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3.0 out of 5 stars126
3.0 out of 5 stars
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 29 May 2011
So, with all the buzz about the movie i decided to give it a chance. I thought I had seen it all, when it comes to extremely dark and disturbing movies, Salo, Men Behind the Sun, Nekromantik, Flower of Flesh and Blood, the August Underground movies, could it get anymore extreme. Having just watched a Serbian Film, lets just say i haven't seen a more disturbing movie to date. Some of the scenes are so graphic and repulsive you just cant believe your eyes, and i had to stop the movie at one point, and that's a first for me. Saying that there is some positivity to this movie as it was a well made piece of cinema. Whether taken as metaphor, social commentary, exploitation or even as dark satire, Srdan Spasojevic's debut is impossible to ignore, and the debates which it has inspired serve as a nice reminder of how films can cause such extreme reactions in audiences and critics - many of whom it has to be said, probably haven't even seen the film in the first place. Set in modern Serbia, the film follows Milos, a retired porn-star now living the family life with a wife and 5-year-old son. In an effort to ensure the financial future of his family, Milos reluctantly accepts a job offer from a mysterious producer named Vukmir to produce "artistic pornography" at an extremely high pay rate. The only catch is that he isn't allowed to know any details of the movie he's in -- he's only asked to show up, act naturally, and have sex. Milos' introduction to the intimidating sunglasses-clad posse hiring him (imagine "high class Euro-thug" and you've got it) is handled well -- decisive camera movements and terse dialogue create an atmosphere of dreadful inevitability without relying on too much stylization. It's in these sequences that the film shows promise, if not complexity. To me the film did not seem as cheap as I thought it would be and the The film is very technically polished. The compositions and lighting are on par with any American horror film in the Hostel budget range. The acting is decent, too. Some of our favorite horror films are notable for extreme set pieces. Emmanuelle in America has a ripper, as do Salo, Cannibal Holocaust, and In A Glass Cage. Serbian Movie definitely deserves to be placed alongside these for its extremity and perversion. One set piece in particular, involving a newborn, is the film's most harrowing. Clearly, no real infant was harmed, but the single angle and sound effects create a very disturbing ninety seconds you won't soon forget. Other horrors include an eye socket being penetrated with an erect penis and two unidentified bodies being carnally assaulted. "A Serbian Film" is easily one of the most controversial and important releases of the last couple of years, and though it's undoubtedly not a film for all tastes. Those who are easily offended or have a weak stomach should avoid this like THE PLAGUE..
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 11 August 2012
A Serbian Film (Srpski Film... right?!) has officially become one of my Top 5 Movies. For so many reasons, and I'm not usually one for Dramas, but ASF is a drama that won't be appearing midday on Channel 5 anytime soon! Many people have mistaken this film for a Horror, and to be honest, you couldn't be more wrong. Let's set the scene...
Milos is a middle-aged Retired Porn Actor, with a Wife and a Son. Money is getting tighter and tighter, and soon Milos is meeting up with a friend who is still in the Porn Industry. She tells him about a new "Art" Director called Vukmir, who wants Milos to be the star of some of his works for a big sum of Money, the only thing is Milos has to sign up not knowing what type of Movies he will be starring in. Milos asks his Cop brother (who has a very surreal and sick obsession with Milos little family) to do background checks on the people he'll now be doing Adult Films with, and even though Vukmir comes back clean and actually quite academically well-off, chaos ensues and Milos is left wondering if this time, he's in way too deep to ever get out...
I personally loved a Serbian Film; it's thee Drama of all Drama movies! I have watched the Uncut version, and it's extremely well written by Spasojevic, acted perfectly and the overall atmosphere feels tense all way through the Film. I really do think the shocks in this film are focused on way too much by other people and have been very over-emphasised, and I think if you can accept what's happening in the movie, and actually listen to what the Director's saying (and what Spasojevic says about ASF) then you will definitely enjoy this. My personal favourite scene was the Machete scene, and yes that did make me squirm a bit!! Overall it's not that shocking at all, it's just a great film and your Heart will definitely break for Milos and his lovely family. Ignore the negative hype, watch it and make up your own mind. It's an awesome movie, and it deserves to be seen by everyone. Bravo, bravo, bravo!!! Oh, and check this out Uncut if you can.
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97 of 111 people found the following review helpful
on 13 December 2010
Even in it's censored form, A Serbian Film packs a powerful punch.

Without trying to sound like an apologist for censorship, the cut version still works and internet rants against companies putting out censored work should be directed at the censor, not the companies putting out the movies, who have to recoup costs regardless of the BBFCs outcome.

To all the people bleating about how disgusting it is and how it should be banned I say this. You don't have to watch it. This isn't the kind of film, thanks to a combined campaign of open and honest marketing and furiously jerking knees, that anyone will come to without prior warning.

Therefore, if you choose to watch something and then get offended, it's your fault, not the fault of talented filmmakers creating transgressive imagery. Personally, I watched it and got very upset. Upset because the film asked me questions rather than simply throwing the claret around and jiggling breasts in my face.

If only more films were less thought provoking and had more pointless slaughter and more jiggling breasts,we could all sleep at night knowing that no one would be offended or uncomfortable. Fact is, art and creativity shouldn't be subject to censure only classification. I classify this movie as uncompromising, thought provoking, intellegent and extremely troubling.

If you don't like images of sex, violence and sexual violence, just don't watch it. Don't. If you're more tolerant of extreme cinema and taboo images, then A Serbian Film, despite protests from reviewers about it being pure exploitation (an act of cowardice as they try to avoid being seen to praise that which has been universally vilified), is a smart, clever, questioning work that will at least give you plenty of pub debate ammunition.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 25 April 2013
This film is in my opinion one of the hardest hitting, unforgiving, and groundbreaking pieces of cinema I've ever seen. It is deliberately shocking and unapologetic for that. It has a strong political message deep in the films core structure and although some of the more infamous scenes are a little hard to watch, it's also intriguing to watch. The DVD version here has alot of footage either taken out or shortened so you may watch this version and be unfazed by it, however if you can find the uncut version it would be to your benefit.

The special effects and camera work in this film are excellent. Very atmospheric and the effects themselves look so good you would think it was real in parts. Now this film will offend alot of people due to some of the scenes portrayed, I particular the infamous baby scene which made me close to being ill, however some of the other scenes are more impact full for some horror films. It has a very dark tone to it that I personally enjoyed and if you examine the film to its core, it achieves what it set out to.

I would recommend this film to people who particularly like exploitation films as this in my opinion will go down as a fine piece of foreign cinema and a genuine shock movie.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 4 February 2014
This advertises that the movie is 104 minutes which would make it the uncut version when in actual fact it is 95 minutes meaning it is the cut version!!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 30 October 2012
There has been a thing going around about the sheer dreadfulness of this film.
I bought it to see just how shocking it was.
I suspect that some sections had been cut, but there was still lot's of graphic unpleasantness, mainly of a sexually perverse nature, to make it a grim storyline.
In fact the sexual element is very graphically portrayed.
I have seen worse gore.
I guess what sets this apart is the despicable acts the main player is forced while drugged to participate in.
The ending is unexpected and another perverse twist.
You'll either find this disgusting and grossly shocking, or watchable for what it is. Controversial.
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on 3 March 2011
This film is a disgust level test.

SF is a trashy macho, exploitation Euro-horror extreme, that for most will come across as a sickening teen dream filth fest. I enjoyed it, but like every other reviewer would not recommend it, as it is a sick voyeuristic shock project. For me it lacks the class, polish and purpose of films like Martyrs, Inside or High Tension. It is too graphic.

An ex-pornstar is hired to complete a 'secret' project. This nasty project constantly worsens, and descends into depravity, including vile sex acts including rape, necrophilia, snuff and incest. The man then goes mad with what he has to see and do, as the director raises the shock level limbo bar higher every 5 minutes. It starts off and constantly injects dabs of high adrenaline, with a consistent theme of creepy sinister-ism and dark porno.

The film's justification attempts to capture and highlight a seedy world in Serbia, but it is left using it to shock and entertain, rather than send a message. The Serb war and suffering (rape and torture) are said to be the crews inspiration.

The sick parts = sex with a newborn, child watching sex, rape, snuff and torture.

What then film contains;

Pornography, Nudity, and many sex scenes
Torture, abuse and murder
Rape - under-age sex and incest

Cut vs Uncut - the UK and US versions are edited, removing 4 minutes of graphic sex and murder. The cut version still packs a big punch and has enough for the sparse interested film fans. It is near impossible to obtain the original uncut version legally.

SF is a mixture of Hostel, Baise Moi, Martyrs and porn.
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on 26 February 2011
This film is without doubt the most disgusting and disturbing film I've ever seen. I try to go out of my way to watch films that are supposedly shocking such as Lars von Trier's Antichrist which is comparitively tame to this film; nothing can really prepare you for A Serbian Film.

Withouth spoiling too much I will say it was the uncut version I watched, and in that version featured paedophilia, incest, necrophilia, rape and snuff. All these scenes are explicit as they can be without being illegal (i.e. the paedophilia scenes). From this list you can tell that they have pretty much all the taboo sexual areas covered; this is where the film derives much of its power by giving an unflinching view of, in the words of the main antagonist, what it is like to be a "victim". If you find any of these extreme scenes lacking then that is due to the censorship.

Overall in terms of story, the film is quite good. I felt the main character Milos is relatable, and that his disgust at realising what he was forced into was believable. Also I presume the film is some what related to social issues in Serbia currently, but not really knowing anything about that I can't comment. This film would be rated higher if I hadn't have felt like the film had relied a bit too much on its shock value to evoke a reaction from the viewer and not on a deep plot, but I suppose that is the point of the film.
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on 21 September 2015
This doesn't get 1 star because of how controversial it is, it gets it out of sheer plagarism. What the makers did was take every controversial movie that they had seen through the years and stitch these scenes together to come out with A Serbian Film.

The acting isn't the best, neither is the script. Ok the production values do look good for a low budget movie, but so what when everything look fake. Let's talk about the baby rape. If you find a man having sex with a plastic doll offensive and a tape recorder of a baby screaming for its milk then look away. For the rest of us it was pathetic in its nature. Scrap the doll and think more like Kuato from Total Recall. Now obviously I don't want to see a baby being raped, but please don't try and shock us because the end scene is actually teenage comedy.

The gore is over the top stupid, so no you can't gorge out a mans eye with your penis. If you want to be moved emotionally by a movie that leaves you shocked try Irreversible or Martyrs. This seemed more like a comedy, a total failure.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
That is how the director Srdjan Spasojevic, describes this film. I really do beg to differ. It is an horrific, cruel polemic on the state of modern life and more accurately Serbia.

He uses pornography and non consensual sex - ie rape, as a vehicle for how low society has become. This is after the horrors visited on his country by two decades of conflict. As others have said this should not have been cut, as censorship is wrong in my opinion, we are able to make our own decisions without the `Nanny State' stepping in to say what is good for us. That said I do not feel that more scenes of apparently gratuitous violence, sexual or otherwise would have helped to ram the message home any more than it needed to be.

The plot is that of a semi retired porn star who gets offered `a life changing' sum to make an unscripted porno for an eccentric `artist'. The catch is that he must do as directed at the drop of a hat, and be able to perform, no matter what the circumstances. Those circumstances become increasingly challenging, but there are hints throughout, of what the `director' is looking for, like when he says "victims sell the most".

I think anyone would be hard pushed to say they `like' this film, but whether or not it has merit as a satire or otherwise will be a very personal choice. I admire film makers for pushing the boundaries, and this certainly does that. It was not a happy viewing experience, but then it was never meant to be, so from that reasoning it is a `good' film. It will just not be to everybody's liking, and if you are unsure there is a very good synopsis on Wikipedia, but it contains plot spoilers. Even having read that, I still was shocked and was left feeling quite down after this I remember thinking it was `belligerently dystopian', when in fact that is what it was saying about society. A film that shocks, makes you think and asks questions - all in all a very good effort, but watch with caution.
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