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4.1 out of 5 stars15
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 24 November 2013
I was just in a retreat with Shiva in Santorini in June and now this dvd comes out just a few months after , what a great souvenir (: . this dvd also has seven 20 min. plus bonus practices and meditations. there's also a 27 min. interview with Shiva talking about Santorini , the DVD and her new book and a 10 min. prana danda practice with Demetri and Shiva , no verbal instruction,looks fun. I hope they would release a prana danda DVD.
the DVD was filmed in several locations in Santorini.

from the matrix you can choose :
meditations : mudra meditation (6 min.), lunar meditation (10 min.) solar meditation (10 min.)
lunar : lunar backbending vinyasa (20 min.) - the only practice except shavasana filmed indoors (couldn't they keep filming outdoors), relaxing practice of hip opening and backbends. although this is a lunar practice it has side planks and "flip the dog" move which I love. pigeon and double pigeon . the practice culminates in pigeon with a thigh stretch or full pigeon (eka pada raja kapotasana) if you want to , not a good idea to try full pigeon after a 20 min. practice unless you're familiar with the pose .
moon salutations (20 min.) - I'm bored with salutations and 2 of the seven segments are regular salutations (: it's good as a warm up before the backbends practices though.
water vinyasa (20 min.) - fluid backbend practice - beautiful scenery , similar stuff from fluid power with the hip opening mandala namaskar and some backbends, loved it!.
solar : :
sun salutations (20 min.) - the classical variation
earth vinyasa (20 min.) - filmed on the beautiful santorini caldera. a side to side interesting standing vinyasa (no chaturangas etc.) some balancing poses as well.
solar backbending vinyasa (20 min.) - invigorating vinyasa to the beautiful background of the hillside town of Santorini . twisting standing poses , thigh stretches, dolphin , parsva danurasana , warrior 1 with eagle arms and some more.
earth water vinyasa (22 min.) : I love the music in this one [...]
mostly open hip standing poses vinyasa (triangle , vira 2 , gate pose etc..)
eagle , variations of side plank and bhujapidasana arm balance.
solar core (10 min.) - you can watch a clip [...]
Lunar shavasana (10 min.) - long shavasana

overall , some familiar vinyasas with some new ones, breathtaking scenery and some great music. reminds me how fun the retreat was. Thanks Shiva!
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on 20 June 2014
Much better for me personally than any of her other DVD's. She seems to be much more aware that she is making a DVD as a teaching tool and that she has students following out there. Seems less self obsessed and connecting better. The scenery is absolutely amazing but does not distract - it can actually transport you there. I personally find the pace much more manageable than her other DVD's. I think having it in matrix form is really helpful. You can choose three for a longer session or do a short 20 minute session. You can skip the shavasana if you want.
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on 11 February 2015
I am a huge fan of Shiva (& attended a 5 day workshop with her during my yoga teacher training). I have most of her dvd's & use them for my own home practise (& get a lot of inspiration for my own classes!!). I love the matrix option, so I can tailor my practise depending on how much time I have. I would probably not advise this dvd for absolute beginners (or at least I would suggest watching it through first!!) another fab offering from a beautiful, inspiring teacher! I love vinyasa flow yoga , but for those of you who prefer a slower pace & time to really "get into" the poses, this probably isn't the yoga dvd for you!
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on 16 February 2014
Another awesome. DVD from Shiva Tea. Lovely music, beautiful setting, more meditation. I especially love the moon practices as they really help me to unwind and chill. All matrix selection covering everything you need. Much more spiritual than her other DVD, just what I was looking for.
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on 25 October 2013
I had the honour of seeing this DVD before it's release, and OMG, it is amazing, Shiva is totally inspirational as always, but the locations and the practices are gorgeous. I counted almost 4 hours of material on this disc, it really is the complete Yoga disc for any level. Amazing !!!!
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on 26 October 2013
I just received Shiva Rea's latest DVD offering shot in Santorini. The location is amazing and Shiva's sequences are inspiring as usual. Featuring the well-tested yoga matrix for designing your own practice, I can only recommend it highly.
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on 25 May 2014
Not sure what part of this dvd is yoga? More like belly dancing. She never stops dancing about she makes me feel so dizzy. There is no holding an asana and just breating into it. Its basically an asana for 1 second and then all the wiggling and dancing with the hips and hands. Not calming. The first chapter seems to be in a warehouse hardly Greece.
Het voice is also annoying in this one and very little intermediate poses.
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on 9 July 2015
Good DVD, i'm not a teacher more of an experienced novice that needs a hip replacement, this made a couple of the segments too difficult for me but it more than made up for it with the other segments, love the sun salutations on this one, the solar is very challenging and builds up to a satisfying heat, the lunar is great for the more gentle days. Inspiring setting and scenery.
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on 30 April 2016
Very good for beginners and intermediate yogis, the matrix is brilliant you can choose your own routine and mix it up depending on the amount of time you have. I would thoroughly recommend it!
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on 8 June 2016
She's amazing,
The posture sequences are varied for all levels so you can progress trough as you improve either practice. They're very powerful and effective. My fav Yoga DVD hands down
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