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189 of 197 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars LG G2!! What a Revelation !! ( Updated Review 25 September 2014 )
Please find my updated thoughts on the phone at the end of the review. Thanks

LG noooo way!!!! yes thats what we all end up saying once someone mentions LG to us . Everyone gets so much put off when they hear about LG and mobile phones. And guess what i plunged into the LG pond a few weeks ago and honestly dont feel...
Published 16 months ago by J TheAndroidFreak

Wow. I really loved this phone at first and still do in some ways. I've had the D802 international model for well over a year now. The GPS was fine at first but occasionally spotty. Now it *never* works. I've researched this a lot and seen the fix it videos on youtube. Basically, the aerial to pick up GPS signals are on the back of the case, which is non-removable. This...
Published 1 month ago by Noli

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189 of 197 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars LG G2!! What a Revelation !! ( Updated Review 25 September 2014 ), 28 Jan. 2014
J TheAndroidFreak (London) - See all my reviews
This review is from: LG G2D802 UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Black (Android, 16GB) (Electronics)
Please find my updated thoughts on the phone at the end of the review. Thanks

LG noooo way!!!! yes thats what we all end up saying once someone mentions LG to us . Everyone gets so much put off when they hear about LG and mobile phones. And guess what i plunged into the LG pond a few weeks ago and honestly dont feel like i made the wrong choice. I have spent enough time with the G2 to share my thoughts with the wider community and I am going to rate the phone in Five major areas ( the most important to an average consumer ).

Build Quality 4/5 :

The very first thing that grabs your attention is the screen and the way its been made to fit with no bezels ( or hardly any bezels ) & it just adds to the beauty of the phone.The body is made from plastic or polycarbonate in a typical Korean way ( more or less like Samsung Galaxy S4 ) but fits well underneath that beautiful screen.The power button and volume rocker is at the back of the phone just underneath the camera.They fit well and have a nice feeling to them when you use them & you eventually get used to of using them. I have read and also heard some people complaining about the cracking sound that the body makes when you push it in certain ways. Yes thats true but its not something which bothers me much as i am not gonna push the body hard with my fingers or palm. Why the hell would you do that in the first place anyway. I did use the phone without a case for the first few days and never heard no cracking sound. Yes when you push it hard around the edges and with your fingers in certain areas around the back then you do hear a cracking sound. But that holds true for Samsung Galaxy phones as well. In fact it is true for any phone made from plastic as plastic is a flexible material and it can make cracking sounds.So people stop worrying about the build quality as there is nothing wrong with it and there is no need to start returning your phone just because it makes cracking sounds. The phone is made to last and most people will buy a case anyway so its a pointless discussion. Overall i am very satisfied with the build quality and please stop comparing it with HTC One (which i still own ) as that phones build quality is simply outstanding and G2 can not match that.

Screen 5/5 :

This damn screen is a real treat to watch.Its an IPS LCD with Gorilla Glass 2.I have always been a fan of IPS LCD type of screens as colors on them are more natural compared to Super AMOLED types which are just a bit too overstaurated for my liking.It matches HTC Ones Screen ( Industry leading ) quality with style even though it only has 424 ppi ( a bit less then HTC Ones 469 ppi ). But putting both the phones together it was so hard for me to pick up the better screen as human eye can simply not pick up the Pixels at such a high resolution of 1080P. G2 screen is slightly bigger at 5.2" but still the phones body measures the same as HTC One ( 4.7" screen size ) and Galaxy S4 ( 5" screen size ). They have manage to do it by reducing the bezels and stretching the screen to all four corners. Results are outstanding and you have a screen which matches the size of the very first Galaxy Note ( 5.2" ). Few years ago we could never imagine holding the screen size equivalent to that of the Galaxy Note in a smaller body. The screen also has a Knock-ON feature which enables you to turn the phone on & off just by double tapping on it.Knock-ON occassionally needs more then a few taps on the screen but 98% of the time works flawlessly. An update from LG is on the way and hopefully it will make it work even better then before. The colors on the screen are flawless and very natural.Its one of the best screens i have seen out of the many phones that i have owned over the last few years. Screen is one of the two biggest factors for me buying this phone. Read on and lets see if you can spot my second favourite thing on the LG G2.

Peformance 4.5/5 :

LG G2 is powered by the latest and greatest Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset running at 2.27 GHz & backed up by 2GB RAM. Peformance as we can expect is fluid,smooth,responsive and very fast. In some ways its shocking because i never expected LG to come out with a phone like the G2. They have come from no where and just produced a hell of a phone with great performance. I know they had phones like Optimus G and Optimus G Pro but them phones never took off the way G2 did. Obviously marketing did help LG in a lot of ways but marketing alone G2 is an exeptionally innovative and different phone from the likes of Galaxy set of phones. Firstly Knock-On is a show stealer and i use it everyday. The funny thing is that sometimes i use my knuckles to switch the screen on ( for checking messages ) specially when i am eating. You get so used to of this that you find it hard to adjust to pushing the buttons again to switch the screen on. It kinda spoils you lol if you know what i mean. LG skin on top of 4.2.2 is full of features and so much so that you start to think that it will effect the peformance of the phone. But amazingly the phone hardly lags or stutters ( occasionally it does in the widgets section or here & there sometimes but it is very managable and doesnt ruin your overall experience). All apps run smoothly and heavy games like GT Racing 2,Robocop,Deer Hunter,Real Racing 3 & many more run with no problems at all. Phone is fully packed with many many features ( like a top end Galaxy phone ) but still runs better then a Galaxy S4 ( i have lived with an S4 as well ). All in all performace is brilliant and with the 4.4.2 KitKat update due sometime in March things will only get better. I will update my review like my other reviews accordingly.

Camera 4.5/5 :

The camera on the LG G2 is very good if not the best. Its a 13MP Camera with OIS ( Optical Image Stablization ). I am not a fan of OIS on the G2 as it doesnt work as flawlessly as LG say it does. I generally have to rely on a steadier hand rather then OIS for my shots to be clear and accurate. But once you have taken the shot the right way then the results are outstanding and the picture quality is amazing. Colors are very natural and they have a real feeling to them. The three buttons at the back can also be configured to your liking to take a photo. Any of the three buttons can be used as a shutter button for snaps. The camera can can also record 1080P video footage and day time recording is very clear and accurate. It does struggle on video in low light conditions though and the lens sometimes struggles to focus on objects which is a shame because LG could have done a better job on that. But i am sure its more to do with the software then the hardware itself & future updates should fix these minor flaws. Low light performace on the camera side is outstanding and i am going to go as far as to say that G2 is the only other phone which can match the might of HTC One in low light performance. If you are a photo enthusiast you will love the camera on this phone with only a few compromises ( soon to be fixed with future updates ) To help you make your mind up let me put it this way. I am enjoying the camera on the G2 more then i enjoyed it on my HTC One in the last 10 months specially cuz of the higher Mega Pixels on the camera and work done by LG. Enough said !!!! :-)

Battery 6/5 :

Yes its not a mistake people. I have given the battery 6 out of 5 same way as a loving husband would rate his wife when he is in love with her just to make her feel extra special lol. This is exactly how i feel about the LG G2. Battery on this phone is extra special and something which i have never experienced before and i am so much in love with it. I am totally and thorougly in love with the battery life of this phone. This phone can last me all day no matter what i do with it. My general usage includes Whtsapp,Viber,Facebook,listening to music for a couple of hours ,surfing the internet and reading tech articles for a good few hrs,few videos on YouTube and various other internet related activities. This kinda usage has the ability to drain any top end phone within 14 to 16 hours but not the G2. This monster can go on & on & on & on and by the time i get to bed it will still have 40% battery life left. On few occassions i refused to charge it up to see how far it would take me into the second day. It did a marvelous job on standy times on that night ( by hardly draining the battery.... only 1% in 8 hours reminding me of the Sonys Battery Stamina Mode on my former Xpeira Z but G2 does it by default without turning on any battery saver feature ) and slept so very well. How did LG manage to do all this and acheive excellence is beyond belief. So much so that this phone has beaten Galaxy Note 3 in Phoneareans battery power test and has been declared the longest lasting top-shelf smartphone they ever tested. Please note that Note 3 ( 3200 mAh ) has a bigger battery as compared to the G2 ( 3000 mAh ) and still G2 managed to beat it. I am not going to into technical details here as it will confuse most people. Long story short G2 has the best battery life then any Android smartphone available in the UK ( Oppo N1 is the only other phone i know has bettered this result but its not officially available in the UK). Personally speaking i have never owned a modern smartphone with this kind of mind boggling and out of this world battery life and this my friends is the second of the two favourite killer features on this phone which made me buy the LG G2. I am married to the battery life of this phone and not looking to divorce it anytime soon.

Its not possible to discuss every single aspect of the phone specially the feautures. I have tried to keep everything as simple as possible to help people of all age groups. If you have any questions about the review or the phone then please feel free to contact me and i will try my best to answer your questions to the best of my abilities. I am a seasoned Android user and i am sure you can benefit from my knowledge and use it to your advantage. I will update this review once the updates start hitting the phone.Thanks
very much for taking the time to read my review.

Update 03 April 2014:
I received two minor updates in the last couple of days. One was approximately 50MB and the other around 20MB. Both updates were related to unnamed apps & I couldn't work out which apps got updated( updates never mentioned which apps ).But from my experience over the years with different phones I can tell that LG are optimising the core basic operating system apps before they launch the KitKat 4.4.2 update on the G2. It's a new approach I have seen with many vendors where they tend to update apps separately from the Operating system to reduce the upgrade times. I am also hearing and reading from various sources that KitKat is available on some network phones in the UK. It is supposed to be officially available in the UK but nothing on my sim free G2 so far.Anyways as soon as I receive KitKat I will update my review once again and let you guys know what's going on. Thanks

Update 14 April 2014:
Finally the much awaited KitKat 4.4.2 update came up on my phone a couple of days ago. I am happy to report that there is significant difference in the general speed of the phone. Its much more snappier then before and has been optimized further to give users a very pleasant experience. Battery life hasnt been effected and still lasts long just like before. Snapdragon 800 is still a very powerful processor and should be able to handle even future updates with ease. Longevity of the phone is not questionable at all from what i can see. LG have made hell of a phone and i am not looking to divorce it anytime soon. Infact battery life on this phone has made me respect LG for the kind of work they have done and i might even get the G3 once its released. To my surprise Knock-Code ( the new name for the advanced version of Knock-ON ) wasnt included in the update. The recent press releases from LG are positive and they will include Knock-Code in a future update very soon. Like always please ask me any questions that you may have and i will be more then happy to help. Thanks

Update 07 May 2014:
Received 22.01 MB update on my G2 little while ago. Was very curious to find out what it was ( suspected Knock-Code ) as it just stated enhancement to apps. After the update I found out that it indeed was Knock-Code which LG had promised like I said before. Just tested it & it works brilliantly. I have to admit that LG are making an impression here on me. I always wondered if there was a brand other then HTC which could give us customers a quality product ( after getting fed up with Galaxy phones cuz of bloatware & loads of issues with Touchwiz ). I always keep two phones & I think with timely updates + superb solid performance + exceptional battery life = the formula I was after. I am literally sold & seriously considering LG as my preferred brand over Samsung. I know you all are thinking about the old LG ( I have been there trust me ) but if this is the way they gonna come out then they can take my money any day. G3 ,G Smartwatch & much more ....Bring it on LG :-)

Update 25 September 2014:
Received a new update (105.87 MB) few days back. Logs of the update didn't inform me of any changes and I ended up installing the update anyway. Battery life and performance doesn't seem to be effected. The phones continues to get regular updates from LG and still has strong specs for the money. Couldn't be anymore happier with the G2 and it's masterful performance specially the phenomenal battery life. Keep up the good work LG and it's great to see this phone still ranked among the very best. Price tag just kills all the rivals in this category :-)
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4.0 out of 5 stars Pros and Cons of LG G2, 27 Oct. 2013
V. S. Vasa "vijayvasa" (norwich , UK) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: LG G2D802 UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Black (Android, 16GB) (Electronics)
LG G2 Pros

1) Screen whites are clear white and LCD screen is very good. Especially reading books and web you will see clear whites.

2) Knock on feature to lock and unlock is the most used feature and once you start using it , you will start thinking how good it is and may
be all android devices copy this feature. I actually started knocking other devices now and trying to mimic this feature on note 3 with some 3rd party apps and as you all know they are not the same and don't work that well.

3) Bluetooth sound on my planatronics voyager hd is better for some reason on G2. More clear and high volume.

4) Wifi and mobile signal is really good , more than note 3. I guess its atleast one bar more on G2. Call quality is also very good.

5) Single hand usage is really good and its almost a perfect device. (Almost perfect !!! -- reason in cons.)

6) Lots of customisation options like multi wallpaper, zooming in for sms windows and themes in G2 stock rom. I actually
give more marks to G2 stock launcher. G2 Keyboard is also good.

7) Battery life is really good. I use mobile devices to watch atleast 2 hours of video in a day and not a single day its completely finished.

8) Camera pics are really good in day light and good in night time when there is sufficient light.

9) Back buttons are also nice , some might prefer and some might not.

G2 Cons:

1) G2 looks beautiful from front, but back is ugly , plasticky , cheap and damn slippery. Reason almost perfect is because if they made the
back more textured or grippable , they would have sold may be more devices. I actually find handling note 3 easier sometimes as note 3
device textured back is really useful. People call samsung plastic, but note 3 build quality is really really good. LG back sometimes make a
creaking sound and if you drop I can guarantee that G2 will break rather than note 3 due to edge screen on G2. Actually I feel that I will
drop G2 more quickly than Note 3.

2) Inside the house the low light pics are horrible and full of noise. This surprised me and I am disappointed with camera on low light
pictures. One more thing I have noticed the G2 camera pictures sometimes have blue hue to the picture.

3) Video recording ,,,,, oh my dog ! Am not sure what to say about it, its bad, it keeps auto focusing every 2 seconds to a point where it
gets really annoying. Am note sure how this has gone through QA testing from the company. I was really looking forward for camera, but
my kids videos all have come really bad.

4) To my surprise even though the screen is crisp and clear and good for reading, I did not enjoy watching movies on LG G2 screen. I
guess am used to Amoled pure blacks while watching movies. And also if you just view the screen even with a little angle of 20 degrees ,
the viewing on screen becomes real bad.

5) Outdoor viewing is OK but not great.Screen is really shiny outdoors and am actually a bit surprised that outdoor visibility is not great
compared to HTC One or Note 3.

6) No sdcard and battery, I know its not a con for some people but after using lot of galaxy phone am kind of used to have all my books
and movies on sdcard. Convenience can sometimes be a con for people like me.

7) On screen buttons look ugly while playing some games. Some people prefer this but I dont.

8) G2 somehow feels heavy and its around 140 grams approximately.

9) I have been waiting for an OTA update for so long , but with past history of LG not doing software updates quick enough, I really have
some reservations about their record.

10) 16gb is the only version released in UK, where 10gb is left when opening up the mobile. Why oh Why !!!!

Conclusion: Overall LG G2 might be a turning point for LG if they really concentrate on timely software updates.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The best phone I've ever had, 5 Aug. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: LG G2D802 UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Black (Android, 16GB) (Electronics)
After having a Motorola Moto G for 6 months I decided to upgrade to the LG G2. The G2 arrived on the expected delivery date and was well packaged. Inside the box comes the G2, a pair of earphones, a sim removal tool, a USB charger/cable and a manual for the phone.

The screen of the G2, a 1080p IPS LCD display spanning 5.2" is the best screen I have ever seen on a smartphone hands down. Side bezels are extremely small and rounded off which gives it a nice feel. The screen occupies a little over 75% of the the front of the phone and although being a 5.2" display it feels no bigger than a galaxy s4 which has a 5" display.

The unique button placement takes a little while to get used to but I now prefer it to the traditional side placement of a moto g or galaxy s counterpart.

The camera is superb, at 13 mp the detail is extraordinary paired with the 1920 x 1080 screen. It's autofocus is quick and snappy and the HDR mode is very useful as well as the beauty shot feature which is also excellent.

The phones internals are excellent a 2.3 ghz quad core snapdragon processor coupled with 2gb ram means the phone is slick and easy to use, no waiting around with more than enough power to play with.

LG's software is actually really useful especially the IR blaster which allows you to setup a universal remote.

The storage is ok at 16 gb but 32 gb would be recommended because of the lack of an expansion slot.

Overall the phone is excellent and would highly recommend to anyone looking for an upgrade.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Its a good phone, rather than a great phone., 4 Mar. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: LG G2D802 UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Black (Android, 16GB) (Electronics)
It's specifications mean that it is quick, has an amazingly crisp screen and can deal with your requests with no lag and can even multi task. It has a good camera with the ability to be able to play around with settings to let you experiment. The phone looks and feels luxurious (although not in the same league as the HTC One or the Iphone). The battery life is ver good and certainly the best of any similar size phone.

The downsides to this phone is some of the bloatware that comes with the phone, which can get a little annoying. The user interface is not as crisp as the HTC or as slimline as the Nexus 5. I can testify that it doesn't withstand falls very well - it fell from my lap about a foot from the ground. Tthe screen cracked and made the phone unusable and resulted in a very expensive repair job. A case is mandatory!

Having said that, the phone is very good. At the price that it is at, it is certainly on a par if not better than it's rivals. It's strengths lie in the battery, the great screen quality and size and the quality of the camera.
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4.0 out of 5 stars LG back in the game, 24 May 2014
By "Mark" (UK) - See all my reviews
This review is from: LG G2D802 UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Black (Android, 16GB) (Electronics)
Length:: 4:31 Mins

After a number of rather average mobiles LG have finally produced an excellent phone in the LG G2. Kitted out with 2GB of RAM, a full HD 5.2" IPS display and a large battery the G2 is a powerhouse of a mobile.

LG have taken an interesting approach with the design of the G2, instead of having the power button on the top or side of the bezel it's round the back. This is very handy for those who don't have giant hands and means that anyone can press the button while holding the phone single handedly. Realising that this makes it awkward to check your phone when it's on a flat surface LG brilliantly came up with the KnockON system, just tap the screen twice and it's as if you've pressed the power button.

For a mobile this size it feels nice and light, partly due to the plastic construction. While the front looks great, LG have gone the same way as Samsung and used plastic on the back, giving this a cheap feel to it.

The screen is excellent, really clear and the large size makes playing games very satisfying. LG have added a number of their own apps and tweaks to get you started without having to download any apps, for example QSlid, a memo app, a notepad app, Voice Mate (voice commands like Siri/Google Now), File Manager etc. The LG G2 features an IR blaster allowing you to use it as a remote control for you TV/Stereo/Set top box, anything that has an IR remote. It's very easy to setup and works really well. If you happen to have a recent LG TV with a smart remote it can also act as a trackpad for your on on screen cursor.

With so many additional features LG have wisely added a screen that contains links to YouTube tutorial videos to explain what each feature does and how to use it. This is especially handy for features such as Guest Mode, explaining how to setup and use a mode that allows you to lock down your phone for a guest to use without them having full access to everything.

The 13MP camera is very good and comes with a number of modes to help you take the best photo possible. There is no camera button on the phone so you've got to make use of on screen controls.

A brilliant phone that misses out on 5 stars due to the use of plastic back which stops this feeling like the premium mobile it should be.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant phone, but plastic build and lack of memory expansion may put you off..., 22 Oct. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: LG G2D802 UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Black (Android, 16GB) (Electronics)
I bought this to replace my Nexus 4 which was becoming increasingly unsuitable due to its small storage space and dwindling battery life. I had the choice between this, the Galaxy S4 and the Z Ultra, all being similarly priced. Naturally since this was £30 cheaper, I opted for this and have largely been impressed.

When I first turned the device on, I realised the sheer quality of the screen LG have put into this phone. The colours really pop and pixels are largely indiscernible. I played some of the sample FHD videos that came with the device on the screen and I was absolutely stunned by the level of detail the display has to offer. With a 5.2 inch display, some people may argue that it is way too big for normal use. LG have managed to maximise the ergonomics out of this device by minimising the area around the screen (the bezel) such that this device is no larger than a smaller screened device such as the Nexus 5 (4.95 inches). Having said this, I do have large hands so I can confidently reach all corners of the screen, although those with smaller hands may have some issues. Of course this can be easily remedied with the use of two hands but this is largely user preference.

Having discussed the front of device, it is a shame to admit that the back of the device is a completely different story. The material choice is a glossy plastic which has a slightly slippery feel to it. I personally find that this makes the use of the device not as pleasant as it should be should it have been constructed out of a more textured material such as the those used with the OnePlus One. It is also largely prone to scratches which, although pretty much invisible to the eye, do show in direct sunlight. Arguably though, this material choice is to keep the price of the phone low and to some extent, it is worth the compromise.

Some may be surprised by the quirky button placement on the back of the phone. Although this took a lot of getting used to, I find it does not make too much of a difference to the usability of the phone. It is also possible to turn on the phone by just double tapping the screen, and to turn it off you can double tap the home screen or status bar. I do find that my fingers naturally fall into place when using the phone, so adjusting the volume is substantially easier than on other phones. I also do find that when listening to music when commuting each day, that the button placement on the back while my phone is in my pocket makes it much easier to adjust my music volume.

Having talked largely about the feel of the phone, the software of the phone is largely similar - brilliant with slight flaws.
As do other smartphone manufacturers, LG chooses to overlay Android with their own software. Although the phone functions flawlessly with this installed, it is not the most attractive. Having come from the Nexus 4 where there is no additional software installed over Google's Android, it did come as a bit of a shock. However, I did welcome some of the functional additions, such as the QuickRemote app which makes use of the infrared sensor to control TVs, Projectors, Air conditioning units and other systems. However, some features such as Slide Aside (where apps are kept to convenience with a three finger horizontal swipe) make no sense when multitasking is already implemented in Android. I also hold little faith that LG will release many more software updates for this device. They are already doubtful that they will update the LG G3 so it is even more unlikely that the G2 will receive anything. However, it is pretty simple to load more recent unofficial software should this be a large problem for you. One thing that is also worth noting is that the advertised 16GB of available storage translates to a usable 10GB, so there is no hope for storing a full iTunes library on this thing. The omission of an SD card slot is also another huge gripe I have with this - I have a relatively average-sized 35GB iTunes library (around 4000 songs) and I have had to make an offline playlist to sync over. Although Google's Play Music online offerings can easily combat this storage space, my very limited data plan just does not suffice for this.

What seems to be important for most people is the camera on their phone. This camera is excellent: it snaps 13MP photos in 4:3 aspect ratio and 9.7MP photos in 16:9 aspect ratio. The colours are great if shot in good light, although noise does tend to appear in low-light conditions. The resolution is great and it is unlikely that any pixels will be seen under normal conditions. The included Optical Image Stabilisations makes videos smoother (although not perfect) and the 1080p resolution is adequate for smartphone use. The video is nothing to rave about but it is more than you would expect from the average smartphone. The included smartphone app includes plenty of different shot modes (most of which I rarely use) and many exposure, ISO and white balance features. I admit to being a lazy photographer, so I hardly make use of the camera all too much. It does deliver when I need it to and for me that is all I really need.

The last and arguably most important thing I am going to discuss is the battery life. It is phenomenal. Having owned a Nexus 4 and HTC Desire X I am used to running out of battery before the day is out. Now with the LG G2 this worries have been put aside. I tend to use my phone for WhatsApp messsaging, listening to music through my car speakers, texting, Facebook browsing, Snapchatting, internet browsing on Chrome and sending and receiving emails. I usually arrive home at around 5:30 in the evening with around 50% battery left with the G2 left on full brightness, which is all that is needed from a smartphone. Forget people saying smartphones need to have at least two days of battery life, nightly charging of the G2 is not a hinderance. The only big issue I face with the battery is with the charging: the phone tends to get a bit warm during charging. Although not a worry, it does get a bit unpleasant using the phone when it is warm.

But that's just about it. I like to think I am a critical reviewer, but I am largely very pleased with this purchase. When I consier the difference in price between this (£280) and an iPhone 5s (£500 ish) at the time, this is an absolute steal. Even now this phone still blows the iPhone 6 and 6 plus out of the water with its battery and other hardware. Its just a shame about the build quality and the lack of memory expansion, but I guess for the price compromises had to be made somewhere and these were probably the better places to make them. Overall very pleased.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Still a great screen size, camera quality and battery life combination, 23 April 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: LG G2D802 UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Black (Android, 16GB) (Electronics)
I've owned this phone for over a year now. Among the million pros and cons a phone can have, I had three clear priorities:
1) good screen size with decent ppi, which makes the most of the phone's size
2) good camera (picture quality, not megapixel count)
3) strong battery life

If this is your same wishlist, I'd honestly say this phone is still hard to beat several generations of phone later, and is now ridiculously good value. I've just lost mine and am still considering buying another g2 instead of something newer.

The more detailed rundown:
- screen is fabulous, and extends right to the edges of the phone. It's hard to find such a big screen on such a pocketable phone. (Screen quality is also great, but I think that's a given on high end smartphones and rarely a differentiator)
- pixel density is very high, without being far too high. One thing which puts me off the LG G3, for example, is the incredibly high pixel density. When the G2 is already perfectly sharp, the only thing those extra pixels are doing is giving you a number to brag about, at the expense of extra strain on processors, and hence a diminished battery life vs what the phone should achieve. It's sad that so many consumers and reviewers think more pixels is always better, and that marketers will pander to this by competing over redundantly high pixel densities. To be honest, the G2's ppi is already a bit higher than needed, and if there was one thing I could change about this phone, it would be to drop the ppi a bit and take the speed & battery life increases which would come from this.
- camera is excellent. 13mp is adequate, and the software behind this camera is clearly well designed. In daylight, colours really pop. I've taken pictures on this which beat most point and shoot digicams. Top end phone cameras will probably belong to Sony phones (I've not owned one myself, having had HTC and Samsung phones in the past) but this beats the most other phones. The Samsung galaxy note series is probably on a par.
- battery life is good. When this phone was new, I would get 2 full days of average use out of it. Over a year later, that was more like a day and a bit - presumably just with age but potentially also due to os upgrades making the phone hungrier.

- speaker placement on the bottom of the phone is ok but odd. There are speaker holes on both sides, but actually sound only comes out of one side, as you'll suddenly notice if you ever cover that part of the phone with your finger or thumb while watching a video.
- I don't like the volume & power button placement, but that's personal preference.
- 'cheap' plastic finish might bother some, I found it fine. If you're putting it in a case anyway, it's a ridiculous thing to prioritise.
- available cases were all a bit poorly designed (but still ok)
- I sometimes have had problems with call quality - specifically, the other person finding it impossible to hear me when I hold the phone away from my face (unless I'm in speaker mode, which is fine). I suspect this is due to aggressive noise cancelling, I.e. Unless your mouth is much closer to the bottom mic than the top mic, your voice will be treated as background noise and digitally removed. This is genuinely annoying, but easily solved. Every few phone calls, I have someone tell me "your voice just went", and I hold the phone more normally and all is well again. Maybe this is an issue for everyone, or maybe I just have a habit of holding phones stupidly.
- Battery is not removable. If you want to replace it, you'll need to take it to a phone repair dude, or read some how-to guides on the web and hope you can do it cleanly. I had a look and it doesn't seem fun.
- no SD card slot (doesn't bother me personally)
- if you're buying now (April 2015 at time of review), the specs won't be the latest, but this is probably only an issue if you require top end speed from your phone. I still can't see a current phone with a better battery life/ camera / screen size combination, and I don't want more pixels per inch. The speed will be more than adequate for people who aren't doing much high end gaming etc.

Overall, if you have the same main priorities as I did, it's a great package despite some small annoyances. 5.3" screen on a pocketable device -amazing. High quality photos on the go - brilliant. And still has a way-above-average smartphone battery life - great, I can actually *use* my phone.
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4.0 out of 5 stars A sensible choice over the Nexus 5 and also the LG G3., 11 Aug. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: LG G2D802 UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Black (Android, 16GB) (Electronics)
Before this phone I had a Nexus 4. Whilst still very usable, the phone's speaker broke and it seemed to be an ideal time to upgrade. I was considering either a Nexus 5 or the LG G2, both of which could be considered "last year's phones". They both trade blows, which you can read a lot about on the web. They both use the "out of date" Snapdragon 800, with the current LG G3 using the Snapdragon 801. The Snapdragon 800 however, is only marginally slower than the current 801. The G3, like most 2014 phones, seems to have it's USPs concentrating on features, e.g. a QHD screen, rather than raw processing power. As nice as a QHD screen might be, having a screen that sucks even more power (the screen on a phone generally being the largest battery consumer) did not suit my requirements.

Coming from a Nexus 4, it took a while to get used to LG's customised, non-stock Android. With several moments of whinging and cursing at either strange or missing functionality (stock email app), through to moments of glee with their generally well thought out usability improvements, such as reorganising the settings menu so that it suits what most users will generally need to go into the settings menu to frequently change. Overall the Nexus 5 would definitely win out in this regard, if only the questionable build quality and battery life weren't such big issues.

Things I like:
- Great battery life (3000mah).
- Large 5.2" screen with only a small increase in phone size.
- Good quality camera, massive step up over a poor Nexus 4 camera.
- Non-stock Android. Some of the usability improvements are good.
- Buttons on the back make sense after a day or so.
- Window very useful.
- Double knock to unlock useful.

Things I don't like:
- Non-stock Android. Though slowly getting used to LG's "skinned Android".
- Stock LG email app ("skinned" version of Google's) definitely not an improvement over the stock Android version. To top this off, the stock Android email app is not available to use on the LG G2.
- Messaging app does not show the "send" date/time of text messages, only the date/time of the receipt of the message.
- The unique "LG Buzzing" (that's what I call it anyway) on the earpiece speaker. This was also present on my Nexus 4 but wore off after a while, hoping the same happens with the G2.

Things I noticed:
- As of the current date, the version of Android is 4.4.2, not the latest 4.4.4. Questionable as to how long the updates will keep coming, there are signs LG are improving on this, time will tell.
- The impression of better overall build quality over the Nexus phones. Despite all being made by LG, I personally have the impression that the Nexus phones are built to a lower quality level than their own LG branded phones, this is after having several experiences of the Nexus devices. Time will tell on the G2 but it seems to be more solidly built and does not seem to exhibit some of the well documented issues that the Nexus devices suffer from.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Best phone for the price, just stay away from kit-kat, 14 April 2014
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This review is from: LG G2D802 UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Black (Android, 16GB) (Electronics)
The phone is great and really cannot be beaten by anything at its current price. Battery is great, charges fast, screen is great and it feels really fast. LG even managed to put some nice little practical features that I eventually appreciated (like the knock on feature and button placement).

Unfortunately, my happiness upgrading to kitkat was short-lived. It introduced an unbearable hiss/sizzle when listening through headphones (apparently a bug, reading through various forums). I returned the phone and amazon was extremely helpful in doing so, proper 5 star customer service, I have to admit.

I now received a replacement and I am happy I did re-order the same phone...I will stay away from kitkat, at least until LG have addressed the issue.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic phone at a very good price . Cannot fault it ., 17 Jan. 2014
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This review is from: LG G2D802 UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Black (Android, 16GB) (Electronics)
After two Samsung Galaxy S3 phones with the well publicised battery life problems returned by me . I decided to go with a phone that had been given the number one phone of 2013 by many publications . I must admit not a lover of most LG products (mainly their TVs) but this is an absolutely brilliant product . Ultra clear phone calls both ways and all the other things on this phone are top notch . If like me you have had enough of iPhones (too expensive) and Samsung's lack of dealing with their phone problems then at just over £400 this is a bargain . A person who uses mobile phones on a more regular basis than me will probably give a more detailed review . The display and all other features are brilliant .
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