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3.1 out of 5 stars31
3.1 out of 5 stars
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on 19 April 2014
OK, where to start.

This film is struck from the same master as the one in the US from Full Moon Features.

Whilst daytime scenes do look inherently better than the DVD counterpart (skin tones etc). This is where the good points end and the bad begin;

The film is cut from its usual 90-minute runtime to 85 minutes.

There are frame rate issues (picture jumps, slows and speeds up) throughout the whole film.

Dark/nighttime scenes are very hard to make out to near impossible (far darker than the 20th Anniversary edition on DVD).

To conclude, stick with the 20th Anniversary edition until a better HD version is released.
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on 19 April 2014
This is a disgrace. Someone at Full Moon decided this film needed some trimming (it doesn't) so they cut a few snippets here and there at their leisure, and even moved some scenes around to different spots! There is NO excuse for this. This needs to be recalled immediately and fixed. Do not buy this!
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on 22 June 2014
This is what 88 FILMS have to say.

NOTE: 88 Films has commented on the running time: "We're aware through the comments on its page that the running time on Tourist Trap has become an issue. We did notice this when we received the master from the US and did raise the issue with Full Moon but ultimately this is the only HD master available and we felt we had to run with it to give the UK fans at least the equivalent of the US Blu-ray.

We considered adding in the missing excerpts from the DVD master but that would have created noticeable shifts in image quality and ruined the 5.1 mix. Also this release does include a brand new commentary by David Schmoeller and we're not aware that he had any issues with the master when he was recording that.
This is what 88 FIMS have to say about the 5minutes cut from the film.

We're very sorry if anyone feels their Blu-ray is not as good as it should be but hopefully you will feel that the new special features, lossless sound, booklet notes and reversible art will make up for the slightly shorter running time than our previous DVD release."

This is a solid horror - even praised by the author in Stephen King's book Danse Macabre, noting the scary opening scene. I enjoyed it - although a bit of a come-down for Chuck Connors and an 'interesting' early performance from Tanya Roberts. It has some appreciated 'polish' tucked into the grassroots milieu. Genre fans will applaud the new a/v. In a sea of weak efforts - this stands-out as more professional. Recommended to those keen.
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on 2 July 2012
88 Films have again dug deep into the archives for this one, an old creepy classic from the late 70's directed by the guy who would go on to make the very first Puppet Master and the people behind (well the people who put the money up for) the original Halloween.

A group of friends stumble onto a so called 'museum' ran by the great character actor Chuck Connors. Now Chucky boy does rather enjoy turning people into living mannequins, so the friends are in for a bit of a rough ride ahead.

I remember seeing this one at my local video shop in the early 80's in the old cardboard sleeve from Media. The scary dummy face has been used as the film's main selling point down through the years and even today the film does strike a very eerie vibe with the mannequins. There are some pretty good moments throughout the picture which today are still darn right creepy especially anything involving the dummies moving and making noises.

Connors does a fine job as the film's villain and the supporting cast including a pre Charlie's Angels' Tanya Roberts do pretty well in thinly written roles. The effects are still fairly impressive today and seeing they are all 'in camera' they work very well.

Today's audience might find it all a bit dated and perhaps even quaint, but for the generation that prowled the aisles of the video shop in a time of VHS and Betamax it's time to relive part of our youth. Saying that, I can't honestly remember if I saw it back then. I've seen it now and it does confirm my fears that mannequins are bloody horrible and I'm sure they always look at me whenever I'm in M&S. If are a 'kid' give it a go, it's miles better than a lot of so called 'horror' out there.
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on 10 September 2011
This film is everything you'd expect from a late '70s Horror Flick. It has your usual dark picture, Plot with odd twists, and some very strange scenes. I first saw this film about 15 years ago by waking up in the living room in the early hours and seeing the scene with the Plaster! It made me crack up! I thought it was hilarious. I only recently found out what the film was called so looked straight to to find a copy. I would recommend this film to any Horror Fan. I'm not going to spoil it and give away the plot in this review. But as '70s Horror Films go the acting is mostly excellent, the plot believable, the effects good and the picture quality very good. I do not have a single negative thing to say about this one. Seriously get yourself a copy.
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on 13 August 2007
For anyone looking for a light in the mid 70s aftermath of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this just might be it.
A lack of gore is made up by scenery and atmosphere. It's standard drive by movie hokum, with teenagers (with various acting skills), derilict gas stations, spooky houses, and dolls coming to life. However, Chuck Conners chews the scenery and spits it out, as does the scriptwriter, who delivers many original moments - the final ten minutes are simply splendid. And, apart from the killer's costume, there are no predictable cliches either.
Though, the first eight minutes of the film throws too many of its cards on the table by revealing the killers telekenetic powers too early, this is recommended to fans of the Chainsaw/Hills Have Eyes cycle.
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on 22 April 2014
88films released this cut BluRay and did not inform the buyers about it being cut although they knew about the missing 4 minutes before. This is what is missing:

At 25:22 - 30sec missing.
At 41:32 - 46sec missing (these now appear at 47:08).
At 47:08 - the scene originally here (31sec, has been removed).
At 62:25 - 2min 23sec missing (in it's place is a 47sec scene from 73:24 on the dvd).
At 78:13 - 32sec missing.

The US BluRay by Full Moon is the same edited version . Both have framing issues,too.
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on 19 April 2014
If you are a true horror cinema lover, please AVOID buying this Blu-ray release. The company that produced this release is known for having good editions but sadly this is not the case, it's the exception to that rule, and likely not their fault but the company which holds the rights in the US. Tourist trap has been cut for this edition and is missing many minutes (at all and some in the right place) which are found in the original DVD release as it was released originally in cinemas back in '79. You've been warned!
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on 14 March 2014
Tourist Trap is a fine horror movie, though after such a promising start the film does go all pedestrian on us which is a shame. The glue here is obviously Chuck Conners who will be rememberd by a certain generation for the countless disaster movies he starred in. He turns in a decent performance.

As for the others it's all rather borderline. The movie works though because of the creepy mannequins and the setting is just perfect.
The 20th anniversary includes a bunch of features and director commentary.
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on 19 April 2014
As others have been pointing out, there are five minutes mysteriously deleted from this edition of Tourist Trap, and the numerous frame errors of the US release are also unfortunately present. 88 Films have announced that they will not be recalling/replacing the defective disc, so you have been warned! This release should be avoided!
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