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4.5 out of 5 stars39
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 13 March 2007
...because it shows the other side of Darrell's character.

Of course, she is popular, good at games, doing fine in School Cert. and so on - but when she is made head-girl, she hasn't got an easy time. The other girls - though they like Darrell - don't obey willingly, but tease her, especially Alicia who is jealous of each head-girl in turn. And when Darrell loses her temper (she is caught shaking a cheeky first-former), she has to resign as head-girl - a terrible blow to her. That's rather strong, I think - after all, the older girls are allowed to bully and to punish the younger ones, so why shouldn't they shake them a little as well...?!

I like seeing Bill and Clarissa becoming friends - an unlikely match because Bill is a blunt tomboy and Clarissa meek and shy.

I disliked Mavis for thinking "that the small, bespectacled Clarissa was quite well paired off with Gwendoline"! Does Clarissa deserve a "friend" like Gwen because she is small and bespectacled?!

By the way, it is the last time that Darrell's best friend Sally has got a good part - in the following book you hardly notice anything of Sally. But in Upper Fourth, she does a good job calming down Darrell and Connie, and Darrell admires her for always knowing the right thing to say. Unfortunately, she is not in the music-room when Darrell actually loses her temper - she is made head-girl after Darrell has resigned.

Of course, baddie Gwendoline has malicious plans and is found out and punished... I think her stupidity is exaggerated - she is pretending to have a weak heart and obviously, she doesn't stop to think that her parents will take her to a doctor who, of course, finds out that she is pretending.

Then there is a very interesting plot about sibling rivalry between the twins Connie and Ruth - one of Blyton's best ideas, I think. Connie is continually domineering her shy sister, even answering for her when someone speaks to Ruth - and Ruth doesn't seem to mind. But Darrell realizes that she DOES mind, very much...
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on 1 June 2001
Upper fouth at malory towers is the fourth book in the malory towers series. Enid Blyton has managed to write another book that keeps all it's readers hooked.
In upper fourth at Malory Towers, Darelle has been made head of the upper fourth and she finds that being head girl isn't as easy as she thought. Gwendoline has become friends with a new girl,the honarable Clarrissa Carter. But will this friendship last? On top of all this there is the tension of exams and all the girls are stressed. It's also summer term so there's time for swimming,tennis and forbiden midnight feasts!
Upper fouth at Malory Towers is an enjoyable story that you'll want to read over and over again!
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on 13 January 2000
As a young girl I read and reread theses books. Now as a mother, aunt and godmother I have introduced these delightful books to so many other young girls. Each has found the same enjoyment that I once found. Indeed I even read them again 20 years later, and found myself caucht up in excellent childhood memories.
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on 30 November 1999
As a young girl Malory tower series was the best gift my mother gave me.It is a wonderful book to read.Today I am a doctor but would love to read them again.Darell Rivers, Bill(her brothers& horses) Gwendoline Mary-Lou,Alicia all seemed to be a part & parcel of my school days.The midnight parties, the tricks,the plays they organised-Everything amazing about it .Can keep you spell bound for years.Fun to read,joy to own &pleasure to share the experience
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on 29 May 2006
I think the Malory towers books are really good.

In the Upper fourth Darrell gets made head-girl, but she loses her temper and slaps horrible little June. Will her headship be taken away from her?

The whole set of books of Malory towers are a very good read. especally when it is a rainy day!
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on 13 June 2015
‘Upper Fourth at Malory Towers’ features the year in which Darrell and her classmates take the ‘school certificate’ exam - these books are old enough that the pre-date even O-levels - and are thus hard at work for most of the time.. except when they're enjoying sports or midnight feasts.

As with most of Enid Blyton’s books, the writing is simplistic, with clichés and highly caricatured characters. Yet I developed most of my early schoolgirl ethics from Enid Blyton. Some people turn their noses up at her books, giving examples of her poor writing. But I’m thankful she wrote so prolifically, and doubt if I would read nearly so much today had I not started out on her books. Malory Towers was my favourite series for many years.

The book is dated, of course; but - along with the other books in the series - this makes good reading for fluent readers of about eight and older... and also adults who recall them from their childhood.

Three and a half stars would be fairer.
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on 28 August 2010
I read this when I was about 7 years old which is the same age as my daughter who is reading it with me now. There are no authors like Enid Blyton around at the moment and in this book she combines mystery and excitement along with detail and consistency that makes the reader want to be part of Malory Towers!
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on 7 February 2015
Malory towers are really good because they play lots of tricks and go on adventures! Malory towers is a boarding school and have half term and holidays there are four towers north , east , south and west . Darell and felicity are in north. There are six terms at Malory towers, Darell has finished her six terms and felicity has just finished term two.Darell is now of to St.Andrews (University) and felicity is on her journey back to malory towers for term three! I am eight it was not difficult to read I loved it so them in order and you will under stand them better.
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on 29 June 2015
Exams are in sight. The dreaded School Cert. And a very interesting new girl. Alicia even shows a human vulnerable side here, which makes a change! Midnight feast fun included and Gwen`s laziness and fear of failure leads to a entertaining incident
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on 6 March 2014
This book is truly fantastical and I would recommend it for anyone aged between 8 and 15. You need to bye it! I think is is good how the author has included 2 people with the same personality. Also READ THIS BOOK! IT'S REALLY FANTASTIC!!!!
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