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4.2 out of 5 stars31
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 9 January 2015
First of all, the DVD was packaged fine, no scratches or marks on either the discs or the box so 5/5 for that. Next, in my opinion the Pains Assault Arc is the absolute best arc in Naruto & Naruto Shippuden, however I wouldn’t recommend watching this if you are new to the world of Naruto, I would go back and start from the very beginning of the original Naruto series.
This box set starts just after Naruto finds out about the death of Jiraiya (the previous box set is worth buying just for the last two episodes – so emotional!). Shikamaru and Naruto are tasked with working out the key for the message left by Jiraiya, which they quickly manage to do thanks to the close relationship shared by Jiraiya and Naruto during their time together. After taking their findings to Lady Tsunade and Fukasaku, Naruto is invited to Mount Myoboku to learn the art of Sage Jutsu, something that is pivotal when going up again Pain. Naruto leaves, and we soon see just how difficult this is to master and Naruto’s determination to follow in his Masters footsteps.
Whilst Naruto is away, Pain finally makes his assault on the leaf village. We see some great action from many during this assault, including Sakura, who takes the lead in treating the injured villagers, and Shikamaru, who keeps his promise made to Asuma by protecting Kurenai. We also get a glimpse of the villagers changing feelings towards Naruto, many of whom showing their loyalty and belief in him even when facing their own deaths. However, Pain soon gets the upper hand in the fight and, after finding out that Naruto isn’t actually in the village, shows the villagers true pain.
After Pains devastating blow to Konaha and Sakuras tearful plea, Naruto finally joins in the fight. As soon as he appears, you can tell straight away that he is more powerful than we have ever seen him before. His disbelief at the state of the village soon turns to anger and determination to defeat those who inflicted it. He manages to defeat one of Animal Paths summoning’s with one punch after it threatens to go after Lady Tsunade, and quickly works his way through the six Paths, much to the surprise of many of his friends whom are hearing about the fight through Katsuyu from the sidelines. We really get a sense of how much stronger and smarter Naruto has gotten during this fight. Able to think on his feet and utilize all of his Jutsu, he clearly shows he has matured and grown since losing his Master and learning Sage Mode. However, we once again see Pains power when he finally manages to catch Naruto.
After Naruto’s capture we get a glimpse of Hinata’s improved strength as well when she comes to aid him, though she too is soon overpowered, much to Naruto’s dismay. Hinata’s defeat causes a change in Naruto, who lets the Nine Tails take over his body and go on a rampage.
Shortly after, Naruto is visited by the Forth Hokage in his subconscious, who has some (at this point, probably not surprising at all) news for Naruto. This revelation and the Forth Hokages encouraging words help Naruto to calm down and face Pain for the final time. Once Pain is defeated, Naruto goes in search of and finds the man controlling the Six Paths. At this point, we get a clearer insight into Jiraiya’s earlier years, as well as Pains plans for the Akatsuki and the Jinchuriki they pursue.
The second half of the box set mostly consists of filler episodes which I know can annoy some people. I actually enjoy filler episodes, as we get a more in-depth look into a lot of characters, and sometimes it’s nice to have some fluff after big battles such as Naruto’s with Pain.
Overall, Pains Assault Arc is a must see, and this DVD is a must have. I’ve watched this arc a fair few times now, and really cannot recommend it enough! Yes, this DVD has less episodes in it than previous sets, however, you can’t really tell due to the amount of information you are given and the quality of the episodes it contains.
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on 22 January 2015
Half and Half here.

Half relevant story, half filler - including soem of the most offensively pointless episodes I have ever been subjected to in shonen anime.
Loses a whole star just for that.

Too bad, because the story episodes are 5/5 easily. Concludes the struggle against the main branch of the Akatsuki with the absolutely stunning fight of Naruto versus Pain. Absolutely excellent. Rapidly goes down hill as the main story goes on hiatus for the expected yawn-worthy filler.
Less bang for your buck with fewer episodes in this set too, as other reviewers have mentioned. Wouldn't have minded so much if it was mostly canon material but it isn't, so essentially you're really only getting 12-13 episodes, discounting filler. Which is probably why most people are so incensed. But there we go.

In conclusion, great episodes on this box but its somewhat marred by the large amount of filler, given the proportional length of the collection
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on 3 March 2014
A lot of people are complaining about the decrease in episodes for this set. Fair enough, minus one star.

However the fact remains you are getting 38 episodes for £26(as of writing). That`s still good value given the price of the individual sets.

Also the previous 50 episode sets went for more when first released. Its not like their charging you the same for less.

In addition the set also happens to cover one of the best arc in the series, the invasion of pain. So honestly, this is still a good buy for the frugal minded naruto fan.
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on 27 March 2014
This set includes one of if not the greatest arc in Naruto Shippuden. Watch everything before this and then behold the glory of The Invasion of Pain. It has one of the best fights in the entire show. Please buy this so you can enjoy it. The only downside is that there is so much filler here and this the smallest box set in the series.
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on 9 April 2016
Totally love this game, but would recommend that you watch the complete Naruto series to fully understand the storyline and the characters. This is a great anime which offers plenty of martial arts action and comedy and together with interesting and engaging characters, is a must-see for all anime fans.
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on 17 October 2015
The least favorite collection in the Shippuden series so far. Not enough action if you ask me, its like a preparation for the forthcoming training Naruto will be doing, with a lot of side stories and a boat trip that lasts really really long. But its Naruto and we are keeping up with the series.
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on 1 January 2015
This series, contains in my opinion the greatest fight in the series Naruto vs Pain. However after the fight concluded which is less then half of the box set. It only contains pointless fillers and it contains the least amount of episodes out of the first 4 box sets.
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on 11 February 2016
I was really happy to recieve this! I love naruto so ill be collecting the full series on dvd.

The packaging is great and came undamaged. The price was also a bonus! Definitely a great deal :)
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on 17 February 2014
Been looking forward to this box set. Received quickly and yes, it may be 3 parts instead of the usual 4 but I don't care because of the contents and it's one of the best arcs in the anime. Love it.
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on 4 March 2014
I love Naruto and I have the other 3 boxsets too, I see a lot of people complaining over the lack of episodes within the set but worse still, 176-196 is nothing but filler so the price tag of £25 is probably still a little high. The main reason to have this is for the invasion of Pein arc. Was similar with Season 2 with the fake Jinchuriki arc, only worth buying due to Hidan & Kazaku arc.
English dub of the Five Kage Summit also only came out end of last year and not enough time to put it on disc for production, the way the Americans get the Seasons are also different from ours, they are on smaller volumes and pay more than us, they are on Season 10 (Five Kage Summit) which only covers 24 episodes with Season 11 still airing in the US.
Japan are on the 350 mark and it will probably be close to 3 or more years before we catch up to that, Manga is around 1 year ahead of that plus add time for the inevitable filler that gets added. Looks like the Manga is also coming to an end soon which will probably take the episode mark upto under or above the 500's.

Given the time we wait for an English dub of a great show, the money is worth it. Would be annoying to tease the Five Kage Summit for 3-4 episodes and have to wait another 6 months or more.
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