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3.2 out of 5 stars25
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on 3 October 2007
Being a big fan of Grace Kelly, I pre-ordered this book and waited expectantly for its arrival.

The book itself is very elegant with a lovely typeface and, erm.....

Well, if you've never read another book on Grace, this book will be very interesting.

If you know something about her already or if you have read any of the other books written about her, this book will be a big disappointment.

We all know she felt hemmed-in in her marriage to Rainier and dreamt of going back to acting. This book talks to a couple of extra people and doesn't give any further real news.

We all know she had romances with her co-stars before her marriage. This book does give a bit of detail of one or two that I wasn't sure of/didn't know about, including after her marriage. (I won't spoil it for you here - it's the only new information in the whole book).

Instead, it seems a re-hash of all the other books, with constant quotes from Robert Lacey's excellent 'Grace' and Gwen Robyns' 'Princess Grace', among others.

For a better read, I would heartily recommend either the afore-mentioned book by Robert Lacey, or J Randy Tamborelli's 'Once Upon a Time...'

After reading all the blurb on this book before it was published, I can't help but feel let down..
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on 6 August 2014
II was given this book as a present,it is not a book I would have chosen to purchase.The book is divided into 2 parts.The first takes her up to the date of her marriage,the second her marriage to her death.I found the first part of some interest although I was long familiar with details of her career.The second part deals with her growing disenchantment with her life in Monaco.There is a considerable amount of uninteresting trivia in this section such as what she had for breakfast.Long lists of famous names,and details of alledged affairs.The author prints a claim for a relationship with say David Niven ,and then from another friend saying that it was a platonic relationship.At the end the author claims she promised her publisher that she would not write a warmed over book.This is correct as the best description is rehashed.
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on 15 July 2014
The book was unable to provide to me an insight to the person that was Princess Grace. It was a collection of anecdotes and hearsay information that gave many contrasting views to her personality. Although this had been well researched for me it didn't deliver.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 25 March 2008
This is at least the 6th biography of Grace Kelly that I have read and I felt that it was easily the weakest. In fairness to Wendy Leigh, she had clearly conducted her own research and she did present some new stories and anecdotes. However it felt like she was more pre-occupied with digging up new scandals than with presenting a cohesive picture of who Grace was. She glosses over significant events such as Grace meeting Rainier, why she decided to marry him and barely mentions Grace's death. Instead we get an obsession with every sexual relationship that Grace may or may not have had.

While the book gives the impression of being well researched, when I actually looked up some of the footnotes it appeared that at least some of these claims were based purely on the word of someone who was the friend of a friend of someone who was now deceased. In a case like that, I feel that a reputable biographer should make it more evident that these are alleged rather than proven facts.

Leigh implies that Grace had a fling with a Paris Match photographer on the ship sailing to Monaco for her wedding. Putting aside the fact that the evidence that this ever occurred is more than weak, if it were true (as Leigh insinuates), it raises all manner of questions about what that says about Grace's feelings towards Rainier and her upcoming wedding. None of those questions are dealt with. The implication throughout is that Grace never particularly loved Rainier and that she was unhappy in her marriage from start to finish. Based on the other books that I have read, this is an over-simplified and unlikely version of events.

Here's a summary of the book: Grace Kelly was a successful actress who had a lot of affairs, sometimes with more than one person at a time. She looked very pretty in all her movies, even though she didn't like her jawline. She decided to marry Prince Rainier even though she didn't love him and she had a last fling only days before the wedding. She was very homesick after the wedding and Rainier started cheating on her almost immediately. She had several more affairs herself, including one with the husband of a friend. She was very unhappy. Some people thought she was icy and some people thought she was warm and friendly. She always believed she'd die in a car crash but she drove her car anyway and then she died.
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on 4 April 2014
Too wordy with lists of names and unnecessary detail, book ends half way through and we are left with pages and pages of reference.
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on 20 April 2014
I have always thought that Grace Kelly was one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses. This book reveals that although she lead a very lucky and privileged life she also had to deal with heartache, infidelity of her husband, her wayward children, trying to make the most of her situation, to make a life for herself. The same as every other person, no matter how much money you have. We all have to make the best of what life throws at us.
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on 8 March 2014
An interesting and absorbing read. Her life before Monaco was littered with love affairs, very much at odds with the ice queen image. She seemed to be trapped once she was a princess and unable to return to films. Which given her reputation with other men was probably as well. I get the feeling from the book that she was needy and rather unhappy both before and after her marriage.
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on 28 July 2015
Detailed biography of Grace Kelly, have to say though the author seems obsessed over her lovers, frankly if she had as many as is claimed here she must have been in a permanent state of exhaustion, leaping from one to the other like that. Not altogether convinced by all the detail given here.
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on 19 January 2011
This isn't a good biography of Grace Kelly. Doesn't seem like the author has done her homework. The sources are questionable, there is a lot of hinting and very little facts that fans aren't familiar with already. You'll enjoy it only if you're reading for the gossip and "what ifs".
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on 23 October 2007
Further proof that if you repeat gossip over and becomes fact. This book is utter nonsense. Oh, but Ms. Leigh interviewed 98 people who had never been interviewed before. That should wow'em!!! More revealing are the people who would NOT speak w/Ms. Leigh.

Y'know the old saying "Garbage in - Garbage out".

Whereas I'm confident that Ms. Kelly was not the Virgin Mary, I can not reconcile the young lady who brought her sister along to chaperone her on her first date with Oleg Cassini with the young lady who pranced around naked on her first date with some Hollywood knucklehead. The same knucklehead who claimed he was secretly married to Marilyn Monroe. Yet...these are Ms. Leigh's never before interviewed sources.

Garbage in..........

It seems very much like the expose by one of the National Enquirers former writers when he stated, "We just make stuff up"

Garbage out............. which is where this book belongs.
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