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4.6 out of 5 stars492
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 11 November 2013
Downloaded this morning and i've been listening to it for the past 3 hours. This album is her best English release since A new day has come and even though that one is my all time favourite Celine album, this one is not to be missed. You don't get any sort of songs that showcase her incredible vocal power here if that's what you're expecting, but i personally don't miss them as she's done more than a few in the past. Just a fresh new modern sound here and her voice sounds clear and non-nasely which is great. An album not to be missed.
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'Celine' almost certainly remains one of todays ''Greats'' with her
terrific and unmistakable vocal range, that many of us have continued
to admire down the years.
On this, her latest album she has changed her style a little as suggested
during her recent interview on the 'Jonathon Ross' show.
Many of the songs on-board could easily 'Chart'
Obviously the title track 'Loved Me Back To Life' is among the stand-out
numbers on-board (released as a single)
Another superb track 'Breakaway' (I could easily see that being considered
among her 'all time classics' in the not to distant future)
'Save Your Soul' another song that is among the many stand-out songs
included on the album.
I also love her virtual duet with 'Stevie Wonder' (performed during her
show in 'Vegas'

'Thankful' another great track that explores her vocal range beautifully.
'Unfinished Songs' has to be another song worthy of highlighting.
To be honest, for me, I quite simply loved all the numbers on board, I
can say with confidence, if you like 'Celine's' songs down the years you
would have no regrets by adding this album to your collection.
On a recent visit to L.A. I was taken on a 12-day road trip which winded
up in 'Vegas' for a couple of nights, where it was my good fortune and
indeed privilege to see 'Celine' perform her 2-hour show at the 'Colosseum'
in 'Caesars Palace' during which she did perform some of the numbers of
what was then her 'forthcoming album' 'Loved Me Back To Life'
The Experience, certainly a significant highlight of journey i'd been on.
The Lady is a confident performer who's vocals on stage are pretty much
what we hear on her 'CD's' (not all artists can do that in truth)
If I was to describe 'Celine' with one word it would be 'Quality'
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on 11 April 2014
Don't get me wrong,I am one of Celine's biggest fan's,since she released her colour of love album,back in the early 90's.I think,there is about 4 good song's on this album,my two personal favourite's,are water to a flame,and over joyed,featuring stevie wonder,and as I said another couple.Celine has changed her style of singing,on this album,she even said so,when she was on the jonathon Ross show recently.However there are still lot's of flicker's,of the old Celine on her song's,but I think all she had to do,was sing like she normally does,but of course with new song's,and the album would have still been a hit.I think when these singer's have been around a long time,they feel as if they have gone stale,and have to start and change there,format,why? When you have a voice like her's,all you have to do,is keep what you are doing! Look at Barbra Streisand,she has never tried to change her voice,her image,nothing!!! and she is still Amazing,and current,I rest my case!
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on 11 November 2013
Céline Dion is back with her eleventh English-language studio album LOVED ME BACK TO LIFE. After over 32 years in the music business and 47 albums under her belt, she has managed to reveal a quite different facet to her already wonderfully accomplished self.

Dion is currently residing with her Céline Show featuring 31 musicians, a full orchestra and band at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. That was also where she laid most of her vocals down for the album. She did so at the legendary Studios at the Palms in Las Vegas. She also travelled to Florida to work at the Echo Beach Studio. All of which under the watchful ear of John Mcl. Doelp, album's executive producer. Dion recorded fifteen songs for the album, some of them are new and written especially for her, and the other tracks are her versions of a well-known songs. She wanted to sound different but without drastic disconnection from her legacy. She was ready to take the risk but let's face it, Dion is Dion and her distinct and easily recognisable voice will always be her trademark. No matter how she decides to use it. Her husband, career mentor and a manager René Angélil, pulled all possible strings to make his wife's dream become a reality. He got her to record a duet with R&B star Ne-Yo and Soul legend Stevie Wonder. Diane Warren, Sia Furler and Eg White have all written for her and the legendary Kenny `Babyface' Edwards produced couple of songs too.

Céline Dion is very open about her happy existence and having the life she has always dreamed of: wonderful career and loving family. Dion is a master of music interpretation, she does not compose music, nor write lyrics, yet she sings them as they were `her' stories. She does make you feel like she has lived through them all. On this records she wanted to dig deeper into her soul, reaching there to find the Céline rebel and the Céline rock star, and to subsequently give them a new life. Stripped down from voice effects and complicated arrangements, she sounds refreshingly real, dry and powerful. And more importantly, with this album she has a great opportunity to reach wider audience and get connected with young listeners. She has never sounded more current. LOVED ME BACK TO LIFE is a fantastic cd which will be found by many under their Christmas trees this winter. Wonderful, they will cherish it for decades.

Loved Me Back To Life - is an opening track and first single from the album, it is a powerful ballad co-written for Dion by Sia Furler, who co-wrote (and sung on) David Guetta's Titanium and Rhianna's Diamonds. Lyrically, the track is not far from what Dion has recorded in the past. What's different and new is the way she delivers it. Her voice sounds darker and sexier. All of this with a wonderful addictive dubstep-y beat drop with an amazing vocal hook. Fresh and current.

Somebody Loves Somebody - here Dion moves to the dancefloor with this fantastically produced track by the Swedish Play Production. She is strong, sexy and yet again, very current.

Incredible - is a duet with Ne-Yo who also co-wrote it. This is album's second single and also a strong candidate for the upcoming Winter Olympics' theme. Despite being such different artists, Dion shows how versatile she can be and just how much there is for her to do with her voice. They sound beautifully entwined when they sing: whole world is watching us now, it's a little intimidating but since there's no way to calm down, let's give them something amazing.

Water & Flame - is Dion's first cover on the album of Daniel Merriweather's 2009 song with additional vocals from Adele. Dion delivers it in a lower registry with a deeper, haskier and sexier tone. A very powerful interpretation.

Breakaway - another Play Production is taking Dion's voice into a new territory to travel around the scale accompanied by dramatically growing musical tension. Classical yet very modern Dion.

Save Your Soul - another up-tempo track in which Dion sounds very fresh, poppy and super current. Terrific beat and arrangement. Danny Mercer, the guy behind and Nicole Scherzinger's hits introduces Dion to the younger generation.

Didn't Know Love - another love story but with a new edge to Dion's repertoire; her voice sounds bare and rough when she delivers the words: it's a blessing, it's a curse, you know you've found it when it hurts. It can drive you off a cliff, but it's worth it.

Thank you - written by Shaffer Smith aka Ne-Yo, who also sings background on the record. It's a beautifully and delicately delivered THANK YOU message to the one who loved you, because he/she didn't have to...

Overjoyed - another duet, this time with Steve Wonder, who released this song originally in 1985. Their voices seem as they were created to sing together in this refreshed version of Wonder's song. Great execution from the production trio: Tricky Stewart, Aaron Pearce and Kuk Harrell.

Thankful - is a wonderful classical Dion to words and music by Dana Parish & Andrew Hollander. Simple yet powerful arrangements and soring vocals from Céline, she seems in absolute control of her instrument and a diva-like when accompanied by the choir at the end of the song.

At Seventeen - is a cover of Janis Ian's 1975 song which Dion sings during her Céline Show in Las Vegas. It's a reflection song in a new, a slightly Spanish and summery arrangement.

Always Be Your Girl - a song written by husband-and-wife song-writing duo Dana Parish and Andrew Hollander. They watched Céline on Oprah's Next Chapter and were so moved and inspired by Dion's personality, that they sat down and penned Always Be Your Girl for her. It's one of the most important songs of Dion's career as it's capturing her real persona. A great ballad.

Unfinished Song - is another jewel from Diane Warren who is well known for her extraordinary skills for ballad writing. But this is not a tears squeezer buy yet another up-tempo track on the album. It's a get-up and keep-going kind of song: `cause we're all unfinished songs waiting for the best part to come along. Very positive and truly encouraging tune. Unfinished Song was included on the Song for Marion's soundtrack.

How Do You Keep The Music Playing - is Michel Legrand's composition to the lyrics by Alan and Marilyn Bergman for the 1982 film Best Friends. Dion sings this track during her Céline Show in Las Vegas. Although the song has been recorded by many great artists, such as Tony Bennett, George Benson, Frank Sinatra or Barbra Streisand, Dion gives it a new dimension and breaths a new life into it.

Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) - is a closing track and cover of Billy Joel's from his 1993 album River of Dreams. Beautifully simple and delicate production from Kenny `Babyface' Edmonds.

Loved Me Back To Life (UK 11th November 2013)
Label: Columbia
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I have always thought that Celine Dion is the best vocalist from the diva singers that include the likes of Whitney, Mariah and Christina. On this latest release, Celine's voice takes on a different range with a huskiness apparant on several of the tracks. At times she reminded me a little of Amy Winehouse and I think that Celine once again shows that her voice is an extremely impressive instrument. This is an accomplshed album.

Standouts are 'Loved Me Back To Life', 'At Seventeen' and the excellent 'Breakaway' where her voice sounds as good as it ever has. She might not be to everyone's taste that's for sure but it can't be denied that Celine is still at the top of her game.
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on 11 November 2013
An excellent album - but what more could we expect from Celiene Dion? The mix of emotionally stunting songs hits just the right note - it's a winner. The album is reminiscient of some of her famous earlier work.

I think the albums best song is the main single, 'Love Me Back to Life' - it combines excellent lyrics and powerful lyrics in order to cause musical bueaty. Dion has not dissapointed. It's been a while coming but her new album is a winner.

Would I say 'buy it now' - Yes! - you won't regret
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on 3 January 2014
I have been waiting for 6 years for another English album from the artist I have been listening to since I was a child and who, through her music, has gotten me through EVERY situation I have faced growing up. This album is truly worth the wait and shows that Céline hasn't just gotten better with time, it shows she is still the best artist out there. This has been proven time and time again. My only wish is that one day I get a chance to actually meet her for only 10 minutes so I can meet the person who has inspired me, lifted me up and cried with me! Céline, you are awesome, never change! Even if you are not a big fan of Céline, I recommend this album, her voice and the lyrics will possibly change your outlook on life.

Loved Me Back to Life
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on 11 December 2013
Celine is undoubtedly one of the finest female artists of the last 3 decades. All of her albums and live performances are of the very highest quality. This CD, designed to appeal to a slightly younger audience with more "edgy" productions, is no doubt an attempt to "catch up" on the missing years of no English language CD's, whilst she was in cabaret in Vegas. The quality and power is still there, but personally I prefer her "standard production" power ballads as delivered on all her previous releases ( I have them all).
Still an outstanding album though.
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on 15 December 2013
Yes, Celine's back! And with an amazing album. There's not one song I don't like. This album is much better than Celine's last few outings. Don't get me wrong, I still liked the previous albums, but I'd say this album is up there with 'Falling into you' and 'The Colour of my Love'. It is that good. Some have criticised that Celine is trying to sound current, but that's what makes her so great. She is always trying something new. Not doing the same old sappy love songs. This is a must-buy for every Celine fan.
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on 20 February 2014
Ohhhhh Yeah! I love this one! It’s fresh! It’s new! It’s different! Celine appears to have reinvented herself, and that’s a good thing. Her usual music repertoire has been expanded to bring in a more modern, edgy feel with newer songs sung with sometimes a breathy intensity and sometimes a contemporary ‘clipped’ style – sometimes both at different times in the same song! And that’s fine by me. If you’re after the ‘same-old, same-old’ Celine, with her soaring vocal range and sustained notes and jumping vocal trills, there’s some of that in this album too, but this material is Celine following her instinct to be better than ever. Other artistes have done the same, adopting a new style to move with the times and remain in touch with the trends of the musical times, so why shouldn’t Celine? I give her 10 out of 10 for both the content of this album, and for having the guts to move into the 21st century where style is concerned. You’ll like it! If not on first listening – you might be accustomed to her ‘old style’ – it’ll grow on you. Just step out and give this album a few listens, and move with the beat of the times. And there are some superb songs! Guaranteed!
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