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4.8 out of 5 stars204
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 14 June 2007
I started watching this on Living and its a few series ahead, so I thought would go back to the beginning and see how it all began. I love the character Gibbs, he rocks very tough really but at the heart of it all quite soft. Dinozzo is also cool in an annoying way, he's that guy you think you want to be when you are younger. But my two favourite have to be Ducky and Abby. They are so very funny and get away with so much. With Duckys really odd stories for all events and Abby's odd way in general it just makes the plot line so enjoyable.

The Plots themselves are easy enough to follow, not so much as you would get bored with them but easy enough so that you are not lost by the end of the episode.

I have never been one for extras really but neigh most people seem to find them important. I enjoyed the dvd set and I only had one problem with it, the design with the three individual cases. I don't know why but it just makes it feel cheap. But as I say over all very cool set. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
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on 5 May 2007
This highly explosive and at times funny Naval drama is the best CSI/JAG series you will ever watch.

The filming is stunning, the story lines have you gripped and the characters are professional and as slick as this highly intelligent series. Once you have watched this series, like the rest of us, you will be sitting, with bated breath, waiting on the next series to come out - and it won't come fast enough!

Mark Hammond as Leroy Jethro Gibbs is just fantastic. The casting director should be awarded a medal, as I for one, could not imagine anyone else playing the role.

You will love every character from Ducky, Abby, Kate and the rest.

CSI eat your heart out because you have got a SERIOUS rival in NCSI.
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VINE VOICEon 18 February 2007
The season one box-set is well worth its price-tag. While the dvd's lack in special features they are superbly well designed and packaged. Picture and audio quality is more than reasonable and the Surround sound feature is very nice indeed.

As for the episodes themselves, again totally excellent! The show carefully balances humour with danger all adding to the mystery theme. Will Gibbs ever catch up with his Béte Noire? Well, you find out in 23 and it is sure worth the 6 episode gap between the hostage taking and the plot to take out Marine One.

For parents wishing to give this DVD to their Children, you should have little worries. There is relatively little gore (compared with CSI ect.) however the one episode you would want to monitor for graphic imagery is #19 (Dead Man Talking). It is on one of the two disks that are certified 15.

Language is extremely mild with four letter words never being used once during the season.

All in all its a must have for everyone who likes JAG or NCIS or for those who just want some great entertainment!
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I'd never seen this before, but saw the good reviews so had to buy it. I've actually bought the 1-6 set and have just finished the first one, so here's my impression:

From the start, the characters seem just right and interact well with each other. They're fairly stereotypical - gruff boss, sassy chick, ladies' man young guy - but they're each eminently likeable and watchable. I've always thought of Mark Harmon as fairly lightweight, but he's absolutely perfect in his role as the quiet yet tough and all-knowing boss of the two younger characters. I like the girl Kate a lot, as she's easy on the eye, has a tough character and has a very amusing relationship with would-be smooth operator Tony. It's good to see Ilya Kuryakin making a comeback after so long as the medical examiner. Although he's quite irritating at first, he quickly grows on you and becomes as endearing as the rest. I'm still not sure about the goth forensic bint though.

There are quite a few amusing moments between the two younger ones, which only adds to the strength of the usually gruesome storylines. We like trying to work out what's going on, but haven't had much luck yet.

Although the stories are one episode long, this is the sort of series that you keep saying "just one more...", which makes it an exellent buy in my book.
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on 29 May 2009
Fantastic box set, all 23 gripping episodes. Unfortunately no bonus features.

The series follows Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon), a former marine, and his team (Michael Weatherly, Sasha Alexander). The Major-Case team, paired up with a Gothic Forensic Scientist (Pauley Perrette) and an ME who tells stories to his 'patients' (David McCallum) they investigate any crime with a link to the US Navy or Marine Corps, including murder, espionage and terrorism.

Any NCIS fans get this in your basket! If you love dramas this is a good one to get hooked to.
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on 23 May 2006
Over the last 6 years Television has entered a new era of greatness, and one country is the main reason for this. The United States of America. With the CSI series being big hits over here in the UK, along with the West Wing and 24 etc. Television has changed for the better. And this show is a result of how good tv shows are getting.

Yes it is a spin off series from JAG, but it is its own show and does not need its JAG older brother to prop itself up agaist. Its a fantastic show with great action and story lines and it also has humour unlike some tv dramas.

It has the science side of the CSI series and the action side of the 24 series all combined into one show making it possibly one of the best shows from the USA to date.

The characters in the show are strong and likeable,with Jethro Gibbs and ex marine officer, Tony DiNozzo an ex homicide detective, and Catlin Todd who was a body gurd for the president on air force one. Other characters who include the gothic lab technition Abby Sciuto, and Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard who has the grusome tasks of finding out how victims died. The great thing is you get an insight into them from early on so you can relate to them very easily. With no weak story lines, and good actors and actress's taking the lead in this show, you can expect many more series to come from it in the future no doubt, especially as series 2 and 3 have been shown in the States and the UK.

The show is remarkable, detailing the goings off of the Navel Criminal Investigative Service. There are murders to be solved, puzzles to be unlocked and chracters to love. The show has it all. You've done it again America, this box set is an excerlant buy!
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on 31 October 2008
A friend of mine bought me this box set when I was worried about getting a job with my somewhat unconventional dress sense. He told me to 'keep an eye out for Abby'. I soon found out he was talking about Abby Sciuto, the Goth forensic scientist.
Now, don't get me wrong, I am addicted to NCIS for reasons other than Abby (namely - the interaction between the characters is fantastically scripted, the plots are genius, and each and every one of the characters have very unique points that set them apart from the other identikit crime show teams. NCIS is very much a character-driven series, and each character is utterly believeable) but Abby rocks. Seriously.
If you like crime shows with tension, drama, humour and fantastic characters, NCIS is for you. XD
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on 25 September 2008
I started watching NCIS midway through season 3. I really enjoyed it so decided to get the season 1 box set. I'm glad I did. It is filled with action, excellent storylines and a wonderful cast. I have heard people compare this to CSI, this is nothing like CSI, it stands on it's own and shouldn't be put together with other crime shows. Highly recommended.
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on 23 June 2006
As i found out later this is a spin off series, but its great achievement is disguising that fact from anyone unfamiliar with JAG. It stands on it's own with great storylines, actors and continual suspense. The hinge of the program is Mark Harmon's character Jethro, who heads up the team as an ex sniper and peculiar father figure to the younger member's. Cate, who joins at the beginning of the series, enables the writers to explain the intricacys of NAVY protocal to us as she learns from Jethro and Tony. She is a grounded character and with a background as bodyguard to the president very capable of handling herself, both with the criminals and tony's advances. Tony Denozzo, an established member of NCIS when the series begins has an enjoyable relationship with jethro, who is something of a mentor and disciplinarian, but stands on his own for his undisputed capability despite a somewhat juvenile sense of humor and pursuit of women. The Cast is also blessed with wonderful smaller characters- those who remain for the most part within the confines of NCIS headquarters- 'Ducky' Dr.Mallard, the NCIS coroner, who some may recognise from 'The Man From UNCLE' fame. Is wonderful, and to the credit of the show not completely a typical enlgish character, but one you find endearingly sweet and despite the grusome circumstances you usually encounter him in, a truly appealing character. The Other major character, is the goth lab technician Abby. Always amusing in her scenes, she brings life and humor to a job that has been portrayed in rather a dull light in the past. Tune in just for her outfits! :) As the series progressed i became more and more addicted, not in the most part to the crimes they had to solve- which are always fascinating- but as is the hallmark of any good crime show to the continuing appeal of the characters. Mark Harmon pulls the series together undoubtably, but each of the actors brings something new- a different generational perspective, a different national perspective, a humor and background that is unique in each of them, and makes for a thoroughly watchable and highly, highly recommended show. I'm waiting -not at all patiently- for the next series.
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on 22 June 2006
The Man who gave us Quantum Leap can do no wrong in my eyes and he's scored another fantastic slam dunk with NCIS. I love this show! In fact, I love it so much, I think I may be addicted. I've never watched JAG - the series that spawned NCIS - so missed the episodes ('Ice Queen' Part 1 & 2)that became the pilot for the show, and introduced us to Special Agents LeRoy Jethro Gibbs, Anthony DiNozzo, Vivian Blackadder (yes, maybe in homage, but thankfully she didn't stay), Medical Examiner Donald 'Ducky'Mallard and Forensics Expert Abigail 'Abby' Scuito. In Season 1, Episode 1 we are introduced to Secret Service Agent Caitlin (Kate) Todd who becomes part of the team in episode 2, headhunted by the team's boss, Agent Gibbs. Later on we get introduced to Probationary Agent Timothy McGee, but only when the other leads have been firmly established.

The characters are all fully rounded by the time we meet them in Ep1 which is unusual for a new show, but I liked it.

Gibbs is the best, but worst boss in the history of Government/Civil Servants and comes from a USMC background, Tony plays the Lothario of the team and is an former Homicide Cop from Baltimore (though we find out he's been around a lot before that), Kate is ex-Secret Service and personifies brains and beauty on the team, Ducky (or 'Duck') as Gibbs calls him, is the ME, usually to be found up to his elbows in some poor soul as he talks to the dead and cares for his 96 year old mother who has Altziemers and has a plethora of stories from his long career, and Abby - the Goth we all want to work with - well, where do you start? She's a real sweetheart, who brooks no argument about her science, knows what to test and why, and always comes through.

The dynamic is very much a family one, Gibbs the father figure, Tony, Kate and Abby the children and Ducky the older brother to Gibbs. The Tony/Kate flirtation is played to perfection, as is the Kate/Gibbs undertone. The plots are full of twists and turns, you get enough lab/autopsy scenes to engage and not bore and you get to know and really engage with the leads. The chemistry between all the actors is completely believable, the teasing, the banter, the infighting, the politics, their individual back stories.

Like I say, I *love* this show, and am in withdrawal as Season 3 has just had a shock ending on the Fox Channel. Thank goodness Channel 5 has bought S1 (at least) and is airing it on a Saturday night. Watch it - love it! Join the ranks of fans gathered round their respective tvs and wonder at the brilliance of NCIS!!
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