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3.8 out of 5 stars100
3.8 out of 5 stars
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I was contemplating how good these earphones would be at the price - once they arrived any doubts I had were dispelled. In common with their more expensive Brainwavz siblings the presentation of these earphones is excellent - the part transparent box front really shows off the earbuds which are made from aluminium and are finished with red ends/cable strain reliefs. In the box you get the Delta Earphones plus 3 sets of silicon ear tips - small, medium and large, a set of Comply Foam Tips and instructions plus a one year warranty. The 1.3 metre cord is just the right length for most applications and is a "Y" design which ensures minimal intrusion by the cable. The cord also has business-like strain relief at either end and terminates in a gold plated 3.5mm audio jack - the cabling looks as though it will last.

The thing that Brainwavz seem to understand well is that with earphones like this the seal between the earbud and the ear will be a big determinant of sound quality especially the bass. The range of ear tips supplied should help you achieve an efficient seal. Additionally, if the seal is good sound leakage is minimised reducing annoyance to others on trains and buses etc. - providing you choose the right ear tip for you the sound leakage of these phones is quite low.

I tried these headphones with my mobile phone, laptop and iPod using a range of music from pop to classic and was amazed by the quality considering the price. The bass is firm but not too boomy and the clarity of the midrange/treble give both orchestral music and vocals real presence. The overall soundstage is airy too. I also agree with other reviewers that the volume can be turned up quite loud before these phones distort significantly.

Despite their "value" pricing these earphones really deliver and far exceed anything I've ever bought even at double the price. Of course you'll hear a difference if you switch to a pair of audiophile phones costing several times the price of these Brainwavz Delta IEMs but the price/performance ratio they achieve is exceptional. The other practical point is the Deltas are ideal for people who tend to mislay headphones - these are economically enough priced not to break the bank if you lose them but are still highly listenable. It's hard to think how you'd do better at the price in terms of sound quality and build. Recommended.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 10 May 2014
Note the supplier sent me a review sample, no attempt was made to influence my opinion.

The Delta's come in a smaller package, and without a case I assume in order to keep costs down a little. These are the most affordable set of Brainwavz I have used to date. But the good news is that despite the more attractive price, you get a set of nicely made phones (metal casing) and a reasonable selection of tips (3 silicone sizes and the comply foam set)

It's an attractive offering at this price
+ Good build on the main units, metal casing (aluminium)
+ Nice quality 1.3m cable with Y cord adjuster
+ Gold plated 3.5mm plug with good strain relief on all cable points

Once you mix in the selection of tips, it's a strong overall package for the modest price.
Sound wise, this is where many budget phones run into problems. I'm pleased to report the Delta's have a well rounded, good balanced sound.

Bass response is good (but not too strong), as are mids and treble. I would describe the sound as neutral to slightly warm. With good seperation on the channels and clarity/presence. I quite like more netural phones as this doesn't swamp you out with one area (you should adjust the EQ to suit your taste or the song I tend to increase the bass and treble a little on these), having tried a set of JVC HAFX1X Xtreme, I can say that the are all bass and nothing else. The Deltas are much more balanced overall and work very well with a wider variety of music. Esp suited to intrumental songs.

If you like super thumpy bass or very strong treble/or raw sound these are not the buds for you. But if you want a good quality set that sounds good (natural), the Deltas are a good step up over some of the phones at the lower end. The overall quality/package puts some well known makers to shame.

A good set from Brainwavz and priced very well. They get a thumbs up from me
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Brainwavz manufacture some really excellent headphones.
I have received 3 sets so far for review and these, although at the budget end of the range, are an excellent set.

To contrast my review from other reviewers I will write this review as I think it will be most useful.

Maybe not as technical as others but as I see it.

Appearance- The Eyes Have it.
The first thing that strikes you about these headphones is that the box that they come in looks food.
Don't make the assumption that the box is secondary.
If this is a gift then the first thing the receiver sees is the box.
The makers have spared no cost here it looks expensive in a smart Black, Red and white with a silver holographic logo on the front.
The ear phones themselves are seen in all their glory via the clear plastic window on 3 sides.
The makers want you to see just how good they look and it works they are impressive.

Open the Box.
When you take them out they feel good.
Again this is important - teens are really fashion and looks conscious. And believe me, teenagers are pretty picky about image, I as know from being the parent of a typical 17 year old son!
If they look and feel cheap they will not be wanted nor used and you will have wasted your money.
The ear phones look and ooze quality.

Now something that was common and applicable to all the headphones I have reviewed is this is this.
If you are buying these for a present to some one they would be mightily impressed with the obvious quality of the head set.
And believe me, teenagers are pretty picky about image, I as know from being the parent of a typical 17 year old son!
The box has the correct spelling too- again I need to explain.
Quite a lot of electrical items from China, although really great products, are let down by bad spelling, terrible punctuation and look as if they have been translated from Mandarin into Portuguese back in to Mandarin then into English.
this gives a really bad first impression and as the old saying goes 'you never get a second chance to make a first impression.'
These headphones look really smart.

Where these ear phones will really score is with their attention to detail and comfort.
You get a full set of three silicone ear tips in small medium and large and, if that were not enough, 1 set of comply(tm) foam tips S series.
You really can experiment until you get the most comfortable set for you.
Although there a budget price no expense has been spared.

BUT all the above is pure cosmetics.
What counts is the sound.

The Sound.
The base is really impressive and not at all 'tinny'. I like progressive rock, Frank Zappa and Leon Redbone with Depeche Mode, King Crimson and Black along the way.
And that s covers quite a spectrum.
All were handled really well with the base being excellent on the heavier rock sounds whilst Leon Redbone's vocals were brilliant!
I can honestly say that these really do betray their resonable price and beat the sound of much more expensive headphones.
I had to check and recheck the price because believe me these sound really expensive.

My sound system at home has Oxygen Free Copper cables (bought from Richer Sounds by the meter). The sound transfer is better. All the experts agree not just me.
I have a Brennan J7 too.
Again no expense has been spared for these leads are oxygen free copper too when you couple that with aluminum heads and the fact that the headphones fit and fit well you have a really excellent set of headphones.

This is a 12 month long one.
If you look after them and handle them with care then that along with the 'strain relief attachments mean you should get your moneys worth out of them.*

Now my biggest problem is hiding them away from my teen aged son!

*And yes I realise that this is ironic because mine were free to review.
A Great Performing Budget Set of Earphones.
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These are sensible earphones giving a good sound and, with a decent Y-shaped cord and a 3.5mm stereo jack.

They have some red detailing, and they are made of metal, not plastic. Besides the normal small/medium/large silicone "tips", there's also a set of foam tips that completely block your ear canal to give much better sound isolation and a much better bass effect. Its the inclusion of these foam tips that make all the difference in the sound quality.

For the very reasonable price these are well-made earphones that sound good. I do prefer the Brainwavz S1 Over The Ear IEM Earphones when I'm working in the garden, but they are (a) more expensive and (b) a bit too bulky for casual use.

Note: Brainwavz sent me a pair of these earphones for review.
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I am very impressed with these earphones. The manufacturer sent them to me to test and review and - certainly for the price - I think they are excellent. They are very solidly made from polished aluminium with good reinforcements on the cable joints at the jack, the split and the earphones themselves and come with three sets of silicone tips and one set of foam ones in various sizes. They have the feel of a robust and durable product.

The two really critical things in earphones, of course, are sound quality and comfort in use. These do well on both. The sound is full and very clear with treble and mid-range especially good. The bass response is described as "balanced" which is about right; it's not too dominant but plenty full enough for me. I have a playlist which I use to test earphones, headphones and speakers which begins with some choral music from around 1500, includes vocal, orchestral and chamber music of several kinds and ends up with things like the Stones, Leonard Cohen, Adele and London Grammar. It's a pretty thorough test and these earphones did very well on all of it. They don't have quite the full richness of the Brainwavz S1s or RHA MA600s, but then these are a fraction of the price of either. I found them well balanced and extremely clear - for example, Emma Kirkby's voice sounds wonderful and the rich production on Joan Armatrading's Willow was very distinct with no muddiness at all that I could hear. They go (to me) ear-shatteringly loud with no distortion. An all-round good performance.

Comfort was a little more of a problem for me, but I suspect that's my ears. The silicone and foam tips supplied didn't quite seem to be quite the right size for my ears, but once I'd resorted to some tips from another set of earphones they were fine, and remained comfortable for prolonged use. Others may well not have this problem - ears are a very personal thing, after all.

So, for very good earphones at a very reasonable price these are excellent. For real hi-fi you might want to look at S1s Brainwavz S1 Over The Ear IEM Earphones or RHA MA600s RHA MA600 Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphone - 3 year warranty, but as good quality earphones with excellent sound for everyday use, you can't go wrong with these, I think. Warmly recommended.
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on 25 April 2014
I change my earphones quite frequent and my general rule is that I don't spend more than 50$.
This one is brilliant for the price, well balanced, good bass, nice treble. I can compare them with RHA MA350 (too much bass, not balanced, loud cord, uncomfortable) and they are way better. If I lost/damage them I will buy another pair.

- really nice, balanced sound
- comfortable
- good sound isolation
- long cable (soft, no cracking noise from rubbing against clothes)
- look good
- all metal housing (should last long)
- price!!!

- could play a little more clearly (but for the price I can't complain)
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There must be 100's of different brand of headphones on the market at this price point and it's very hard to tell what is good and what is not.

This is my second pair of Brainwavz Headphones my others are the Brainwavz S1 Over The Ear IEM Earphones which I use daily. This pair I wanted to keep in my van so I have a pair to hand when the dog needs a walk or I just want to stop for a while.

First impression's and good, the build is nice, the have a silver and red metal effect on the ear pieces which looks nice.

The most important thing is sound quality.
Plugged them in to my Samsung Galaxy S4 and wow, they are nice, all the ranges are delivered with accurate acoustics, clear treble and mid with just the right amount of Bass, I have a sony set of ear phones that I purchased for a similar price a while ago and these are loads better, a joy to listen to.

Brainwavz may be a new brand to me but they know how to produce a product that delivers as it should, very pleased with these well priced well made earphones.
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on 21 June 2014
The Brainwavz Delta IEM Earphones are the finest budget-oriented earphones I have used, offering exceptional sound quality with great clarity ranging from bass to treble. For budget-oriented earphones, these are very well made, with metal and plastic construction superior to anything I have seen from the likes of low-end Sony and Panasonic earphones. Speaking of Sony, I used these on an old cheap, Sony Walkman portable radio, and the sound quality for it was by far the best I have ever heard from my old portable radio. Without question, Brainwavz has done a fine job in producing more economy-level earphones with the Brainwavz Delta, offering exceptional sound quality present in other, far more expensive, earphones. (Please note that I had obtained these from the manufacturer in exchange for this review, but it did not bias my testing of it on several laptops as well as the old Sony portable radio.)
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on 9 May 2014
Just received these........vocals, percussion and electric guitars a joy..and on a 40 year old recording at that ......bass guitar is tuneful, NOT overblown. A very pleasant, neutral tonality is evident on piano, female vocals and acoustic guitars. The sound quality attainable in my opinion can replicate that of 'hifi' speakers costing four figure sums !

Mellotron, Dobro guitars, and 1980s synthesizers all sound natural, credible, well proportioned and the earphones do not 'flavour' the sound, so you get a 'studio monitor' style of reproduction entirely devoid of distortion.

NB ## Use the black FOAM BUDS provided for superior noise isolation , enhanced bass, and an altogether more cohesive, solid, 'upmarket hifi' sound.

At £14 these are an ABSOLUTE GIFT TO HIFI LISTENERS....Brilliantly neutral sound, style, high quality build, finish well done to BRAINWAVZ !!
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Brainwavz have a great reputation for producing more affordable audiophile quality earphones and these Deltas are no exception.

They come very well presented in a nice box.

In the box you find -

- The Delta in earphones with a 1.3 meter cable with a standard 3.5mm jack plug which is gold plated and they use pure copper oxygen free cable.

- Earbuds - three sets of silicone buds. Sizes small, medium and Large plus one set of Comply foam earbuds which reportedly provide a better outside noise cancelling experience

- Instruction leaflet

The Deltas have been very well designed in my opinion. I've gone through many a pair of in ear earphones being a cyclist/hiker/climber on and off over the last 30 odd years. They've all bit the dust as they get soaked in sweat that just corrodes them and they snap. These look like they should wear well.

They're made from Aluminium and are well engineered to a lovely finish. I personally love the touches of red at the end of the ear-tubes! The cable has very good flexible rubber strain reliefs on it which I like a lot and should extend the life of the earphones for ruffians like me! They took a bit of fiddling with to get the fit just right in trying the different buds out but once sorted they are spot on. I personally like the Comply buds.

In use -

The important bit - how they sound! I do not claim to be an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination but. . .as a poor visioned spectacles wearer my hearing is has become enhanced to almost Spiderman like capability and I know a good quality sound when I hear it and these Deltas give a very good clarity sound out.

I've listened to quite a few pieces of music through these and one thing has become apparent - Most people I imagine nowadays listen to their music on some digital format (I do) and don't even realise what bit-rate settings they have their music files set to. You need to be listening to a quality recording to appreciate these fully as with any decent head/earphones.

We all have our favourite music for testing earphones out which are usually tracks that 'we' know every little nuance of after listening to them 100 times over! In my case I put these earphones through their paces listening to a lot of Beatles, Kraftwerk, 80's Electro, Queen remasters, Simon and Garfunkel and Motown stuff.

I've also used these via my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 2) to listen to the Tune In Radio app and some podcasts and audio books, Netflix movies which were all superb.

The sound from these is well balanced for all music genres but definitely edging towards vocal/instrumental clarity which is absolutely spot on for the price of these earphones. The bass is good but not as earth shattering as the Brainwavz S1's. The whole kit is well built and feels quality. Very good in earphones at an affordable price.

These earphones were kindly sent to me for test and review purposes.

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