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4.5 out of 5 stars38
4.5 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 15 October 2013
A lot has happened in the two years since The Saturdays' last album, 2011's criminally underrated 'On Your Radar'. There's been countless marriages and babies. Their US fly on the wall show 'Chasing the Saturdays'. And then, in March this year, they finally grabbed that until-then elusive first UK number 1 single.

'Living for the Weekend' opens with that chart topper, 'What About Us', which is a welcome starting point with it's Balearic, feel good vibe and guest rap from Sean Paul, but by no means is it indicative of the album as a whole. In fact, musically this is their most diverse sounding album since their debut 'Chasing Lights'.

Knowing nods to the sounds of the late 90's and early 00's, decades that the girls would have doubtless been a hit in, are made throughout the album. Singles 'Disco Love' and 'Gentleman' are a complete riot, with lines about partying like it's 1999 and how real husbands are so 1995 so bonkers that they actually do work, but that's OK. The girls themselves make it work.

Has-to-be next single 'Not Giving Up' and 'The Problem With Love' ensure however, that they keep a foot in the musical trends of the current moment with their more clubby feel, and enormo ballads like 'Leave a Light On' and 'You Don't Have the Right' (latter of which was written by the legendary Diane Warren) bring another level of diversity in.

As your Mileys and Rihannas go OTT with their imagery and frankly too overt material, The Saturdays continue to bring a reassuring, solid kind of comfort blanket to the world of pop. They know they're not life changing, critically adored or repressed 'artistes' waiting to 'go bad' - they embrace who they are and what they do, and their continuity in sound and imagery with all their albums is what has kept them around for as long as they've been going. 'Living for the Weekend' maintains this continuity and all the more praise to them for it.
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on 22 October 2013
Really enjoying this album and would definitely recommend it. I can listen to it all the way through without needing to skip any tracks as they're all good :) Especially like the new single Disco Love! It's very much a pop album, some of the songs do sound quite similar but overall a great CD.
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on 8 November 2013
This is good offering of songs from the Saturdays, however I have to say, the only disappointing thing is the fact they have released 4 singles from this album already...and then released this album, so if you are an avid fan like I am, then you already own a third of this album from purchasing their singles from iTunes, before even buying it! They have exhausted this album already, with their first offering of '30 Days' way back in May 2012, after their 'On Your Radar' album campaign was finished. Then, followed the well deserved first UK No.1 single 'What About Us?' in March of 2013. It was during this time they were filming 'Chasing The Saturdays' for E! in the USA, hence the long break between these singles. This was then followed by 'Gentleman' in June 2013 and then their recent effort, 'Disco Love', in October of 2013. This album then came out a week after the last single was released. So now my question is...what are they gonna do now? This is the sole reason why I have not given it 5 stars.

Just like 'On Your Radar', this album is full of pop-py, dance-y, club-by songs, with a few ballads thrown in for extra measure. Songs that I particularly like (excluding the singles) include 'Not Giving Up', 'Lease My Love' and 'Don't Let Me Dance Alone'. Ballad-wise, 'You Don't Have The Right' is a heart felt, touching song about a break up and wanting to go back to your ex, but knowing that you need to move on. Listening to the meaningful lyrics, I think a lot of us have done what they sing about, with an ex boy/girl friend.

All in all, if you liked 'On Your Radar', you should like this album too!
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on 26 October 2013
track by track review-
01.What About Us-This is the saturdays first number 1 something they have always wanted and the song is good with its dancehall tinged production and a brilliant europop-esque chrous but it is not the strongest track on the album or thier best single(that would go to All Fired Up,Higher,Up,Gentlemen or Disco Love)-8/10

02.Disco Love-A brilliant fun and fizzy piece of pure pop perfection witch tottaly suits the sats it also has a disco theme witch will get you up on the dancefloor or at least dancing around the bedroom, one the years fizziest,funniest and best pop songs and viedos-10/10

03.Gentlemen-A quirky fun and cheeky song with rapping it makes a highly execiting entertaning and energetic listen with a colourfull and fun sats twist one of the years best and most underatted singles-10/10

04.Leave A Light On-A totaly brilliant ballard with a rock edge but a song wich creates a warm fuzziness and sweetness inside tottaly brilliant for the winter and has some brilliant vocols it is by far my fave song of the winter and one to listen to when it is very cold or your sad to get you in a better mood-10/10

05-Not Giving Up-A fun and execiting dance song with a danguorsly catchy chrous a futre summer athem for sure-10/10

06.Lease My Love-An risque yet execting song wich its tottaly unique and unlike anything elese on the radio with a killer chrous-10/10

07-30 Days-An 18 month old single wich a brilliant drum fill witch sounds like a potato being thrown into a meatal bin and a massive chrous wich lots of sats energy but it doesnt really fit onto this album but would on thier last one-8/10

08-Anywhere With You-A cheesy yet fun slice of pop perfection with a quirky sats twist and a brilliant chrous-10/10

09.Problem With Love-The weakest song on the album where they sound a bit bored and it lacks the energey the other songs have-7/10

10.You Dont Have The Right-A brilliant ballad that gave me chills lush emosh vocols with a lovely blend of strings with creates a brilliant feeling inside a brilliant chrismasy ballad along with leave a light on-10/10

11.Dont let Me Dance Alone-A quirky crazy and cheeky disco hit wich some amazeballs fizzy energey and it sounds like nothing else on the radio-10/10

12.Somebody Elses Life-A fun and insperatinol syth-pop song wich good liyrcs-10/10

13.Wildfire-A flirty fun and fizzy R&B disco feelgood song and a fan fave a brilliant way to end a brillant album

all in all one of the years most sweet fun and uplifting and unbashed and underated albums!
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on 17 April 2014
I purchased The Saturdays "Living For The Weekend" the day it was released. This album has really great tracks on it and also includes their #1 hit single 'What About Us' I think The Saturdays make amazing music and I also think they deserve much more respect as a girl group. Everyone rates Girls Aloud as the greatest when infact The Saturdays actually write their music and have amazing vocalists in the band. This album consists of dance-pop music as you would expect from the album title! I love this album and all of The Saturdays albums, if your looking for a good dance album then this one is for you. I hope to have more albums from the girls in the future and I can't wait to see them on tour! 5/5 star album.
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on 16 October 2013
As the title suggests, this album (for me) took 4 or 5 listens before i could get my head around the album. sonically, the album is a large progression from their last offering "On Your Radar" and the album shows a few hints of a more r&b vibe with tracks such as 'Lease My Love' and 'The Problem With Love'.

The Album opens with the girls first No.1 hit 'What About Us', and the new brand new songs don't start until track 4 which is the warming 'Leave A Light On' this song makes me happy not only by the way it sounds, but also by the lyrics that it has; they are actual lyrics that the girls can relate to rather than their usual 'you did me wrong, screw you!' nature of their previous tracks(don't get me wrong, these moments are features in songs like Lease My Love and You Don't Have the Right) but as i was trying to say, a real theme shown in this album that adds to the girls progression is the fact that, lyrically, the songs have meaning for the girls; 'Somebody Else's Life and Anywhere With You are other songs that fit into this.

A downfall with this album though is that some of the lyrics are just so terrible, here's a few examples...
' when your BlackBerry's cut off and you're tryna live without it, only times ten'
'...these bloody heels are killing me, but they're the best'

I'd take the classic 'i hope you choke on some really hot coffee' any day over these lyrics!

but really, its easy to get over this downfall as most of the track are just down right pop genius! 'Not Giving Up' and 'Disco Love' are some of the girls best offering to date.

My main concern with the album is that i don't think its going to chart well, these girls are very much a single-based band and their albums tend to fade away very quickly without much success, which worries me about the girls future. Hopefully the girls management understands this and give them a few more years before they let them go, but let's just hope for the best with this album, its currently #6 midweek, but theres still 4 days of sales left to go so go get buying this album, its actually pretty good!
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on 10 December 2014
I bought this for a xmas pressant. The person it was bought for really loves the saturdays so I thought I would help him get all the albums. The songs are good to listen to. Great album(might buy for myself). Would recommend this to anyone to try, it is good.
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on 24 February 2014
Their sound recordings are so much fun and lively. It is a real shame that they have not yet cracked the North American market to the extent that others such as the Spice Girls did. I am hoping they will make a breakthrough.
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on 29 December 2013
when you are the saturdays fan or not you gonna love this cd. it is perfect to workout and parties.
so what are u waiting for?. go and get your self a copy of this cool cd of 100% girlpower. enjoy
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on 22 January 2014
Not the Saturdays best work but still a good album, you can tell there has been an american influence on the album, but still a couple of good saturdays pop tunes.
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