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2.9 out of 5 stars31
2.9 out of 5 stars
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on 8 May 2013
Lucy decides to take a job as a babysitter. It isn't as though she had her heart set on this kind of work, but the pay is surprisingly good - especially as she never has to so much as see the child that she's suppose to be minding. As the mother explained, the boy Lucy will be babysitting is very sick, and it's for the best that Lucy not try to see him. In fact, she should avoid going downstairs altogether. Really, she's just there as a precaution. Y'know, just in case something happens. Lucy thinks that there's something fishy about this peculiar set-up. Her suspicions build when her curiosity finally gets the better of her and she investigates downstairs, leading to the discovery that the son's room is padlocked from the outside...

I really enjoyed this nifty little low-budget horror flick. Sure, it can be a little predictable and silly at times (especially towards the end), but it never seriously detracts from the enjoyment of what is -for the most part- a commendably tense and atmospheric story. It's very much in the same vein as House of the Devil, with its emphasis on suspense and a mounting sense of dread, which explodes into primal violence in the film's final quarter.

Highly recommended for fans of slow, suspenseful horror movies.
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on 28 October 2013
A young women is being paid a fortune to babysit the ill child of a mysterious doctor.

Starts as a sort of knock off of House of The Devil and ends in very predictable territory indeed. If you can't guess where this film is going before you watch it then it's time to hand in your deerstalker and pipe. The illness is exactly what you think it is and there are about a billion films featuring this illness released every couple of weeks.

Nothing special. I did like the theme tune.
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on 21 July 2014
At a guess there have been 1,000 zombie films in the past decade, with about 1% of these being any good. So it should come as no surprise that the makers of Sick Boy have tried to disguise the fact that their film is in fact not a zombie flick. Sadly that isn't the case. Much like Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later, the directors want to say their victims were bitten by an animal or got a viral infection in the tropics, then changed. All good and well, but try have them not die on us first unless you want the zombie tag.

That's one big mislead out the way, the other is the poster and title itself, Sick Boy. Really should be called Sick Family, and that's it I won't give away too much more of a thin plot at that. The story concerns a woman who needs a job, and gets one babysitting, sick boy. There are rules like don't disturb sick boy and you'll get $300 per night for watching TV. Sounds like a fair deal. But of course woman gets fed up of TV and 300 dollars a night and decides to go and check on sick boy. Chaos ensues. This one is a bit of a rotter, that gets worse as the film goes on. The climax is highly unsatisfying. One bright spark is the lead actress played by Skye McCole Bartusiak, who at least holds the film together, enough for us to register some interest for its short 80 min running time.
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on 29 July 2013
This was a really creepy movie that was surprisingly good. The director has taken the virus/zombie direction with this movie and I really enjoyed it. Don't pass it up if you are a zombie fan like me.
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This is a low budget film that has a lot of filler material. Lucy (Skye McCole Bartusiak) lands a job as a high priced babysitter because she can't act. She babysits for a child locked up in his room which she is forbidden to go near. The job pays well and Lucy is curious.

Most of the time building up to the last 17 minutes, when the film becomes interesting, is wasted. The film utilizes those cheap voice enhancers normally used for demonically possessed people. The whole scene of Lucy driving in a car listening to hip-hop was a waste. This would have been better as a 30 minute short feature.

The ending is interesting and the film drops clues, but unfortunately the movie wakes up too close to the end.

Parental Guide: F-bombs. No sex or nudity. 2 stars is generous.
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on 8 May 2013
Must confess with the spate of straight to shelf and bargain bin horror releases of late, I went into this with an open mind. And no high expectations. I was however pleasantly surprised and treated to a real little gem of a Horror. The acting from all of the cast is very good, (with the exception of the officer 'stereotype' although even he can be forgiven). The story builds well and does a good job of keeping your attention with good pacing. This could easily have become a really drawn out affair but thanks to little scares and plot reveals throughout the film really keeps you glued. All in all really good indie number and one for the collection.
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on 6 May 2015
Sick Boy is a horror film slashed down to the bare bones of a small cast, a basic plot that drives you straight to the gore with no diversions and an ending that suggests the horror is only just beginning. It’s a short-story movie that builds quickly around the performance of Skye McCole Bartusiak who performs with experience, a light touch and humour. Sick Boy is about as straightforward as a film can get but it’s well constructed with good acting and though you roughly know what’s coming throughout it's still satisfying to see how it plays out and who survives.

Sick Boy’s central character is Lucy, played by Sky McCole Bartusiak, a wannabe writer who floats from job to job, much to the annoyance of her fiancé, Chris, Marc Donato. Her friend Alice asks her to take her place at a babysitting job while Alice pursues her career in showbiz. Lucy arrives at the plush but sterile house of Dr Helen Gordan, played by horror legend Debbie Rochon. Helen explains that her son Jeremy is sick, very sick.

One of the likeable things about Sick Boy is its brevity. After 25 minutes the story is set, we know all we need to about the characters and there have been a few subtle warnings that all is not right; a news item about a South American flu strain, the look on Dr Gordan’s face as she lets Lucy in, the camera hovering over the dark downstairs all clue us in without drawing attention to themselves. Events from later in the film also play through the opening credits, which seems a bit of a spoiler or maybe it’s interesting trying to work out how the clips fit into what we learn as we go along.

One of the reasons such concision is possible is the better than average acting. The story is told mainly through the eyes of Lucy and Sky McCole Bartusiak gives us Lucy’s personality in the first few minutes. Unable to handle the sickening blood-drenched scene around her – her job at the dentist – Lucy goes home to whine to Chris, her unsympathetic boyfriend, well played by Marc Donato, who has to hold a steady job he hates so Lucy can keep quitting hers. She wants to be a writer but is incapable of writing anything. To watch Lucy get her laptop out, stare at the blank screen then do everything to avoid writing is funny. Sky McCole Bartusiak and Marc Donato have both been acting since childhood, Debbie Rochon is a long-time star of horror and exploitation movies and their experience lifts the film above the usual low budget badly acted horror flick. Debbie Rochon is especially watchable with her decadent eyes and cruel mouth.
Lucy soon realises something is wrong in the house. Jeremy’s door is padlocked; Lucy catches a glimpse of him under the door and he’s already in monster mode with blood-red eyes and black bile spilling from his mouth. At home she argues with Chris. The plot moves quickly but not hurriedly and the row with Chris provides a nice way to sum up events so far.

Part of the fun of watching films is knowing more than the characters do. It’s been obvious for some time that Jeremy is a zombie, his dad turned into a zombie and Dr Gordan was keeping Jeremy locked away in the vain hope that she could cure him. Lucy and Chris clearly never watch horror films since they return to the house with no clear idea what to do beyond some vague idea of rescuing Jeremy. This launches the final fight between Lucy and Chris and the Gordan zombies, Dr Gordan having been zombified too. The extreme close-ups used throughout the film to emphasise the narrow perspectives of Lucy especially but all the characters are very effective here, these zombies are the roaring fast-moving variety and the fights are simple and well staged. At the end only Lucy is left and in the final scene, at the hospital, a little science bit provides further explanation before we see that the undead are so-called for a reason: it only takes one bite to carry on.
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on 26 April 2013
Such a creepy kid !! but brilliantly acted. always a bit wary of Evil kid films, as they rely so much on the child to be able to carry it off. In this case the young boy is superb as "every babysitters worst nightmare" (as it states on the sleeve).
The director does a great job of building the tension through the film as "Sick Boy" becomes more & more evil.
Stand out performance, not seen since Damien in THE OMEN. Highly Recommended
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on 12 June 2013
This ultra-low budget horror flick looked interesting; I watched it. Although the female lead character was a bit annoying, I found the acting to be pretty much as good as in any bigger budget movie out there and the make-up and effects were ok too. The problem was with the wafer-thin premise of the story and the fact that not alot happened for much of the film - and then it all got a bit silly. The unbelievably daft choices characters make in horror films when faced with obvious danger is well illustratrated here. I've seen worse but, still, I'm glad it cost me nothing to have a ganders at this effort. On a lighter note, I was surprised to notice that sick boy has the same stair carpet in his home that I have in mine!
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on 16 February 2014
Great little film. If you like vampire / zombie films then you will probably get something out of this. It really got going about 20 mins before the ending so if anything, I wish it had got going sooner. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it.
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