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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 19 November 2013
Try by Ella Frank

I am going to give this book two ratings and this is a first!!
If you are looking for a hot, steamy read that happens to be of the m/m genre then I rate this book 4.5 sexy, sizzling stars!

If you are a traditional m/m reader and are looking for a love story, full of connection and emotion then I rate this book 3 stars!

"How do you know - unless you TRY?"

I absolutely love m/m genre books and I also love Ella Frank's work so I knew I would be onto a winner with this one. Ella Frank always manages to draw me in to her characters stories, her writing style always emotional and captivating, the Edible series being one of my favourites.

Well, what can I say...Ella certainly delivered on the hot, steamy, panty combusting area of this book. Seriously, seriously smoking hot scenes that I thought may actually set my kindle on fire. They were raw, intense and powerful, you could not help but be drawn into these love scenes. I will warn you though that these guys have A LOT of sex!! They literally cannot keep their hands of each other, once they start, they seriously cannot stop. Whereas Ella normally has a perfect balance in her books of sex and substance, I did feel that this one was a bit heavy on the sex and lacking in the substance. It was a case of instalust/love and I personally just felt that the build up should have been a bit more fleshed out. I just felt that a straight guy coming to terms with his sexuality, having never ever had feelings for another man, let alone embark on a new relationship with one would have had a lot of emotional turmoil and this did not come through in this book. I loved their text conversations though, this is where we did get to see glimpses of the real Logan and Tate.

Logan, he is one alpha male, he is openly bi-sexual and is a total and utter man whore. That is until he sets his eyes on Tate. Tate is a bar tender in the bar that Logan frequents after work. Logan has an instant attraction to Tate and not just a "I cannot wait to Try and get in this guys pants attraction," but Logan knew it was a bit more than that and to some extent that worried and scared him. Logan being Logan though, has never been refused and this chase somewhat became a mission.

"what makes you so goddamn sexy - the fact that you don't wait around when you see something you want, and you don't stop until you're ...absolutely...f**king...satisfied."

Tate, hot, sexy, leather clad biker never really stood a chance once Logan had set his eyes on him. Tate is still reeling as he is going through a nasty divorce with his soon to be ex-wife and Logan's constant attention is both bewildering and flattering. We do get a few internal monologues of his struggles as he comes to terms with these alien feelings but I couldn't actually connect with his thought processes and emotions. I would have loved to have been inside his head for a while to see and feel those internalisations, feel the emotion, I wanted to feel scared for him, I wanted to feel the anxiety and I wanted to feel the constant second guessing of the decisions that he made.

"As Logan raised his knees and wrapped his legs around Tate's waist, he whispered, "Terrify me.""

I do love these two as a couple, I feel that they have a long way to go and a long road ahead of them, but I really want to see them both make a go of it. Will Tate be the man to finally settle Logan? Will Tate's family cause problems for them going forward? Will Tate be able to come to terms with his new sexuality and be open about it? It does seem that when these two are together the rest of the world becomes a haze and all they can see is each other as we have already seen, but Logan wants to shout and scream from the roof tops as does Tate to a certain extent but he still needs to get his head round it too. All these questions I need to be answered and now have to wait for the next in their series. I can't wait to read it and see where Ella takes them.

"Because I think I could love someone like you."
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on 22 July 2014
Although this was a slow burner for me, the story line was excellent. One all perfect hot man, just looking for a good time, the other all hot alpha male, straight guy just out of a disastrous marriage.After about 55% I couldn't put this down.

If your're looking for a pair of stinking hot men, look no further!

This is full of hot steamy men! This has it all, two very handsome, pure Alpha men. They meet in a bar! not the best place to find your happy ever after, even if you think your not looking for it.

I loved the interaction between Take and Logan they got on well. Tate was working as a bar tender, flirting with all the customers, part of the job but there was one particular customer who caught his eye.

Tate was not looking for any type of relationship and hadn't been since he and his ex wife broke up.

Logan, what can you say about Logan! sexy, hot suit wearing stud. Not afraid of teh who he is and what he wants. Not that he is expecting to find forever, he doesn't do relationships he gets what he wants and moves on.

Logan was all about the challenge, the fight! and winning.

They skate around each other, feeling things both weren't expecting.

I loved how we got both sides, each of their POV the conflicts they each were having, the not believing this was happening.

We readers were kept guessing for a good fair chunk of this story; we journey with both Tate and Logan as they work their way through their feelings, the tooing and froing, between them. When they finally accept what is happening, and even at different times within the book.

They were quite volatile at times but their magic they made was very hot, steamy you definitely need a cigarette after their trysts.

The ex wife was such a bitch, hope she gets whats coming to her. And even though they both don't care what others think, it looks like Tate's family are going to be quite difficult with accepting their sons new relationship.
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on 10 July 2014
Oh boy, I am so very split over this book. It has huge servings of something that I love in books, but it's also missing something that I need in my books.

As this is an erotic novel, I'm going to start with the thing we will all be thinking about before, during, and after this book. The sex. I don't think I have enough words to describe the sex in this book. Off the charts. Smoking. Intense. Hott (with two Ts because it's just that hot). In fact, it's quite possibly the hottest book I've ever read, and that's saying something because I read a LOT of sexy books. Be prepared to go through a drawer full of knickers while you read this one. I know m/m virgins out there will be thinking that reading about two men having sex couldn't possibly be sexy (I know this because I used to be one of them), but I promise you; no sex is hotter to read about than m/m, and this author is master at writing about it.

I think it's safe to say that I absolutely loved the sex scenes, but is there such a thing as too much sex? For me, that answer is yes. I need a story to follow for me to be completely invested in a book, and TRY didn't really have a whole lot of a story.

I love romance. And it doesn't matter what kind: Vampire, werewolf, alpha, BDSM, rock star, porn star, gay, straight . . . Any type. I love seeing, and feeling all the emotions of people falling in love. I just love love! Of course, if books are all mushy and soppy the whole way through then I'm probably going to lose interest. I like seeing characters being faced with struggles, and hardships, and watching them try to overcome them. Seeing them grow. And unfortunately, I think that this is something that TRY was missing.

Tate is straight. Or he is until Logan makes it his mission to have him. Initially, Tate tries to fight his bodies reactions to Logan. Logan is one of those men that just screams sex appeal, and he gets the attention of men and women everywhere he goes. It's hard to see Logan and not think of having sex with him. And like many before him, Tate falls victim to his charms. Like I said, he does initially struggle with his feelings, but they seem to fly out the window as soon as Logan has his wicked way, and then everything after that is either sex, or something that leads to the next sex scene.

It seemed to turn into a book that was less about the life changing course that Tate had found himself on, and more about Logan satisfying his base needs.

The end of the book has lots of promise though for what I look for in my books, so I'll definitely be picking it up. And can I just take a minute to talk about Ella Frank's writing? This lady has skills, and she is without a doubt a very, very talented writer. She describes things, and sets the scene perfectly, so it was almost like I was watching a movie rather than reading. She made me fall in love with the characters, and want to know more about them, and where their journey is taking them, even though I felt the storyline somewhat lacking, and that's a great accomplishment.

TRY was a good start to a new series, and I look forward to reading TAKE.
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on 11 December 2013
I've read a fair few mm romances and this was different to the rest and that was a good thing. This is a fairly good introduction to the genre for those who haven't read mm before and want to try it.

I'm still unsure about the beginning of the book, the first couple of chapters anyway when Logan was having sex with women. I know he swings both ways at the beginning but that doesn't mean I want to read about it when I bought it for the mm aspect.

That aside, I have to admit that I did like it when Logan put all of his focus on Tate. His persistence and seduction of the other man was kinda hot and I liked how we saw it from both sides. How Logan, who's a cocky bugger, changed his ways because of one barman...nawwww! And how one straight man could be seduced by said cocky bugger to change his entire life to be with him.

The romance aspect, once it started, was right up my street and i think i will continue the series when the books are released.
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Oh wow wow wow and an extra WOW!
I was recommended this book by a friend and fellow book lover and you can be certain I gave her the biggest hug for enlightening me about this book because I absolutely thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish!

I've only read a few M/M novels before but this was not what I expected at all. It had so much tension, nail-biting nervousness and emotional pressure I seriously sat reading and holding on to my kindle like it was gonna disappear from my hands!
I didn't notice the grip in my hands and arms all the way up to my shoulders were tensed so much my entire upper body ached. You would think I had been for a session in the gym rather than reading a novel.

The emotions and impassioned scenes I was reading just affected me in a way I've only experienced in few books before. I can certainly put this book in my top of the pile list!

When I leave a review I do try not to give spoilers away as I believe it takes away from the experience if you have expectations of the book so all I will say is like this book was recommended to me (and I'm so grateful it was) I can whole heartedly recommend it on to other readers.

Give this book a TRY I did and it is 5 bright shining stars from me.

As I write this review for this novel (book 1) I have already downloaded the second book -TAKE to my kindle and at 3 chapters into it, I can already tell I won't be disappointed :)
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on 11 December 2013
Probably not for every one because this is a romance that involves two men, Logan and Tate. Logan is a hot alpha man who swings both ways, knows what he wants and knows he will get it. Tate is a super sexy straight man just out of a bad marriage. Fireworks fly when the two meet and it is only a matter of time before Logan will get his man. Tate is tempted but afraid to try. The sex/romance got me so hot I actually broke my husband's rib. Blushing! Time to over come any prejudices you have and give it a try.
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on 15 November 2014
Right, where do I start with this book that completely blew my mind. Enter LUSCIOUS LOGAN, a dirty mouthed ultra strong alpha male, who will anyone who catches his eye, be it man or woman. As normal he goes into his regular bar after work for his usual drink where he sees Tate the new barman, and is completely knocked for six by his looks, deep voice, sexy as hell physique, and is determined to get him into his bed. There is a big problem though, Tate is straight, and is going through a messy divorce, not that this is going to stop Logan, who bedded most of the bar staff, men and women. He strikes up a conversation with Tate being a good barman chats and smiles at Logan, but is stumped by Logan's dirty mouth and utter frankness as to what he wants, which is Tate in his bed. Logan's banter with Tate is absolutely hilarious and way over the mark as far as Tate is concerned, and Tate doesn't know what to say because naughty Logan twists everything he says. I loved this book, it's such a beautiful hot, sexy love story, which make you laugh and take sides. I'm definitely on Logan's side, love him to bits and though he is truly a naughty boy, I also think he's rather lost and looking for something/someone. Tate runs a bit hot and cold, and I can understand he's been shocked out of his wits, because though he tells Logan he's straight, he can't stop thinking about him, IN various situations, but he really needs to make up his mind, because he keeps giving LOGAN BABY conflicting messages, and Logan is trying sooo hard to get Tate to at least give him a try. I feel really bad for the poor lost poor sweetheart, I certainly would jump at the chance. PLEASE DO READ THIS BOOK, IT WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH AND FEEL ANXIOUS TOO FOR LOGAN AND TATE.
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on 10 May 2015
I have had this on my kindle for god knows how long and nearly as long in paperback and I've finally read it....Logan and Tate.....two guys that nearly everyone is talking about and going in wondering who your going to take to....I have to say I think I'm a Tate girl....I absolutely adored him....He becomes Logans conquest...someone he wants to Try and Tate realises that yeah he wants to Try too.....I absolutely hated his ex-wife and his sister.....omg two evil bitches that really needs a punch.............Logan....seriously he does not have a filter...nothing shuts him up..well somethings do but really that's down to Tate.....These two really are perfect together and I will definitely be reading the next two books x
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on 13 July 2014
Tate is a straight male coming out of a four year marriage. Logan is a bi male, who doesnt do relationships. When their paths cross, sparks fly. But can they be happy together?

When i intially started this, and was about a quarter way through, my thoguhts were "oh yes! a 5 star read coming right up!" However as i got further along, i changed my mind. The story is great, yes. the sex is hot, OFF THE PAGE HOT, yes. But what made me change my mind was this: i got no, as in zip, zero, zilch attachment to the characters!

Logan is a self professed slut, and makes no bones about, which isnt alway a bad thing. But you get no WHY is he like that, or at least i didnt. I didnt get much from Tate either. As i was reading the latter 3rd of the book, i really had to think "do i want to read this??" i finished it, because i wanted to see what happened at the end as some other reviewers had said it a cliff hanger. While not what I would call a cliffhanger, it did end abruptly and does not finish. There is a second book, Take, and currently it sits on my wishlist. it may well get gutted when i go around again, it may not. But i'm not buying it...yet.
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on 15 February 2014

Ok, so this book has been quite surreptitiously sitting on my Kindle lurking for sometime. Having a “to be read” list as long as my left and right arms together I just hadn’t got around to reading this until several recommendations from book friends came in.

And what a read it was! I am writing this review within minutes of finishing the book and my head is still spinning.

Aside from it being a major departure from my normal reads, it is a spinoff from another book of Ella Frank’s, Edible, which I haven’t yet read so I was initially a bit apprehensive about reading it!

Be under no illusion this is one very hot read and the fact that we are reading a very steamy love story written about two very masculine leading men should not put you off at all. Anyone with the slightest of nervous dispositions, though, may need to sit down for the duration of this book! Oh and a cold shower or two may be in order as well!

This book had everything. Hot male leads, a solid story, interesting peripheral characters (and some of those characters already have their own story that I’m now very anxious to read) and some extremely graphic scenes.

The male leads; Logan and Tate are portrayed as being very different, yet, have amazingly attractive qualities. And if you asked me now which I prefer I would honestly say its like you asking me to choose a favorite between my children! It is impossible!

Logan, a snappily dressed lawyer, comes across as a cocky, arrogant hot-blooded male who obviously never likes to take no for an answer. You can imagine him being the dominant partner in any relationship. His quick-witted flirtatious dialogue will have you laughing out loud and sometimes he is so brash and outgoing you almost squirm. But he knows what he wants and will not stop until he has it. I did feel a little at times that he was almost desperate and verging on stalker-ish but the more you read into the book, the more you are endeared to his ways and hope to learn why he pursues Tate like he does.

Now Tate, he is the straight, bike-riding, curly-haired bartender who knows how to flirt with his customers for tips. He’s obviously no stranger to flirting with men either and even goes as far as daring to flirt with Logan to boost his tips. Soon he realizes that perhaps the innocent flirting may be leading him down a path he may not be ready for though. Initially he seems to be the underdog in the story and initially I did feel a little sorry for him being pursued so menacingly by Logan. However his character soon changes and the steps in his sexual awakening and realization are something quite amazing to read. That journey for me was something I was more than happy to share with him.

I am used to reading a book and being able to identify or almost become the female lead in my own head. I somehow manage to read this book without realizing that the female lead is missing and that didn’t bother me at all. Its almost like a two for one in the hot male stakes and I’m all for a bargain! I also thought that the dual perspective of the book also worked really well and helped me to identify, sympathize and feel every emotion with both characters at every stage!

This is the first part of the Temptation series and the next book is due out in the summer. And what a cliffhanger we are left with! I cannot wait for the next part of Logan and Tate’s story!

5 Sizzling stars!
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