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on 26 June 2014
Ok - firstly I'm an electronics engineer, I'm also a keen cook.

I design electronic items that time,control and measure things and have worked with load cells before (the bits inside this that measure the weight) and know how tricky it can be to get decent results.

My wife bought me some "Olive" brand scales which were awful. On a slow incremental measure they could be out by up to 30%+ The distributor sent me another set which had the same problem so obviously a product fault. I have two sets of these sitting in boxes doing nothing now.

Here is a good test for scales - measure out 500g of rice, remove from the scale then remeasure - it should be within a couple of % of the 500g. Now place an empty container on the scales and chuck the rice in a bit at a time, by the time you have put all the rice in you should be back to the 500g. You can repeat the test with smaller quantities.

A lot of scales will overcompensate and also you'll also get temperature drift. Readings can vary wildly and until you've properly tested a set of scales you can never really trust them.

I have an old set of scales that I got from Aldi - they are accurate to around 5% and results are repeatable. I used these to measure out 500g of rice and then transferred it to the TZ5000 - it read 503g which is less than 1% difference to my old scales. A good start.

I then did the "little by little" rice test - it counted up properly and linearly until all the rice was on the scales - 502g. Again more than acceptable.

I then put the large container with the rest of the rice (around 3.5kg) on the scales and pressed the Tare button to zero it. Adding the 500g back into the large container resulted in a reading of 501g - almost spot on. This proves that the accuracy isn't just within the first few hundred grams of measurement but linear along the whole range of the scales.

Display is very clear and updates quickly. Personally I'd scrap the backlight in favour of battery life but that is a minor quibble.

If all the TZ5000 that come off the production line are as good as the set I've got then look no further - I'd have no problems recommending these to anyone who is serious about cooking.

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The Smart Weigh (great name that Smart Way) TZ500 is a sleek smart looking set of scales.

It's accuracy in measure is that it is designed to weigh not only food but coins envelopes and parcels for posting and even jewellery and precious metals and other items that demand an accurate measurement. .
I sell on Amazon and use mine to calculate the optimum weight for posting including the packaging.
This accuracy has saved me quite a lot of cash by my being able to cut down the weight of items to get to the lowest postal rates.

Its accuracy and range is impressive it weighs right from a gram (1g) (that's just 0.1oz if you use imperial measurements)
I have a pair of rimless glasses and out of interest found that their weight was an amazing 3 grams.
The scales go right up to 5000g (11lb).
That range should cover all you need to weigh on a surface top.
It measures about 8 inches square and sits low to the surface.
It's easy to lift to clean around and under and claims to resist fingerprints.
A damp cloth brings it up to its pristine best a treat.

My sets were provided by the company to compare and contrast and write a review.
I must admit I could find nothing negative to say about the scales nor any quibbles.

Its steel surface and ultra slim design means that it does not look out of place in any kitchen (well perhaps not in Downtown Abbeys Kitchens maybe)
That is the beauty of its design it's designed to be left out on the kitchen worktop.
The rubberized feet pads stop it damaging your work surface and prevent it sliding and slipping.

The display is clear and illuminated and is easy to read.
The batteries are those large coin shaped ones and a set of high quality ones are provided.
As the scales are new to me I am not sure of the battery life BUT My other scales powered by a similar set lasted years. I noticed that mine switched themselves off when the display was left on a good power saving mode.
The designers really have covered all the bases here.
Replacement sets are easily available but a tip is to get a decent brand because the last thing you would want is a cheap set leaking and ruining the contacts making the scale inoperable.

The scales can easily used for a small business or office but I imagine most people may buy them for the home.

I once read a report about kitchen equipment is that the item that gets used is usually the one that is out all the time.
Let me explain.

Think of your electric kettle and toaster.

This also refers to items like electric can openers, electric knives etc.
Briefly I use my electric can opener because it is on my work surface and is easy to use.
Now if I had it stuck in a box in a cupboard could I be bothered to dig it out then plug it in out each time I needed to open a can- the answer is no I'd open the kitchen drawer and grab the old tin opener.
Likewise we have an electric kitchen knife. We never use it because it so much easier to grab one of the Sabtier knives from the magnetic knife rack where it is handy.

So what I am saying is this set of scales is to hand it will save you time and effort.

However that is not the only trick that this elegant set has.
With a simple click of the button you can choose one of four modes of measurement to check the weight (mass) of things it measures in g, lb, oz, ml. and as an added feature of a tare function where the net weight of the product is given (after the packaging weight is deducted).

Last but not least a handy fridge magnet was included which gives conversion rates between the (oz,lb, g,ml,) from 'cups in fractions and the like) A nice little extra.

All in all?

Pretty neat! It really is an accurate set of scales.
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This/these digital stainless scale/s really is/are very smooth and polished. Easy to store but attractive enough to leave out. Why does it sound wrong to say scale, rather than scales, are we still thinking of those old weighing scales with weights on one side and a bowl on the other?

Shiny, sleek, smartly brushed metal, with simple controls, ready and waiting for you to set up your recipe. Make sure you place the unit on a flat surface. Stand any container on top and reset to Zero - -Tare. Weighing the Smart Weigh way is easy peasy. Up to 11lb/5kg can be coped with, provided the container can stand safely, and in the other end, 0.1oz or 1g can also be detected. Stability is all important though, even the ingredients being unbalanced in the bowl can upset the machine.

They use two of the coin shaped round lithium disc batteries CR2032. Relax though, they are fitted already, first time using the machine, peel off the strip that is used in transit to stop batteries discharging. In future, inexpensive replacements are amazon and can be with you in a day -5 x Duracell 2032 CR2032 DL2032 3V Lithium Coin Cell Batteries Power on, choose your `Unit' Metric or Avoirdupois, fluid oz and old fashioned oz, your choice, to which it will default on switch off. If you leave it for 60 seconds plus it will switch off. The back lit screen is nice and big for those with the need for reading glasses...

A free gift included is a useful fridge magnet with conversion tables cups/fluid oz, spoons etc. There is also a `limited' 2-year warranty.

Extremely discreet, good looking, up to date and efficient, the Smart Weigh TZ-5000 is the king of the scales produced by this company. I am pleased to have had a chance to review the set.
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These scales are of very high quality. They look extremely smart in brushed steel with a nice slimline profile. The scales are battery driven, come complete with batteries, with suitable replacement CR2032 batteries available from supermarkets and from Amazon. To save battery power the scales are dispatched with a battery protector - a plastic slip that needs to be pulled clear of the battery compartments before the scales are used. The scales deactivate after 60 seconds to further reduce power consumption.

The scales are extremely accurate - to the extent that the manufacturer recommends that the scales are used at room temperature to prevent potential errors. I've tested the scales with 10 gram weights and without fail they have proved to be accurate. Officially they are accurate to 1 gram or 1 ounce. The weight is displayed by a large blue backlit display. There's a wide choice of measured units, selected via a large silver button to the right of the screen including grams, millilitres, fluid ounces and pounds and ounces. Remarkably for such slim scales the measurable weight is 5 kilos, or more than 11lbs. Usefully a `tare' button to the left of the screen allows you to weigh items incrementally - so if you weigh 500 grams of flour and need to add 100 grams of flour pressing the tare key will reset the scales to zero allowing you to measure 100 grams without doing any maths. Most scales will only record a cumulative weigh of 600 grams.

In addition to the scales and the user guide a useful magnetised weight unit conversion chart is included and the scales come with a two-year guarantee.

I think you'll struggle to find any scales which look better, and at the Amazon price-point they represent exceptional value for money. The clear display and accuracy makes this a clear 5 star product.

Smart Weight provided the scales for testing.
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I agree with all the five-star reviews here. The manufacturer sent me these scales for review and I think they are excellent. I use kitchen scales a lot so I want something really good, and these fit the bill admirably.

Others here have said how smart they are and it is true that they look very stylish, but they are also extremely good in use which is the critical thing for me. They sit solidly on non-slip feet and have a good sized weighing surface (20cm x 20cm). The surface is brushed stainless steel, covered with a very tough, clear plastic layer, so the surface doesn't get smeared with fingerprints and so on and is extremely easy to clean. The display is backlit, large and very easy to read and the control buttons are convenient and easy to use.

The scales have the units I would expect: grammes, ounces, fl. oz. and ml. They are accurate to 1g or 0.1oz - plenty accurate enough for my cooking - and have a tare (or zero) function so you can reset to zero once your container is on the scales and just weigh the contents as you add them. They use 2 x CR2032 batteries which are supplied and are easy to get when you need replacements.

I'm delighted with these scales. I have had a set of Salter scales for several years which I still like very much Salter Slim Design Electronic Platform Kitchen Scale, Black. These are better: they are lighter, have a better display and a larger weighing surface and look much more stylish. I might baulk a little at the full list price of forty-five pounds, but they are currently under fifteen quid which makes then very good value indeed. Very warmly recommended.
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on 31 December 2013
Very stylish, easy to se. 5 kg was just right for using in the kitchen and for checking Christmas parcels weight.
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on 11 February 2015
Display times out far too quickly. Sometimes doesn't work, display reads dut2 - no idea what that means, then changes to Unst when completely flat and perfectly stable. Also if measuring slowly - e.g. liquid or last few grams, it just switches off in the middle of measuring - even when the amount was slowly increasing. battery life not good either.
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On opening the box I was immediately impressed by the low weight of these scales and the way they are thinner than any others I have seen. They look very smart with a brushed metal surface.

To get them going I just pulled out the paper strip in the battery compartment. The controls are intuitive - unit (metric/imperial) and "tare" which resets the scales to zero when you've put a container on them. You can also add ingredient after ingredient by pressing "tare" between each ingredient - very useful when you're measuring various items for a cake for example.

The scales weigh up to 5kg (11lbs) which is more than many kitchen scales. I like the large weighting platform which means that can put containers on it without accidentally touching the control buttons. The large backlit LCD display is very clear and with it's blue background looks very smart.

Altogether, a great product at a good price.
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on 13 July 2014
Next up on my usage and review of a Smart Weigh scale... this time it's the Smart Weigh TZ5000 Sleek Cuisine Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale. As with every other Smart Weigh item, it's simple to use, extremely functional, and it looks elegant.

The scale goes from "out of the box" to "ready to use" in less than a minute. I pulled the plastic barrier from the battery compartment, set it on the table, and it was ready to go. There's only two buttons to worry about. The On/Off/Tare button turns the scale on and off (there is an automatic off function so you won't wear down your batteries), and it also zeroes out the display if you want to start with a container already on the scale. Just hold down the button for a second or two, and the display zeroes out. The other button scrolls through the four weight modes (grams, milliliter, fluid ounces, and pounds/ounces. The overall weight limit is 5000 grams (5 kilos or slightly over 11 pounds), so that gives you a lot of versatility in the kitchen (or wherever you decide to use it).

I love how easy it is to use the tare function (a standard feature on all their scales), as well as the brightness and ease of reading on the display. The size and appearance is also impressive. It's an extremely thin scale, so you can store it just about anywhere, and the stainless steel surface is going to stay clean (or will clean up easily) for a very long time.

Another very good Smart Weigh offering...
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on 19 March 2014
I purchased these scales to replace my salter digital scales which had usless touch buttons that you have to either press hard or lick finger to turn on.
These TZ5000 scales really surprised me how good they look as soon as removed from the box.. Firstly, they are really slim, and look fabulous in the kitchen. The steel top is laquer coated which makes the surface shiny and durable. The surface shows up finger prints if you decide to run your fingers over the surface, but easily wipes clean again with dry tissue.

The display is bright and really very clear to read. They will mostly get used on a poorly lit worktop so the backlight makes all the difference. The buttons click very nicely and smoothly without any problems and makes using the scales a pleasure.

I do not know how well the laquered surface will hold up from use though, but I suspect it will gradually get scratched over time, but normally with scratched laquer, scratches can be hidden with a thin coat of WD40 oil, so should not give any problems in the future.

The mode button offers g, ml, fl.oz and oz. The 1 minute auto off is the same as most other scales to preserve battery, so if you want them to stay on, you will need to touch the scales every so often, and the scales will remain on. The backlight stays on the whole time they are being used which I prefer over my old salter scales (the backlight went off after 5 seconds.)

Overall, very pleased with my purchase and a superb addition to my kitchen worktop clutter. They look fantastic, and work even better. Glad I paid the little extra for these. Great backlit display and styling.
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