It doesn't. I'm a religious woman. Not a Catholic, obviously, but if I was, I'd be as disgusted about that judgemental mindset as much as I am now.

Luckily, the exorcism seemed to do the trick and I don't think it was all down to the priests' “holiness”. I think it could be done by anyone who truly believes and says the words with complete sincerity, love and fear of God.

I will say one thing that surprised me. Mike, the investigator. Caroline mentions that during the time of the book, he converts to Islam. Now that interested me for obvious reasons. But I was also surprised that he never suggested getting an exorcism from that side of things. It is done. And also at the end of the novel, John says that he and Mike thought that from all the evidence they had collected, that the entity was actually a <i>'brag'</i>: 'an extremely dangerous elemental-type creature from the English folklore'. Which it could be. Though I think it's the same thing as a Jinn. Just a different name. Which it also says in the novel: <i>'the phenomenon itself is global – every culture around the world has different names for these creatures...' </i> I'm just surprised it was never mentioned, or perhaps Mike didn't know about them at the time. *The author just told me after reading my review that he wasn't Muslim at the time of his opinions on the 'brag' and later suggested it could be, and recommend an Imam to come in and do his thing, to which the author declined as she didn't want to aggravate 'Phil' anymore.*

Anyway, let's move on from that road. And back to the book. As you see it did stir a lot of emotions in me, and I think it has and will for many. This book is doing very well on Amazon and has 100+ reviews. Most of which are positive. From what I saw when I had a peek, only two of them were one star reviews, and frankly, their reasoning was stupid. Sorry, but it was.

So if you'd like to be chilled to the bone and be freaked out for several days afterwards, then go for it! It's not scary scary. It's not like BOO! In your face. But psychologically, it plays in your mind and you'll realize after reading it, that it's still there. Lurking behind you.

Many people may have different interpretations as to what happened to this family. And many may discredit the accounts. I don't really care. The book is good. And worth reading. The author and her family and friends suffered a great deal over something that may never be explained. It's sad. But it's nice to see someone taking the time to open up to world so just maybe, there will be someone just as unfortunate as them who will read this and say, “I'm not alone.”

I give this novel 4 out of 5 stars. And recommend it to anyone who wants something a little different.

Just a side note: the book cover is really striking. I love it. But oddly, when I first looked at it, I had extra-terrestrial on my mind.
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