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Customer Reviews

3.2 out of 5 stars31
3.2 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 27 March 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It is perhaps not immediately obvious what this product is or what it is for.
At heart it is a small screen you can mount on your handlebars that connects via bluetooth to the phone in your pocket and shows you the data from a compatible app. So as implied by the name it reflects what is on your phone, but you can keep your phone in your pocket and your screen off, giving you much more battery life and a greater sense of security than a handle bar mounted phone.

The box is pretty tiny, about the size of a box of swan matches and can be mounted on your handlebars via one of three mounts that are provided in the box. These include a rubber band mount, which I have tested, a clamping mount for quite small cross section bars, and a twist off mount. The rubber band mount has withstood a few commutes and seems to be robust enough.

I have other Wahoo products and they all come with fairly minimal instructions, and you are best off scanning the 2D bar code on the packaging and watching the video it guides you to. You will need a scanning app on your phone to do this (I use i-nigma) you should also download a few of Wahoo's apps from the app store, namely the WahooUtility and Wahoo Fitness.

WahooUtility allows you to check and connect your phone to the RFLKT+, whilst the fitness app allows you to add the device to an activity so that you can record what you want when you ride. The fitness app will also allow you to configure the screens so you can display the information you want and also configure the buttons.

The box has four buttons around its edges, and because the box is rated to IP 7x, (i.e. it is pretty waterproof) it is covered by some thick protective rubber. This means pushing the buttons in takes some effort, especially in winter cycling gloves. The buttons can be configured via the app that is being reflected, but essentially you have a pause, backlight and screen scrolls. The screen is a pretty basic low res monochrome LCD, which will be good for battery life. If you are riding in the dark you can configure the box to have its backlight on all the time via the fitness app.

I have other Wahoo blue products, the heart rate monitor and the speed and cadence sensor. These sync with the phone and the RFLKT+ displays their data seamlessly. Many heart rate monitors use a protocol called ANT+ to communicate to gym devices. This device will allow these to talk to your iPhone without the need for some plug-in adapter fitted to the bottom of your phone. As I have just bought bluetooth sensors I haven't tested this functionality out.

The app will also let you configure the box so you can control music as well. I don't think headphones and riding on roads in England mix so well and don't recommend using that function.

Lastly, I really like the open nature of Wahoo's software. Their apps will export data in pretty much any format to any app you like. I use Strava and my fitness pal, but I have also looked at the native data via e-mail. This all works pretty seamlessly and means you don't have to have several apps recording all at once for different purposes.

In summary, a useful gadget if you want to use your iPhone as a cyclocomputer and see the data real time as you are riding. It isn't a cheap solution but it is a well engineered one.
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on 14 January 2015
Got this with a heart strap and cadence unit. It all works great when it works.
I like the customisable displays where you can decide what you want displayed in what screen, and the Wahoo app on my iPhone is clear and legible for uploading data to Starva and many other websites instantly on completion of a ride.
Buttons are a bit too small for gloved figures and are at the sides - making them harder to press than on my garmin which are on the front.
Sometimes a bit flaky - losing signal from my iPhone 5 half way round a long ride. Turns out if I have my iPhone in my back pocket the signal is abated too much by my body being in the way and loses signal about 20% of the time.
Works fine if I have my phone in my shell jacket breast pocket - but most cycling shirts have pockets at the back so not so good. The unit batteries lasted about 6 months of fairly regular use - several hours per ride 2 to 3 times a week.
The use of the wahoo does however eat your iPhone battery life - meaning a ended up getting an iPhone extra battery booster for my back pocket on long rides.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I got this for my husband to try out, and yet...

He's definitely not a thicko (we're both engineers, and reasonably computer literate), but neither of us could work out exactly how to use it or set it up. It seems to have a huge number of settings that you can customise, but we couldn't work out what any of them were for. We watched the videos available on line, and got part of the way through the installation process (syncing with app on his iphone), but then faltered. This process was further hindered by the fact that:
a) the woman narrating the instruction videos has an odd US accent (maybe midwest?), and the videos seem to be recorded on a very low volume, so that even at maximum volume on our computer it was very difficult to hear or make out what she was saying at times
b) they seem to have updated the app since the videos were released, so that the screens on the app don't always match the screen shots shown on the video.

It's probably a great little item if you can work out how to use it, but sadly neither of us could.
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on 15 October 2014
Functionally the product works pretty well. The display is clear enough in daylight and it does the job of saving the IPhone battery so that it's possible to get 7 or 8 hours of GPS tracking and data access without resort to an external phone battery. Unfortunately the battery life is not as advertised, early info was to expect 2 years, but I'm on my third battery in a few months, and now the unit keeps turning off and resetting itself. Changing the battery is a serious undertaking requiring jewellers screwdrivers to achieve. Too late to return to Amazon, so it will be going back to Wahoo. I still like the functionality and it works out a lot cheaper than a Garmin if you already have a phone but have to mark it down for the battery life and reliability.
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VINE VOICEon 2 April 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a little computer to mount on your bike. Right up front, I need to say that I didn't pay for this - I was lucky enough to be sent a free one. I will return to this at the end.

So, previously, I had apps on my phone and used that to track my rides. And it's fine, in terms of seeing where you want, speeds, climbs etc, but you can only see when you get home. Otherwise you are constantly stopping. This device eliminates that . It picks up the information directly from your phone and shows you that in real time.And that's it. It can link to some kind of other device (which I think measures your cadence, but I am not a serious cyclist, and don't have whatever it was).

It syncs very nicely with phone & apps, the battery seems to last very well, and it fits very securely to the bike. So you can get your speed, time etc as you are going. Which for the more serious cyclists I know who actually train - is very useful information.

As the title says, it ONLY works with iphones. I have an Android work phone, and downloaded the Wahoo Android app, but it did nothing. So if you don't have an iphone, don't bother.

So, all in all, a nice little product. My only quibble - the price. As I said, I was lucky enough to get it for free. Would I pay £110 for it? No. No, I wouldn't. If I were a serious cyclist, might I then? Dunno. It's a lot of money.
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on 22 January 2015
The unit arrived with a faulty top left button and I had arranged for a replacement, however, I tried it this morning (I am an ANDROID phone user) and am not impressed. The Wahoo app on Android reckoned that I had reached a top speed of 30MPH on my folding bike.....Hmmm.....I also found a big delay in the speed shown on the screen and what I was actually doing - for instance when I was stationary it was showing 8MPH.

Support for this under Android is very poor - Runkeeper have implemented limited support and I could not find any mention of support for Strava.

For anyone used to a Garmin style unit then this seems like a lot of hassle. Please take into account this review is for Android, I understand the support for iPhone is much better.
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on 25 July 2014
Great proxy for iPhone bike computer app!

I am using Cyclemeter. I have a Topeak speed and cadence Bluetooth sensor fitted.

Pairing with Cyckemeter was easy. Customising the display was a little hit and miss, experimenting with screen and font sizes etc.

Very intuitive however.

The only downside, the display is not strong/easy to read in early morning light. It is much easier to read with bright day light. Some might consider this to be a major flaw. But no big deal for me.

It connects well to my phone. It saves my phone battery. It is water/shower proof. So it's protecting my iPhone really!
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on 18 February 2016
This little fella should be perfect for me but it's a complete disaster. The firmware is a nightmare - absolutely terrible quality control. The current version (1.2.28) is a complete joke - bricks the device immediately with a low battery error or powers off the unit adter the first bluetooth pulse. I don't know why Wahoo are silent on this - it's a brilliant unit when it's working, but oh so painful when it's not.
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on 4 May 2014
This is not really a bike computer but an external display for compatible bike apps on the iPhone4 & up. I use Cyclemeter on my iPhone5S which integrates very well indeed with Wahoo products. This + version includes an ANT+ bridge so sends data from those devices that use it over Bluetooth to the phone. This version also includes a barometric altimeter.
The RFLKT+ uses a CR2450 coin-cell battery but requires the removal of the back cover to replace. You can mount the RFLKT+ with the rubber band (spare supplied), the bar-mount bracket (for 31.8mm with 25.4mm spacer) or an optional quarter turn Garmin mount.
You can use various cycling apps including Wahoo's native one where customising the various screens shows the actual layout so is much easier than the menu-driven method for Cyclemeter I use that requires much trial & error to get right.
Without a wheel sensor, the RFLKT+ uses the phone's GPS to work out distances. I added Wahoo's BlueSC wheel & Cadence sensor that has a comprehensive list of tyre sizes to calibrate with. I also added Wahoo's TICKR heart rate chest-band monitor. All integrate very well with Cyclemeter.
The level of customisation includes the number of functions per page, text size, icon placement, decimal places & white on black text. The RFLKT+ can display music player functions but I use mine exclusively for outside riding & not indoor training so have not tried this on mine.
To use, you launch your chosen app then press any button on the device. The welcome screen tells you it's searching for the app then shows your home screen. I've set mine to start the app from a button press - no automatic start & stop! I keep my iPhone in a backpack which works well most of the time rather than ALL the time. I've looked down during some rides to find the screen has gone blank or is searching for the phone! The RFLKT+ seems to have reliability issues that future firmware versions may or may not address. However, the workout info has been intact including data from my sensors so has effectively just lost
Further functionality includes custom button assignment (including double pressing), a yucky red backlight, Odometer but no map display. You can also check the battery level, including those of your Wahoo sensors. Wahoo have a troubleshooting & Odometer apps, other compatible apps include walking, running etc.
Although I recommend the RFLKT+, do be aware that it can be more sensitive to phone placement than it should be for reliable & consistent use - something I find with Bluetooth devices in general.
Added later:
Having now used this display for nearly two months, some further observations: do not keep your phone close to your body, especially if you are using other BT devices such as a heart rate and/or wheel/cadence sensor which means not all have line-of-sight connectivity to your phone at the same time. My RFLKT+ has kept connected more often since keeping my 5S in my rucksack as far back as possible. It did switch off then refuse to recognise the phone on one ride. Resetting it halted Cyclemeter so lost data for that ride.
Further update:
After 3 months, had to fit a new battery - easy enough, just undo 4 screws, ease off the rear panel, prise out the spent battery, replace then reassemble. The problem (apart from poor battery life) is the unacceptable reliability. Mine either switches off mid-ride or just fails to connect to start with. I do not have the same issues with any other BT device including my Wahoo BLUE SC or TICKR. I suppose I'll have to contact Wahoo but am unconvinced a replacement would be any better. Drops to one star, I'm afraid.
Have had a reply from Wahoo Fitness - they have just issued a beta of new firmware. You need to watch a movie for the instructions on how to upgrade. The movie failed to open for me! However, it's now available when you start RFLKT+ so installed it. It's supposed to increase battery life & stability. My RFLKT+ turned itself off during the 1st ride using the updated firmware! Not a great start. Another issue when working is the lag between your actual speed & the indicated speed - it's over 4 seconds of delay.
Wahoo have updated the firmware that has largely addressed most of the reliability issues. My original one started working as expected but still suffered from very poor battery life. It was finally replaced under guarantee last week so will report back whether or not battery life is better on the new one.
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on 24 January 2016
Asked Santa for one of these for Christmas but ended upsending it back. First time it interfaced with my iPhone it updated its firmware and with 5 minutes came up with a low battery error. Ordered new batteries via Amazon as they are not readily available in shops so had to wait a week. Fitted a new battery and the same message cameback within 20 minutes. Reading on t'internet this is a software issue not a problem with low battery power. The idea behind this unit is great but until they sort out the software it's useless. Amazon were brilliant and gave a full refund except for the fact I ended up buying batteries I no longer need!!!!!
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