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4.6 out of 5 stars332
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 29 January 2014
I hate reviews of albums after just one or two listens. I've had this since release day and listened to the album dozens of times. I've even bought the bonus tracks seperately and feel in a position to give it a true opinion.

There are some truly amazing songs/rhymes/raps, whatever you want to call it. Berzerk is a modern master piece, Rap God demonstrates his unrivalled lyrical prowess, Headlights shows his maturity, Love Game shows his skills in identifying identifying great artists to collaborate with as well as fusing alternate music styles with rap and pulling it off spectacularly. Other tracks such as Bad Guy and So Much Better show that he can still write cynical songs like those which brought him in to uber fame on the original MMLP. Monster and Survial show he can still write popular singles which get regular mainstream air play. Couple of experimental songs such as Evil Twin and Stronger Than I Was provide extra material which are more for the super Eminem Fans as well. I felt that Recovery was a fantastic album, but lyrically not as cynical or as controversial as his previous material and was worried that he had mellowed in his later years. Not so with MMLP2. Whilst it's not as offensive as the original, it's certainly on a par if not stronger than Relapse. This is certainly what Eminem fans want to hear!

Top drawer and I just hope there are several more albums to come from the Rap God.
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on 9 November 2013
Firstly, ignore the one star reviews; they're more than likely written by people who became Eminem 'fans' after hearing his 'Recovery'. I personally hated 'Recovery', what good is a recovery if he fumbles it? (Eminem's words, not mine!)Kids these days don't know what rap is. They think because they grew up listen to pop 'rap' that that's what it is. Eminem unfortunately made Recovery very pop like and so that just cemented their opinion on it. I feel like I can give a fair review from the point of view of someone whose been an Eminem fan for many years, heard all his albums and prefer his older ones. (In order I would say: Eminem Show, MMLP1, SSLP, Relapse, Encore, Recovery.) I haven't included Infinite as it wasn't officially released on CD and isn't part of my collection, although I have heard and do listen to it at times).

Onto this album... It's definitely a relief after what was a horrible album in 'Recovery'. It's also his best album since Eminem Show. I actually find it hard to criticize this album as even the 'worst' songs on the album in my opinion are still good and fun to listen to. It's certainly a more mature Eminem who wrote this album as you will hear from some of his songs and lyrics. Also in answer to the dumb people saying 'this isn't a sequel to MMLP2', Eminem emphasized in interviews how it wasn't a 'sequel' as such, more of a revisit and you can definitely hear it. There's nostalgia everywhere. (SPOILER ALERT****) For one, the opening song is sequel to 'Stan'. One of the tracks on this album uses a modified version of Criminal from MMLP1. Also There's almost a second song of 'Kim', but written from Kim's perspective. Finally, there are a few references through his lyrics that take you back to the old days. It is very much a revisit and I think it does a successful job.

After my first few listens of this album I rated it up there as one of his very best, having let the hype wear off I'm going to say it's his fourth best album. The Eminem Show, MMLP1 and Slim Shady LP all rank higher in my opinion, but this is a fantastic album and effort from Eminem. He doesn't get nearly as much credit for it as he deserves. He's not in his prime anymore, he's 41 years old, and people still expect him to reel off albums as good as his first 3? It's a completely unrealistic thing to expect and ask for. The fact that he made this album so good is amazing as I didn't expect him to!

My personal favorite songs are Bad Guy, Legacy, Stronger than I was and Headlights (the latter being a very emotional song where Eminem forgives his mom!! One of the many things that suggest he's matured significantly over the years). Also Brainless, The Monster and Survival are all very strong songs.

Of the bonus tracks, they just get better and better every time you listen to them and the only thing I can criticize is that 'Beautiful Pain' isn't on the full album. It's such a great track and would have been up there with the best on the album if it were on there. Eminem often seems to have an amazing track or two on the bonus tracks which leaves you wondering how it didn't make the full album!!! (Love you More and We as Americans on Encore/ Careful what you wish for and My Darling on Relapse). The final song on the bonus tracks Wicked Ways is very good too, along with the opening one 'Baby'. They're all good and on my Windows Media Player I didn't rate a single song under 3 stars over the 21 song album, including the 5 bonus songs!

Also to those who have listened through it just once and written a review on it... Listen to it more times as it's definitely the kind of album where it gets better every time. Also I hate it when people review an album after one listen, especially an Eminem one as they completely miss the meaning of some songs. A lot of people might not even have noticed first time round what Bad Guy was about.

4.5/5 from me and his 3rd or 4th best album! A relief to see Eminem back to what will probably be the best he gets to from now on!!!
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on 23 December 2013
Yes personally, I would rather listen to this than to the old Marshall Mathers LP. Let me explain...

I've been an Eminem fan from about 6 months before he hit world fame with the "My Name Is.." single. (I.e. from the Slim Shady EP). At the time I thought that the Marshall Mathers LP was his best work to date with lots of absolute stand out gems that I hardly need to list. However, I also thought it was inconsistent and I tended to skip quite a few of the later tracks. I also thought that "The Eminem Show" was a better album.

Fast forward and we've had the enjoyable but lyrically weaker "Encore". The delightfully deranged but not quite return-to-form that was "Relapse", and the overly "pop" and unsatisfying "Recovery".

Now Eminem is truly back with an album that is consistently excellent. I have listened to this over and over and I still can't get enough. Lyrically this could just be his strongest work ever. Just listen to "Rap God". It still has some pop choruses but the rapping is more old school and yet modern at the same time. The returning motifs from the first MMLP are fun to spot. This has an added maturity and the song "Headlights" gives me shivers every time I hear it. It is amazing!
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on 9 December 2013
I don't usually leave reviews for products, but this album is so good that I felt obligated to promote it. Definitely a must buy if you like high production values, fast beats and Eminem's insane lyrical skills.
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on 7 December 2013
Despite all the criticism Eminem gets and the fact it has almost become uncool to like his music, I stand by the fact that he is the best rapper of his generation. Mmlp2 is astounding to say the least. Eminem has matured as a rapper and so will his music so you can't complain that he has changed because that was always going to happen.

I have always been a fan of Eminem and despite a few duds (Relapse) he is constantly on form and can rhyme better than anyone which is exactly what he shows on this album, it is a well thought out, lyrically solid album that has all the traits of his best works. It is darkly comic, and at times an emotional outpour of the feelings he has expressed over his other albums.

Eminem revisits aspects of mmlp1 and for those diehard fans has referenced it on more than a few occasions. By no means is every song perfect, some of the hooks I feel don't quite work but even with those songs his lyrical genius and natural flow forgives it.

In summary the mmlp2 is a creative masterpiece and an absolute return to form from one of the most influential musicians of our era. Love or hate Eminem you can't deny his creative talent and it feels like a lot of work went into this album, an album worthy if the title of mmlp2. He is creatively, lyrically, and thoughtfully back on form. Just buy the album.
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on 20 June 2014
Where do I start???
Been an Em fan since day one, something about the way he lays the lyrics down in his raps always appealed to me.
Never heard any rapper (black or white) be able to put together words the way Eminem does (Biggie Smalls the only one who goes close), but the MM LP1 is one of best rap records of all time, a mammoth album that everybody's cd collection should own.
On to MM LP2, not gonna bang on about every dam song, but seriously this IS Eminem's greatest achievement, almost every song has no feature act/duet/fellow rapper! Its just Slim Shady letting lose, doing what he does best.....LYRICS!!
A lot of so called "top rappers" these days are laying down 2 min lyrics over a 5 min track, the rest is filled in by some top 20 singer!
Not on this CD!!! Eminem is all over every track!
He puts to dead a lot of demons in this album too, was truly surprised by a lot of what is said in this album.
That's why I love Slim Shady, every album is a window into his life - no stone unturned everytime.

Don't buy this album because of this review - buy it to hear the song Rap God!

Enjoy Marshal Mathers2 - 5 Stars!!
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on 9 November 2013
As a long term fan of Eminem, I was excited to see what direction his latest album would take. The title and the cover artwork set up listeners for a reminiscence back to his best days. The opener Baby sees him back in his classic style of delivery, while Bad Guy has excellent production and is sprinkled with references to favourite lyrics.

Other tracks feature well-arranged collaborations with female vocalists such as on Beautiful Pain (Sia), Survival and The Monster (Rihanna) and would appeal to a more mainstream audience. There are comic touches in Rhyme or Reason and he is masterful in Rap God. Berzerk is also a stand out single.

The quality of the tracks is really high, his lyrics are inventive and the delivery is clear and powerful. Only occasionally did I feel a track failed to reach the heights promised - Stronger than I Was perhaps lost a bit of momentum. The themes are reflective and mature while he still impresses by injecting realistic bile and anger into his lyrics.

Fans of Eminem who enjoyed the Slim Shady LP and Marshall Mathers will be pleased with the familiar themes and style, while newer fans can enjoy perhaps one of the greatest rappers demonstrating what he does best. This is a record tied together with great production values and memorable beats.
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on 7 October 2014
Bought this Eminem CD for my husband since he's a Big Fan of his! He has only been able to listen to it in the car when he's been by himself because of it's swearing, but other than that a great buy and would recommend to anyone who's a Fan!
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on 5 November 2013
I've listened through this album once only so I'll admit it's quite early to make a final judgement. But my first impression is that not only is this a hip hop masterpiece - musically, lyrically, conceptually - but it is the strongest contender, in my opinion, for Em's best album to date. So let's break it down a little.

For one, this is a love letter to fans of the original Marshall Mathers LP. The opener Bad Guy makes plenty of references to classic lines from the MMLP, the song "So Far" actually uses small samples from the songs "I'm Back" and "The Real Slim Shady" - to name but two - and the skit "Parking Lot" (one of only two skits on the entire album) is a fun sequel to the song "Criminal" on the original LP. So the name of the new album is not just some cheap marketing ploy; there's substance to it, not least in the sense that volume 2 reaches and even outdoes volume 1, which many regard as his best, most influential album.

Musically, the production here reaches heights never heard before be it in terms of the pop-savvy beats, the rock-fueled guitar and the dead-on piano riffs (capturing the best of the MMLP), not to mention the voice work. The album sounds expensive and is a cross between Em's early work and the underrated Encore and Relapse; Recovery sounds flat compared to what we have here but nothing Eminem has put out to date quite equals the production values on here. In addition, there is the right balance between loud tracks like Bezerk and softer tracks like Legacy - that helps give the album a harmonious feel.

Lyrically, Em is as over the top as ever and at the top of his game, breaking standards he himself has set for hip hop artists. I obviously didn't catch all the subtleties, self-references and jokes on my first listen through but it's clear that MMLP2 will repay multiple listens - plenty of stuff to dig into, if one isn't too distracted by the excellent musical production, that is. I'm also glad to note that Eminem hasn't given up on his skilled use of "accents" and nasal delivery, which makes this album closer in feel to Encore and Relapse than his last, Recovery, which for me is a good thing. However, as on Recovery, there are plenty of artists who sing the chorus on this album and Em continues his singing career which is now stronger than ever as shown, ironically, on a song called "Stronger than Before" where he sings more than he raps.

Highlights. So many to choose from. Because I'm a nerd I give stars to tracks I listen to on Media Player. No less than ten of the tracks got five stars from me and none less than four stars. I will no doubt upgrade some of my ratings in due course since I know from experience that Eminem's albums tend to be growers. The absolute highlights for me though are the awesome songs Rhyme or Reason and Legacy - the latter is a slow, soft, song which I personally think better than Stan and Rhyme or Reason needs to be listened to to be believed. There are of course the singles Bezerk, Rap God, Survival and Monster, which are excellent. Also noteworthy is that, to my knowledge, this is Em's first album to contain two songs, namely the excellent "Bad Guy" and the closer "Evil Twin", which break the seven minute barrier; and contrary to expectation they never let up.

So to round up Eminem is back for good this time and has done the best fan service possible by releasing what is arguably his best album to date and one of the best Hip Hop albums of all time, no less (and I say this owning a huge hip hop collection). This is a five star album which will have a long shelf life and confirm Eminem's superstar status. Well done Slim!
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on 21 February 2014
Once again, eminem delivers an outstanding cd.

My initial listening resulted in tracks 3 and 13 to be of superior quality. After the second listening however, I feel the whole cd is 'back to basics'. I felt that on the first listen, it was a bit loud and in-your-face, which did not really compare to his first album, which was generally him and Dr. Dre. This album has more artists involved which changes the tone but still delivers its unique message.

Despite the previous few albums (which are still great), this album not only delivers but brings eminem back to the way he was after his debut album.

Its been on repeat in my car for over two weeks now!

Nice one
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