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on 14 July 2014
Above average build and clever form factor.
Above average batter life.
Usability is better than average due to form factor. This may not be the case for everyone. You have to know what your needs are
This is a good travel companion. I keep a massive amount of music on the 119Gb available on the micro sd and various docs and offline reference materials..

Lenovo messed up the interface some of the basics are unlike [and not better] than any android device I've ever used. See further down here.
Poor documentation. Lead to unnecessary fuss with micro sd.
Camera placement [may be important for some to use it].

Front facing speakers are not as great as some pro reviewers remarked on,
Screen is satisfactory, Not as bad as pro reviewers keep saying it is.
Design is very good, but refinement would be great. Would like the choice for higher end model with top grade electronics [with price increase]. And 64 Gb built-in.

I am using my 2nd one of these after an unnecessary return to Lenovo, It was over 'broken' 'bad' Micro SD. This is a 'false' message. It is Lenovo documentation that is poor. I found how to install the micro SD. Actually now using now an 128 GB Sandisk., fomatted by the tablet became what Windows 'sees' as 119Gb. Instructions say the port is not hot-swappable, so turn the tablet off when you put in or take the card out, just in case. Install your Micro SD in the tablet and let it give you the error message "damaged sc card", Take it out and put in a card reader for your pc. Right click on ' Computer' in Start Menu' and select "Management" then find Disk Manager and a drive letter for the Micro SD. It should show a small inaccessible "unallocated" partition and the reset free space. Even if it is formatted, reformat it in to exFat. Get it back into the tablet, let is show the ol' error message, but then in Settings, find the external storage and click on it twice of so to get another error message that will lead to letting the tablet format the card. That should take care of it and then you can connect by cable to a PC and drop and drag files to the card or internal storage.

Otherwise also know that exactly as an iPad, you can organize apps into groups by dropping an icon onto another to start a box for multiple apps you can give a name to the box. Just try a few times until you give it the right 'touch', You can then consolidate and organize you apps and add widgets to however may pages work for you .Also try your own pics for wall paper or other wallpapers included, after set up, That helps a lot.
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on 8 April 2014
After much deliberation and initially buying a cheaper tablet from a well know TV shopping channel which was complete and utter rubbish and swiftly returned!
The Lenovo 10 is just too fabulous for words, easy to set up, responsive, clear screen, great apps. simply brilliant! Buy it!
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on 21 December 2013
Looked long and hard for a 10 inch tablet to match the performance of my Nexus7 which is great, love the whole android experience versus iOS, tried the iPad Air but couldn't warm to it so returned it after a week.
Kept coming back to the Lenovo Yoga and very glad I finally made the purchase, a smooth user friendly design with a good screen, great speakers (on the front) along with the versatile stand and great battery life this makes for a fine package.
Dolby app available to install giving the option to switch from music to films for better sound quality.
If Apple had designed this I think all would be shouting about it's brilliant design from the roof tops.
Another great feature is the option to expand it's memory up to an additonal 64GB using the micro sim slot.
Ignore the negative comments from those who want perfection, this is a superb tablet at a good price, maybe Lenovo will eventually increase the specification to satisfy certain demands but then be prepared to pay more.
You won't be disappointed....BUY IT!!!
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on 8 August 2014
This tablet is fast with an excellent screen and clear graphics. I have also found Lenovos technical team both knowledgeable and courteous. The only unresolved problem is with it's apparent inability to accept Bluetooth input although it exports Bluetooth quite happily.
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on 12 April 2016
After much research, I chose the Yoga 2 8" tablet above its competition in the budget-mid range market. The 10" tempted me until I saw the reduced pixel density (blockyness) compared to the 8". I don't regret the decision, 8" seems the perfect size for a tablet -- Yoga 2's anyway, IMHO. The Android OS is left alone, not much branded bloatware locked on, so its pretty flexible. Good build quality -- competes with high end, top dollar alternatives. Only issue is the SIM/ext. memory slot -- lid often comes loose and memory card installation/removal problematic, requires care.

Display is good quality (@ 8") with gamesllent colour representation. When I watch really good video on YouTube say, I'm still impressed how noticeable it is, how it still keeps up with today's best HD despite its specs. Only issue wth display is the unuseable auto-brightness. A consistent problem on all Lenovo tablets it seems. Turning it off isn't much of an inconvenience.

Another issue that I experience is the occasional freeze, often during game & videos, with any sound stuttering and requiring a long press on the power button. This isn't frequent enough for me to give up on it. The wireless modem also seems to be hit & miss sometimes, with apps working OK but browser sometimes slowing down. I've had laptops that wld sometimes benefit from a restart because of slowing internet connection -- similar thing but again not enough to put me off.

After 12 months I've had no significant problems except the above and still think it's a good value tablet. Good sound from the frontal speakers also
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on 9 December 2013
This is a very nicely designed piece of kit. The battery compartment / cylindrical handle is inspired. It makes it so much easier to read a magazine or book in portrait mode because you have a sensible hand hold. And having more battery space gives a much longer than average battery life. I originally loaded Juice Defender but I've disabled it, partly because it's not really necessary and partly because it kills the WiFi on Sleep, which means you don't have immediate comms on power-up. But even with WiFi on all the time, I'm getting weeks, rather than days, of use before having to recharge. Recharging is on the slow side (4 hours or so) but do it overnight and it doesn't matter, unless you're an insomniac.

I haven't found the stand particularly useful. Just having the cylinder at the top in landscape mode gives an adequate rake for me but that's just personal - others may like a greater angle and the stand allows that flexibility.

I've seen several reviews (especially those of experts) complaining about the display resolution and the lack of processor power. It's true that neither of these features is 'top of the range'. But from a subjective point of view, I find the display perfectly adequate and I haven't noticed any lag in any of the apps I use. And, since the price isn't at the top end, either, it's a bit unreasonable to criticize it for not being what it doesn't set out to be.
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on 1 December 2013
This is my first post and my first tablet, purchased after endless hours browsing reviews, forums and blogs. Many weren't that helpful to someone like me who's eyes glaze over at the merest hint of techie jargon. So I thought 'well, it's got to be an iPad hasn't it - everyone thinks they're the best....don't they?' However, the eye-watering expense put me off. Well, that and the almost evangelical 'one true tablet' fervour of some Apple devotees I've encountered, who appear to regard android enthusiasts with a curious mixture of pity and contempt. Apologies to any perfectly reasonable iWhatever owners reading this.

Anyway, I was wanting a small tablet so considered the Nexus 7. It seems to have been almost universally praised, particularly for it's eye-popping screen resolution. 7 inches though? Bit too small for these clumsy digits, so I decided it had to be an 8 inch tablet - which brought me to the Lenovo.

Now, the reviews for this have been mixed. Most praised it's design (the stand is great) but were scathing about the spec and the screen resolution. Apparently it's not great for gaming but that doesn't bother me; the last computer game I played was probably Pong in about 1977. I've read comments like '1200x800 is NOT acceptable', 'this tablet is very bad indeed' and 'anyone who buys this is an idiot who deserves to die' (that last one I made up but you get the drift).

Despite all that I felt drawn to this tablet. A great price, and 3g too. So worth the risk, I thought.

Well, I've had this tablet for a day and I absolutely love it - haven't been able to put it down. It's smooth as silk and seems to do everything I want it to do. That screen? Well, it looks super sharp to me. I can only imagine the resolution on a new iPad or Nexus 7 is so great you can see atoms. Is that really necessary?

I thoroughly recommend this tablet!
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on 25 January 2016
Having purchased this tablet in December 2014 as a Christmas present for my daughter, initial responses from her were very favourable to be fair.
However, in June 2015 the tablet stopped working which resulted in a frustratingly long and protracted communications with Lenovo & Medion Customer Services with regard to its repair, as it required to be sent to Germany for repair (battery pack replaced rather than replacement).
All worked well until New Year of this year when again it failed to work again. Surprise, surprise just a matter of weeks after the warranty expired. Again, contacting Lenovo (probably the worst customer services I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with) they effectively said ''not our problem'' despite the previous fault repair, advising that I send it personally to Germany for their inspection and repair (basically giving them a blank cheque).
It has since been seen by 2 very reputable computer repair companies and the view is that it is again a battery problem and have been quoted in the region of £140 to obtain and fit the parts needed.
Having now read other negative reviews there seems to be similar a common thread with Lenovo Yogas.
So would say ''BUYER BEWARE'' you may get a good one but there again you may get a duff one.
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on 13 January 2014
I have tried several Android tablets over the past year or so - while recognising the good points of iPad, they are very pricey and I refuse to be locked in to Apple's system. Also I'm used to android on my phones. I basically wanted a tablet to read books on and for email and surfing the web;I have tried Kindle Fire HD, which was great in some ways, but rather heavy to hold for long and very much overlaid with Amazon's own OS. I've also tried two different Chinese iPad clones but had to return them due to sluggish operation and unreliability. Saw this 'hands on' in Curry's a few days ago and have to admit, I fell in love with the design! Its sleek and slim apart from the cylindrical battery housing, and that is great when holding it vertically for reading. The screen, despite other reviewers complaints, is clear,crisp and colourful, and bright enough even at 2/3 setting. I find it just as fast as my laptop when surfing or emailing, certainly as good as the Kindle. Really my only complaint was the Lenovo launcher, which was easily fixed by downloading a free one from Google Play. Having used it now for a couple of days I find it a joy to use - I am typing this just now with it set at a slant on the built in stand. And its just great to look at and to handle! Perfect for all my purposes - I'll not be changing this one for a while!
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on 10 January 2014
First one we got seemed to work but had really poor (but functional) WIFI reception. I had a similar case with an iPhone once, so I sent it back for a replacement. The WIFI on the replacement reported wifi signals 3x that of the first unit, so very happy I did this, but I wonder how many other people would just assume that the entire product range just had poor WIFI capabilities?

Anyway, the replacement works great. It's really easy to hold using the tube, which also interestingly moves the weight and centre of gravity to nearer the wrist and therefore makes the unit feel very light. Sound is fine for all particle needs. I am not the sort of person that would expect or want hi-fi quality sound out of such a device. The device feels a really nice quality and well built. I paired up with a cheap (9£) bluetooth keyboard which has chrome coloured backing and white keys and the who thing looks pretty neat. The screen is also good, although relatively low res compared with the HD screens of the iPad or Nexus devices - but then it's a 10" tablet for £200.
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