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4.6 out of 5 stars30
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 16 November 2013
Immediately upon receiving the film and opening the cover one get the impression that a lot of work and money has gone into the production of the DVD, and it even comes with a detailed illustrated booklet to accompany the film detailing the days and moments of their epic journey and also a gift Mondo Sahara badge. I say epic because travelling in the Sahara is not without its risks, but they were well prepared as they had left rations and fuel in certain locations and in the film showed how they relocated them again and which products to choose.

What is most refreshing about all of Austin's films is that they not only encourage others to do the same, but also show how to do so if one only has a very limited budget. The end-consumer is then also introduced to the variety of equipment available, and as Austin is (as I am assuming) financially more on the average level, the kit he recommends will be affordable to the likes of myself and the greater public at down to earth, working class prices thank you very much :)

The film begins with all the riders introducing themselves, their motorcycles and preparations for the journey including the hiding of provisions in the desert and unlike another film out there gives tips and advice how other riders Austin aims to inspire can do the same, yes the film is like an instruction manual for "do it yourself stop and dreaming about it" riders. He also speaks about the joys and tribulations of crossing borders into Africa and how to overcome these with local help. The story of the journey itself grips attention and although the film is nearly an hour and a half long, the various mishaps like Austin's bike breaking down and another rider injuring himself will keep your attention alive. For those who have limited time, they can watch the film in stages in well divided chapters.

I will watch the film again to expand on this initial review, but will say that this is the best film Austin has produced so far, which has been shot on a variety of cameras the images of which both the older nostalgic generations and younger high demanding and critical generation will appreciate. Some may criticize the very rare scene which seems over-lit, but it must also be considered they were filming in difficult situations on the move in a challenging environment on a limited budget. They almost seem arty and in fact this even highlights how the average person can do the same and also produce motorcycle adventure films, and not just give up when faced with the journey costs and preparations of others. And this is what Austin is screaming out at you to do, don't just sit there, get out there and explore the world, it's yours!!!
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on 2 December 2013
I was delighted when Mondo Sahara was released. Having followed Austin Vince through Mondo Enduro and Terra Circa, I was not going to miss this. I was not disappointed. Austin and his band are a pleasure to watch whether you are into motorcycling or not. The trick of burying the treasure worked perfectly so the guys could make it across such inhospitable country. I loved the soundtrack music and retro filming touches.
Austin is an inspiration and a role model for all would-be adventure motorcyclists. Jackpot!
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on 6 December 2013
Another brilliant piece of work from Austin Vince inspirational, educational and witty. This now trilogy of motorcycle adventures with friends shows what the average guy is able to achieve without guides and back up trucks and
realistic budgets. Loved the music and credits, but confess to being a fan of Italian westerns,well edited and produced. This guy with his friends inspired myself and three others to make the journey of a lifetime in 2001. Mondo Sahara continues to inspire. Well done Austin and friends.
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on 20 November 2013
This is the 3rd of Austin's series of DVD's I have purchased and as usual I was not disappointed.
A must have for anyone thinking of setting off on the trip of a lifetime ! Very entertaining, well thought out, brilliant filming and full of information...(o:
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on 24 January 2014
Mondo Sahara summed up in one word?

I love watching films about motorbikes, adventure & travel.
I've read every book going, some bad, some good, & only one at the extremely awesome level of the mighty MONDO ENDURO.
Mondo Enduro was a book that I didn't want to finish, but couldn't put down. Quite unique & HUGELY inspiring.
I naturally was keen to see Mondo Enduro on DVD, which inspired me to see TERRA CIRCA on DVD & then when I heard about the plans for MONDO SAHARA, I simply could not wait.
In the meantime I was fortunate to meet the man, the legend; Austin Vince, at the International Dirt Bike Show & what an amazing gentleman he is.
Inspiring, exciting, he is a man with dangerously infectious enthusiasm.

The quality is beyond belief.
Filming high quality films these days is something that a lot of viewers take for granted.
The film gets in the way of the flow of the journey, which gets in the way of the film!

It is a film with a story. A story that people can relate to.
Austin clearly points out that IT CAN BE DONE!
You don't need to take a year off work, you don't need a £15000 bike, you don't need a support crew.
This is the type of epic adventure, that one can do with a 2nd-hand dirt bike, with your mates, on a 4 week stint off work.
I also saw the film on the big screen at the mighty Hebden Bridge Premiere.
There is one scene (& you will spot it), where Mr. Vince & team are burning across the desert, where he is smiling a smile, that says "THIS is it!"

I won't give too much of the plot away, but since seeing the film, I have been spending wayyyy too much time looking at XR400s on fleabay...

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on 30 November 2013
The DVD is excellent, and great fun! Often described as the godfather of of Adventure motorcycling, Austin is always brilliantly entertaining; he and his companions have great fun on their travels. Their message of anyone can do this, and do this cheaply, comes across really well. It's a wonderful adventure, well worth a look. I was singing the theme tune for at least a week after watching!
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on 30 November 2013
Anyone who rides or likes motorcycles should watch this DVD whether or not you want to do an adventure or not. A very real story of motor cycle adventure.
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on 20 December 2013
Enter Austin's mind - motorcycles, sand, oil and 1960's movies.
This film will put your life into focus, helping you ignore petty irritations and start you dreaming on "that" trip.
Stop making excuses, you've got a bike - get out there and ride it!

The perfect storm of clipped British accent, bumbling amateurism, good humour and ultimate extraordinary success will make you nostalgic for a time of true british travel heroes.

A feel good movie that inspires.
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on 10 February 2014
What I'd hoped would be an awe inspiring account of desert riding, turned out to be a viewing endurance test. Now I understand, on a limited budget, that it wasn't going to have the variety of 'On any sunday' or the drama & danger of the Dakar rally but unfortunately it didn't stir up any real emotion in me whatsoever. I expected to be inspired to start planning my own desert trip based on events captured by Mondo Sahara but the inspiration never materialised. Perhaps my expectations were too high in this regard but I felt strangely unmoved by the film as a whole. My only hope is that maybe other viewers may connect with it in the way I had expected to and that it does lead them to their own unique desert experience. I'm sure the trip was a wonderful experience for all involved but they should've kept their video footage as a memory of their experience and not charged £20 for people to share it. Maybe a 15 min youtube post?? Anyway, ultimately I wouldn't recommend this dvd unless you can secure a copy at a greatly reduced rate and it pains me to say so...
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on 29 November 2013
Got this DVD last weekend, for my birthday :) I already knew just what to expect, having already seen Mondo Enduro some years ago. The picture quality has improved a lot, although there is still a deliberate retro feel to it, with more than a nod in homage to Spaghetti Westerns of the 60s. It's highly enjoyable to watch in its own right, but for me, brought back many fond memories of a similar mates' trip earlier this year. Those wide open desert spaces and the blistering, overpowering, bright light are captured nicely. Also a great soundtrack to wash it down with. Most of all, I think it achieves its stated aim - to encourage others to go off and enjoy similar adventures for themselves. The DVD extras are well worth viewing and add further insight into how it all came about. Well done Austin! Good Work, again.
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