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186 of 189 people found the following review helpful
on 2 September 2014
Asus T100

I have read very mixed reviews about T100 and I feel that i should write a review that does this impressive machine justice.


When i first saw the T100 in pc world my first thoughts were that it looks very slick and well presented. But, also that the keyboard looked far too small to use comfortably and screen was just a bit too small to type on.. when I actually went over for a proper look I was proved very wrong by my first two assumptions. Yes, the keyboard and screen are a little small; however, this is not actually a problem when using it for word processing or using an excel spreadsheet.

It comes with Microsoft office 2013

Inside the box you will find the product key for the full Microsoft office which is great added bonus


Coming built with a quad core processor has made sure that while am using it as a laptop as well as a tablet that it will comfortably handle the full operating system and all the background applications that i have running with no lag.
You may be thinking "yeah so what" but let me say that, that in itself is an impressive feat considering its not an RT version of windows that has been packed into this tablet come laptop. everything you can do on desktop you can in theory do on here.. the only thing I have not done yet is try to play Red Alert 2 which i have hiding somewhere on a hard drive

Battery lifespan

I must admit that my little Asus has not reached the boasted 11 hour battery lifespan mark. But it has been running 8 hours straight with the keyboard attached (which has no battery so is using the tablets own power supply) and have web browsing while using facebook and watching youtube videos and downloading and installing updates for the apps.
8hours for something this small is Impressive! find a laptop for around £300 that will run that long on its own battery...
Based on that It probably would run very close to the 11 hour mark if no keyboard was attached.
In any case if you're working away from a power socket for an extended period of time I would recommend this just based on its batter life alone.


I have to say that all the negative comments made about windows 8.1 layout is unjustified. To get the record straight if you don't like the 8.1 layout then dont use it!!! GOSH!!! you can select to use the standard windows desktop and leave it at that.
However, I like the 8.1 layout and I like the classic desktop so i will flick between them both depending on what I doing.
Touch screen is nice and responsive and not had a problem with that all.

Video and Sound

The videos I worked are good quality and nice a crisp. and the small stereo speakers do a good job of projecting sound

The grizzly bits

I would be lying if i told you that is the most perfect machine in the world. I have no intention on lying.

The first really annoying thing is that it comes with a 1m charging cable.. i wanted to bang my head on a table.. As annoying as this is the battery does last for a minimum of 8 hours in my experience so far and i would like the point out that if you have been using it for like 8 hours straight, maybe you want to just to put it on charge and leave it for a while; give your eyes a rest and all that. So really its not really that bad; if it annoys you that much its does not cost much to buy a longer cable.. i have looked, but i'm not desperate.

The 32gb internal memory is a bit small. What you're not told is that once Microsoft Office is completely installed you will only have around 15ish gbs left. However, you can add another 64gb micro sd card to the tablet which i will do. How you annoying you find that i will leave up to you; i myself feel that's plenty of space. If you're sat there thinking "oh my that's still not enough space" then I ask you.. "what do you store on your computer?" D: If you have tons of videos and music on your computer that would probably explain why your computer is sooooooo slow.. Put it all on a external hard drive, and you can plug into the 3.0 usb in the Asus keyboard.. you can have a good 500gb 2.5inch external hard drive for about £30.00

The tablet by itself has a micro USB and a micro HDMI port, neither cables are supplied. A bit annoying but given the price its just as easy to order one off here as they're cheap compared to buying them in store.

Obviously there is no disk drive either, but to be honest even some 15.6inch laptops does come with that option.]


In short this little guy does pretty much what you would expect from a laptop, yet has the added bonus of detaching from the keyboard to become a tablet. I feel that it competes strongly with the iPad Air and that is because it holds the full Windows OS.
I intend on using this for uni as I feel this will do the job nicely, being both portable, having full MS Office and having a minimum 8 hour battery, However, its now been close to 9 hours because im still writing this review. it lasts even longer!!

Thank you for taking our time to read this review. As a reward for taking your time to read this i will let you in on little secret...
£320ish is a bargin for this laptop/tablet there is no doubt in that. However, from taking my time to search and find it as cheap as possibly, I bought my Asus T100 from PC World for £249.00 on the 01/09/2014 when I found it at that price I thought it was a no brainer what my next PC will be.
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253 of 264 people found the following review helpful
on 17 December 2013
I have had my t100t for a little while now, and I'm delighted with it. I am running a full version of Office 2007 and it flies through that. For those concerned about hard drive space, I am running Office and Tiger Woods 2008 both from a standard 32Gb Micro SD card which I bought for £20 at the time I bought the T100T. By trade I am an IT engineer -I work on all kinds of laptops and pc's every day. I bought this as soon as it came into stock because -even at this very low price -it oozes quality.

Bear in mind you get Office 2013 Home & Student in the package -that's £90 on it's own- so your are actually paying £240 for the hardware. System resets are achieved by simply holding down F9 on restart and take about 20 minutes....ideal if -like me -you are using the machine to scan other peoples crap and come across all manner of nasties,

For anyone looking for a lightweight mobile, fun yet capable laptop it's actually a no-brainer.

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114 of 121 people found the following review helpful
on 29 May 2014
Nice little laptop, fits the role of very portable mini PC very well.
It's certainly not perfect, as you'll see from other reviews, but the more perfect alternatives cost at least twice as much.

Some people have complained of crashes and sleep problems but when setting the T100 up I followed the advice in an Amazon US review and have had no problems:

I use the T100 for doing tasks away from home that an iPad simply can't (for example plugging in a Garmin Edge cycle computer via USB and uploading a route to it)

Additional bits...
As the T100 only has the one USB port and no Ethernet, I bought a USB 3 hub with both:

Screen protector:

64gb MicroSD
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108 of 115 people found the following review helpful
TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 16 December 2013
All of the hype surrounding this hybrid, laptop-tablet from Asus press junket is true: this is a phenomenal computer that incorporates the best from the laptop and tablet division of Windows and at a price that is, quite frankly, a steal. And, for less than $350!

This is the first Windows computer I've owned in more than 20 years. Incidentally, this comes just one week after I bought my stepson a Toshiba Satellite notebook (and being greatly impressed with its performance, as well.)

There are a number of things that jumps out at you when working with this laptop hybrid:

* Compact features. This is should be in the category of "sub" notebooks. This is about the same size as my old, Contaq "Contura Aero." Measuring 7" x 10.5". And, it weighs about 2 lbs.

The notebook-tablet is a hybrid but it's a fully-functioning Windows laptop that you can access by the detachable keyboard or by a 5-point touch screen.

*** App's Store ***

The Windows App store has an impressive library of app's--more than triple from last year, although well behind the iTunes Store and the Google Play/ Android app stores.

*** Spec's ***

Quad-core "Bay Trail" processor @ 1.3Ghz
10.1" screen with 1366 x 768 resolution
Microsoft Office 2013 H&S
10+ hours of charge. (I've only re-charged it once in 3 weeks.)
Bluetooth 4.0

Only $399

*** Performance ***

More than anything else, I'm wonderfully surprised at how well this laptop works. It's always been opinion that a Windows PC's only makes sense from a budgetary standpoint. But, this hybrid is extremely useful (and this is coming from a diehard Apple fanatic) for operations more than word processing.

The first thing you'll immediately notice is that the laptop powers on from push power to fully operational in 5 seconds. 5 seconds! The SSD drive is incredibly fast, much faster than I anticipated.

This also translates to word processing app's to browsing the internet to playing games.

The keyboard is close-cropped but it wasn't so cramped like the Compaq I used to own that I find myself hitting the Shift Key when I wanted to hit the Comma key.

Working with art app's like Sketchbook Pro was what I was most interested in finding out. It works flawlessly via a stylus and when a Wacom Bamboo tablet is attached, it also gives me options.

Netflix and other necessary app's are another plus because with more than 10 hours of battery life, I can work or play without needing to have an ac outlet nearby.

I'd also like to mention that this hybrid is connected to a power source by a micro usb to usb connection, so you have the option to plug into another computer to charge, an external battery or if you have a usb-ac adapter, you can plug it right into the wall.

*** Price vs. Value ***

The retail price is $400. I've seen it as low as $350. But, you have the best of what's offer for a "better" laptop at $800.

+ Super fast SSD drive
+ 10-hour battery life
+ Touchscreen or keyboard
+ Windows 8.1 (and you can get rid of that gaudy Metro screen)
+ Lightweight and compact.
+ Hybrid computer gives you access to both traditional Windows app's and touchscreen app's simultaneously.
+ For a budget price--it is a MUCH better option than a similar hybrid (from other manufacturers) and budget laptops.

If there's a downside, it may be for people who want a optical drive, it would have to be purchased separately.

This is an absolutely great laptop/tablet where you're not sacrificing performance, portability or versatility if you prefer one style of computer over the other.
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79 of 85 people found the following review helpful
on 24 March 2014
Reading journalist's reviews of this device is quite interesting and very revealing; I've seen it reviewed as a netbook, as a tablet and as a laptop, and only a couple of them have realised the truth; this is none of those things and all of them.

It's not a netbook because it doesn't just come with access to the web and a browser. It runs full Windows 8.1, albeit only 32 bit home edition. So it will run almost all your Windows programmes. Mine for example is running Lightroom 5.3, so I can process RAW files on the train. It runs Lightroom quite comfortably, though I assume it might struggle with Photoshop CS so I haven't tried. On top of that it comes with Office home and student. Yes built-in storage is limited but I'm OK so far.

It's not a tablet because it isn't a mobile phone on steroids. It's fully configurable, any software you don't want can be uninstalled at the drop of a hat, and (see above) it runs full versions of Windows programmes, not measly little stripped down Apps. So, not to labour a point, Photoshop Express on my phone is OK, but it's not Lightroom. It does some of the things a tablet will do, it has Bing Maps (which seems OK) with GPS, it has Bluetooth, it's a touchscreen and you can carry it around in your hand. It is though a waste of time to compare this with a iPad or Android tablet, it is very much more flexible and powerful than those.

It's not a laptop because it doesn't hurt to carry it more than a few yards ;-).

So what is it? Something different, something new and something really useful. I really can't wait for this paradigm to hit a device which is robust enough to use at work; I'm not sure this is yet.

I've had it just over two weeks, so I can't comment about long-term reliability. So far it runs fine, is very quick to boot up, and the battery life is what the blurb says it is.

One key point for me is that it networks with my existing Windows PC, so file transfer between devices is just a matter of drag and drop, no messing about with clunky interfaces.

Another reviewer mentions that the email app will only work with web-mail clients, and not POP3. This is quite true, but I downloaded and installed Mozilla Thunderbird in two shakes of a lamb's tail and my POP3 emails are fully accessible,

So why not five stars? Well, it's not perfect. The touchpad is not great, though to be honest it's a lot better than that on my new work laptop (£800 worth) which is driving me mad, but it's a bit stiff, and can be flaky. It hasn't got 3g, but I could tether my phone or get a dongle. And as some of the reviews have suggested, it isn't the most robustly constructed device in the world. Don't get me wrong, it seems well made and there are no obvious creaks or cracks, but we'll see how well it's really made after a year of use.

So, in summary, if you want a powerful, portable Windows computer with a flexible form factor, this is it, and for a very good price.
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140 of 151 people found the following review helpful
on 14 November 2013
I purchased this last week, following a lot of research. To date my tablets have been Android and I have an ultrabook, but I really wanted something very portable with full windows with a long battery life so I could do mobile computing and use office etc. with just one device. I also bought my wife an IPAD air so have done some limited comparison with that. From the various reviews I have read I was concerned about the ASUS screen quality, speed, whether the bezzle was too big and whether there was enough memory. Now I have been using the unit a few days, I have none of these concerns. Screen quality is excellent, I think the bezzle is just the right size for use of windows 8, and the tablet alone is lighter than I expected and feels the right size. I had never used windows 8 before and wondered how well it would compare to Android on a tablet; after a few days I am fully converted. The tile system just looks and works sleeker, and to me makes the android and ios systems look and feel last generation; it takes a few days to get used to but I am convinced now that windows 8 is the future.

On speed I have not noticed any lag. It seemlessly switches between programmes, runs videos and and quickly loads internet. I have not tried to play processor hungry games, but it runs temple run fine, and I have heard that it also copes with Half Life 2, albeit expect some of the larger games will be challenging for the Asus from a processor/ memory perspective.

On memory I wanted a 64GB version which I could not find in the UK, and so purchased/ had delivered from Germany. This came with a german keyboard and a couple of keys are in the wrong place (e.g. z and y), whilst irritating I am used to this and pleased I got 64GB for the main drive. I will also be adding a memory card maximum 64GB. Battery life is good. Despite heavy use I haven't been able to use up the battery in a single day.

The unit comes with office installed. One disappointment for windows media centre users is the unit won't play WTV (or the DRMS) recorded TV files and there seems no software available to do this, other than buying windows 8 pro for another £90 odd, and I understand this installation also requires some 20GB disc space. I am therefore having to convert all my WTV files (seems easiest with a program called Free MP4 Video Converter).

Apps are more limited than Android, but most I use are there (a plea to times newspapers to make a windows 8 app). The pinch and zoom works well with internet explorer but does not seem to work with Chrome, my favourite browser. The keyboard and track pad allow this tablet to be productive for work. A couple of small niggles; the mouse click is 'loud' and feels a little 'cheap' and the mouse track pad is occasionally a little unresponsive.

Overall I could not be more pleased with the Asus, and very surprised I have taken so quickly to windows 8. I would have expected twice the price for the functionality, performance and free office. Importantly the kids think it is the coolest tablet in the house! (we have 4 now).

UPDATE: after 4 months with this machine I would make the following comments:
- a must to remove or disable the asus smart gestures software. It is terrible, and really impacts the performance
- as above, get a 64gb version. I got one from Germany, then bought a UK keyboard from Holland for £40, which turned out to be only the top half of the keyboard and challenging to fit, but now works perfectly
- run restore to a usb drive. It will require 8gb and re-format the whole USB drive, but at the end of the process you are given the option to free up 8GB on the asus

This is an amazing machine. I have tried using it as a main pc with hdmi out into a large screen, and usb to mouse and keyboard. All I can say is that it runs very substantially faster than my top of the range £1k+ sony laptop that I only bought some 3 years ago!

When I first bought this, as an ageing close to 50 year old, I struggled with the screen and reading the small font, but through regular use now my eyes have adapted!

If this machine was dropped under a bus, I would go out and immediately buy another (64GB) one. There is no better praise than that.

UPDATE 2 - I have now discovered that VLC media player, which can be down-loaded for windows 8 for free, will play WTV files. So windows media centre users can avoid the time and effort to covert them, and just copy to a memory stick to play on the Asus.
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on 6 October 2014
This is a very well built and visually appealing device. For the price it has good specs and can do anything that a standard desktop can do (within spec requirements of course). I have had this for a few days now and I'm starting to get used to the Windows 8.1 operating system. Windows 8 is a pain unless you have a touch screen but this tablet works fine with it and it's easy to navigate through the menus (I think the touch screen is really nice and responsive). I haven't really explored the Windows Apps but from what I've heard it's not as extensive as Android or iOS, however I think having a full desktop operating system is a good trade-off for this and having Office 2013 is great for getting stuff done. I do like having a keyboard and this is why I haven't really entertained other tablet computers, the keyboard compliments the tablet really well and has the USB 3.0 port on it, I think that more USB ports would be a good addition (but you can get a USB hub for this) and some other ports would have been nice (such as VGA output, ethernet, SD card etc.) but this would no doubt affect the price of the computer so for what you get this is a great unit. On the tablet you get a micro hdmi output, micro usb (primarily for charging), micro sd port (great for memory expansion) and a 3.5mm jack. Overall, this has great functionality and performs well (boots in about 5 seconds due to SSD memory, only 32GB but micro sd can expand you by up to 64GB, this needs to be bought separately). This is well worth the price and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a tablet for web browsing and for using MS Office applications.
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94 of 102 people found the following review helpful
on 8 December 2013
Summary: Incredibly low cost and well-designed little netbook computer that also turns into a 10 inch tablet.

Very neat solution – eventually there will be a 64 bit version when Intel gets the drivers sorted out for Bay Trail but that is likely to well into 2014. For now this is as good as it gets for a low cost, netbook sized, full version of 32bit Windows 8.1. Ideal for documents, presentations and Web browsing. I found the keyboard excellent – it is as good as it can be this size. Notice that it is the keyboard that has determined the size of the device not the screen. The weight is slightly more than I thought it would be and maybe slightly heavier than some alternative devices because of the clip that docks the computer to the keyboard. The clip works extremely well and I would not like it to be lighter and therefore of a more fragile construction. If you want a keyboard dock as well as tablet then it needs to be as solid as this. Asus’s experience with several versions of Transformer has proved that their arrangement works. Sound quality is extraordinary for the size of the speakers. Glossy finish on the back of screen is less than ideal but you will end up having to wipe the front of the touch screen in any event. A matt finish would have been better.
The Bay Trail Intel processor is a real advance on power/performance/cost ratio – previously netbooks were under powered - not any longer. If you have an Asus Nexus 7 then you will understand the power charger and the on/off switch. Power-up is hold in for 4-5 seconds to prevent accidental switch-on. To force a hard power-down hold in for 10-12 seconds in the event you have to do this.
Size and portability is great with the advantage of being able to use as 10 inch tablet for video viewing. Most of the time this Transformer is used docked with a Cable Matters 4-Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Portable Compact Hub £11 from Amazon providing four slots to fit a keyboard, mouse and back-up storage. Only other extra is a Micro HDMI TO VGA with Audio Cable Adapter (£12 from Amazon) to plug the micro HDMI into an older but still serviceable 22 inch VGA monitor. For travelling only two connectors need to be unplugged. Alternatively only one connection is unplugged for tablet use.
I did hit a major problem downloading the optional but recommended updates for the Asus T100 from Windows update. Afterwards the wireless network wouldn’t work, nor would the sound driver. Only solution that I could find was to total restore Windows 8.1 from the Recovery drive. Fortunately this also includes the link to Activate Microsoft Office. Then I downloaded just the operating system updates and NOT the optional driver updates. System then worked fine. To update the drivers I downloaded latest versions from ASUS support and these worked fine. Before I installed updated drivers I updated the Bios to version 220 dated 2/12/2013. Everything has since worked smoothly. If you haven’t updated a bios before you may need the help of a teccy friend.
I deleted Asus web storage as they charge for it after one year. I replace Internet Explorer with Firefox with Adblock Plus and Better Privacy extensions. Installed CCleaner. Then did a Disk Clean-up to free space from old Windows updates (took ages). With Microsoft Office installed as well and OneNote removed (Google Keep I find is much better) there was XX free space.
I use the display with brightness turned to only about a quarter instead of full brightness, saves strain on eyes and battery.
Price is exceptional – in the U.K. Microsoft Home Office will cost £95 on Amazon, so think of the computer being £250 and that includes solid state storage. Not much but enough for everyday tasks and a tiny 64 GB memory card can be fitted for around another £38. Some reviews have commented about a noisy click on the touchpad, I agree although you do have the alternative of touching the pad to make a left click and there is a key function to view the right mouse options.
This was the processor/battery life/touch screen/price point that Windows 8.1 netbook/tablets needed. I highly recommend the is product unless you have applications that need large amounts of memory like video editing or PhotoShop. For Microsoft Office and web browsing on the move, or as a desktop with a larger screen, this device is well thought-out, well-made, and inexpensive.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 14 February 2014
the good:

-touchscreen - really handy and intuitive, great for Win 8 appstore games and casual browsing
-full Windows 8 - so you can run all your normal desktop software
-awesome battery life - at 2 hours usage/day, it would last you all week
-very efficient sleep mode: when i am working on documents and just close the machine, it enters sleep mode, when i open it up again 9 hours later, battery has only lost 5% !
-keyboard is pretty good considering the machine's size/weight

the bad:
-keyboard not backlit
-no LED indicators for NumLock / CapsLock - so you just have to type something to figure out if they're on/off
-the eMMC in-built storage is slow - not as slow as a mechanical HDD, but it's way slower than a proper modern SSD. I'd say Firefox takes around 10 seconds to load, and Word 2013 about 5 seconds.
-the machine itself can get a bit slow with memory-hog programs (like Firefox with 30 tabs open). I'd say it feels a bit slower overall than my Samsung Q45 which i bought in 2007 (but that was over twice this price, twice as thick, and had a third of the battery life, no touchscreen, etc etc)
-the touchpad is dismal. I mean so bad that when i want to do serious work on this machine (which i do, on the train, with Acrobat, Word and EndNote) i have a small USB mouse that i use instead. But actually just touching the screen seems to work great even in Win 8 desktop mode (just increase text size in settings to 110% and you'll be fine)

Overall I love this machine. It's small, lightweight, I can work properly on the train with it, the sleep mode means you never really need to turn it off (just close the lid!) and when i want to relax/unwind, I just switch into win 8 Metro mode and either read some PDFs, do some casual browsing with Metro IE11, or even better, play some of the brilliant touchscreen games in the Win 8 appstore (like Hill Climb Racing!)
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12 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on 15 February 2014
Asus T100TA-DK002H
I had read on reviews of other Windows8 products that the computer spent hours downloading updates when first switched on. This one didn’t do that, but I did choose not to ‘update Apps’ automatically; an option you get when you first power up. Since I didn’t want most of the pre-installed Apps anyway. I would advise this until you get up and running
Windows 8 takes some getting used to if you are new to it. Some actions in the touch-screen mode appear to be unresponsive because there is no immediate indication that the touch has been actioned and so you press again and get two of something or, even worse, whatever was next to the thing you thought you touched gets activated (the text is smaller than my fingers).
One of the first things I did was to customise the device to the way I was used to until I became more familiar with it. I left the keyboard attached and used a wireless mouse linked via the single USB port – which is on the keyboard. Then got a Bluetooth mouse to free up the USB. The Bluetooth mouse (Microsoft Sculpt Mouse) does not require the keyboard to be connected. I also downloaded Firefox (with AdBlocker) to replace Internet Explorer so that I could get rid of all those annoying adverts. It is quite convenient to carry and use the device with the keyboard attached. It saves having a case. When proficient with the touch screen you can detach the screen and use it like a tablet, if you prefer.
It comes with Microsoft Office pre-installed so you can do real work. This is a full version not a ‘trial’ version.
It will also run old ‘.exe’ programs which I had written some time ago
Although I found it so frustrating at first, as with all things new which don’t behave like the old stuff you got used to. But now I really do like it. I prefer it to my IPad because you can switch to the Windows Desktop and do real work or browsing (without that annoying Safari and its ads). I have now got the hang of touch screen and swiping. I even swipe the desktop screen sometimes now (futilely).
Battery Life: The battery uses about 8% per hour with Bluetooth switched on. It also uses about 8% per day in ‘sleep mode’. It shows no perceptible loss over one day if the system is ‘shut down’ rather than letting it ‘sleep’.

Points Against:
SkyGo which would make it really useful for me is not [yet] available for Windows8, and you can’t get iplayer, 4oD and other TV catch ups directly (You can get a SkyNews app). There is shortage of Apps compared to IPad.
The Mail System will not let you add existing pop3 accounts and so isn’t getting used much. For me, this is effectively a computer without email.
It has a very small internal memory. It is nominally 32GB but after allowing for the operating system and other pre-installed programs it is has about 14GB free, which isn’t much. It does, however, have ‘SkyDrive’ which allows you to store files in ‘hyperspace’ and access them from any Widows 7 or 8 computers.

Conclusion: I like it – very good!

P.S. I must confess I bought mine from John Lewis for £349.45
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