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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars153
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 11 November 2013
I bought this as a browsing device as my tablet just can't quite render some websites properly, and when it comes to 'hovering over menus' or anything for that matter - it's just not built for that. I have a full sized and heavy 15" gaming laptop too, but it always feels a bit *too* hefty for sofa browsing.

A Chromebook can do almost everything that you can do on a PC browser, so you get full websites (not mobile sites like tablets tend to default to), Flash, and things just look... normal.

The HP Chromebook 11 is a very light, very slimline laptop with a beautiful display (albeit, a shiny one) and a very crisp keyboard. It has enough power for browsing and watching 720p HD YouTube content smoothly with decent sound from the upfacing speakers under the keyboard.

Battery life on first use while watching Agents of Shield on 4oD, doing a lot of browsing, listening to Grooveshark with brightness around 50% clocked in upwards of 4-5 hrs. This was straight from unboxing it so after its first proper charge I'd expect slightly more than that.
In contrast, my gaming laptop manages just over 90 mins on battery, so it's certainly providing a less frantic browsing experience. Also worth noting is that the Chromebook device doesn't get hot at all due to its slightly old, but cool running processor.

I was very pleased with the purchase as although the Acer C720 looks to be a more powerful device (twice as fast processor, bigger battery) that's also £30 cheaper, the screen on this is high quality, the keyboard has a great feel to it and the micro USB charging is a handy convenient feature that I think make this feel more progressive than the Acer.

I think Chromebooks are still a niche product, but offering a far better web experience than a tablet is a great niche to fill.
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on 11 November 2013
Having ordered two the other day they were delivered this morning (2 days despite only using Super Saver delivery) and I have had a chance to set them up and play with them. Having watched a few Youtube video's including this one [...] I was getting quite concerned. These Chromebooks are for my daughters who mostly surf the web, play a few games, listen to music and watch Youtube. Whilst I never expected the HP CB11 to be a speed machine, my kids would soon start moaning if they found them lagging all the time.

As the video review above states, the build quality, screen, speakers... etc. are all excellent so I won't bother going on about that but on the performance front I have done some testing.

The video above mentions the game Cut the Rope, I'm pleased to say that the since the video was made, Google or the game developers have improved things... I wouldn't say the game plays silky smooth but it is considerably better than shown in the video. I also watched some HD video from Youtube, the following are 720p and 1080p respectively:-


Both load very quickly on the Youtube site... playing them full screen there is then some stuttering but it seems to be more a case of buffering.... after around 5-10 seconds this settles down considerably and the 720P seemed to be absolutely fine... Occasionally the 1080P stuttered but that was rare and the experience was more than acceptable.

I really really like it, and am relieved that the performance is acceptable (at least for my kids anyway). Might only concern now might be that the small (although very sharp screen) might be a little too small for prolonged use, but that said scaling of the Chrome fonts can help.

No regrets..... so far.

Any questions let me know and I'll try my best to answer.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 20 December 2014
Chromebooks in general seem to get a bad reputation for only being useful when connected to the internet, or using cloud storage. But if you understand the Chromebooks limitations, and you're somebody who mainly uses your computer for internet surfing (like me), then you will love this simple little computer.

*** Pros ***

✓ Price – when you look at what hardware you're getting for the price, this machine really is a good buy!
✓ Incredible battery life – Lasts a good 9 hours+
✓ Access all your word documents, excel files, etc online
✓ Boots incredibly fast - It boots up in less than 10 seconds. Compared to my Windows PC which can take up to a minute
✓ Clean user interface – easy to pick up if you already use Google Chrome
✓ If you're currently a Google user, set up takes about 10 seconds
✓ No viruses – Saving money on yearly antivirus subscriptions
✓ Chrome Remote Desktop is awesome and free for those times you need to access your Windows machine (although oddly doesn't allow you to remote into other Chromebooks)
✓ Screen size, resolution, brightness, and viewing angles are absolutely stunning
✓ No Bloatware
✓ Regular OS updates – fast & free! No more sitting around waiting for Windows updates.
✓ Recovery media can be downloaded for free – Most manufacturers charge at least £30 when ordering recovery media for Windows based PC's.
✓ Store everything in the cloud making files more accessible from other devices.

*** Cons ***

The main downside when it comes to any Chromebook is compatibility. if you need to run specific Windows-based software or If you use a lot of native Windows apps: iTunes, Skype, Photoshop, and you're not willing to switch to web-based alternatives (Spotify, Hangouts, Pixlr), then this item isn't for you. There are millions of apps and extensions available however, its just a case of doing a bit of research.

Most external devices with the exception of external hard drives and memory sticks won't be detected by this Chromebook. For printing, the Chromebook requires a Google Cloud Print compatible printer, or a Cloud Print Server and setting this up can sometimes be a bit fiddly. Most newer printers tend to be compatible with more and more cloud services however as this becomes the norm.

I've come across a lot of people who say they hate Chromebooks and try and take them back. I generally find this is because its different to what they are use to and don't want to take the time to find alternatives for the programs they use now. It is different, and it will take some getting use to, but if you stick with it, you will like it. If anything, I now prefer some of the online alternatives to the Windows based programs!
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on 30 June 2014
Fantastic value! I got a supposedly scratched model through an Amazon reseller for £160. I couldn't find the scratch! These Chromebooks work right out of the box, particularly if you are already signed up. The screen on this compared to the Samsung is brilliant. For a lot of people with Microsoft Skydrive [renamed Onedrive] as well as Google Docs and pretty well instant access to the internet if you have wi-fi you have a premium PC experience. Everything saved in the Cloud. Trouble free, anxiety free computing - what's not to like? The future has arrived!
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on 29 December 2014
I purchased two of these in June 2014 for my daughters and they totally love them.
They use them for doing homework, email and watch the silly videos on youtube.
The are small and light, ideal for a 11 year old to carry around, keyboards and displays are quite good.

Since June I had quite a few problems with these thought.
1- all the power supplies packed up, including the replacements. I purchased a 40W multi USB port unit and really good quality cables and it fixed that once and for all.

2 - in one of the unit the charging micro USB port is making poor contact. Every time we need to charge the laptop we need to find a special yoga-like position, never to touch or walk nearby or it will stop charging.
I looked at the connector with a magnifying glass and it looks ok, I suspect it is the soldering on the board that gave up.

Overall I would have been happy wasn't for the poor reliability.

For the benefit of others, I am trying to get the unit repaired under warranty, but trying to do so it's becoming a pass the parcel.
Amazon helpdesk, albeit helpful, recommended I contacted HP directly (UK phone 02076600596 type 1 and 1 to talk to a human ) but as my unit says "made by Google" won't touch it!

So HP gave me the Google number (UK 08000260583) for a US-based helpdesk.
Google logged my request, but passed the enquiry to another department that will come back to me in a couple of days!
Wish me good luck everyone!
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on 19 February 2014
As a university student I needed something that had more usability than my iPad, but was not as big and bulky as a full laptop. The Cromebook was the perfect solution. I was a bit apprehensive buying this Cromebook at first but having used it for only a few hours I'm very happy with it.

It offers me everything I need. I can watch videos; play music; view and edit photos as well as view create and edit documents using Google drive. There is also a facility to use Google documents offline which will be useful if I need to make any last minute adjustments to my assignments whilst sitting on the train to university.

Overall this is a fantastic product for me, It offers me all I need as well as having an amazing bright screen and looking great. If like me you just need a computer that easy to carry and allows you to use the internet; watch movies; listen to music and word process using Google's document suite (which for me offers everything Microsoft word did) then I would highly recommend that you consider this Cromebook.

Also Amazon were great! Ordered on Sunday 16th February choosing super saver free delivery and the product arrived at 10am on Tuesday 18th!

All in all I'm very, very happy.
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on 12 May 2015
After my long research I chose Hp chromebook 11, Dont be fooled by its sleek. lightweight and slimline look.
When I recieved it, I thought it was unusual as the packaging was not the usual packaging you would recieve a brand new item, It was not in a compact, untouched box, It was cellophaned around a piece of white polystyrene!
I tried to download apps and not one app would download, which was very frustrating? I researched every which way possible on how to download, but every time the same description appeared, stating I needed to apply in the white bag shop and accept, which after many several attempts did not work!
"Cannot charge" when using! Once the battery life ran out, then you could only charge! which took at least 2 1/2 hours, not very practical when one is trying to use it. I was very let down by this product!
I eventually called Amazon help desk and the very helpful gentleman took me through all the avenues to amend the situation of downloading, after several attempts none if the avenues succeeded, I had no choice but to return the product and was left very disappointed. With great attention from Amazon helpline and my refund which I was greatly appreciated with your vast service.
Amazon services I reccommend a 100% Thank you
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on 8 April 2014
So I ordered this chromebook recently to use for university work. I have to say that so far I love it.

1. It's very light weight and easily transportable, which is important for me as I don't exactly want to be lugging around a heavy laptop plus charger everywhere.

2. It charges very quickly and has a pretty good battery life. The battery life is 5-6 hours which is more than enough for what I need it for. The charger itself is also very light weight and portable so in the few cases that I ran out of battery and had to charge it putting the charger in my bag and carrying it with my other things was not an issue at all.

3. It is as fast as advertised. If you're planning on using this as a replacement for an actual laptop or desktop PC you'll be a bit disappointed as the chromebook will tend to lag with some things that people may label as regular usage, eg. whilst streaming HD video the chromebook occasionally lagged. However the vast majority of things run very smoothly and quickly and it takes practically zero time to jump into whatever you want to do from turning the chromebook on.

As I said before, I think this is a great product and I'd highly recommend it. It arrived in very good time as well.
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on 16 December 2014
No matter how much you want a cheap computer, this should not be it.

For the first few weeks after buying it in-store (PC World) I noticed that the screen wouldn't be as quick to turn on as it used to. Eventually, it took several reboots to get the screen to start working again, and then, roughly two months later, it refused to boot up at all. As a student I needed it for work, so obviously couldn't spare the +two week repair time, so I opted to reset the PSU... or something. Anyway, I pulled a plug inside the machine, a la a Youtube video, and it worked (I recommend sending yours off for repair if this happens - I was up against it so I needed it ASAP, and besides, it was knackered anyway so I didn't really have anything to lose). It's now working with a few random screen flickers here and there, and occasionally the screen shuts down mid-essay. From other reviews, this isn't an uncommon problem. However, I can't give it one star because the screen is sharp and has excellent viewing angles, and the keyboard is fantastic.

So yeah, go get the new HP Stream 11 (I hear the keyboard from this one carried over to that) or the Dell Chromebook 11 if you want something cheap, this really isn't worth the faff.
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on 20 September 2014
I bought this Chromebook for working at home and for taking to meetings. I knew all the limitations of the OS, and was happy to accept them. I only need basic office and browsing functionality, which the Chrome OS does fine.

On receiving the product, I was initially thrilled with it. The Chromebook looks smart and cool. The build feels really solid- screen is lovely, keyboard is great. The only minor niggles were about power- the battery life is a little short at 5-ish hours. Recharge is via a fiddly micro-USB connection, which delivers a fairly slow charge rate- and the lead is too short. However, I worked with the Chromebook for a week and really enjoyed using it.

After one week, while doing a mundane writing task in Google Docs, the screen glitched-out and the device powered down. It would not turn back on. It would not charge. Attempts at a hard reset failed. Basically, it became a tea tray.

Google and HP's support centre was utterly useless- there was no phone contact, only an email address. I mailed them and after *48 hours* got a reply back which suggested a range of procedures to solve a different issue- all of which I'd already tried anyway.

By contrast, Amazon called me back on request within one minute, and replaced the Chromebook overnight, no questions asked.

My second Chromebook worked for six weeks before exactly the same thing happened to it.

Essentially, there appears to be a fundamental flaw in the build- either the power unit or possibly the hard drive are not fit for purpose. If you check forums and this Amazon review thread you will see a numerous other examples of exactly the same problem- plus many issues with overheating chargers.

I still like the Chromebook concept- but this particular product is genuinely rubbish in my experience. I would advise potential owners not to buy it to avoid disappointment and frustration.
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