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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 December 2013
I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation, and I promised that my review is fair and honest.

I'll break this down into sections just to make it easier for quick analysis for those who do not want to read through a whole review..

Packaging: 5 Stars
All Anker products I have received have been packaged very well, very minimalistic and also recyclable, which is great.

Contents/Instructions: 5 Stars
Once you open the box, it contains a tray you can pull out which includes everything you need. The case, Bluetooth keyboard, and a micro USB plug to charge the keyboard, along with leaflets, manuals as you would expect. I'm not one to read instructions as it's pretty straight forward to operate the keyboard etc, but for the purpose of this review, I'd like to point out the instructions are well presented and easy to follow.

Case: 5 Stars
First I will start with the case. The case itself is very strong, if you have your Tablet within the case, and you happen to drop it down a flight of stairs, I cannot see any damage occurring to the tablet itself (please don't quote me on this! As I have not tried this!). It has a textured feel on the outside of the case, diamond pattern, it feels OK, it could have done with a softer coating. Inside is lined with a soft felt material, very nice feel to it. The tablet is held in place by a plastic shell that you pop your tablet into, it holds it firmly in place without any noticeable movement. The case has a nice magnet which holds the case together with the tablet and keyboard inside.

Keyboard: 4 Stars
The Keyboard itself is really small, similar length as the tablet but is around an inch shorter in height, depth of the keyboard is very thin, around 5mm at its deepest point. Very light, wouldn't add too much weight along side your tablet. Materials used for the keyboard is primarily plastic, though it seems very well built, the keys are nice and responsive, good feedback. No bend at all even if you put pressure on the keyboard, the plastic is solid and thick. On the underside of the keyboard, it has the same felt material that is used on the lining of the case, it keeps the keyboard from slipping when you place it onto the case lining with the tablet in horizontal mode at an angle. Please note, it seems Anker do not produce a UK layout keyboard, it mentions this in the Amazon page, which, would most likely put people off as the keys are a different layout. Seems silly to be a US layout when you live in the UK. There are probably other alternatives that have a UK keyboard which does the same thing as this.

Top right there are the connectivity buttons, On/Off and a Connect button to sync to your tablet via Bluetooth. Very simple to connect, turn it on, press connect, make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your tablet, and a key command would appear on the tablet asking you to type a serial of numbers on the keyboard to sync with the tablet.

Case is very sturdy, well built.
Keyboard also well built.
Keys responsive/good feedback.

US Layout keyboard which is not good, being from the UK.
Could have had a softer feel on the exterior of the case.

A well built case/keyboard combination. Very well thought out and definitely useful for those who use their tablet to create word docs/type emails often. For the occasional user of a tablet, it may seem a bit much to use an external keyboard, given the on screen keyboards are pretty easy/fast to use. My biggest gripe of the keyboard is definitely the US layout, I mean... We live in the UK, is where we purchased from. I'm pretty sure its not hard to create a regional keyboard for each country... This is why I am only giving 4 stars, which I feel is kind, though the build quality of the package is top notch. I feel with the US layout, customers would look elsewhere, products for the same price range and a UK keyboard.
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on 1 January 2014
Not being an android user, I was skeptical when my sister wanted one of these. But I looked around and the Anker seemed good value with good reviews.

Upon receiving it I was initially impressed with the box. Nicely packaged in recyclable cardboard - nice touch.

The case was fairly simple to fit and matches the tablet well. The keyboard; oh well thats a whole level of wonderful. I never thought I would enjoy using a tablet to write (and I mean for writing a few chapters of some short stories I am working on). It has a nice action, feeling pretty similar to my usual writing friend; my macbook pro.

The buttons are well laid out and I did not find them too small. I found very quickly that I could comfortably type at a steady rate.

Included were instructions and the charging lead (usb style simple affair - no fuss needed here).

If I could give 6 stars I would have!
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on 10 April 2014
I have had this keyboard and case for over a month and I have to say I am very impressed. It was easy to set up and it came fully charged so I started to use it straight away. I have the keyboard switched on permanently and have not had to charge it yet. It is contacted via bluetooth and there is a delay of about 3 keystrokes before the keyboard and tablet are connected but once you start all is fine. If you pause for a while the connection is broken so you have to enter some keystrokes before they recognise each other again. Something I can live with as it has retained the keyboard's battery life.

As for the US keyboard layout I have not found it a problem, why not, when I started typing away I pressed the usual key for @ above 'key and the tablet recognised it as @ and not as ". It appears that I have the settings for the tablet in English(UK) and so the keyboard is set up to recognise the UK keyboard. The only problem you will find with this is that there is no # key. You will have to flick back to the keyboard on the tablet to pull this and other symbols up. I have not found this a problem and there is a key to toggle between the two. If you don't use a keyboard much this would be awkward but then why you should not be thinking of buying a separate keyboard! The keyboard has many other keys that work as shortcuts to some of the tablet's functions which are useful.

The other advantage is that the tablet is not fixed at a set angle for typing. The case is designed to let the tablet angle be adjustable and the keyboard can move as it is held magnetically. Also, you can keep the keyboard protected while the tablet is on charge.

The disadvantage is overall weight. The keyboard itself is not heavy but the combination of the tablet, case and keyboard does make it heavy but it is only slightly heavier than a leather protective case. The other disadvantage is that the keyboard can be knocked off the case as it is only held on magnetically but note the word "knocked". Treat it properly and it is not a problem.

Overall, I am pleased with the keyboard case. It does exactly what I want it to do giving me the flexibility to touch type when needed. Good quality and very good value for money.
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on 3 August 2014
I rate this a great purchase. The case may not have a "luxury finish" but it is sturdy and protective and does the job very well. I particularly like the "flip-over" magnetic fastener which has so far proved very effective. It folds back and stays put when the case is in the open position.
Others have commented on the "inconvenience" of the US keyboard layout but I have found no difficulty in adapting to it's use (really only two keys that matter) and have found the keyboard itself very comfortable to use - amazingly so for such a light, portable piece of equipment. It certainly helps improve the "tablet experience" immensely when it comes to writing emails and working on spreadsheets while on the move.
The only thing I found annoying was that when the keyboard was placed in a comfortable position in relation to the screen, it extended beyond the edge of the cover and therefore had a tendency to rock a little in use. I have overcome this by sticking three small felt pads to the underside front edge of the keyboard - which has made it very stable.
When travelling, I place a thin foam sheet between the screen and the keyboard to protect the screen but this is probably not really necessary.
Since buying this item I have purchased a bluetooth mouse - which has improved productivity even further and seems to work quite smoothly alongside the keyboard when working (particularly) with spreadsheets.
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on 19 January 2014
I bought this to go with my tablet after checking reviews and am very happy with this product. I am no techie and it was simple to connect . I have used the keyboard to write emails etc and it feels the same as a regular size, I was concerned it would be too small but it is not at all.
The case fits perfectly and does not look cheap at all.
I have just ordered a mouse to go with this as I had not considered this at all, that is no criticism at all, just a reminder to others who might have the same oversight
This is a great product at a great price. I would definitely buy Anker again.Very happy lady
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on 22 June 2014
Firstly, I think it's unfair people giving this product a measly 1 star rating when they have clearly bought the wrong product for their tablets.

I have given this product a 5 star rating as it does exactly what it says it does, very well indeed.

We have two Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 tablets in our household and I have bought two of these Anker bluetooth keyboard cases. They both work perfectly well and myself and my daughter are happy with them. My daughter is now using her tablet to do all her school homework (mainly using Polaris Office). It's just like having a laptop, with the portability of a tablet.

Connection to the Samsung Tab 2 is a doddle. Turn on Bluetooth on the tablet; turn on the keyboard and connect. Simple! It remembers the setting so next time you turn the keyboard on it connects instantly.

The keyboard is well built and feels like a quality item, solidly built.

You'll notice that the keyboard keys are laid out like an American keyboard and it doesn't show the pound symbol (£) or the at symbol (@) where they normally are on a UK keyboard. But when you switch it on it is already setup as a UK keyboard, so hitting SHIFT 3 displays the pound £ symbol and hitting SHIFT " displays the at @ symbol.

The only symbol that seems to be missing is the hash symbol (#), which is shown on the keyboard above the number 3 but doesn't display (as it displays the pound £ symbol instead). It's not a big deal as I rarely use the hash symbol, but if anyone has figured out how to display it please add a comment.

The black case that holds the keyboard and the tablet is solid and feels secure. The Galaxy Tab 2 fits in perfectly and will not fall out.

I read a review where one person said the small magnetic case fastening tab got in the way of the screen. It doesn't for me as I just fold it back on itself and it magnetically sticks to the back of the case out of the way. No problem.

In summary, I cannot find anything but good things to say about this bluetooth keyboard case. It is a solid, quality item that works well. We have two Samsung Galaxy Tab 2s and two Anker bluetooth keyboard cases in our house and no problems whatsoever.

Highly recommended!
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on 13 May 2014
This keyboard is very functional. Easy to connect via Bluetooth. The magnetic aspect is just brilliant. It means you can move the keyboard and have the screen at whatever angle needed. I have a Samsung 10.2 - a model over two years old - but the function keys work fine. The keyboard is great for touch typers. I had a 'spongy' one before, and it drove me a little crazy. I also tried two external bluetooth keyboards, neither worked as well and I returned them. Would definitely recommend this product.
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on 19 May 2014
First, a quick caution - the case that comes with this does NOT fit a Galaxy Note 10.1, as they are apparantly slightly larger than the standard Tab 10.1. The listing reflects this, but it's worth pointing out again anyway as it's easy to assume all Samsung 10.1's are the same size.

As such, I haven't been able to try the case as my Note won't fit. However, I can see it's very well built and smart looking.

The keyboard only attaches magnetically, so comes away cleanly to use with the Note 10.1 or any other bluetooth device. It's also such a low profile that it fits into my existing Note 10.1 case, which is great.

The keyboard is easy to connect, holds a charge for ages and is very nice to use - it's big enough, while still being very mobile and very light, and the keys feel solid and responsive to use. Honestly, it feels just like the keyboard on my laptop and is much nicer to use than a touchscreen keyboard for any length of time. Recommended.
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on 27 June 2014
- Constantly losing connection on Bluetooth
- Many problems with local language letters - sometimes it works properly, sometimes it put letters in strange places and sometimes it doesn't work at all.

That was my original comment, but several hours after writing it I got mail with partial refoundation proposal. I was really enthusiastic about such an attitude, but my goal was to get properly working case. After week I had brand new device send to me and right now I have none of the problems, which are listed above. You should always rate your shopping as a complex activity, cause You can hurt someone with bad opinion, although it's not his fault to have a one bad produced model. New one works completely fine and fit all my needs. Anker showed that they are one to trust and I can recommend them with all my heart! ;]

Thank you, guys - you show, that ideals can exist in real business, not only in theory!
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on 9 August 2014
The keyboard is lightweight, was exceptionally easy to set up and looks good.
The keyboard itself attaches magnetically to the base and adheres firmly.

The magnetic flap which secures the case closed when not in use tends to hang over, obscuring the very top righthand corner of the tablet when its in use.

My previous case had grooves in which the tablet was rested to allow different viewing angles. With this however when the tablet is being used without the keyboard (Keyboard removed - tablet in case/wallet) the tablet is held magnetically in place. This is fine till you get to about a 45 degree lean/viewing angle after which the tablet slides down.
Also, there is no cut out for the charging slot so its impossible to charge the tablet with the case closed.

All in all though, as you can tell from the 4 star rating, its a very good product..
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