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4.2 out of 5 stars216
4.2 out of 5 stars
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 23 April 2014
Its a programmable thermostat that controls your heating. It just happens to to this way better than any other device I have used to do that before and something that people notice and comment on positively.

I had a programmable thermostat before but the interface was very poor. Everything about this is on higher level. Really simple - I have not looked at any documentation as everything is really obvious, very flexible, works well, supports mobile devices, looks good and even feels like a quality product and not a piece of plastic. For example turn the device to increase / decrease the temperature verses press a number of small buttons.

The simplest way to consider this is remember all those early MP3 players that where not intuitive to use, iPod came along and although did the same general job it dominated the market. This to me is exactly the same and not surprising if you know the history of the company.

Can you get the same general functionality for much less cash - yes but with a poor interface. I am a very happy customer. Its not by accident that google paid $3.2bn to buy this company, so although £170 is not cheep I believe its excellent value.
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on 10 December 2014
Professionally installed and works as promised but I don't see any great savings in my heating bill so far. Would be better if the large display showed the ambient temperature instead of the set temperature so that I had more control and if the software showed a graph of the actual temperature instead of just the set heat.
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on 12 October 2015
Oh my god I absolutely love this gadget!!! Love putting on heat or setting a timer when I get home, loove turning it down from my bed before I get up (hubby loves it too warm) love love love.
Someone said that it didn't work with glowarm boiler- it didn't with ours to begin with but then hubby made one connection out of two and voila presto- all works. If you need details I will happily provide after asking them all ins and outs (he did explain but gosh how boring it was)
Set up was VERY easy, I love the little clicking sound when you change the temperature and the fact that it lights up when you get near it. All round 5 star, don't hesitate yiu know you want it. Also very handy to see how much heating you actually using in the log
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16 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on 14 May 2014
I know Nest is only new to the UK but I need to report that the company they have outsourced installation to is failing miserably. Here is the timeline so far:
3 Apr - Purchased nest through Nest wesbite with fast installation (£70 extra). The day after they launched in the UK
6 Apr - Recieved the thermostat
9 Apr - After emailing Nest support they advised via email that they believed the installation had occurred but it hadn't
10 Apr - Nest agreed to refund my £70 and said that someone would call me within two days to arrange installation
15 Apr - Finally got an email from Brolley Property Group ("BPG") asking me to contact them to arrange installation date. I called and arrange for 23 Apr
23 Apr - Got a call from BPG saying they had messed up the schedule and could they reschedule. I rescheduled for 30 Apr
30 Apr - Installer never showed up and no-one ever called
2 May - Called BPG and arranged for 8am installation May 9th
9th May - Installer never showed. He called at 8.45am to say he was running late (really??) and could he come at 10am? I had to go to work so told him not to bother
14 May - I cooled down and have now rescheduled for Wed May 21st. Fingers crossed

So while Nest shipping and support has been great. BPG has been a disaster. They really need to sort this out as it will severely impact rollout plans in the UK if initial user experience remains this poor. My "fast" install is nowgoing to take 1.5 months (assuming they show up).
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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 5 December 2014
I ordered this without instillation as at the the time it was £100 extra to install. I have renovated 3 properties, wired in sockets and plumed in new sinks so I would say my DIY skills are good. I read a review saying that if you can wire a light socket then you can install this so I decided I could do this. Hmmmm not quite as easy as that. It's a little bit more complicated than that.

I have a floor standing combi boiler so the wiring loom is inside the boiler housing. I had to remove this and open a sealed unit. Inside were a lot of wires and it took me a couple of hours before I was 100% certain of the setup.

I was replacing a wall thermostat so the wiring was already inside the wall back to the boiler. This wiring was on the mains 240v so you will have a live & neutral wire with also a call for heat wire. You have to disconnect this 240v output wiring from the boiler and rewire it to the 12v output on the on the nest white control box. You then find the 240v input on the boiler and wire it into the live and neutral input on the white control box, this will be via a wire connection block which should already be in place, in my case inside the boiler itself. Then inside the nest control box you loop the live connection to number 2 with a small length of wire.

It's been running two weeks now and I'm not 100% convinced about the self learning. I preprogrammed it to come on at 6am then off at 7:30am it would then switch on at 3am and run a preheat cycle. This setting is called True radiant (which you can disable). Nest recon it does not have to be on as long in order to get to the correct temp when it comes on at 6am. I'll let the jury decide here if it's going to save you money why switch the heat on in the middle of the night for 45 minutes to pre heat then back on at 6 to stay on until 7:30 anyway.

To sum it up for me personally the unit looks amazing has nice features, if you're away in the winter you can manage your heating remotely or switch it on before you get home. For £150 it's a great addition and will impress any buyer when you come to sell the house. But will it really save you money like they claim?!? I'm not convinced. With that in mind it only gets 4 stars
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on 18 November 2015
Purchased 18th October,Installed myself in around forty minutes.Removed existing wireless programmer.The cables from programmer were used to install Heat link(two wires -switched live)connected to Alpha boiler.A live and neutral supply also connected to power the Heat link.Once the Nest Thermostat was positioned on wall,and connected to a mains socket via the usb charging lead (I purchased a 5metre one and concealed it ) we were in business.I reset the Heat link by holding 'Nest' button for 20 seconds and pairing was instant.Just had to enter passcode for the Wifi router and it was then connected to the outside world.Immediately after connecting it received a software update -10 minutes. Within one week it had learnt some of our daily routines,and informed that Auto Away was now functional.This seems to come into action about 40 minutes after no movement is house.So far unable to say how much energy saved,but on average heating is coming on about 45 minutes later than the old Alpha programmer.It knows how long it needs to get house warm at the required time,rather than switching on manually at a set time.This time will vary according to outside weather as well.Simplicity,even my technophobic wife has mastered it, and is switching heating on or off from her phone. Very pleased with Nessie so far.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 19 August 2015
brilliant! In six months of winter I saved £170 😮
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 18 June 2015
This thermostat is excellent, allowing me to monitor the house while away, as well as switch the heating on before returning. I've also invested in a couple of Nest Protect smoke and CO alarms, as me previous ones were past their usable dates. I like the way that they can interact with the thermostat, to sense if you are at home, or not. All very clever and high quality.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 13 January 2015
Fantastic, one step closer to a smart home. I feel this keeps the house at a better and more comformtable temprature because of the predictive technologies (i am using a schedule) about when and when to turn off your boiler.

Super quality, very easy to install. Nice haptic design.

Check out if you want to intergrate your devices.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 6 February 2015
My old boiler broke in January, so needed a replacement. The company suggested I get a Nest, and they would fit it. They said to get it from John Lewis or Amazon. Needed it quickly... so Amazon it was.
OK, on reading through some other reviews I'll make some pretty obvious observations. It's a Thermostat so it controls your heating system, not your hot water. It can replace your old Thermostat if that is wired to your current controls, or you can get a little stand for it and plug it in elsewhere. You also need a wireless router which was produced in the current millennium.

OK, so it's a Thermostat which you can twiddle on the wall and it "learns" from you. It turns it'self down to 10c if it senses there's no one around (we have a cat at home so we've disabled that). They have website which knows you (or you have to sign up) and an app for an iPhone. On this you can set up a schedule for temperature controls, switch if off and on and change the temperature. So if you've had id set to "away" (i.e. 10c) you can get on your app and turn it up to 20c or so, so your home is warm when you get back in.

Likewise of course, if you go away without turning your heating down, you can get on the app and do that as well.

The timer on your boiler controls is set to on continuously. Your hot water setting should be set as normal.

Now, the interesting thing is if, like me, you set your Nest to be at 21c at 7am, when you wake up it will be 21c. The nest learns how long your heating takes to warm up, and it also knows the weather outside. (You put your postcode in when you set it up). I have my flat set for 16c overnight, so it comes on at about 6.30 (yup, that sad I checked one morning on my way to the loo).

My next goes down to 17.5c in the day to keep puddy cat warm, and back to 21c from 6.30, and 19c from 9 and then 16c from 10.30.

Nest also gives you "usage" when your boiler is actually turned on. It's on a heck of a lot less now then the timer used to be set at. As for saving money, well I have an A rated boiler now instead of old "clanky" (G-Rated) so I'll never work that one out, but it's an outstandingly good buy.

It's a bit like when you got your first iPhone. Really a wow factor. No surprise then to learn that the bloke to designed the iPhone designed the Nest!
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