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on 24 September 2014
This is my initial review of the HT23 monitor having just bought it and set it up. I went for this monitor to use on a Windows 7 two monitor set up that was using 2 Dell 20" monitors. On receipt I was surprised how thin the box was, when the monitor was removed from the packaging it was actually pleasingly slim, fairly weighty and looked like a quality product.
I have used my LED TVs to display HDMI resolution 1080 PC pictures before and have never been satisfied with the results, particularly text was very poor. I was therefore fairly convinced that this monitor would give similar results and would be on its way back to Amazon.
I simply unplugged the a Dell DVI connection, plugged it into the HT23, connected the monitor power supply, and booted the PC. Windows booted, I changed the settings to make the HT23 the primary monitor. The picture was vibrant and crisp, slightly too bright but really excellent. Sitting next to the other Dell monitor the HT23 was clearly a far better picture. Text was really sharp and surprising for me considering my previous experience of 1080 big screens. Brightness was easy to reduce to around 80% from 100%, other adjustments are made from an onscreen menu system that is operated from switches on the back of the monitor.
I then connected the USB cable, Windows loaded some bits and pieces automatically and I rebooted the PC, the touch function then worked a treat. Very easy to use and sensitive to the touch, a very good touch experience indeed. I set windows to work with single tap and it is now just like using a really large tablet.
I can use touchscreen/mouse/keyboard/virtual keyboard/touch pad in any combination on the new screen, even my wife who only uses a tablet, was up and running a few seconds and loved the size of the desktop and browser window, commenting how good for online shopping it would be!!
So my initial opinion is great picture - graphics and text, great flexibility using various inputs as required. Very pleased with this product and almost surprised how really good this monitor is. When you couple this with the price, it is a winner.
I'll update this review if there is any change.
Update (after several days)
The sound quality from the internal speakers is not up to much, they do not compare to the Dell sound bar quality. Apart from that this is proving to be great monitor.
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on 18 June 2015
TL;DR - This is a somewhat flawed product. There appears to be an issue with the power supply and I also recommend that you read the 1 and 2 star reviews before considering it.

I am in two minds as to whether to keep this monitor which clearly has a fundamental design fault. It looks beautiful, the display is crisp and neutral - all in all it is a very nice monitor, if monitor is all you want.

The touch interface is where things get troublesome. The monitor worked once when first switched on with DVI-D video connection, USB (for the touch HID feature) direct to a motherboard USB port on my HP Pro 3500 micro tower PC and power. Power is an external switching power supply directly attached to a moulded 3 pin plug; the output voltage is 12V via a fairly standard coaxial power connector similar to the type used for many laptops - polarity is positive on the inner connector, negative on the outer. The power supply has only a plastic pin where the earth pin would be as is common with this type of supply – no earth necessary.

At the second and every subsequent boot, the monitor simply did not come on. I have another monitor connected to the analogue (VGA) output on the computer so could see that it was booting, although it was complaining that no keyboard was connected. The keyboard was in fact connected to the motherboard USB port directly adjacent to the one I had used for the touch screen connection. By moving the keyboard to a different USB port on the front of the computer, I was able to regain control of the computer but there was still no display on the HannsG monitor.

As the USB connection seemed to be indicated as a likely problem, I disconnected the touch screen USB interface by pulling the USB plug at the monitor end. Two things happened immediately. 1. the HannsG monitor came on and 2. the keyboard was again recognised on the original motherboard USB port – the one adjacent to the one recently disconnected from the HannsG touch interface.

So far we have a working (and still very beautiful) touch screen monitor, with touch functionality disabled. I want touch to work though, so now what?

I tried reconnecting the USB cable but as soon as the external metal part of the plug (a standard B type USB plug) touched the exposed metal part of the USB socket on the monitor – i.e. before it was fully engaged – the monitor went off. The power light on the monitor also went off. Simply moving the USB plug so that it was no longer in contact with any part of the monitor restored power. It appeared that the monitor power supply was being pulled down by some form of power leakage to the USB interface.

As I have an external, powered USB hub also connected to the same PC, I decided to try the monitor USB connection via that hub, rather than directly. This worked immediately and has continued to work without any issues, so I have a functional display with a working touch interface and I do really like it – I just find the fact of this USB power leakage more than a little troubling.

PS Others have complained about sound. I have not tried it. Inbuilt monitor speakers are never any good and I would not single out the issue of poor sound as a reason to discount this product. I have an external 5.1 sound system connected which works well.

PPS Amazon please fix the description of this product. You say that it includes a DVI-D cable. It does not. Supplied cables are power (shudder), analogue video (VGA), analogue audio (3.5mm type) and USB (type A to type B). That is all.
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on 12 May 2014
I am extremely happy with the performance of this monitor, which I bought at the same time as a new Windows 8.1 desktop computer in order to benefit from a touch-screen. It works very well and the resolution is first class. The speakers are no more than adequate but then I do not use the desktop for listening to music.
The handbook, however, is disappointing, appearing to be poorly translated and confusingly expressed. It took me 24 hours to get any sound out of the speakers because the handbook fails to make clear that, if the monitor is connected to the computer's graphics card with an HDMI cable, you must NOT use the audio lead supplied. In fact, the handbook instructs you to connect both the HDMi and the audio lead. It was only when, by a frustrating process of elimination, I disconnected the audio lead at both ends, that the monitor's speakers suddenly sprang into life. It is a shame that the manufacturers skimped on the handbook when they have produced a very fine monitor at a competitive price.
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on 23 February 2015
We had one of these and when connected to a nearly new laptop, the laptop died. We thought it was a fault of the laptop, and sent that away for repair (new motherboard). On the next outing of the monitor (we use the monitor occasionally, for exhibitions), all the USB ports of another laptop we connected to it failed. Only at this point did we suspect the monitor (still less than a month old). We tested the power supply and found it had over 80 volts of a.c. breakthrough on it (at low current). We took the monitor back to the retailer and said 'if you do test that, be careful', to which they replied, 'yeah we know, we've had another of these break one of our computers already' and refunded us. We thought Hanns-G ought to know, and they were very communicative, but ultimately said that the 80v a.c. on what should have been a 12v d.c. power supply leading to a 5v USB connection was normal, and denied liability for the equipment failures we experienced. Note also the 1-star review by David Morgans who similarly suffered equipment damage, and the 3 star review by Bruce Miller who says "Rather alarmingly when I tried reconnecting the usb plug bright sparks arced between the PC and plug."
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on 24 May 2015
When this screen arrived it was making a rattling sound. I had ignored all the negative reviews about it shorting peoples things out, and decided what the heck. The screen itself is actually very good; vibrant clear colours, and the touch screen worked well for about 2 days. I noticed by chance that even when the touchscreen was off, and i had a second monitor attached, it would still register touches. I ran a multimeter over the USB and to no surprise it was actually leaking power from the monitor to the usb hub. This is not a safe product. Speakers were truly awful for saying how much real estate they take up.

However the wonderful folks at Amazon processed my return in the same day, and I ordered a Viewsonic 23" touchscreen instead, which was about 35 pounds more but worth every penny. It's listed as reduced from £400+, and i would stongly recommend it over this fire hazard of a monitor. If you've looked at this monitor, just buy the 23" multitouch Viewsonic instead.

TL;DR: Avoid this like the plague, get the viewsonic described above, and you will get better speakers, and an amazing stand.
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on 19 March 2015
I liked it so much I bought another. Using with Windows 8 Desktop PC - so not a huge demand for touch and didn't justify paying typical touch screen prices. Then I saw this monitor and thought it was worth a try. The screen came very quickly, well packaged and my delivery driver commented that they were very good as he uses them for his Graphics work - so a good start ! Simple to install - just connect up and away you go.
The screen is good to look at, nice glass front (I don't worry about reflections where it is sat) - and has a nifty tilt bracket on the back. The colour, resolution and performance are excellent and with the added touch capabilities that work very well on Windows 8.1 after calibration, you can't go wrong. I asked my daughter if she wanted to replace her old Dell screen when I ordered and she said not - however as soon as she saw this screen in action she went straight in to pester mode for one too :-)
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on 18 April 2015
Unfortunately I got one yesterday that decided to blow my USB ports on the motherboard, thus I have now had to buy a brand new motherboard And CPU (not from Amazon) because I cannot get a board for my current 1155.
It also managed to render my Anker keyboard and mouse useless, I have had to purchase another of those too.
Amazon said they cannot be held responsible for "collateral damage", I could understand that comment if it was a compatibility problem but you really don't think a friggin monitor and cable would gonna blow your PC up.
I just wished I read further on the reviews and spotted the other people who had this happen to them
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on 12 March 2014
Fantastic delivery, easy to set up and hey presto the most fantastic screen is working so smoothly. Really bright and sharp. Touchscreen works really well and saves a lot of time.
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on 1 June 2015
Got this for my W7 setup. Very pleased with it. I suppose you could liken it to a smart phone in the way the screen responds. I did download windows touch for it thinking I needed to install that to operate this monitor, what a waste of time. I uninstalled that 5 minutes later. Unfortunately the DVI lead was not in the box and it should have been according to the blurb. However as I was already using the one from previous monitor it was no biggie. Previous monitor was a 22" this is only an inch bigger but it is amazing how clear the screen is. The footprint is less but does sit directly on the work surface, no more pushing the keyboard under the screen.
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on 26 December 2014
Wow. This is an amazing monitor for the price. I've got it lined up against an Asus monitor the same size display. The colour reproduction is better (IMHO) than the Asus - and I've attempted some basic calibration to prove it. The HannsG is a bigger overall unit where the Asus has the speakers hidden - the Hannsg has them below.

The controls for the unit are also not very accessible - they are hidden on the back right. In most setups - that's not a major problem - let the monitor go into power saving and you wouldn't need to press them. However, I operate two computers on the same monitor pair - one using DVI and the other using HDMI. The HannsG will auto switch to the input that's providing content, but if both computers are on - the right combinations of buttons have to be pressed each time to switch inputs. Given the position - that makes finding the right buttons each time a strain - especially when compared to the other monitor where the controls are on the bottom.

Sound is nothing special - but you'd expect that.

The tilt stand for the monitor is built onto it and doesn't appear to be removable - but that didn't prevent it being mounted on to a VESA monitor mount.

The touch functionality on the device works surprisingly well. It's detected all 10 fingers in my tests. It's been responsive and easy to manage. Windows setup for it was quick and easy - all I had to do was tell Windows which of the two monitors was touch screen (easy to do in control panel).

Finally - the bezel on the monitor is large. Certainly larger than it's companion - maybe double the size - but I'm seriously considering replacing the Asus with another one of these. Can't beat it at the price.

If you compare this to a top of the line monitor - then you might find it wanting in places - but that's not the point. This is a budget touch screen monitor - and it easily outperforms the other monitors in the same price bracket.
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