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5.0 out of 5 stars Couldn't be happier, 15 Feb 2013
what a fantastic product & fantastic service! We shopped around for a treadmill for home and the stunning reviews that Maxima had in relation to the other models in their range really caught my eye. The LCD display on this model makes it so simple to use. From the quick start, to the 99 program's - each one of our family members has found a mode to suit. It stands in our lounge and thanks to the very helpful Stephan in Sales we were able to swap the purple dum bells for red to suit the scheme of the room (not essential but what a nice considerate touch in this day and age!). We have used it every day since delivery 7 days ago - and find the ipod/iphone connection with speakers a really nice touch. The display shows CALS burned and distance run, and it also confirms a pulse reading. The installation service was well worth the small additional charge too as Andrew and his colleague not only set it up and balanced it, but showed the entire family how to use every feature (including maintenance advice). The whole team could not do enough for us, from point of order to delivery. I'd recommend this treadmill and this company to anyone looking for a quality, robust treadmill that would not look out of place in any Gym. Thanks to the team at Maxima.
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4.0 out of 5 stars A decent treadmill, let down by the computer., 30 Nov 2014
Lewis (Cheshire, UK) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I received my treadmill about four days after ordering, purchased during Black Friday so delivery was prompt and uncomplicated for such a large and heavy item. The delivery itself actually came on Saturday which made it very easy to plan for. The box had evidently had a very hard landing at some point on its journey because one of the feet was protruding from the box and scratched. I think this did have an effect on the belt skew which I'll come to in a bit.
Unpacking it was relatively simple and, since I was the only person around, I did it myself. Yes, it's extremely heavy at about 65-70kg (so the box says) but I didn't really struggle.
The process of building it was straight forward, the instructions actually make it more complicated than I think it needs to be, and is simply a matter of putting the correct bolts, nuts and washers in the correct places, giving them an initial tighten, then a wiggle of the machine before giving the bolts a final torqued twist.
Now, the instructions clearly state that the machine needs to be on a flat surface as it will affect belt skew and travel if it isn't. My machine is on a slightly uneven surface, tilting very slightly to the left as you face the controls. I thought it would be OK but the reality is, it wasn't and while following the first start-up instructions to check belt skew, that's exactly what it did. The belt slipped to the left at the bottom of the running deck and to the right at the motor end. I started adjusting hoping to be able to correct it while still on the very light slant. After about 45 minutes of adjusting I'd had some success with the bottom of the running deck but the motor end was still skewing right. I gave up and just made the machine level at this point. To do so I used a couple of old number plates I had, which are all of 3mm thick, and this was enough to get the machine level across the running deck. After levelling the machine I had another go at adjusting belt skew but the motor end of the belt wasn't playing ball and despite the numerous warnings about contacting Maxima for advice, I decided to whip the motor cover off and have a go myself. There's a single adjuster bolt to the right of the electronics that needed a few turns while the machine was running before the belt straightened up. I also wanted to see how the belt acted when in use. I'm (currently!) at the upper end of the machine's weight limit and after a couple of minutes walking the belt was still skewing so yet more adjustment was needed to accommodate that. All in all I think I spent about 1.5 - 2 hours adjusting to compensate for what was probably the result of heavy handling at some point in the machine's short life.
In use, the machine works as you might expect. As I mention, I am at the upper end of the machine's weight limit and there is the occasional noticeable slowing when I land my feet when running. A 10 minute run resulted in maybe 20-30 of these incidents. This is a little disconcerting because it feels like you're losing balance but is entirely my fault and something I hope the machine will help me remedy.
Construction wise it isn't what you'd call professional gym quality but it is certainly worthy of being classified for home use. The display is large and clear enough but I can't help thinking the calorie counter is underestimating by a huge amount. A 10 minute run at 8kph burns more than 60 calories but there's no way of customising this indicator to your weight, age and height so it'll have to be ignored.
The heart rate sensor is optimistic at best. I've had up a good head of steam and my heart rate would be near 180 in reality but when I place my hands on the sensors they start at about 75 before increasing every few seconds before leveling off at about 120bpm which is also clearly wrong.
The running programmes are a little odd - it says there's 99, and there is, but there is seemingly no indication of which programme does what other than programmes 1-49 alter just speed each minute and programmes 50-99 alter both speed and incline. If you are likely to be using the treadmill for programmes 50-99, I fear the button you need to press might not last very long because you have to press it 50 times to get to one of those programmes. There is no short cut to get there, you have to keep pressing the Mode button to get there so those programmes might as well not exist. Better, there should be say 10 programmes that adjust just the speed and 10 that adjust speed and incline. Getting to programmes 50-99 is therefore a complete nuisance.
The cable for the speakers is a coiled 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack style connector and the jack on the controls section oddly is labelled "headphones" when clearly if you plug headphones in there, you aren't going to hear much. In reality, it's a line-in jack. When there is no music playing from your device there's an audible gurgling and white noise from the speakers but as soon as there's any sound made by the device plugged in to the other end of the jack, the interference completely goes away, even if you play it on volume zero. As soon as you stop music playback, the interference noise returns. Quality wise, they're about what you'd expect, lacking in bass and certainly are no replacement for a half decent stereo or bluetooth speaker.
When not in use the machine running deck can be lifted up and locked in place giving you most of the floor space back. Don't be fooled though, the control/motor end of the treadmill is still pretty big, taking up probably 1 sq. metre.
To summarise, I'm happy enough with the treadmill. I've never been the type of person that jumps on a treadmill at the gym and selects a programme to have full immersion in what the computer is saying about my calorie burn and heart rate so it serves its purpose for me, allowing me to alter the speed and incline from both the handle bars and the main controls. I can set a programme of my own for time or distance (I still can't tell if that distance is kilometres or miles) which, to be fair, is what most people will use it for. The supplementary info from the computer such as heart rate, calorie burn and programmes are, for all intents and purposes, redundant because the information they give is inaccurate or their difficulty in use makes them pointless. If you're the kind of person that needs that info, it might be better to consider more expensive treadmills that will give accurate info.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic treadmill / Excellent Service, 10 Dec 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought the treadmill 2 weeks ago and I can't fault it. It feels steady up to the 20km/hr.
On arrival there was slight damage to the frame due to the poor handling by the courier. No fault of maxima but i phoned them and they came the next day to repair and replace the whole frame.
Andrew was very helpful and set the treadmill and explained all features. The maxima mat underneath the treadmill is a must very sturdy especially if you want to run at higher speeds.
All in all very impressed and if you have any issues contact maxima NOT amazon as they will sort out any problems and give you an outstanding service that you won't find very often.
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