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3.8 out of 5 stars110
3.8 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
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on 28 March 2014
This is a very good MGS game the physics and graphics are a vast improvement in fact the best ive seen so far on ps3 :} and yet there is so much more then good graphics the AI is so clever if you so much as move a little bit in front of a guards field of view they will get suspicious and call in to CP (command post) and put the base on caution. also the weapons are amazingly made with realism and the rain drips down the soldiers as if real rain I enjoyed multiple play throughs on this but now to the negative which is the game was very short you have only one campaign mission and 3 extra ops and an unlockable extra op after obtaining all XOF patches but apart from the shortness its a great game for 20 quid and will keep you occupied for hours especially trying to get S-Rank lol. Definitely recommended for MGS fans and new fans alike.
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on 16 November 2014
Amazing graphics and gameplay, on last gen (PS3). The game looks amazing, looks better at night but alright at day. The only bad thing about the graphics on last gen is that the plants sometimes only show when you are near and the textures could be higher quality. The lens flares are also awesome. I miss the sound equaliser that was in MGS 4 though. This game is the first mission/prologue of MGS 5: The Phantom Pain released in 2015, there are also side missions which are also quite fun and extend gameplay. Really exited for the full game and I'd recommend this.
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on 6 August 2014
About a month after it's release. Having bought the ps3 version of MGS: GZ, after much internal fighting. Largely owing to external reviews. I took the plunge. The game arrived. I didn't know what to expect. Apart from what I saw in the trailers. So I put the disc into my ps3. Started a new game. I am a, MGS FANBOY BTW. But I'll be as impartial as can be, and leaving this a spoiler free review.

So I started a new game. I was introduced for the first time to the "Fox engine". What I saw in terms of visuals, was wow. Dogs jumping on the fence. Barking. A dark rainy night. USMC ponchos waving and flailing around in the wind. A wind sock blowing by the helipad. I saw, what was to me, an amazing amount of detail in this opening scene.

The main man of the series then showed climbing up a cliff. The voice acting of Kaz Miller as Snakes Right hand man is promising. Kiefer Sutherland, although it's a bit late for him to voice snake. Shows depth. The facial capturing shows when viewing cutscenes. The object and aim of capturing these performances adds to this video game. It's detailed.

Enemy AI is great. The coding input will show, when you get in to an alert status. You will have marines sliding to get behind cover. You will get teams of enemies forming and doing searches of areas. There is a last known position being used in this game. Enemies will attack Snakes last known position. Using firearms, grenades and that damn attack vehicle with exploding bullets. This is what will happen if you don't stock to stealth and planning.

Yes. You mark enemy soldiers. This will give you a tactical advantage within the gaming world. I found this immersion of scoping and tagging enemies, more in depth then previous game plays. You'll be able to keep an eye on enemy movements to carry out the missions sneakily as can be done. Soliton has had its time.

Snake returns with more brutal CQC moves. You can bash enemies into walls. Vehicle. The ground. You can interrogate enemies for information. Or simply stick a knife into them. Hiding these bodies ain't a thing. This time round. You can pick enemies up and hide them in bushes. Posts. Vehicles. Or chuck them straight into the waters surrounding the mission area. Not to forget, you can also extract soldiers with mother bases very own morpho one helicopter. Snake can now sprint in addition to running. He can crouch and walk. And he can crawl. There is a 360 aiming mechanism when lying prone.

Weapons are few. You get a tranq pistol. A live pistol. 9mm submachinegun. 2 different assault rifles. A sniper rifle. C4. Smoke grenades. Hand grenades. Mines. Empty magazines. You can raise hell on the base.

There is an end of game ranking dependant on the play style. S rank being the highest.

This is Big Boss on the rise. The gameplay, Will reflect this. As will the story. The 18 game rating is well deserved. The subject matters such as torture and other implicating material found within game.

Although game play for gamers might not exceed 1-2 hours for the main mission. It's replay value involves a rescue op. Intel acquisition op. Sabotage op. An assassination op. Which can turn into an extraction op. A mission referencing MGS one. And a little body snatcher homage. Weapon unlocks are available. This is a game that will more likely serve as a training ground for its Phantom Pain story. IMO it's a great game. Though the price might not be liked by many. This is a personal choice for consumers. I bought this game instead of a bottle of jack Daniels and I get a better buzz off of it. Before buying. View videos on YouTube regarding gameplay etc. before purchasing. Fans of action games should try it. Even splinter cell gamers might have fun with this.
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on 24 April 2014
Technically a very good game excellent graphics and very cinematic. Graphics really are the best i've ever seen on a ps3 console. It really feels like an interactive movie which metal gear solid games have been known for in recent years. However the game is extremely short and really only takes a few hours to complete which is quite shocking to be honest. Additional game modes which makes the game last bit longer. However the main part of the game is too short therefore is not really value for money. It's almost like playing 1 big over or not about game weather is the prices cheaper i would give it a high rating however due to the price and length of the game demo with a few extra modes. Overall a good game however due to the price and length of the game i can only give an average rating.
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on 30 April 2016
avoid if you expect a full game, takes a hour or more to complete and left me feeling unsatisfied. although i enjoyed the game it is way too short and the one map is extremely small.

personally i did not find it held against the other metal gear solid games, you could carry limited weapons and there was no special gadgets such as the famous cardboard box. although it had many weapons to use (still not as many as other MGS games), you could only carry a small weapon and a large weapon such as pistol or smg and an assault rifle and shotgun... want a good MGS game and haven't played MGS4, go for that option, you won't be disappointed or skip straight to MGS 5: the phantom pain.
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on 16 May 2014
Ground Zeroes was an interesting introduction to the new Open World approach that Hideo Kojima is taking the Metal Gear Solid series. Whereas it's length (About an hour to two hours) makes it seem like essentially a paid demo... the amount of options the new structure presents you with allows for unprecedented depth and replay-ability within the series. All in all a good piece of downloadable content for £20.

A great adventure with a thrilling story, unfortunately the length does cause an element if frustration but it soon disappears when you start the game again and start to explore your options fully.
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on 20 April 2014
This game is a tease if there ever was one. The mechanics, visuals, and plot (not much, but what there is is amazing) are top-notch. Kojima has packed in more thought provoking, crazy sh*t into a 30min-ish mission that most developers will fit into 10 hours. The side-ops make the game last much longer, and are very fun. The freedom to play any way and try out different things is also brilliant.
I'd recommend this to any Metal Gear Solid fan, maybe not to a newcomer however, who may feel cheated. I however don't, this is well worth the £22 I paid!
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on 3 August 2014
Can't believe how short the storyline mission was in this MGS. It was over on the first day of playing and if your an avid gamer used to the series that may even be a couple of hours for you. Once you have completed the storyline mission there are other missions in the same landscape to complete, which will keep you going for a while longer. Now I can't wait for phantom pain but I'm a massive MGS fan. If you aren't might be avoiding this one as it is kinda short. Gameplay good though and a nice intro to phantom pain.
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on 28 March 2014
This game is primary i'd say for fans, I wouldn't get it if you think its a waste of money to buy for 'one level' however I personally loved it, its great gameplay and graphics remind me of MGS4 and you play as big boss what more could you ask for in a prologue?
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on 29 April 2014
Disappointed of game length and only 1 map but what there was of it was excellent can't wait for the next installment
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