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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Without a doubt this is an excellent box set of the main albums by the group YES.
It Includes the albums: 'Yes', 'Time and a Word', 'The Yes Album', 'Fragile', 'Close to the Edge', 'Tale from Topographic Oceans', 'Relayer', 'Going for the One', 'Tormato', 'Drama', '90125' and 'Big Generator'. These are remaster editions with bonus tracks.

If you have collected the Re master editions from 2003 already then this set offers nothing much new since these are those remasters from 2003 with the same bonus tracks except that they are in faithful mock vinyl sleeves and all contained in one box.
However if you only have some of the albums, or a mixture of original CD editions and re masters it may be worth changing to this set.

There are some disadvantages with this set though, First of all the faithful mock vinyl sleeves look just like the original vinyl release. The downside of that is that they do not list the bonus tracks on them (obviously if they are faithful to the original album covers) There isn't even a complete track listing on the outer box.
It would have been useful if there had been a booklet perhaps with information that covers the difficult to read small text on the original album covers (now shrunk down to CD size) and the additional bonus track information.
However the true track listing including the bonus tracks do appear on the CD discs themselves. (But obviously once you have put the disc in the player you cannot see it while you are playing it)
True the original main album tracks are the most important tracks and they have their listing on the original vinyl cover but surely it would be good to know what the other tracks are?

Secondly some of the discs fall out of the covers too easily because the cover sleeves have gaps that are much to big. Not all of the albums are affected but the ones that are, are very bad and the discs just roll out. The discs do fit tight in the other album sleeves though. Also the card for each album cover is thick and each album is gatefold which makes the set spring up and over when you open the box. (not a big problem but it may annoy some people)

However the set itself is great. The albums have much to offer.
Album one is YES from 1969. Track listing is
1 Beyond and Before 2 I see you 3 Yesterday and Today 4 Looking around
5 Harold Land 6 Every little thing 7 Sweetness 8 Survival
bonus tracks 9 Everydays (single version) 10 Dear Father (early version 2) 11 something's coming 12 Everydays (early version) 13 Dear Father (early version 1) 14 somethings coming (early version)

The album has tracks written by the group themselves and other notable song writers including McGuinn/Crosby on I see you, and Stephen stills on Everydays. (from Crosby. Stills, Nash and Young) and Lennon and McCartney on Every little thing, As well as Leonard Bernstien and Stephen Sondheim on Something's coming.

The song Harold Land was named after a Harold Land a hard bop tenor saxophone player but the song is actually about a different character who has been affected by war,
The song Every little thing written by Lennon and McCartney has the main guitar riff from the Beatles song Day Tripper.
There were two versions of the cover art work for the album. One has the simple word YES for the British version and the other is the picture of the band for the US version. This version in this box set has the original British version and that is the same for all the albums.

Album two TIME AND A WORD has a live orchestra throughout most of the album. This idea by Jon Anderson was not favoured by fellow band member Peter Banks and later Banks left and was replaced with Steve Howe after the completion of this album.
Like the first album there are songs by the band and musical influences from other sources including the Richie Havens song No Opportunity needed, no experience necessary. Featuring the main theme from the film The Big Country by Jerome Moross and the track prophet has excerpts from Gustav Holst's The Planets Suite. Also like the first album there is a Stephen Stills song with Everydays. (from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young)
Once again we get the original British album cover here with the Dada esque black and white photo of a nude woman with a butterfly.
Track listing is
1 No opportunity, No experience needed. 2 Then 3 Everydays 4 Sweet Dreams 5 The Prophet 6 Clear days 7 Astral Traveller 8 Time and a word. Bonus tracks are 9 Dear Father 10 No opportunity necessary, No experience needed (original mix) 11 Sweet Dreams (original Mix) 12 The Prophet (single version)

Album three THE YES ALBUM now has Steve Howe on guitar and provides a prominent role as the group move to longer songs. Notable is the electronic guitar work on Starship Trooper and the Davy Graham guitar style on the track Fingerbuster. Anderson was interested in using the Moog synthesizers but Tony Kaye favoured piano and later left the band and was replaced by Rick Wakeman fresh from the Strawbs. All of the songs are by the group themselves.
Track listing is 1 Yours is no Disgrace 2 Clap 3 Starship Trooper 4 I've seen all good people 5 A venture 6 Perpetual changes Bonus tracks are 7 I've seen all good people (single version) 8 Starship Trooper (single version) 9 Clap (studio version)

Album Four is FRAGILE and now Rick Wakeman has joined on Keyboard. We also get the first album with art work by Roger Dean. Four tracks are by the group and five tracks are by the individual band members themselves.
Also Cans and Brahms is an arrangement by Wakeman of the third movement of Symphony No 4 by Brahms.
Track listing is 1 Roundabout 2 Cans and Brahms 3 We have Heaven 4 South side of the sky 5 Five per cent for nothing 6 Long distance runaround 7 The Fish 8 Mood for a day 9 Heart of the sunrise Bonus tracks are 10 America 11 Roundabout (early rough mix)

Album five CLOSE TO THE EDGE brings in a spiritual influence by Anderson. The title track came about after Anderson read material from German novelist Hermann Hesse in which Hesse's character awakes, in s symbolic spiritual awakening close to the edge of a river or symbolic lifetime of his soul.
Track listing is 1 close to the edge 2 Total mass retain 3 And you and I
Siberian Khatru Bonus tracks are 4 America (single version) 5 Total Mass Retain (single version) 6 And you and I (alternate version) 7 Siberia (studio run through version)

TALES OF TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS is the sixth album by the group Yes. It is an outstanding album full of creativity. It is one of the finest albums by the group and displays a great concept, excellent composition and lyrical structure, solid musicianship and epic proportion.

It is a concept album that is in four parts. Each part is of symphonic length and collectively they form a conceptional look at elements of "truth, Knowledge, culture and freedom" as found in Shastric scriptures mentioned in a book called Autobiography of a Yogi. By Paramahansa Yogananda. This book had introduced many westerners to meditation and yoga. The subject of the book explores spiritual notions of "saints and masters" from Indian religion. The subject became of great interest to Jon Anderson. And it is clear that it his influence on the final product.
The album reached number one in the UK album chart and went gold despite the critics giving it bad press. There have been many issues of this album through various formats, which illustrates its continuing popularity.
The album still sounds great nearly 40 years after it was recorded. It should stand as good testament of the creativity of the genre of Progressive Rock.
Roger Dean created the album artwork just as he had done on many of the group's album covers.
The original album was divided into four sides of a double album on vinyl. Side one was the commercial or easy-listening side of Topographic Oceans, side two was a much lighter, folky side of Yes, side three was more electronic powerful arrangement turning into acoustic simplicity, and side four was the big finale.
Jon Anderson and guitarist Steve Howe constructed the bulk of the album mainly on their own. Steve Howe presents some of his best guitar work. And the whole band makes impressive contributions to the end product.
The track listing is Disc one 1 The revealing science of God (dance of the dawn) 2 The remembering (high the memory) 3 The ancient (giants under the sun) Disc 2 1 Ritual Nous sommes du soleil Bonus tracks are 2 Dance of the dawn (studio run through) 3 Giants under the sun (studio run through)

Seventh album RELAYER features Patrick Moraz who replaced Rick Wakeman briefly during this period.
The album is loosely based on Tolstoy's book War and Peace and has strong Jazz influences in its sound showing the Moraz's background. The theme shows the futility of war through musical hints of clashing sound effects, dissonant harmonies regimental rhythms all replaced with a gentle melody and lyrical prayer for peace. There are also further spiritual influences and the electric Sitar is featured by Howe.
The album title comes from the lyrics of The Remembering, a track on the previous album Tales from Topographic Oceans.
Track listing is 1 The Gates of Delirium 2 Sound Chaser 3 To be Over. Bonus tracks are 4 Soon (single edit) 5 Sound Chaser (single edit) 6 The gates of Delirium (studio run through)

For many people the best era of the group YES is the early 1970s "prog Rock" era. This next set of albums will not be their thing.
But If pop groups keep doing the same thing for too long it gets boring and these albums show that there was more to YES than what they were doing on albums like Tales from Topographical Oceans.
The next set also has much to offer despite the change in style.

GOING FOR THE ONE is the eighth studio album released in 1977 on Atlantic Records. The album marks the return of keyboard player Rick Wakeman using the new polyphonic synthesizer from Moog and even church pipe organ on "parallels" that created a different sound as well as a return to shorter songs The songs includeed hit singles "going for the one" and "Wonderous stories"
Track listing is 1 Going for the one 2 Turn of the century 3 parallels 4 Wonderous Stories 5 Awaken Bonus tracks are 6 Montreux's Theme 7 Vevey (revisited) 8 Amazing Grace 9 Going for the one (rehearsal) 10 Parallels (rehearsal) 11 Turn of the Century (rehearsal) 12 Eastern Number (early version)

The ninth album TORMATO is from 1978. The album did feature a hit single "don't kill the whale" but suffered much criticism from both the public and some of the band members themselves.
Track listing is 1 Future times/rejoice 2 Don't kill the whate 3 Madrigal 4 Release Release 5 Arriving UFO 6 Circus of Heaven 7 Onward 8 On the silent wings of freedom Bonus tracks are 9 Abilene (b side don't kill the whale) 10 Money 11 Picaso 12 Some are born 13 You can be saved 14 High 15 Days `16 Countryside 17 Everybody's song 18 Onward (orchestra version)

Tenth album DRAMA is from 1980. Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman have left the group and for some people this was the loss too far since it lost an essential core sound familiar in previous YES albums.
However there is much quality here with some fine musicians who help to keep the band going. Geoff Downes takes over keyboard sound and Trevor Horn takes lead vocals. Both had come from the group Buggles who had just had big success with Video killed the radio star. Together with Chris Squire, Steve Howe and Alan White they created a harder new wave edged sound. All songs are credited to all members of the band but some songs have origin in Buggles and others from the members prior to Downes and Horn joining.
The album did well in the UK album charts but failed in the US. However this line up did not last.

Track listing is 1 Machine Messiah 2 White car 3 Does it really happen ?
4 Into the lens 5 Run through the light 6 Tempus Fugit Bonus tracks are
7 Into the Lens (single version) 8 Run through the light (single version) 9 Have we really got to go through this 10 Song No 4 (satalite) 11 Tempus Fugit (session track) 12 White car (session track) 13 Dancing through the light (paris session) 14 Golden age (paris session) 15 In the town (paris session)
16 Friend of a friend (paris session)

Eleventh Album is 90125 from 1983. Jon Anderson returns and the album is produced by Trevor Horn. The album also features the return of Tony Kaye on Keyboard.
The album did well and single "Owner of a lonely heart" charted in the UK and went to number one in the US.
Track listing is 1 owner of a lonely heart 2 hold on 3 it can happen 4 changes
5 cinema 6 Leave it 7 our song 8 city of love 9 Hearts Bonus tracks are 10 leave it (single version) 11 Make it easy (from yesyears) 12 It can happen ( from yesyears) 13 its over (previously unissued) 14 Owner of a lonely heart (alternative mix) 15 Leave it (previously unissued)

Finally album twelve is BIG GENERATOR released in 1987.
This album took years to produce because of band differences. There is a solid 80s sound and some impressive songs. The album did well in the US. It's a good album in many ways.The album has some great moments and should not be dismissed.
track listing is 1 Rhythm of love 2 Big generator 3 Shoot high aim low 4 Almost like love 5 Love will find a way 6 Final eyes 7 I'm running 8 Holy Lamb song for harmonic convergence Bonus tracks are 9 "Love Will Find a Way [Edited Version]"10 "Love Will Find a Way [Extended Version]" 11 Rhythm of Love [Dance to the Rhythm Mix]"12 "Rhythm of Love [Move to the Rhythm Mix]"13 "Rhythm of Love [the Rhythm of Dub]"

These albums are presented in their original vinyl format on CD and do contain the bonus tracks the same as the 2003 editions.
The box is slightly over three inches thick and it is nicely presented with good artwork and as well as the discs there is a poster and box art work by Roger Dean.
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on 30 March 2015
Great value and nice to have all these albums together, but could have been better. I mean for a start, why not have either a booklet going through all the albums or at least sleeve notes for each one? This is a shame. I also think a full tack listing would be good since these are the remastered versions with extra tracks, yet the packaging is faithful to the orignals so it only lists the original album content.
However, if you have one or two yYes albums, this a great way of expanding your collection. It contains some great prog rock, the albums from the arly 70's are the best but most albums are worth a listen and contain good stuff.
So all in all a good value set, but the packaging could have been better, the cardboard sleeves feel a bit cheap and will get damaged easily, and lack of sleeve notes or full tracklisting is just poor.
review image review image
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Track Listing- you've no idea how hard it has been to publish this!

Includes the albums: 'Yes', 'Time and a Word', 'The Yes Album', 'Fragile', 'Close to the Edge', 'Tale from Topographic Oceans', 'Relayer', 'Going for the One', 'Tormato', 'Drama', '90125' and 'Big Generator'.
All of these have extra tracks and are remastered making it a real bargain.
Indeed I know of several people who have sold their old Cds and bought this set.

Disc: 1 'Yes'
1. Beyond and Before
2. I See You
3. Yesterday and Today
4. Looking Around
5. Harold Land
6. Every Little Thing
7. Sweetness
8. Survival
9. Everydays (Single Version)
10. Dear Father (Early Version #2)
11. Something's Coming
12. Everydays (Early Version)
13. Dear Father (Early Version #1)
14. Something's Coming (Early Version)

Disc: 2 'Time and a Word'
1. No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed
2. Then
3. Everydays
4. Sweet Dreams
5. The Prophet
6. Clear Days
7. Astral Traveller
8. Time and a Word
9. Dear Father
10. No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed (Original Mix)
11. Sweet Dreams (Original Mix)
12. The Prophet (Single Version)

Disc: 3 'The Yes Album'
1. Yours Is No Disgrace
2. Clap
3. Starship Trooper
4. I've Seen All Good People
5. A Venture
6. Perpetual Change
7. Your Move (Single Version)
8. Starship Trooper: Life Seeker (Single Version)
9. Clap (Studio Version)

Disc: 4 'Fragile'
1. Roundabout
2. Cans and Brahms
3. We Have Heaven
4. South Side of the Sky
5. Five Per Cent for Nothing
6. Long Distance Runaround
7. The Fish
8. Mood for a Day
9. Heart of the Sunrise
10. America
11. Roundabout (Early Rough Mix)

Disc: 5 'Close to the Edge'
1. Close to the Edge
2. And You and I
3. Siberian Khatru
4. America (Single Version)
5. Total Mass Retain (Single Version)
6. And You and I (Alternative Version)
7. Siberia (Studio Run-through of Siberian Khatru)

Discs: 6 and 7 'Tales from Topographic Oceans'
1. The Revealing Science of God
2. The Remembering
3. The Ancient
4. Ritual
5. Dance of the Dawn (Studio Run-through)
6. Giants Under the Sun (Studio Run-through)

Disc: 8 'Relayer'
1. The Gates of Delirium
2. Sound Chaser
3. To Be Over
4. Soon (Single Edit)
5. Sound Chaser (Single Edit)
6. The Gates of Delirium (Studio Run-through)

Disc: 9 'Going for the One'
1. Going for the One
2. Turn of the Century
3. Parallels
4. Wondrous Stories
5. Awaken
6. Montreux's Theme
7. Vevey (Revisited)
8. Amazing Grace
9. Going for the One (Rehearsal)
10. Parallels (Rehearsal)
11. Turn of the Century (Rehearsal)
12. Eastern Numbers (Early Version of Awaken)

Disc: 10 'Tormato
1. Future Times/Rejoice
2. Don't Kill the Whale
3. Madrigal
4. Release, Release
5. Arriving UFO
6. Circus of Heaven
7. Onward
8. On the Silent Wings of Freedom
9. Abilene
10. Money
11. Picasso
12. Some Are Born
13. You Can Be Saved
14. High
15. Days
16. Countryside
17. Everybody's Song (Early Demo of Does It Really Happen)

Disc: 11 'Drama'
1. Machine Messiah
2. White Car
3. Does It Really Happen?
4. Into the Lens
5. Run Through the Light
6. Tempus Fugit
7. Into the Lens (I Am a Camera) (Single Version)
8. Run Through the Light (Single Version)
9. Have We Really Got to Go Through This
10. Song No. 4 (Satellite)
11. Tempus Fugit (Tracking Session)
12. White Car (Tracking Session)
13. Dancing Through the Light
14. Golden Age
15. In the Tower
16. Friend of a Friend
Disc: 12 '90125'
1. Owner of a Lonely Heart
2. Hold On
3. It Can Happen
4. Changes
5. Cinema
6. Leave It
7. Our Song
8. City of Love
9. Hearts
10. Leave It (Single Remix)
11. Make It Easy
12. It Can Happen (Cinema Version)
13. It's Over
14. Owner of a Lonely Heart (Extended Remix)
15. Leave It (Acapella Version)

Disc: 13 'Big Generator'
1. Rhythm of Love
2. Big Generator
3. Shoot High, Aim Low
4. Almost Like Love
5. Love Will Find a Way
6. Final Eyes
7. I'm Running
8. Holy Lamb (Song for Harmonic Convergence)
9. Love Will Find a Way (Edited Version)
10. Love Will Find a Way (Extended Version)
11. Rhythm of Love (Dance to the Rhythm Mix)
12. Rhythm of Love (Move to the Rhythm Mix)
13. Rhythm of Love (The Rhythm of Dub)
14. Spurn Point Blues.
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on 2 December 2013
This is a lovely box. Each album is in a facsimile of its original sleeve and each disc label is a facsimile of the original LP label.
Every disc includes the bonus tracks from the previous Rhino reissues of the albums.
What's missing is any track listing showing the bonus tracks. An additional booklet detailing these would be nice. Also, although the facsimile LP covers are spot on there are none of the booklets, lyric sheets, production credits included.
There us a nice poster of the art work on the box included and overall the box is attractive and well produced. The price is excellent and I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't already own these albums on CD already. For Yes completists (like me) it's worth having, although I would also recommend buying the Steven Wilson remix of Close To The Edge as it is absolutely stunning!
The only thing better than this would be a European release of the High Vibration SACD box at a sensible price.
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Well, what can I say about this box, apart from saying it's marvellous!

The first 12 studio albums in reproduction original cardboard sleeves, just what I like, with bonus tracks to boot with a Roger Dean (fold out) poster. Many of these I still have on first issue vinyl, and from their beginning in 1969, with the album Yes, I knew they were going to be something different and a band to watch (just listen to how they do the Beatles Every Little Thing). The second album was more experimental, and for me better, but then came the Explosion of The Yes Album, followed by a string of amazing albums. I still prefer the earlier albums (up to Going For The One) to the later ones (with the exception of Drama), but all of these are worth having. The box is substantial measuring about 8.5cm (a little over 3") thick, but still saves on space compared to the awful plastic boxes. Bargains can be found for this box as I had mine delivered today, the day of release, for under thirty pounds!

For those of you wishing to replace vinyl, or get a library of this band in a single hit, then get this box. Even if you have purchased Original Album Series (5 Pack) like me, it is worth getting this set and selling the little box in my opinion. Take my advice and write a letter to Santa and have some great music to play on Christmas Day!
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If you're looking at reviews of this item, it's an odds on bet that you already know Yes music, so I'll not attempt to outdo a few of the superbly written 5 star reviews which provide huge and useful amounts of information. (Check out Marcia's review). All I'll add to this opening comment is to say that the album titles are as follows in the order in which Amazon list them just in terms of numbers:


In this review I want to add detail and confirmation to the one main complaint that folks have about the abysmal packaging for a set that should warrant a LOT more care. Indeed, as I've tried to show in my attached and annotated photos, the packaging is so poor that you could easily end up damaging your CDs. The card cases do nothing to actually hold the CDs securely and if you are careless or just a little too quick, you can find yourself trying to juggle or catch the discs which come tumbling out. BE ESPECIALLY WARY WHEN YOU FIRST OPEN THE BOX WHICH CONTAINS THE CASES as this is when you and the discs are most at risk.

I've chosen to deduct just one star rather than 2 because a 3-star award would be an unfair penalty on what is a glorious archive of music. BUT, the appalling lack of care given to packaging and the total lack of any accompanying information or booklet is truly unforgivable. It detracts from the whole product.

I CAN, HOWEVER, OFFER A SOLUTION for the problem of slippage which I've illustrated in a 4th photograph.
I bought a pack of paper envelopes designed for CDs. These measured 126mm x 126mm. Other envelopes I found were slightly larger, but the 126x126 size is just right. That fact is critical.

Brand New. Compucessory CD Sleeve Envelopes Paper with Window W126xH126mm White Ref 442439 [Pack 50]

There are two ways to use them ... with some of the card cases, you can simply place the CD into the envelope and then fold the flap back TIGHT against the rim of the CD. For other covers, you will need to trim off about 2mm from the flapped side. BUT - whichever method proves necessary, the CDs will then fit inside the case and be much less likely to tumble out. Even if they do, they're still protected inside the envelope.

If you don't fancy that idea, another option would be to buy a set of spare CD cases. If I had gone for that solution, I would have bought a set of thin 'crystal' cases. Admittedly this would then give you a set of empty card cases but at least the discs would be safe and secure. When I buy cases like this for my own use for backup CDs and DVDs I use cases which are made by Verbatim as I find them to be of good quality:

Verbatim CD/DVD Slim Case, Assorted Colours, 25 /Pack by Dragon Trading®

However, for me, the paper envelope solution has been perfect. I now have the CDs stored safely inside the card cases. It's just that this sort of hunt for a solution shouldn't have ever been necessary if care and thought had been applied in the first place.

So ... great music but grim packaging.
Check out the photos to see what I've tried to describe, especially the one which illustrates my use of the paper envelopes. I hope this helps you.
review image review image review image review image
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on 1 July 2015
I bought this after the sad loss of Chris Squire at the weekend, I still cant believe hes gone. Ive had the privilege of seeing them a few times including the classic lineup on the 35th anniversary tour and the amazing union show in the round at Wembley arena in 1991. This, for me, was the best concert ive ever seen.

I have most of these lps on vinyl and tape and a couple on cd, relayer and fragile haven't left my car audio this week. Its great value box set at this price and I love the replica sleeves although the cds are a bit loose in some of them.

Looking forward to tales from topographic oceans as I only know the ritual from this album. My all time favourite is relayers epic Gates of Delirium followed closely by Awaken from going for the one.
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on 19 June 2015
Sublime Edition! I did have entire collection on vinyl, but hadn't played disc's for nearly 2 decades. played these through from start to finish, and I had forgotten just how brilliant they each were as individual musicians. Very futuristic then, and even today there can't be many groups to touch them for sheer brilliance. Yes, The Yes Album, Fragile, and Close to the Edge have to be among'st the greatest rock albums ever. Can't stop listening to them. Plus absolutely loads of bonus tracks. You will not be disappointed. and the price makes the 12 Albums (13 CD's) much less than £3.00 each. Go on treat yourself, you know you are worth it.
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Almost full marks for this set.

As a relative newcomer to Yes, it was a great way of buying a dozen albums in one hit.

The box is lovely, sturdy and hinges from the left and includes a fold-out poster. However, an informative booklet with all the track listings would have been more useful.

Each album comes in its own card sleeve - much better quality than the magazine cover mounts but not as good as some of the Japanese replicas which have the added inserts. That said, the detail is pretty good and we have min-replica gatefolds where necessary.

The real treat here is that the releases each contain all the bonus tracks which is terrific.

As for the music, well - I guess if you are buying this, then you will have some ideas what to expect. Some out and out classics, a few near misses but all in all, a wonderful overview of a very special and highly talented prog rock band.
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on 15 November 2014
This set is excellent value for money. I agree with most comments from other reviews positive and negative - e.g. perception of packaging - but overall it cannot be denied that this is great value for money for some great music - coming as it does with the generous 'autorip' MP3s. I don't think I can add to the debate about the music/package other than to point out that the MP3 autorip is based on the MP3 version of the album which appears to be an earlier version of the release without the additional tracks included on the CDs in this box set. I only spotted this after several months as I tend to listen to the MP3s on my phone while walking the dog - I then played the CDs to find so many more songs!
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