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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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WOW!! What a brilliant 3 disc Blu-ray/dvd set. You can watch Dracula in two versions there is a 2007 HD Restoration plus a HD HAMMER 2012 Restoration, same goes for the dvd version, all versions come with a New Audio Commentary. Disc 2 has loads of special features, including a new Documentary called Dracula Reborn which is very good, and all together there are three Documentary's plus there are loads more features. This for me is the best hammer release so far, the picture plus sound is just stunning. If you love this film, please buy now.

The one thing I would like to say about this classic film is, this Hammer classic is one of the reasons why I love hammer films, and for all hammer fans, this film has to be the most watched plus owned, I have it on VHS, DVD, now on Blu-ray, I bet we all have.
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VINE VOICEon 6 August 2015
Jonathan Harker goes to Transylvania where he is turned into a vampire by Count Dracula. Doctor Van Helsing follows to find out what has happened to his friend and finds himself facing the evil vampire Dracula. One of the very best and most famous of the Hammer horror films and one of the best Dracula movies of all time, with excellent performances from Peter Cushing in the lead as Van Helsing and despite a surprisingly small amount of screen time, a very menacing performance from Christopher Lee in the recently sadly late actor's most famous performance. It looks superb on bluray in an excellent 3 disc set. If you are new to Hammer horror or at least the earlier films as the studio have now made a comeback, then this is the perfect place to start. 2 fully restored versions of the films are included in the set.
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on 10 July 2013
This is the version of the brilliant Hammer classic Dracula that should be pride of place in every fans collection. It's a massive improvement on the region 1 DVD, which was for a long time, the only way to own it.
Lovingly restored is the only way to describe the time and care that has gone into making this version definitive. Every frame has been cleaned and digitally restored and regraded to present this Blu-ray as near as possible to how it would of looked at it's premier.
But the restoration team have gone further and found and reintegrated two cut scenes thought previously lost; including a more graphic Dracula destruction scene.
And the documentaries though not too long do convey the care and respect that has recreated the original feel and vibrancy of this my favourite version of Dracula.
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on 23 July 2015
Terrific! Great film, and an excellent set of discs for once. You get a Blu-ray disc with the BFI restored British version of the film, and two DVD's to compliment the same. Excellent value for money this; and well worth the investment.
Dracula is my favourite Hammer film by far, and stands up very well even today. The late Christopher Lee was never more menacing as the Count; Peter Cushing was quietly excellent as ever; and all the cast perform well. The screenplay changes the story from Stoker's book, but the same works well for the screen. No CGI which is just so refreshing. Just buy will not regret it for this low price. Highly recommended.
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on 21 March 2013
After the poor excuse that was 'The Curse Of Frankenstein', Lionsgate have made a fantastic job on Hammer's 1958 'Dracula'. Lavish & vibrant, & as good as we're going to get? Like most fans, after 'Curse Of...', I was more than a little anxious when I knew Lionsgate had the duty of bringing this Hammer Classic up to date. However, this film looks the 'dogs' - Hammer (& horror) fans will not be disappointed. But I do wonder if the HD is all down to Lionsgate or the BFI, & indeed, Warner Film Studios, as both are mentioned in the many extras on this Bluray release as both had input in Dracula? Well done all involved & thank you. You have seriously breathed new life into this movie. A great job well done.
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on 21 September 2013
This is the disc only a few years ago HAMMER fans could only dream of having. If you are a fan this is a must have disc i wont go into the story as you will know it but i will say the col is good as is the sound plus loads and loads of fantastic extrasI have seen some reviews by people who have put this disc down well take it from me this disc is fantastic so if you see a review by someone who says they are a HAMMER fan then pulls this discs to bits you know what you should do with that review good god what do they want. 10/10
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on 26 March 2013
I'm a big fan of the Hammer films especially Horror of Dracula as it's known in the U.S.
brilliantly written script, brilliantly Directed by Terence fisher and of course two of Hammers best actors Christopher Lee, Peter cushing

so when i found out that Hammer's Dracula was being released on Blu-ray i knew i had to buy it immediately, and i did
i bought it on March 18 the day it was released
this Blu-ray is a 3 Disc set, Blu-ray Disc plus 2 DVD'S, Disc 1 has both 2007 & 2012 versions, Disc 2 has all the special features
it's the first time this film has been released on blu-ray so i watch the blu-ray first, the 2012 version
the picture and audio is beautiful, perfect widescreen format, the 2 added scenes from the Japanese version
complete the film so well it was emotional watching it

and then i watched the 2007 version i didn't understand the difference between the 2 versions so i watched with audio commentary
apparently the 2007 version is the U.S. version but the main title has been altered to the U.K. title that's the only difference
cause back in 1958 when this movie was screening, Universal was still screening the original 1931 version
so warner bros changed the title to Horror of Dracula to avoid confusion
apart from that, both 2007 and 2012 versions are pretty much the same in my opinion so i really couldn't tell the difference, you'll have to buy a copy to Judge for yourself
but anyway the Distributors added both versions on Blu-ray and DVD for fans
i also have the region 1 DVD U.S. release by Warner bros which is the same as the 2007 release except for the added footage

now to the special features.
a brand new 30mins Documentary about the making of the film has been made, excellent Documentary aswell i've watched it more than once already
screenwriter Jimmy sangster has been interview aswell as Janina faye who played Tania in the film plus film critics and other Hammer film Historians
it's Disapointing that Christopher Lee wasn't interviewed for some reason i would've like to hear his thoughts on the film
the highlight of the Doco is Jimmy sangster he explains alot about the making of the film, the budget, how the script was written etc
a Great Documentary for any Hammer film fan

the 2nd Doco is about the film's restoration to blu-ray quality and about how the lost 2 scenes were intergrated in the film
very interesting Documentary

the 3rd Doco is about the Censors of British cinema back in 1958 and how it effected Horror of Dracula film
this was interesting aswell but i couldn't see the point, as a hammer film fan i've researched that info on the internet anyway
but for first time fans watching the blu-ray version it will be interesting for them.
the special features are also on Disc 2 of this set, so if you don't have a blu-ray player the DVD'S are included anyway
but the Blu-ray version is much better quality than the DVD, the people involved really did clean the film up transfering to blu-ray quality

this film is an absolute classic, still fresh today 45 years later, incredible, still one of the best ever Hammer films made
the scene where Christopher lee shows his closeup of his fangs and blood, still scary, hell of a Good thriller.

so for any Hammer horror fan i definitely recommend buying this blu-ray/dvd set and watching the blu-ray version
and if not, then you can watch the 2 versions on standard DVD.
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on 20 June 2013
I too don't get those criticising this magnificent Blu Ray release.
The film has probably not looked this good since it was first released. I lied my way in to see it in the cinema when it got a re-release in a double bill with The Mummy back in 1963 maybe? First 'X' movies I had seen. I wondered what all this Adults Only stuff was about after watching The Mummy. Then Dracula began. I was scared sh**less by it.
Now of course it still chills, but is without doubt one of the best vampire movies ever made.
The colour palette is superb, with the reds jumping out the screen even in simple shots like the, after the titles, carriage's red Swiss cross coming at you from the gorgeous greens and browns of the forest. Same with Mina's red lipstick when she returns from her night with Dracula. After the disappointment of Curse of Frankenstein which looked better on the last DVD release, this Blu Ray is a must have for all Hammer fans, all fans of great British cinema, and all those who love a great vampire tale!
Superb! Well done all involved.
Let's hope some of the Hammer titles issued on A Universal pack a few years ago, Curse of the Werewolf, Kiss of The Vampire, Brides of Dracula etc get as good a treatment.
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on 19 March 2013
First of all, congratulations to all the technicians at Molinare and Deluxe for the painstaking restoration work carried out on this latest Hammer bluray, which includes presenting the film in its original 1.66:1 aspect ratio, the reinstallation of the original UK credits and the addition of some long lost footage, originally removed by order of the British Board of Film Censors 55 years ago. The two extended scenes include 'the seduction of Mina' and 'the disintegration of Dracula'. Let me try to clear up the debate going on about the picture quality. The restorers have tried to create a faithful reproduction of colour saturation with an authentic bluish tint, which is apparently how the movie appeared on its original release. Im as fussy as anyone else about high picture quality and personanally i think it looks fantastic. There is also nearly 3 hours of special features, which include some fascinating reviews and in depth analysis by all the usual Hammer experts, an interview with the late great Jimmy Sangster, who wrote the screenplay and an entertaining and informative audio commentary by Marcus Hearn and Jonathon Rigby. This is an all time classic horror film which looks beautiful and plays out like a Gothic fairy tale. The classic Hammer team are all here and in my view, this film is the studios greatest achievement. All in all, a very polished and beautifully presented production and a real treat for Hammer fans and fans of fantasy films from this period.
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on 3 March 2015
This has to be one of Hammers best and any film with either Christopher Lee or Peter Cushing in, you know you're getting top acting. I am a great fan of these old classics and I am glad they have decided to restore them. The Blue-ray quality is excellent and you wouldn't think this film had been made in the 50's. The set also comes with some very interesting and informative extras which are well worth taking the time to watch them. If you are a fan of the old Hammer horror, then this is a must for your collection.
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