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4.8 out of 5 stars209
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 15 July 2002
RATM burst into the scene with this album. It is sheer class. As soon as the funky opener 'Bombtrack' begins, you are hooked right until the final track as you are taken through the expletive filled 'Killing In the Name' through heavier tracks such as 'Bullet In The Head' and heavy/funky numbers such as 'Take The Power Back', and 'Know Your Enemy'. If you own one Rage album, make sure it is this one. Sadly, the original line up have called it a day, and I was privileged to see them perform live. This was also one of the graet things about Rage, in that they are superb live, and equally good on record. This is definitely a must have and shall remain a classic 9 years on from its release.
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on 15 August 2001
Well, what an album. Killing in the name is one of those songs that you can not fault. The first time you hear it you just think; oh yeah! It some how makes you feel bigger allthough the song as with many of rage's, is fairly negative. There is certainly a political spine to this album allthough this is more blatant in battle of l.a. with sleep know in the fire, testify etc. Bullet in the head is another highlight, with a fantastic riff at the end which sounds a lot like a '10 years after' song called hey little school girl. However the songs couldn't be more different lyrically, with the bullet being a metaphor for large corporations getting into our heads with their adverts ( we're just victims of the in house drive by). Know your enemy - compromise, conformity, assymilation, submission, ignorance, hypocricy, brutality, the elite, all of which are american dreams (repeat way after music has stopped), this next song has an excellent melody and inspiring lyrics.
I have missed out most of the songs, purely because i could spend half the day praising them. Basically you must have this album. I have listened to it many a time in the last decade or so and it is a benchmark metal album, expertly created full of high emotion rage and addictive vibes, which you'll never forget.
This and batlle of l.a. are their best, allthough don't miss bulls on parade, revolver and renegades of funk from the other albums. It is a real shame that we won't see any more of zack with the band, but hey they quit whilst the going was good.
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on 22 January 2000
If you think metal is just power chords and noise, this album is going to blow your misconceptions away. The first, and best Rage album, the 10 tracks are all greats in their own right. Most people only ever mention anthemic songs like Bombtrack and Killing in the Name, which are great, but there are 8 other equally good tracks on the album. The band manages to combine great dynamic contrast with great solos of Tom Morello and the attacking lyrics of Zack de la Rocha. In my opinion Tom Morello is one of the best guitarists of our time as well as being one of the most imaginative people on a guitar. He can make his guitar go from sounding like scratching through to heavy, low, "metal" tones. And his solos are not the typical "metal" solos, they are radically different, sounding musical but making no musical sense. A true guitar genius. Just listen to solos on Take the Power Back and Fistful of Steel, some of few. Put together with Zacks great lyrics and rapping, the band rocked onto the scene with this album, and have never really managed to emulate it again. When people get into a band they normally buy the latest album. DONT. Buy this one, even though it is 8 years old, it is by far their best album. Even if you don't like the band, this record is a must have for any disconcerning music lover.
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on 25 February 2007
Rage Against the Machine...the name of the band says everything about their style. Pounding beats, amazing riffs, and completely rage filled lyrics and singing-these are some of the things that make Rage Against the Machine so compelling. There is NO filler in this album, it just pounds and rages through the entire length. Anarchy is a constant feature in Rage Against the Machine's songs, especially in this album. Songs like 'Killing in the name of' and 'know your enemy' show exactly how this works. For example, 'F*** you i wont do what you tell me' in 'Killing in the name of' pretty much underlines the entire band's purpose; stirring up controversy while keeping musical elements in their songs. The bands name says a lot about their style - the name is a term for rebelling against the authority, and their music surely proves that the name is rightfully used. Zach De la Rocha's singing/rapping goes very well with the band's heavy baselines and beats. Though this CD is around 15 years old, it still seems as fresh as ever. I think it is a great pity that the band broke up, and even though the remaining members (everyone minus Zach De la Rocha) of Rage against the Machine went on to form Audioslave, Audioslave much less controversial, and (in my opinion) their lyrics and baselines a lot less powerful.
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on 28 April 2002
This album would be a bargain at 50 quid!! If you worship at the rock-rap temple, then "Know Your Enemy", "Bullet In The Head" and the mighty, mighty "Killing In The Name Of" will be your holy trinity. Having said that, the other tracks are no make-weights either with "Freedom" one of the greatest exits to an album that you'll ever hear. More than 10 million copies sold in the US while Fred Durst & co were still sucking their thumbs . Listen closely to the lyrics too - hard hitting, political, intelligent, delivered with bile and menace. Will have you moshing round your bedroom in air guitar heaven!
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on 15 May 2001
I notice that ppl often overhype music on this website, but I can safely say that they aren't on this. RATM's debut charted the direction of rock and metal in the 90s...unsurprisingly the album still sounds fresh as it did when it was released at the beginning of 1993. Guitarist Tom Morello's hooks are irritatingly catchy, by the time you've heard this album twice you will be humming all the tracks to yourself. Best track? Standouts are obviously Killing In The Name and Bullet In The Head, but growers like Freedom and Township Rebellion prove to be just as good if not better. If you know anything at all about music this album needs no introduction. If of course you are a silly newbie kid who worships Korn, Papa Roach etc. you will clearly see that this band probably have more talent in their appendixes. One of the most essential albums of all time - and for the 90s, along with Nevermind, the most important release of the decade.
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on 10 July 2006
I was lucky enough to dicover this band first time round. I'm writing this review many years later, after just replaying this record for the first time in years. Back then I always thought this was a great album, but now it's turned into a masterpiece. Tracks like wake up, which I thought were good back then are now standouts. I must admit I don't usually go for music with a political slant, as it can all seem to fake. Not so with this record, the rants of Zack de la Rocha are genuine and straight from the guts. Backed with a tight band and a guitarist with perhaps the most unique approach of the last 20 years. Although many people call this "rap metal" don't draw comparisions with the likes of Limp Bizkit. This a genuine record, not the nu - metal and metal core dirge that passes for rock music these days.

I was lucky enough to catch this band live at the time of this record and when "Killing In The Name Of" was powering through the mainstream charts, and was getting regular daytime air play on Radio 1 with all the language blanked out. The band live could only be described as incendiary. This album is a must buy for anyone into music.
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on 19 March 2005
I hate rap. I hate it with vengeance. But i love this band. This is one of my favourite albums of all time. I'm usually a thrash metal man, but this is something really different that took my fancy. Each song is so good. You can really shout along to most of the songs, especially if you agree with the whole rebellious feel against 'The Machine' that is still relevant now, despite all of this being written in the 90's. This album also happens to be one of the only albums to come out of the 90s that i've really rated highly; the band, instead of following an already over crowded grunge scene, made music in a way nobody had ever seen before.

Zach de la Rocha on vocals is the centre of attention throughout; his anger, emotion & just general presence & charisma shines through. His voice & lyrics give the music a personality that you just can't find anywhere else; this is RATM & he's making sure you know it.

But beyond the iconic figure of De la Rocha is a character that has become an icon himself for a very different reason; Tom Morello's guitar speaks in as much volume as any vocalist. Riffs that make buildings crumble not to mention the great solos this guy has at his finger tips aswell as the ability to make the weirdest noises possible on an electric guitar.

There's not much point in going into details about each indiviual song as they are all very powerful, angry, guitar driven with funky rap verses & cool bass lines. The classic 'Killing in The Name' and 'Wake Up' stand out as my personal favourites but this really is brilliant from start to finish.

This is completely essential and has the power to insight rebellion like no other music

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on 6 January 2003
This the first album of 4 from the American quartet, is by far the best they produced. Zak De La Rocha (Vocalist) provides such a controlled anger that you just cant help but scream 'BULLET IN YOUR HEAD!' with him, although even he finds it hard to keep calm. Tom Morello (Guitars) is so diverse in his job that I have often considered him as the best modern guitarist in the business. Timmy C. (bass) adds a certain funkiness (if thats a word) to the album. And Brad Wilk (Drummer)keeps the whole thing together, extreamly smoothly. (watch out for the cow bell on track 9 'Township Rebelion') So, the best album in the world, by the best band in the world? Can't be bad! BUY IT NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!
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on 26 May 2003
One of several key metal albums that, essentially, re-defined the metal genre for the 90's, Rage Against The Machine's self-titled debut is unquestionably one of the most influential records of the last decade.
Always imitated, never bettered (unfortunately even by themselves), 'Rage Against The Machine' is a juggernaut of an album that’s politically opinionated lyrics remain relevant to this day.
A powerful, yet expertly crafted blend of heavy guitar riffs, furious effects-laden solos, loud bass and louder drums provide the perfect back-drop to Zack De La Rocha's rap verses and rants, in a crossover style drawing from punk, hip-hop, classic rock and thrash metal. If you're looking for teen-angst pop-punk, you'd best look elsewhere; Rage Against The Machine are serious.
Within seconds, the introduction of ‘Bombtrack’ has seen order descend into structured chaos that will provide a basic template for not only the following nine songs thereafter, but many hundreds more in years to come. Morello's experimental guitar work provides this album with an edge over the three-chord antics of similar efforts by their peers, while De La Rocha proves that there's more to metal than failed relationships and absent fathers.
Standout tracks include the anthemic 'Killing In The Name Of', the raw 'Bullet In The Head', the simply phenomenal 'Wake Up' and the thundering closer 'Freedom'. The album, however, is strong throughout, and as you may have gathered by now, an absolutely essential purchase that encapsulates all that we love in metal music, while adding some depth and turning the volume up a notch. Simply put, it’s a classic.
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