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4.1 out of 5 stars49
4.1 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: Blackout|Change
Price:£279.99 - £299.00
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on 23 November 2011
Wow i am over the moon with these headphones,the packaging is excellent very professional.The sound from these is awesome,tone,bass,treble etc top rate;my phones before were Bose ok they were very nice but lacking that extra bass which you need in listing to rock music,these are very comfortable and i can see me wearing these for a long period at a time.I have to say the build quality is superb,strong aluminium and both earcups fold away nicely into the headpiece;nice touch and the earmuffs come away so you can clean them.These are a must buy and you don't have to spend over the odds,shop around;eg AMAZON the best for me.
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on 1 December 2012
Out of the box the first thing i noticed was that the headband was dented and almost perforated quite badly. Not a problem i thought, i'll swap them - but in the meantime i wanted to test the sound quality so i created a playlist of my most listened to songs and i couldn't believe what i was hearing. Or should i say not hearing. So much of the songs was either just missing or completely drowned out by the overpowering bass. I'm a bit of a bass head and i love electronic music but everything sounds muffled like there's cotton wool between the phones and my ears.

The other thing is the cables, every now and then the sound would cut out when moving the cable and i narrowed it down to the jack that plugs into your player. I tried another player and the same thing happened so it was the jack, not my player. I tried the second cable and that too was flakey when moving it.

The headband doesn't feel very robust, i can feel a sharp edge to the headband which is covered with a fairly thin material - this is where i found the dent and perforation and i assume it happened during packaging. The headphones are also very heavy and after 30 minutes or so they were starting to get really uncomfortable.

There's not much sound leakage at all which was great. That's about the only positive i can find.

I also have a pair of Skullcandy Aviators which cost a lot less, feel more robust, are a lot lighter and comfier and deliver far better sound (i'd just like a tad more bass).

I know the beats are a fashion item but i'm more interested in wearing headphones on my ears than around my neck and the sound is just dreadful. I did check to make sure they weren't fake as i was so surprised at how bad they are for the price and i wondered if i'd been sent a fake set. But nope, they're just bad headphones. I really can't recommend them.
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on 19 May 2015
I already have the B&W P7s which are great all-round but I got these just to listen to certain types of music. I must say that they do the job very well. Also, they are well-made and look great. They are a little bit too heavy, though, but that's not a big issue for me.
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on 18 April 2014
Many the reviews i see say this is a complete waste of money and therefore slate it and say it is terrible audio quality. I have to say money aside these headphones are good all round headphones. They are very durable but this doesn't mean try to break them like i have seen many people do on YouTube as they will break. I mainly listen to rap music therefore these headphones are perfect for me. These headphones are made to listen to rap music and when they were testing the headphones in the creation/manufacturing stage dr dre said they tested the headphones with one song "in da club" by 50 cent. If you listen to rap music or drum and bass, dubstep or electronic music these are great headphones. If you listen to other types of music that are not bass heavy choose a different pair of headphones.

On other reviews people recommend headphones such as the audio technica ATH-M50 and say that these are much better headphone for only he fraction of the price. This may be true but they don't have a detachable cable therefore if your cable breaks which is the most likely thing to break on your headphones then your £100 headphones are worthless and you may end up buying 4 pairs over a year which will be more than dre beats cost. If you are a person that breaks your headphone wires easily i would recommend dre beats (any dre beats headphones) as they come with two cables and you can easily buy more cables if needed. You get 4.2mm coiled cable with 3.5mm twist lock plug and a ¼" audio adapter so you can use it in the studio if needed. In the studio or on a mac book you will get the best quality music. if you use these on your phone you will not get out the best quality of the music as possible with these headphones.
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on 27 August 2015
Not happy at all about these headphones.I expected alot more. I paid £389.00 for this and sound was horrible + it was scratched up from brand new. This is a joke!!!! 1/10
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on 8 March 2014
Totally disappointed with these and especially at the price of them. Lacking in bass response and the mids n trebles just merge into one with a muffled sound. Not impressed.
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on 19 February 2013
These are great if you want a very expensive fashion accessory and wish to look cool in front of your mates.

However, these are not good sounding headphones for the price! There are far better sounding headphones out there than these in this price range, and some that are much cheaper as well.

I compared these to a pair of Audio Technica's that I bought for £135 and the beat pro's aren't a patch on the sound quality of them. Personally I think they look just as good as the beat pro's as well.
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on 2 November 2012
"The headphones used to mix in every major studio." - THIS NOT TRUE AT ALL! What deceptive marketing.

Being a professionally as a producer and sound engineer, working at some big studios in London. I can assure you that non of these major studios including Abbey Road Studio, Air Studio, Angel Studio etc would ever feature any Beats headphones for studio use. It would be a joke if any serious engineer are using these for any serious work. There are no professional producers/engineers who AREN'T PAID by Beats for product placements/endorsement, who would ever use these for production work. Dr Dre himself has in fact seen using 2 different brands of headphones that are standard in the studio environments. David Guetta too have said he prefers other headphones that are true studio quality for his production. How many years Beats been around in the audio industry? Just over 5 years. That's infant stage compared to the true studio standard headphone companies with decades more experience.

These headphones may seem like to be built very strong, with its aluminium casing and heavy weight. However it has a major design flaw that would never stand any studio use at all. The left and right ear drivers are linked with only a single thin wire that is exposed around the headband area, and it can be easily damaged and snapped. There have been many reported issues where the headphone breaks due to the broken wire between the headband, making only one side of the headphone work. Also the sound quality is in question due to the flimsy cable used for connection. It makes no sense to have detachable cable if the irreplaceable bridging cable snaps. The left and right headband adjustment is most likely to have different resistance, and this can get really annoying. Comfort is poor due to its weight and tight grip - not suitable for any studio work.

Although it's sound is better than the Solo HD and the Studios, but there's no prizes for that and shouldn't be taken any pride. The Pros, like rest of the Beats line have exaggerated bass, the Pros are a little more extended but by no means accurate or clear. Its bass isn't particularly fast and won't handle complex music in the lower frequencies effectively. Its mids and highs are again very coloured. Listening to Rap/ Hip Hop might seem ok on these, however once you throw them anything with rich acoustic instruments especially strings, it becomes a disaster. Listening to classical or soundtrack on these is just unbearable. People might say that these are "great for certain genres of music", however it should be phrased as "they are only good enough for certain genres".

Instrument separation is not nearly as good as its competition around £150, and they get slaughtered by headphones in it's own price range. Harmonic reproduction again is not great, live instruments sound fake and plastic like. Comparing these with the Denon D2000, Audio Technica M50 and Beyerdynamic DT770 which are much lower in price yet are clearly much better compared to the Beats.

If you are willing to spend the money on Beats and brainwashed by Beats' very effective but deceptive marketing, I hope you could think again. Regardless the price, you deserve better sound quality than what the Beats are offering. You can do much better for much less.
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on 3 January 2015
the best music quality you'll ever hear, amazing bass the only problem is they hurt your ears after a few hours where they have to be so tight to be more sound proof, listen to your favourite song like you've never heard it!
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on 19 January 2013
Quality of the product was great very strong compared to the previous plastic models.

Sound quality was the best thing i have heard crystal clear highs and deep loud bass. great for any type of music.

i bought these when they was 40% off so i got it for £209 i was happy paying that but anymore i would of said no as that was the cheapest around, they went to £300 the day after i bought it so i considered myself a bit lucky
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