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on 6 March 2014
Words can't express how pleased i am with this laptop, it's nippy and plays virtually all games under the sun, anything you throw at it really. (some maybe not on the highest settings, but in all honesty who cares about the odd shadow here and there.)
As other reviews have stated, it's a massive fingerprint magnet, it's all over the laptop, it's REALLY bad for fingerprints, however i just like to look at it as a sign of being used ^_^
To clarify, because i was looking for a review which stated this, this laptop DOES include a 1920x1080 screen which by the way looks absolutely amazing compared to the average laptop screen.
Now you're probably sitting on the edge thinking should i buy it? Well you see that little yellow "add to basket" button.. press it, because it's so worth it! :)
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on 30 January 2014
Amazing laptop, super fast, great keyboard if you need to do a lot of typing, glowing keys for night time, low key noise, and the design stops hair and all sorts of gubbins falling under the keys.

Two issues so far - when putting the num lock and caps lock on and off, there is no indication on the screen or keyboard whether this has been enabled or not. Makes passwords tricky at times.

Also the brushed metal is impossible to keep clean, with fingerprints becoming impossible to remove. I have bought a laptop skin instead to resolve this issue!

All in love the laptop, well worth the money paid.
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on 31 May 2014
This computer comes with Win8 and to be honest, it doesn't perform well and as you don't have touch screen. The SSHD hard drive is slower than I imagined and then I decided to replace the SSHD for my Corsair Force 3 SSD and install Win7. My only disappointment was I am opened the computer to put the SSD and I saw the adaptor to put a external M.2 NGFF drive is not soldered in the motherboard. If you are expecting to buy a M.2 SATA to put as cache drive, you will have to return the laptop. I put my SSD and installed Win7. After install all drivers and Windows Updates I get 7.1 score on Windows Experience Index. The speaker on Windows 7 is much much but much louder than with Windows 8. Overall a great machine you you install Win7. The only downside is the fact that Lenovo advertise the machine with an option to put an additional M.2 SATA but that's is not possible.

Buy with confidence if you are willing to install Win7 and forget about Windows 8.


Update on 16/06/2014 about the trackpad issue:


Edit: This currently does not work for Windows 8.1, apparently because of the way that 8.1 handles unsigned drivers. You can Google search a fix for unsigned drivers, but I have not tried this myself.

When I was debating getting the y510p, a lot of the negative comments about the trackpad here had me worried. They were all true, but I've been able to do something about it.

I just got the y510p and I love nearly everything about it. Like many others, I haven't been happy with the trackpad. The left and right buttons are integrated with the touchpad itself, which makes clicking a nightmare for me. The pointer almost always wobbles as you make clicks, unless you keep your finger perfectly still. Turning down the sensitivity helps when clicking, but then moving the pointer across the screen takes an equally annoying amount of effort. My second problem is the fact that there's no edge scrolling, and with the factory drivers, you are forced to scroll with two fingers. Call me lazy for wanting one-finger scrolling, but my I had it on my last laptop and I became very accustomed to it. Anyway, here's how I managed to get the y510p clickpad to:

A) behave as if it has two distinct mouse buttons (dead zone for touch, only when clicking!!)
B) have one-finger vertical scrolling


1.) Go to Programs and Features and uninstall your current Synaptics Pointing Device drivers. Restart.

2.) Reinstall the driver package from the Synaptics site (not Lenovo) here: [...] and then Restart.

3.) In Control Panel, open the Mouse settings, then go to the Device Settings tab and click Settings

4.) Highlight "Scrolling" and make sure it is checked. Click the gear icon and then go activate vertical scrolling. Configure other options according to your preferences.

5.) To get a "dead zone" where the buttons should be, go to the "SmartSense" settings. Make your settings match this image [...]. That is, make the green selection rectangle cover everything but the mouse button area. Click both 'Restrict pointing' and 'Restrict tapping.' It is also very important that you set filter time to 0 seconds. Otherwise, the dead zone will take awhile to activate after you lift your finger. I prefer it to be immediate.

6.) Explore the other settings and find what you like. There are many more options that you don't get with the default Lenovo driver package.
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on 27 April 2014
A very impressive piece of kit all round. Very nice HD screen, good keyboard, solid build quality, runs virtually silently for general use (with a bit of fan noise kicking in if you really stretch the processor), and most of all, it is very, very fast. I can't say anything about the battery life, as I have kept it plugged in pretty much constantly, but I have no reason to doubt the advertised figures.

It is slightly on the large/heavy side so if you are looking for a tiny ultrabook you are going to have to look elsewhere, but if you are looking ok with something on the larger end of the scale and looking for performance, you won't do any better than this right now.

The only downsides are Windows 8, which isn't great but does the job, and the fact that the case is incredible at picking up fingerprints (I have given up on trying to wipe them off). Everything else about this machine is fantastic though. I strongly recommend it.
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on 21 July 2014
(Updated Review)

I currently own this Lenovo y510p Laptop (purchased elsewhere).

1. This Laptop looks expensive and has a high build quality.
2. The screen is very good quality, and has low reflection, not quite as good as some mat displays I have seen, but good enough for most tasks in a well lit room, and a huge improvement over the typical Laptop's sold by most local chain retailers (currently).
3. Powerful, this Laptop would make photo editing and video encoding a breeze.
4. The GeForce GT 750M in this Laptop can handle most Games on moderate settings, and the "GeForce Experience" app which comes as part of the driver suite can automatically set the graphics settings optimally for you (requires Internet connection the first time).
5. The keys on the keyboard are black with white lettering, and have a red edge to them. The optional keyboard light has two brightness levels and the keys light up with a red glow, the light they emit is not distracting and looks nice.
6. The Keyboard has a Number-Pad.


1. Do not use any cleaning product on these keys. The finish on the Keyboards keys is not very tough and it can wear off. I noticed after 6 months on the keys I use most frequently, that light is now shining through small marks / blotches on the keys.
2. I noticed that with the Always on USB port enabled, and Virtualisation support enabled in the BIOS the Laptops USB 3 ports functioned erratically.
3. The Lenovo Power Management software bugged and kept limiting the performance of the Laptop so I had to remove it.

1. Due to having a fully featured keyboard with a number-pad, the key layout is a little cramped, this has resulted in some typos for me.
2. This Nvidia graphics chip kicks out some serious heat when activated (dual graphics system), it vents from the left side of the Laptop so it is important to keep this side clear.
3. As everyone else will attest to this Laptop is a total fingerprint magnet, so invest in a soft micro-fiber cloth to wipe it down and keep it looking pretty.


1. If you play games turn off the track-pad when a mouse is connected (this can be done in settings) as the large touch pad is too close to the W.A.S.D keys that allot of video games use (your palm will likely brush it during game-play).

2. Update this Laptop to Windows 8.1 it is so much better then Windows 8 you do this freely via the Windows Store App.
(Some Windows Updates may need to be applied before it shows up in the Windows App Store)

3. The Lenovo Software that comes pre-installed will update itself, but inside the Companion app it tries to sell you a whole copy of Windows 8.1. This is basically just an advert selling a whole new OS and not the free upgrade.
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on 5 March 2014
This is a good laptop that works well. Great looking and an easy to use and very attractive illuminated keyboard, bright screen with a good viewing angle. Sound is ok. Since the free Windows 8.1 upgrade it starts in under 10 seconds too! That is better then my Linux machines!!

The not so good points:
Attracts finger prints like some sort of super finger print magnet.
The edge of the body where your wrists can rest is too sharp, I cannot use the touchpad for long due to this and need a mouse.
USB ports are a bit close to each other, stops wider USB sticks fitting in next to other USB items.

The VERY bad:
It had Windows 8 installed - this is absolutely terrible!!!!! It is just cluttered, unintuitive, clunky, and a nightmare to work with! I use all sorts of operating systems and this is the worst I have ever encountered in terms of usability and integration. The 8.1 upgrade improves things a tiny bit.
It had the UEFI type BIOS so it is difficult to load other operating systems to make it a dual boot computer.
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on 2 February 2015
So I got this product in April of last year, it was great, I could run all of the games that I wanted with either high or maximum graphics settings, the screen is easy to read and the keyboard feels great. Overall I would rate this 5 stars as it was a great gaming laptop with all of the performance of an Alienware or MSI but without the cost. However by December the laptop's motherboard had died, the laptop lasted 8 and a half months and from a few Google searches it is apparent that this is not an isolated issue. So ultimately I wouldn't recommend buying this product as even though the replacement of this item is covered by the warranty the inconvenience of being without a computer for over a month (especially from the perspective of a gamer) leads me to the conclusion that this product isn't worth it.
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on 24 January 2014
I know how people are really worried when buying a laptop but its worth every penny.

Its fast, simple to use and its SILENT. I have not heard a single sound come out of the fans and I've had this for a week now. Also the battery life is amazing. You wouldn't expect it but it lasts at least about 4 hours or more usually. The laptop is light at only about 2.9 kg but feels really light.

1TB space is great and the 8 GB RAM make it fast enough for absolutely anything to run on it. The screen is also MATTE not glossy so no horrible reflections etc.

Only bad side is probably the touchpad which is very sensitive but that can be settled in control panel easily.

All in all BUY THIS.
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on 3 July 2014
Was feeling a little skeptical about buying a Laptop from a site that doesn't specialise in Computers, but I am very happy with what I have gotten. Visited computer specialist shops to find the same laptop, only to find they charge £150 more than the price listed on here. Really blown away by how good this thing is, it handles everything. Great desktop for all your applications, use it to watch Netflix and play PC games too. It was a little difficult to adjust to Windows 8, but it's well worth it. Does overheat a little when playing games, but if you put it on a raise surface you should have no problem. Had the Lenovo G550 before this and loved it, and this was no exception. Well worth the money and a cheaper alternative to similar gaming computers.
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on 25 June 2014
The laptop is amazing, i put alot of research into this and expected nothing less. It plays every game if thrown at it so far on high settings!
The laptop arrived as promised by the seller, who was very proffesional in his dealings with my problems when the first laptop arrived (unknown to them, it was second hand,) he dispatched a second one that was brand new this time and I could'nt be happier!
This product is well worth the money paid, and you get alot for that money as well, this is easily one of the best laptops for its price range you can buy, and if your thinking of buying, use this seller, as he is extremely trusting and helpful IF any problems do arise.
Very happy buyer!
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