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4.6 out of 5 stars147
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 10 May 2007
The basic storyline of 50 First Dates: Henry Roth lives in Hawaii and spend his time wooing women who are visiting the island, simply because there is little chance of commitment. Then he meets Lucy Whitmore. One day they hit it off, and the next she doesn't even recognize him. It turns out that she suffers from short-term memory loss, and every day he tries to win her over once more. Firstly, I have to say that 50 First Dates is a really funny film. It isn't overly stupid, but it's not subtle either. But underneath the humour is where I believe this film's true beauty lies. It shows love in a way that I have never seen in another film before. From the way that her family sacrifices everything to keep her happy, and blissfully unaware of her condition, to Henry who, despite the fact that he could have just about any woman that he wanted, decides that he wants to be with Lucy, regardless of the fact that he has to meet her for the first time every day. Henry's character undergoes somewhat of a transformation in front of our eyes. The film starts off with him coming across as somewhat of a pig , and by the end of the film, we truly admire him. He even sacrifices his dream so that he can be with Lucy, and help her to move on with her life. The film isn't really predictable, either. For example, I spent the entire films assuming that the ending would be somewhat different. Although romcoms almost always have happy endings, this one damn near had me in tears. And it wasn't even sad. I never knew what a feel-good film was until I saw this...highly recommended.
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on 21 July 2005
I am not a big fan of romantic comedies, in fact some positively make me cringe, however '50 First Dates' doesn't - its sweet, heart warming and funny in all the right places. I love Adam Sandler movies and i think that this has to be up there with some of his best and i for one would definately watch this movie again in the future.
Henry Roth is like most guys of his age - he hates commitment. He lives in Hawaii as a marine biologist and picks up toursits, gives them the holiday of their lives, and then comes up with some excuse when they ask for his number. That is until he meets Lucy at the local diner and they arrange to meet back there for breakfast the next day. However, the next morning Henry finds that Lucy has no recollecion of him, and soon finds out from a friend of hers that she has no short term memory after suffering drain damage in a car accident. To Henry the answer is simple - make Lucy fall for him every single day.
Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are here reunited after they were both in 'The Wedding Singer' together and whether '50 First Dates' is better or not it doesn't really matter, its still a great little film. Sandler plays the loveable Henry Roth a guy who loves a woman who doesen't remember him, and Barrymore plays the beautiful Lucy who wakes up every morning thinking she is living the same day. Sean Astin fresh out of 'Lord of the Rings' plays the muscle flexing Doug, the protective brother of Lucy. Dan Akroyd makes an appearence as Dr Keats, as do most of the usual Sandler crew that feature in most of his movies; Rob Schneider as Ula, Allen Covert as ten second tom and Peter Dante as the security guard.
There are some nice extras on the DVD itself, which include: two featurettes with interviews with some of the cast and going behind the scenes, some deleted scenes, an outtakes reel, a feature length commentary with both the director Steven Segal and Drew Barrymore, several music videos, a theatrical trailer, selected filmographies, and a trailer for Adam Sandlers new album.
Overall, '50 First Dates' is a good film and a nice change from the usual romantic comedy so if you don't like them, don't think that you won't like this movie because its not as 'lovey-dovey' as most of them and i'm sure if you give it a go then you will love it. If you are a fan of Adam Sandler, the lovely Drew Barrymore or just want a funny film with a bit of romance then you might want to give this film a try.
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You know those movies where you see the trailer in the theater and then when you see the actual movie you discover all the good parts were in the trailer? Well, "50 First Dates" is not one of those movies. In fact, I can make the argument that while the trailer may indeed have most of the funniest moments in this film, it most decidedly does not have any of the best moments of the film. When you see the trailer about this movie in which Adam Sandler has to make a first impression on Drew Barrymore every day because she has no short term memory and wakes up every morning forgetting what happened the previous day, you would think that he discovers this the next morning when she wakes up in bed with a stranger and starts screaming. However, I am happy to report, "50 First Dates" is not that movie either.
I have been trying to think of last time a movie prompted tears in my eyes as often as "50 First Dates." We know that Lucy Whitmore (Barrymore) no longer has any short term memory because of a car accident, but what we learn before we meet Lucy is that Henry Roth (Sandler) is apparently the king of the love 'em and leave 'em of the Hawaiian islands. Thus the great irony is that he falls for the one woman who can forget him faster and more completely than any tourist he has ever dumped. What we also learn about are the extraordinary lengths to which Lucy's family and friends go make each day the same happy day for her. Lucy's brother Doug (Sean Astin) needs to lay off the steroids but her father (Blake Clark) is fiercely and lovingly protective of his daughter. Watching everything that he and his son do each night to reset the stage for Lucy's happy day got me big time.
Unlike "Groundhog Day," which only had a few minor flaws in logic (e.g., why does the music teacher claim Bill Murray as a student at the end?) there are giant holes in "50 First Dates" (e.g., how do the three guys manage to every day free to take care of Lucy?), but I do not care. The gaps are covered in just too many sweet and touching moments for me to object to George Wing's screenplay. The reason why I did not give "50 First Dates" is mainly because of the character of Ula (Rob Schneider), who represents the traditional "Adam Sandler" type of comedy in this film. There are a few moments where Sandler goes over the top (basically anytime his voice gets to the yelling level), but I could forgive most of those (the last song he sings redeems much), but every time Ula showed up it was like clips from another movie. The last time he shows up in the film I was really not happy to see him there because he was ruining a moment I had been eagerly awaiting.
One of the impressive things about this movie is that it does not cop out. Dr. Keats (Dan Aykroyd), Lucy's doctor, tells us repeatedly that Lucy is never going to get better and a lot of the power of this movie comes from the different ways in which Lucy and Howard deal with this hard reality. We also learn that for Lucy and his family there are what her dad calls "bad" days, and it because of them that Henry is inspired to try something different and provide another series of sweet moments in the film. As long as he refrains from going into overdrive, Sandler makes it totally believable that Henry would spend every day trying to get Lucy to fall in love with him. But it is Barrymore who is pitch perfect on both the comedy and the pathos of her role as Lucy. If Sandler did not know that he had found his perfect leading lady after "The Wedding Singer," then this film should do the trick.
The tagline for this film is "Imagine having to win over the girl of your dreams... every friggin' day" is a funny line, but it is as much misdirection as the trailer. Henry may treat his strange assistant Alexa (Lusia Strus) badly, but he could not possibly be more patient with Lucy. Even her skeptical father has to admit that he and Henry are kindred spirits. Because this is Adam Sandler we keep waiting for him to try and take advantage of the situation, but, to repeat myself, this is not that film. Yes, "Groundhog Day" is the better movie, but "50 First Dates" is also full of grace and more importantly the film finds of way of delivering on its promise. First kisses might be the sweetest of all, but in this film it is the last date that makes you surrender on the off chance you manage to hold off that long.
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on 9 April 2007
I went to see this at the movies with my mom, in 2004. I was highly tempted to buy the DVD as soon as it came out! I loved every minute of this film and the acting was just brilliant! Most of all the storyline, about a woman (barrymore) and a man (sandler) whom oneday met in a diner. Just the typical love at first site thing where the pair begin talking and click straight away happenes between both these people in this film. But when he begins talking to her the next day he bumps into her at the diner place again, she doesnt remember him due to her short term memory loss. This is where the story kicks off! there are some laughs time to time, especially the parts where she goes overboard because she never remembers him but he is in love with her.

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on 30 September 2004
This film is wonderful, I am not really a fan of either of the actors, but this film made me laugh, we were in the cinema at the time & my friend & I laughed so much we were crying. But then especially at the end we were both crying because it was so emotional & sad/happy. Defo a girly film, loved it, cant wait to buy it.
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on 27 July 2005
I decided to watch 50 first dates when i heard it had Drew Barrymore in it. Because im Drew's biggest fan, i thought i'd give it a go and see how the movie was.
I laughed and cried till my sides and eyes hurt!!! this movie is possibly the best thing i've ever seen/ever will see in my entire life! i recommened it to any one!!! it is not really a 'chick flick', everyone can watch it, it depends on if that movies the type of movie for you. it is for any one who likes a truley wonderful film!!!! it rules and im addicted to it!!
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on 15 October 2004
The first time I saw this film was when I bought it on DVD, i missed it at the cinema, and I'm rather glad a I did: how embarassing would it be to start crying in the cinema?! this film wells me up everytime I see it, its one of those films which really touches you and makes you grateful you dont have a life like the one Lucy has. Touching as it is though, this film has some classic comedy moments! This film is truly unforgettable, and Im just gonna keep watching it over and over!
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on 1 October 2004
This film was a pleasant surprise - I assumed it would be a cheesy predictable rom-com - but found it was much more than that. It captures the essence of Groundhog Day without that awful feeling of repetition, and Adam Sandler has finally come up with a character that is funny AND believeable. Ok so there are a few misplaced characters, but the Hawaiin setting and Sandlers devotion to winning over Barrymore make this a beautifully crafted feel-good film. I loved it - maybe because it surprised me so much, maybe because it stars a gigantic walrus who can vomit on command, maybe because it has such a moving ending... The native music just perfects the whole thing, and you feel a genuine sadness for Barrymore with her condition, and how she gets to hug her daughter seemingly for the first time every day. I found this movie to be clever, funny and truly heartwarming. Watch it and see it for what it really is.
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on 28 August 2007
Not being a great fan of Adam Sandler - i was very apprehensive about watching this DVD - what a surprise , not a lugh out loud comedy , but a very well thought out light hearted romantic drama very much in the genre of the beautiful Alec Baldwin film "Prelude to a Kiss" . Gentle , understanding and warm . You'll love this one - it will captivate you the further you watch it .
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on 15 December 2010
For sheer emotional impact, `50 First Dates' is one of the best films I have ever seen. Despite the film starting out with the appearance of a cheap, sickly comedy about holiday-romance (see `Forgetting Sarah Marshall'), the story develops brilliantly and the unique experience of a girlfriend with severe amnesia produces an original, lovable and heart-warming romantic comedy. But don't let my classification fool you, I too have spent many films wondering "where's the comedy in this romantic comedy?" but `50 First Dates' produces genuine laughs and with lead Adam Sandler, this comes ever so naturally. In fact the character Henry Roth (Sandler) is one that does not fit the usual angry, aggressive yet comical roll that Sandler would play, and still he fills it credibly, especially in scenes where he appears to be a little self loathing. The character of Henry shows great sensitivity, originality and perseverance when faced with the unique situation he finds himself in, and this combined with his quick mind, and light-hearted temperament makes him immediately lovable to the audience. His interaction with the animals at the wildlife centre where he works is an excellent example of this. The storyline has many obvious flaws which has the potential to irritate a critical viewer, but I think that this film has enough originality to make up, and even for the odd moment of cringey romance. I would recommend this film to anyone as it does not offend but has plenty there for those who would not normally go near anything resembling a romantic comedy. Be prepared to find yourself emotionally struck at times, and warm with gentle comedy at others, '50 First Dates' is a unique romantic comedy and one that I will watch again and again.
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