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3.9 out of 5 stars221
3.9 out of 5 stars
Style Name: Sony Xperia Z1|Change
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on 7 December 2014
I really like the idea of magnetic charging, particularly on a device that to remain dust/waterproof shouldn't really have its covers opened regularly. However this particular dock is not Sony's best work!

Yes, it does what it says on the tin, and the 'events' capability on the majority of the Xperia Z series phones mean that you can drop it in the dock and will automatically run a sideshow of your photos or start up some other media player app or put you phone on silent etc..... BUT this feels like a half-arsed attempt that detracts somewhat from this novelty.

The first issue comes with the difficulty in locating the connectors of the dock, with those of the phone; you would think that it would almost self-locate being a magnet and all! But infact, it requires some delicate maneuvering of the phone before it will seat properly and begin charging. The magnet could do with being just a little stronger to overcome this issue.

Secondly, the 2 adaptors that come with the dock; one for the naked phone, and the other for a phone with a cover. If you have an expensive phone like any of the Xperia Z series, 99.9% of us will want to give it a decent cover that offers quite substantial protection - even with no adaptor and the dock at it most accommodating, I cannot fit the phone in it without first removing the case! If I'm going to take the time to do that each time, I may as well take the same amount of time picking open the cover of the micro USB charging port and save myself the added cost of a magnetic dock!

The best thing about this dock is the viewing angle of the screen while docked. I've used it on a desk at work and look down on it quite comfortably, beside my bed as an alarm clock that I can glance at without fumbling around to pick up and orientate the phone to see the time, and sat on the kitchen counter with a film on in the background. Perfect for all of these scenarios and probably more, but it's not a phone stand, it's a charging dock, and so on this attempt, Sony have executed this concept brilliantly in one aspect, and below par in the other. There are other variants of this dock for Z series phones and tablets. They all do the same job; dock and charge, but they seem to do it better than this particular model.
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on 18 October 2014
This is a great product - for me anyway.

I didn't really want to dock my phone at all, I just wanted to charge the Xperia Z1 without having to fiddle with the USB clip cover every time I needed to charge it. Keeping my finger nails short does not help this process. Also, I have a generic leather case for the Z1 and no matter which of the plastic adaptors I fitted to the Z1, the phone in the case would not fit this dock. Taking the phone out of the case every time you want to charge it is as fiddly as trying to open the USB cover, so.....

I removed the cable and magnetic connector from this device. It was a simple process. There are 2 screws on the underside of the dock, covered by a thin black rubber cover. Pull back the sticky cover a little and remove the 2 screws and with a small screwdriver, unclip the 2 clips also on the underside of the dock. The base of the dock can now be removed and its then a simple task to remove the cable and magnetic contact from the dock.

All I have to do now it magnetically attached the contact to the Z1 while its still in the case, the other end connected to a suitable USB charger. If you wish to know which way up, then the cable will go downwards on the left-hand side of the phone but note that it is not possible to connect it the wrong way round as this small magnetic connector is "keyed" and will only make contact properly when its fitted the right way round. It may look like its fitted if you accidently connect the wrong way round, but looking closely shows that its not actually connected. A nice safety feature, especially for my project,

Try it, if you don't like it you can always reassemble the dock and use it in the normal way.

Also note this dock may not work with the Z1 if connected to a PC or laptop. The current supplied may not be high enough. I would suggest a 2 amp mains charger or the charger supplied with your mobile.
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This dock should be the answer to quickly easily charging your Sony Xperia Z1, or Z1 Compact, as it charges via the phones magnetic points meaning you don't need to keep opening the protective covers to plug in a USB cable.

Included with the dock were 2 different sized inserts, one for the Z1 without a cover and one for the Z1 with the cover.

First the good stuff. The idea of a magnetic charging cable is really good as it saves wear on the USB port cover and the Z1 looks great sat in the dock. You can set the phone to trigger an event when docked, for example it could automatically switch to night mode and pop the phone into silenced mode, switch back when removed from the dock the next day.

It's possible to use the dock with the Z1 Compact, although I found it worked best without any inserts.

So all good then? Unfortunately not. This feels like a very cheap product with an inflated price tag and in use there are issues:

- Plugging the dock into something like a PC or a bedside unit with USB charging point doesn't actually cause the phone to charge, the dock has to be plugged into a wall socket.
- No wall socket plug is provided with the dock, if I didn't have a spare I couldn't have used the dock.
- The cable isn't very long, it's the correct length for plugging into something on a desk, it's not long enough to sit on a desk and plug into a wall socket.

It's really disappointing, the idea of this is brilliant and should mean you don't have to open and close the USB cover just to charge. With such a cheap feel it was no surprise that it was very easy to open the dock up and remove the cable completely, which I've found to be far more useful than when it's in the dock as the contact points can be frustratingly tricky to line up when in the dock.

It's a real shame the execution isn't very good, as a dock it's only of use if you can place it near a wall socket and happen to have a spare USB plug to hand. If you are OK with that this, or just want to extract the cable, this is great, but for anyone hoping for a desk dock you can plug into your PC/laptop you'll be disappointed.
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on 16 November 2013
Bought this after reading the poor reviews of the 3rd party products. It worked excellently when my phone was coverless .

My cover is an almost excellent aftermarket leather thing, if only it had worked with the docking station.

However disassembling the item (Obviously voiding my warranty) showed the wire and magnetic item were a well made single unit, so I was able to adapt my phone cover, by enlarging the opening for the magnetic socket, and the docking station holder to cope with the flap and the increased bulk. (long live hobby knives and a good lighting source)

Looks great on my desk, leather cover flap open or closed, and it charges the elephant phone without needing to open the protecting covers.
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on 18 November 2013
Not the best dock in the world, but stops the usb port cover from becoming loose, hence keeping it water-proof. Even the larger cradle will not allow most phone covers to fit though, so only useful for official sony covers or naked phone. However if you don't need the dock but just the magnetic charger, just take off the back cover and then you can take out the cable and just use it like the macbook magnetic charger cables.

To take of the back:-
-Take off rubber part in the back to reveal screws
-Remove Back
-The wire is just there and not attached to anything so just remove
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on 18 July 2015
This is a product that does what it says on the tin, and very little else.

It charges the phone, which is what is asked of it. But its asking price leaves the final product a lot to be desired. The plastic that it's made from is first off rather flimsy. It feels like it would very easily crack or get broken, even if packed away in a bag or something. Secondly, the docking gimmick is of very limited use. The dock is set at one non-changeable angle, so you just have to hope that the angle is one that suits whatever surface you're hoping to put it on. Due to the lightweightness of the dock and the size and weight of the phone, even trying to send a text whilst on the stand is nigh on impossible without knocking it over, and when you find yourself picking it up to text without knocking the magnetic points, you begin wondering what was so wrong with the old-fashioned, but far more convenient USB charger that enables you to do pretty much anything you need with the phone as it charges.

Perhaps the most insulting thing about this product was that it doesn't work via PC/laptop and has to be plugged into a wall-plug socket. That alone isn't the problem, although it's certainly an added inconvenience that gives another point to the plucky old USB charger. The problem is when you reconsider the asking price and realise it doesn't actually come with a wall-plug socket. I bought this as a replacement for my original charger, as the wall-plug socket had stopped working. It's probably my own fault for not checking first, but it didn't even cross my mind that Sony would be so stingey as to provide you with a charging device that won't actually charge unless you have something else as well.

All in all it's a gimmick, to show off a decent looking phone. But I find charging takes longer as certain functions are just impossible via a docking station. I find that ultimately you're paying for the brand name rather than brand quality - for as much as half the price there seem to be alternatives that work just as well. Unless you're absolutely sold on only having brand names, even at the expense of the best value, then this is for you. It gets the job done, and does what it says on the tin so it's not a bad product. But it's far from a brilliant product either, and arguably not worth half of what it costs.
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on 3 February 2014
How can a simple charger be anything but less than practical?

I'll start with the good bits... its solid and of typical Sony build and it charges via the magnetic connector meaning no removal of the charging point cover. Everything it says it does.

However, the standard 'naked' dock adapter is a nice snug fit but if you have any screen protector on at all it will be tight. Put a front and back protector on and it'll be stiff to the point where you have to push it in rather than it slide in and the protectors will get scratched or snagged by the adapter.

Put the bigger adapter it and the phone will sit and charge but the smallest knock will break the charging contacts as the phone is not resting against anything and not every time will you notice this. You'll pick your phone up and find it has not charge. The larger adapter you see is for when you have phone cover which not everyone will want. Furthermore it will only fit a cover of a certain dimension. So if you have something even remotely substantial for your cover then you'll have to remove it each time and the lead is pretty short too at only about 1 meter which is just long enough for me.

For me these points alone invalidate the docks purpose, in that I can't just chuck in my phone and have a nice desk clock using my alarm app or similar.

Things brings me onto my final point but one which is not fault with the dock as such. I bought this to charge my phone through the night and to use as a base for the phone to use as an alarm clock via an app. However the green 'full charge' LED on the phone is so bright it wakes you up. I'm sure most of you are familiar with this having got the phone but when its docked you, well I, have to cover it up owing the blinding green laser emitted from the phone.

Thus for me with a front and rear skin/shield and not being able to sleep with the uber bright led renders this pretty much useless.

I'm going to try the magnetic charger adapter for the stock USB charger that comes with the phone. All the advantages of magnetic charging but with the ability to put my phone face down.
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on 11 January 2014
Now let me start off by saying that I absolutely love this dock.
I have 'daydream' set to turn on when my phone is connected, so it acts like a photo frame while it's charging, and I love how it changes some settings, like automatically turing on loud speaker during calls and switching the screen to landscape. Yes, they are simple little features, but it makes the dock much more pleasant to use.

Like with the NFC tags, you can set the phone up so that some of the essential settings (e.g. sound, wi-fi, bluetooth) change or applications launch when you place the phone on the dock. It's a great item to have if you use your phone to play Playstation games, or if you watch BBC iPlayer or 4oD on your phone as well.

There is just one issue that really frustrates me with this dock. The fact that you can't use nearly every case on sale. I seriously can't find one case for sale that fits this dock, which can be really inconvenient, especially when having to constantly take the phone out of the case that I currently use.

I should point out a couple of other things...
- You cannot use the dock with a PC/laptop to charge the device
- If you order from amazon themselves, be aware that the product might arrive later than usual. Mine was dispatched from Denmark, so it took an extra couple of days to arrive.
- No adaptor is provided, but as long as you use the adaptor that you originally got with the phone, you should be fine.

It's a great product, but if you're happy with charging your Xperia Z1 through USB, then there may not be much of a need for the dock.
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on 10 May 2014
This dock fits the z1 perfectly and saves you keep opening the flap all the time. The unit is well made and holds the phone firmly allowing you to watch films etc. , it automaticly changes to portrait mode when docked. It also comes with adapter for your phone just in case your phone has a cover. I only gave it 4 stars because i feel the usb charging cable could be longer, for most people its fine, but if you wall socket is bit to far you may struggle, other then that its a quality product, would definetly recommend this dock..
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on 6 July 2014
Works perfectly with my Z1. Be careful with the USB wall socket though. I thought I would be clever and use my old USB AC plug from my HTC One downstairs and keep the other charging cable plugged in upstairs but It kept disconnecting every 2 seconds with the annoying battery low warning sound playing repeatedly. I thought there was something wrong with the dock so changed the USB plugs to the Sony one that came with my phone and it worked perfectly. One thing that bugs me and it is not with this item but all items in teh mobile phone market and it the length of the charging cable. I have large lockers and a high bed with low sockets on the wall and my phone can barely get to the top of my locker with the length of the cable don't mind trying to read a message or have a quick browse while it is charging. All modern day phones are like this it seems and I cant understand why. If anyone can explain this it would be great!! Anyway if you have this phone the dock is well worth it for the price, It doesn't work with the ROXfit cases mind but this is a ROXfit issue considering they bought the accessory license from SONY and never allowed for this fitting and that is why I give this a 5 out of 5
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