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on 26 December 2013
Having owned an original piano black 60gb ps3, I was not sure whether to upgrade to a ps4 this Xmas as my old ps3 broke about a year ago... Instead I decided to get this pack and buy all the EDGE magazines 10/10 reviewed games. ( cheap off eBay) it's was a great decision. For starters this console is so much quieter than the original which was like a harrier jump jet taking off! The last of us game is fantastic, and to be included for £200 is a bargain. My next eBay purchase will be a logitech gran trurismo steering wheel to use with GT 6. Of course I've bought rock band 3 with all the kit, dark souls, bayonetta, red dead redemption & super street fighter 4. All that for cheaper than a ps4. Once ps4 has a few edge 10 scores I will move across...until then I'm v happy with old school gaming :)
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on 6 February 2014
Got this bundle at £199 from Amazon so was a great offer at the time. May have had second thoughts at £260, but knowing what I know now would still go for it. That said I have no problem with the machine or its capabilities. As a more mature Video game player :-) I was looking for something that would negate the problems with PC games demanding ever more powerfull video/graphics cards in order to play the game without lag or video frame rate problems. The PS3 seemed the obvious choice what with the recent release of the PS4 hopefully making the PS3 a more financially attractive proposition. The other thing that I wanted to avoid were the fees associated with Xbox online. The device is very small and compact. Disc loading mechanism is a bit dated, but don't let over critical comments about this small detail put you off. The two games that come in the package are top rated, so you will be quids in just considering the current prices of these alone. Back catalogue of games is exhaustive with new games on the horizon for 2014. Very pleased with the whole package and would highly recommend.
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on 14 January 2014
I picked this up so I could play those Sony exclusive games that I had missed out on. One of which was included The Last Of Us. For the price when bought £199 it was a steal, a good entertainment centre to, able to watch Blu-Rays and the usual streaming services available. I would not say it's loud I can hear the drive access from time to time but it's a lot quiter than my old X360
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on 23 January 2014
Having only an Xbox 360 to compare this with, I could not resist this particular offer for only £199-00. Initial set-up was fairly easy and I applied my Sony PSN Plus account without any hassle. The graphics on GT 6 are amazing. Comparing it to Forza 4, they are just as good, but GT 6 has a lot more to play. Being able to race any time of the day is brill. Night racing around Brands Hatch is a joy. The PS3 itself is small. How the graphics compare to the PS4, I can`t say, but then GT 6 is not available for the PS4? However, I can highly recommend this machine, and this price package. The PS3 will still be supported for some time, and many new games will be both for the PS3 and PS4. The Last of Us has had rave reviews, but I`ve yet to play it. Five ***** stars for Amazon`s package deal and the PS3 itself, but one * star for carrier Hermes, who simply dumped the order outside my front door!
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on 17 December 2013
This bundle has to be the best value for money in console history. The console itself is the 500GB Super Slim and comes bundled obviously with The Last Of Us and GT6 Anniversary Edition. All of that for £199.99 is an absolute bargain. Not to mention hundreds of incredible games from the last 7 years which are getting very cheap now and many more to come.

The games themselves are possibly 2 of the greatest PS3 games ever created. Just check reviews for either of them and you will see what i mean. One thing to note is that while you receive physical copies of both games, they are not for resale. They have no barcodes and "not for resale" on the boxes. This isn't an issue if you want to keep them, but you won't be able to trade them in.

There has been alot of criticism over the Super Slim design and build quality. While it doesn't feel quite as solid as the Slim or original, it is still well made and silent in operation. The only noises it makes, is when it reads discs, this can be quite loud, but nothing major and isn't constant. It is also very small and looks great. I haven't experienced any overheating issues or loud fan noise either, even during 6+ hour play sessions.

Not only is the PS3 an incredible gaming machine, it also offers a huge range of entertainment apps like Youtube and BBC iPlayer along with Netflix plus many more. It also plays Blu-ray's of course which look incredible and it upscales regular DVD's to HD resolution, making those look great too.

The only annoying thing is that Sony still doesn't include a HDMI cable which is necessary for the HD visuals everybody wants and buys this console for. They are very cheap though so its not too bad.

The PS3 is still worth your money, forget "next gen", the PS3 does everything the PS4 does and in some cases does more things. Sony has stated it will continue support and new games for years to come. With Blu-ray capabilities, entertainment apps and great games currently available and still to come, this is the best time to dive into the world of PS3.

If you're considering this bundle, just buy it. You won't be disappointed!
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on 2 March 2014
Got bored with the ps4 as ive played all the games I like on it, so until more games come out for it, I decided to get a ps3 so that I would have loads of games to play. Believe me there are loads.
Anyway, this bundle is superb value £199 for the new ps3 and 2 of the top rated games on the console, GT6 and The Last Of Us. 2 brilliant games.
Had looked around at other retailers sites and couldn't believe the price of this in comparison.
The console was extremely simple to get up and running although the user interface was a bit complicated for me initially.
As I already have a ps+ account, it was simple to add my gamertag to the new console.
There are plenty of free games on the ps3 when you have a ps+ account, which makes the console even better value.

So all in all I would recommend that any gamer should get this.
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on 18 January 2015
Just got this for a bargain end of clearance PS3 bundle at the knockdown price of £169.00 in a local supermarket (or rather, my credit card did).

Will edit this review from time to time once I get it up and running. I'm a Playstation groupie, it must be said - ever since I played the very first Tomb Raider on the PS1 in 1998, I've been hooked on Sony's machines since. I've owned a Dreamcast and an N64 but games-wise, Sony gets the cream of the crop in my estimation - Nintendo is kids stuff really and the Sega Dreamcast had a very short lifespan once the mighty PS2 came along and do not get me started on PC gaming!

I don't know if I'll play the two games bundled with this super slim 500GB console (The Last Of Us and Gran Turismo 6) as I'm contemplating selling them privately but Gran Turismo 6 looks as if it might be worthwhile checking out although NOTHING beats the original SNES version of Mario Kart (apart from maybe being given a Lambo to drive round Silverstone for the rest of your life) so as good as the graphics and gameplay might be in GT6, it'll have to be exceptional to make me forget all about SNES Mario Kart ;-)

No, I want Batman: Arkham City, Lego Marvel Super Heroes and Lego Batman 3 to play on this console and as PS3s also play DVDs and Blu Rays, I'm going to finally start ordering some Region 1 DC Comics Blu Ray discs since they're loaded with exclusive content extras-wise compared to the bare bones DVD editions.

Ooooh, Batman: Arkham City...drool! Excited by my purchase, My friend is up for some Soul Calibur 4 based pummeling so I suppose my first purchase had better be Soul Calibur IV then or my poor rear portions will be toast!

Watch this space!
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on 2 January 2014
When my first ps3 got the yellow light of death a year ago, i was upset it was the 60gb version which had lasted 5 years i was uncertain of buying the super slim. Mainly because i had read about the noise levels and heat problems, but i can say i am glad that i bought this all be it a little late. The only noise you hear is the low whirring of the disc with occasional load noises when a new level is started. The console runs very cool i have it standing vertically and when i feel the base it is slightly warm to the touch. Now for the games i am not a racing fan but GT6 is a great game and you get the anniversary version which includes 1 million credits and other nice stuff (drivers suit etc), i have not played a lot of the game so far but from what i have seen i will be playing a lot more. The last of us was a bit disappointing it was the main reason i bought this bundle and after reading all the reviews and seeing the ocean of 10 stars i was left wanting, it is a good game but it is just that GOOD, i enjoyed my self but the story and ending did not grip me. The voice acting and character design is amazing, the graphics are amazing for the age of the ps3 but i really wish i had went into the game blind and did not read the reviews.

Overall i would recommend this bundle with the cost of the games and the console i think it is a enough of a bargain to justify me buying it at the end of it life cycle i have so much catching up to do.
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on 22 January 2014
Bought my Dad this for his birthday and to say thank you for things he's done for me.

In short he absolutely loves it!!

Very light and very very quiet compared to my 80GB fat ps3 from 2009 sounds like a plane taking off

Have no complaints with this whatsoever!! My dad loves it, always been impressed with the PS3 and this new slim is no exception

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on 25 March 2014
My original PS3 died after 6 years of heavy use so picked this up at Christmas for an unbelievable price. Super slim is quieter and takes up far less room under the TV. I like the slide back access to place the disk and the large 500GB space means I don't have to worry about space like I did with my old 40GB PS3.

The Last of Us is the best game I've ever played, not really got into GT6 like I did GT2 on Playstation back in 2001, don't have the time on my hands like I did as a student!
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