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4.8 out of 5 stars146
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 10 December 2013
Unbelievable that the BBC has axed this great programme after two series! In my opinion it is the best thing they have made in years! They have done it before with other popular programmes, it seems as though they really don't care... but if you liked it, please... please sign the petition to bring it back. Just type in Ripper Street and it should take you there. If you prefer 'I'm a celebrity or Big Brother.... don't bother, but if you like something a bit more exciting... make an effort to bring it back! Thank you.
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on 21 November 2013
I must admit - I am very impressed by Ripper Street. It had breathed new life in to BBC drama - and shows that BBC really knows what they're doing. Firstly, I think the programme works because of the backset - it was a genius idea to present a drama coming out of the "Ripper phase", and looking at how Law & Order continued after such a huge embarrassment. The drama cleverly uses historical accuracies to create convincing and realistic storylines, while at the same time it adds in dramatized sections to create effect and tension. A mixture of this works really well and creates believable, but also intriguing episodes.

I think that Series 2 is even better than Series 1, as because as well as Ripper it is introducing new key ideas and themes (all of which are historically accurate); including the attitudes towards the Irish, homosexuality and the fight for female equality (the rise of the early suffragette movement). All of this has really allowed the programme to move forward and therefore has ensured that the programme has not become dry. As well as the amazing plot and storyline the show is helped by having an amazing cast list, including Matthew McFayden who convincingly plays D.I Reid - he shows the character as upstanding and respectable while also allowing his darker side to lay mysteriously in the background (for example his portrayal of his adultery and his blaming for the disappearance of his daughter and subsequent mental breakdown of his wife).

Overall, I think that this series is excellent - and the combination of excellent context, scripts and acting has created a real winner. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys crime thrillers or enjoys seeing history come alive. I'm hoping there is a lot more of the show, in its current fashion, to come.
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on 9 December 2013
One of the few watchable programmes on tv today, yet its to be scrapped because of ratings?

I was under the impression that the BBC was licence funded and as such, not governed by ratings and instead, aimed to deliver high quality programmes for a vast range of audiences?? They scrap this gem because it got beat in a ratings war with.....wait for it.....I'm a Celebrity!

Why not scrap the pool of fools that moved the programme from a Sunday night to a Monday night?

Ripper Street is a unique and exceptional kind of period drama that is by far some of the best work to come out of the BBC in recent years.

Ditching it to no doubt make way for more cooking, quiz, reality, celebrity and talent puke to vomit from our screens, makes paying that licence fee as difficult to swallow as the one brain cell, seal clapping puss they spend our money on!!
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on 28 February 2014
This is a quality show, with plenty of potential built in for series 3. Matthew MacFadyen and his co-stars are an excellent trio of actors who really give their all in this gritty historical-based crime drama, and with the changes from series 1 it has become slightly story-arc based. This isn't a bad thing, and it's easy for someone dipping in to catch up, compared to some arcs in other shows. If you're of a nervous disposition regarding blood and gore - although it's no horror movie! - you might want to steel yourself, but do give it a try. I would begin with series 1 though, to get the full benefit.

Once again, thank you Amazon for rescuing it from the scrapheap - I hear it will be on Instant Video first, then on BBC1 a few months later, but either way probably early 2015.
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on 12 July 2014
Ripper Street is the best British Drama in years. Forget the hype around Broadchurch and Line of Duty, this knocks then for six. It is beautifully written and acted and the climax is so memorable as to be life changing. The difference between this show and all the other British shows is it's courage to tackle really deep subjects. "What can good men do in the midst of evil" is the question at the heart of the programme, and there are no easy solutions or glib comments in response. Great Drama.
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on 3 January 2014
I agree with the positive comments on this programme. If you feel that way, do as I have and write to the BBC to complain. It can make a difference. They had plans to axe Radio 6, but had to back down after public support for the station. We are fee payers to the BBC and as such they should listen to comments by us. I'm heartily tired of "celebrity" programmes, reality dross, repeats, repeats and repeats. Ripper Street has been a well acted, researched and presented series. It is the type of programming the BBC used to be proud of!
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on 10 November 2014
once again the stories in Ripper Street are fresh while also allowing for events and characters from history playing a major role in each weekly mystery. The first three episodes are solid and take only a slight dip at episode 4 which for me was the weakest moment of the series. Joseph Mawle plays Inspector Shine who offers up this seasons antagonist and much of the intrigue and is clearly missed in some of the way episodes.Episode 6 "A stronger loving world" isn't the best episode but it focuses once again on the pain one of the series much loved character tends to face at the hands of love and thus offers a plot we root for. The last two episodes see the return of Fred Abberline which is nice but obviously the way the second series ends we are left wanting more as much is left hanging in the air.

Luckily Ripper Street has been picked up for a third series and will be shown here on Amazon first before returning to the BBC in 2015....There is a God!!
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on 31 March 2014
as a huge fan of the first series I couldn't wait to get this one started. it hit the ground running and since I don't do spoilers if you liked the first one you definitely wont be disappointed by this one. it improved on it's previous run by fleshing out the characters more and giving the women more depth - something I found lacking in the first series. the addition of well known characters of the time added to the feeling of London at the time. I love the fact that they film all this in Dublin - it looks and feels very authentic. I can only highly recommend this and congratulate Amazon on the fact that a third is being made. Thank you for saving a series that is worth saving - why the BBC put their money into other crap and abandon good stories like this is beyond me. I cant wait for the third one - i'm waiting in line already!!
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on 12 March 2014
Did they really speak like that!!!!!
The police in Victorian England , warts an all. Starting with all sorts of cases
From murder theft arson ,and homosexuality. Don't forget at one time you could be
Hanged for being gay and if not. Certainly imprisoned.
Inspector Reid plays the main role as an up right copper trying to play by the rules
When others didn't (mcfadden also starred in spooks) he also had to deal with
Effects of the ripper murders which suggested he had a role in investigating
I have no idea if Reid existed or not but abberline certainly did,Reid's long suffering
Sergeant with a heart of gold, was played by the guy from game of thrones
A sell sword name of bronn, but most of all a corporal-sergeant in soldier soldier
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VINE VOICEon 18 December 2013
The narrative is set in the late 19th century and the story begins with the tail-end of Jack the Ripper's terrifying reign of murder in the East End of London, however, the drama went on to examine multifaceted human motivations, to dissect the central characters and their lives beyond the police station. There is examination of what it means to be malevolent and/or human. The drama looked at the lives, and social ills of the people who lived in the area, and this was done through making the look and feel of the era in a really striking framework. For me the direction, writing and performance given, came together to make really interesting and finely tuned drama. Unfortunately this second series will probably be its last. It is really sad that the powers to be at the BBC could not/would not fight try to keep this very good show going, I am sure it would have sold well in North America and Australia. It seems to be extremely poor judgement to cancel the show. I guess in its place will be another repeat set of programming, which seems to be the unfortunate main stay of the BBC today - all rather sad really.



Amazon have revived show, after it was cancelled by the BBC so prematurely - high praise to the fans for getting the show endorsed again. It will be shown exclusively on Amazon Prime.
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