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Frozen [DVD]
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This is a really perfect stocking filler for Christmas, which will be adored by all Frozen fans. If you already have the film, you may be wondering what this DVD offers that will make it worth buying again. It comes in a slip case, with an attractive cover, making it look just a little bit more special if you are buying it as a present. The DVD itself comtains the film, but with the added extra of the words included underneath the songs - along with a bouncing snowflake, which follows the words, so your little one can sing along. Even better, in the extra bonus features there is a 'sing along selection' - which is simply all the songs together. My daughter had a play date yesterday and I think I must have heard, "Let It Go," accompanied by raucous seven year olds, about twenty times. So, this DVD will drive you crazy, but the kids will adore it! The bonus features also contains a little documentary, "Breaking the Ice," about the making of this incredibly successful movie and a little Mickey Mouse short feature, "Get a Horse." It is impossible to say why some films take off, but for my little girl - and many others - this has become a mini obsession. It certainly contains good female characters and some really catchy songs and this edition will be greatly enjoyed by Frozen fans everywhere.
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on 29 August 2014
Finally watched this after all the fuss from all the addicted little girls I know who adore it. (including my 21yr old daughter!) I have to say it ticks all the boxes - excellent animation, wonderful story (an adaptation of the Hans Christian Anderson story - The Snow Queen) and excellent musical score too. I would put this on a par with 'Brave', perhaps even edging ahead slightly. Thoroughly entertaining with the feel-good factor of the Disney happy ending!
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on 5 April 2014
I took a chance and ordered this UK release of Frozen 3D from the UK since Disney apparently doesn't consider us Americans worthy of the 3D version. As advertised, this 3D Blu-ray disc is indeed Region-Free and works on my U.S. Blu-ray player with no problem.

The movie is fantastic, the sound and image are wonderful, and the packaging is free of frustration. It costs a bit extra ordering from England, but if you must have the 3D release, at least there's a way to get it!
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on 15 January 2014
Frozen is a phenominon. It is a magical and emotional experience that will stay with you for days, weeks, months after you see it. It is by far the best Disney film since the likes of The Little Mermaid and The Lion King. Everything from the animation to the toe tapping musical numbers are breathtaking.

It is a heartwarming tale about sisterhood and the importance of family. Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell put in simply spellbinding performances as two sisters forced to grow up apart due to a terrible gift/curse. Menzels ensemble musical piece "Let It Go" deserves a Grammy because it is just so so so good.

I cannot recommend this film enough. Kids will love it due to Oalaf the hilarious wisecracking snowman and adults will appreciate the romance and love in the unbreakable ties asociated with family and sisterhood.

Buy Frozen and keep it forever!
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on 3 August 2015
Now we all know that Disney films have stood the test of time and we all know that Disney have produced and made some fine films that live up to their reputation. To really make a good Disney film you need the following items.

1. Good "traditionally-animated" characters
2. A good story/plot, which not only drives the story along but also has the audience gripping their seats.
3. A lot of well-meaning songs.

'Frozen' has next to none of these traits. Actually it's fair to say that it has none of these. At the end of the day it's all just a marketing scam. I can summarize the "plot" of the story but the truth is that there isn't a plot to speak of. Also the "soundtrack" if you can call it that is just downright dull. If ever any adult hears "Let It Go" for about the nth time they'll just end up screaming. The animation isn't really all bad but I just kinda would have preferred it if it was just good old 2D animation and none of this CGI nonsense we get forced to see nowadays.

Basically an adult (die-hard Disney fan) would think they've travelled back to the Golden Year of 1994 when one of the greatest Disney films came out in cinemas. I'm not talking about 'Frozen' I'm speaking here of 'The Lion King', which was and still is one of the greatest if not THE greatest Disney films to ever come out to date.

So all in all buy it for your little 1-2-year old children but if you have brought them up on the real Disney films like 'Cinderella' 'Beauty and the Beast', et al then they come to 'Frozen' then BAM! they're surrounded by more movie tie-in products faster than you can say, "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."

To me the only truly great Disney film to ever come out in recent years was 2009's 'The Princess and the Frog'. That had all the above three things described in this review. I mean OK I'm not saying there's anything remotely wrong with films like 'Frozen' and 'Tangled' they're great films but it's just maddening that the animation is CGI (crap) and not traditional hand-drawn animation (good). I also don't really like the mass-marketing that is surrounding this poor excuse for a film.

Buy it if you must but don't give in to all the hype.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 6 July 2015
* About the movie:
I've been wanting to see this movie ever since it came out in cinemas but somehow only got round to seeing it now. Really enjoyed it! It's full of catchy, memorable songs, sprinkled with a light sense of humour, the animation and artwork is brilliant, the voice acting is top class and the main characters are likeable. The story is an unusual and creative one with an unforeseeable plot twist thrown in there for good measure which is always a plus in my books. As far as stories go, it's not my favourite Disney / Pixar story of all time (that honour is reserved for Toy Story and Monster's Inc), but still is very good, and as a whole package, it's a highly enjoyable movie for anyone who appreciates musicals, animations and fairytale style stories. For the movie I'd give it a 5/5

* About the user-friendliness of the blu-ray:
Very user-friendly with an easy-to-use menu, making it easy to navigate through the chapters of the story and it was straightforward to find the subtitles, easy to get back to the main menu etc.

* About the extra features on the blu-ray:
Honestly I was a little disappointed with the extra features provided. I love seeing behind the scenes / "making of" stuff and interviews with the actors, composers, artists etc and I strongly felt this was missing from the bonus material. All that's provided is a short documentary about Walt Disney's intentions to make a movie on the Snow Queen (this is probably the most interesting extra feature in my opinion), few deleted scenes (all in sketchy 2D storyboard illustration form), a fun musical number where the crew sings how everyone wants to know how Frozen was made, but the song ends with "we don't know how", some music videos of "Let it Go" in different languages (only in Italian, Spanish and Malay), a teaser and a Mickey Mouse animation. All in all I would have liked to see more interesting content in the extra features. For the extra features I'd give it a score of 2/5 - and that's probably generous. But, I didn't let this alter my overall rating since the main reason I bought this blu-ray was for the movie itself - more features would have just been a fun bonus.
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I really must admit that I wasn't sure what to make of Frozen in the months leading up to its release. That first trailer, while funny, told us nothing of the story. And just what was it going to be about? After it opened, I started hearing good things about it, but still I hesitated. I was stupid.

The movie tells the story of two sisters who happen to be princesses. Elsa is the older sister, and she has a power - she can create snow and ice all on her own. When playing one day, she accidentally injures her younger sister Anna. From that day forward, she hides from her sister and tries to learn to control her gift.

Things really pick up on Elsa's (voiced by Idina Menzel) coronation day. For the first time in years, the palace will be opened, and Anna (Kristen Bell) is thrilled to actually get to spend time with people. But then Elsa's secret gets out, and she flees. Anna sets out after her, but can she find her sister in the frozen world that has been created? And will Elsa be willing and able to reverse the winter wonderland she's created?

This movie is a bit different from your ordinary Disney movie. While yes, there is a villain, the main conflict comes from the sisters, how they view the world, and how Elsa's gift affects them. I realized this when the villain's comeuppance wasn't really the climax of the piece. But I think that actually worked well for the movie. I certainly am not complaining.

The film is so much fun. I was laughing within the first few minutes but then I was feeling emotion just a couple of minutes later. That continued for the entire course of the film, and it's easy to see why audiences are so drawn to this film. It is storytelling at its best.

And that comes from the characters. Elsa and Anna are both very real, and that makes the story that much more alive. The rest of the characters are good as well, with Olaf the Snowman completely stealing the show. Again, it's because of the characters you care about the outcome and are feeling the joy and sorrow of the piece.

The voice actors are outstanding. They never miss a beat going from comedy to drama flawlessly. You forget they are there and focus completely on the story and the characters they are bringing to life.

I can't leave out the songs. Like the movie itself, they range from the purely comic to the heartfelt character building and will leave you humming as you go out the theater. All of the cast sings their own songs. Kristen Bell is not known for her singing voice, but she should be. Considering she has duets with Broadway powerhouse Idina Menzel and more than holds her own, she needs more chances to shine.

The animation is stunning. The winter landscape created for the movie is beautiful to look at - you can almost feel the cold creeping off the screen as you watch. The ice castle is amazing to behold.

I don't necessarily go to the movies looking for the themes - I mainly go to be entertained. And yet there are some great themes to this film as well. Since they come out of the plot and struggle the characters grow through, I don't want to give anything away. Just keep yours eyes opened and you'll pick up on them by the end.

Finally, I have to mention the Mickey Mouse short that starts things out. It's a mash up of old and new animation. I wasn't sure about it at first, but I got quite a kick out of it by the end. Plus I loved to see Mickey's old pals Horace and Clarabelle being used in it.

While I blamed a busy six weeks on not having seen Frozen sooner, I should have tried harder. This movie is charming and funny with some great themes. I can't recommend it highly enough.
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A delightful story adapted from a 'Hans Christian Anderson' tale ~'The Snow Queen'~
'Elsa' has unusual powers everything she touches turns to ice, she has absolutely
no idea how to control them.
Because of a 'chilly' accident 'Elsa' and her younger sister are kept apart within the
palace down the years by order of their father 'The King'
After the loss of both parents during a storm at sea, 'Elsa' is set to become Queen,
however after the ceremony her powers are exposed startling all in attendance.
The new Queen runs away, not by intention as she runs she creates an eternal
winter throughout the Kingdom.
'Anna' with the help of local mountain man 'Kristoff' and reindeer 'Sven' set out to
find 'Elsa' who is trapped within her icy world.
It will be a perilous journey but one that 'Anna' is prepared to take to save her sister.
However there is a wicked plot afoot.........Can both the Queen and the kingdom be saved ?
'Disney' magic again brought to the screen in this computer generated animation
A genuinely enjoyable family friendly tale.(You'll love the Characters in the tale)
(The music from the film available on CD)
Great viewing in both it's 3D and 2D versions, superb picture and sound quality
* 3D - Feature Film plus bonus:- Features-Disney Enhanced HD picture and sound.
* Original Theatrical short :- Get a Horse.
* Blu-ray Feature Film plus bonus:- Features-Disney enhanced HD picture and sound.
* The making of 'Frozen the Musical.
* D-frosted Disney's journey from 'Hans Christian Anderson' to 'Frozen'
* Deleted scenes with introduction from directors 'Chris Buck' and 'Jennifer Lee'
* 'Let it Go' Music Videos.
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on 19 July 2015
If you haven't seen this film, you may be lucky. Be grateful the Disney machine hasn't sucked you in to a giant Let It Go/Do You Want To Build A Snowman earworm fest. The irritating snowman is my younger child's favourite character. Lovely, shiny, happy-ever-after with all the usual Disney touches such as sing-a-long songs, multilevel humour, and gorgeous animation. (Well, asides from the parents. It's a well known phenomenon that Disney kill off one or both parents, of the main character, in nearly every film.) Your kids will love it. Especially the songs. In some ways, I love it too! Just not as much as I would have loved it if I were still a child.

For the older folks out there, this is a nicey-nice version of Andersen's Snow Queen. Gerda is Anna (queen's sister) and Kai is Elsa (the queen). The queen is not the bad guy. The trolls are good guys! There is no religious stuff. I'd guess the crow is Olaf. The main characters are siblings instead of childhood sweethearts so the Robber Girl is Kristoff (hapless love interest) with his reindeer, Sven. Technically, I guess Kristoff does want to make Anna his playmate. And, finally, the Princess and her castle have been demoted to Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna. The rest is pretty much straw grasping but the main theme (love conquers all) still runs through. <3
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on 3 August 2015
Bought this as a present for a family member for christmas, oh how i wish i didn't.
I'd never seen the movie before i did. The dvd is good, but the movie...
It was a nightmare... there was a horrific talking and singing snow man... honestly i expected something, maybe not great, but at least decent. I could happily never watch this ever again for as long as i live.
And now it's in the house.. with us.. it's always watching. I'm not sure what to do. I am to blame. I brought it into the house. The whole world seems to have done the same. It's taking over. I know it's winning, we have no chance now, we've brought this destruction unto ourselves. It's already tainted the children. I see them, singing.. singing that song. We may have to consider the next generation lost to us.. but even we are vulnerable. You can identify the infected though, there are signs, the hair may go white, and they're starting to dress in blue and sparkles. I can hear the song wherever i go now, feel it trying to break my spirit. The message is clear, telling us to give up, to 'let it go'.. But we must fight back, and keep fighting. If we resist.. we might save ourselves yet. It's too late for many, i know. but we can't lose hope. It can't be too late.. please
Disney, stahp.
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