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on 31 December 2014
I bought this for my daughter, this is her review:

I received an iPad Air 2 for Christmas and wanted to keep it protected and safe. I purchased a decent case (an Origami Roo case) and knew I needed to get a screen protector ASAP as I tend to find a way to scratch even the most indestructible screens.

I have had many bad experiences with screen protectors. I've had one that I've used on my iPad Mini Retina which took 3 attempts before it was finally applied right, I've had ones that felt awful and caused the screen to look disgusting, ones that seemed to get an abundance of finger prints and smudges, ones that felt cheap and badly made even though they were expensive... I've never really had a positive experience with screen protectors... Until now.

This screen protector is just brilliant. I got it right on my first go and have no air bubbles or trapped dust. I would recommend having a damp cloth underneath your iPad as it stops quite a lot of dust getting onto the iPad's screen. Be patient when applying it, it's not a race so take your time. Don't be angry when you notice dust stuck to the screen protector; get a bit of scotch tape and simply dab it off with it. Before you know it you'll have a bubble-less dust free iPad.

This screen protector really does reduce the finger prints. Heck, I've been using my iPad all day and it has no fingerprints or smudges whatsoever. It does reduce reflection too. It feels very nice. It's got a matte finish so it doesn't feel like glass or plastic it just feels smooth and very nice to the touch. It's wonderful when playing games that require a lot of touch control as your fingertips simply glide across the screen with hardly any friction.

I know for a fact that when I need to purchase another set of screen protectors, I'll be coming back to this product. Of course I'm going to have a go at other companies' products as I need to really compare the screen protectors available but I know for a fact this will be my go to product out of all the other many screen protectors I've used.

I'm rating this a five out of five and will be recommending to friends and family.
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on 31 December 2013
I'm not a fan of screen protectors, I never had been. A pain to install, non removable air bubbles everywhere, glare, reduced clarity, impossible to clean properly, the list could go on. For about two years I decided I wouldn't use screen protectors, but after seeing and using a friends iPhone that had matte screen protector, I though't i'd give them another go.

I recently got an iPad Air, and after searching for a matte iPad Air screen protector this Anker screen protector was the first to pop up. It seemed to be the best for quality and value, in comparison to other ones like Samar (looks cheap and nasty) and MediaDevil (I have heard their the best ones, but I don't fancy spending £15 on a screen protector)

What really stood out to me for this Anker screen protector are its plethora of features. It has a 'Japanese PET Film', '4H hardness' scratch resistance, 'Bubble Free' installation, 'Rainbow Effect Proof' design, 'Anti-Glare', 'Anti-Fingerprint', 'Responsive Touch' and 'HD' High Transparency. You also get 2 protectors, just in case you mess up the first attempt.

So what does that mean? Well PET is the type of film used for the screen protector, and if its high quality then its going to provide better responsiveness and transparency. The 'Rainbow Effect' is something that happens to matte screen protectors, as you move the screen around you can see the protector shifting colors of the rainbow, which is something I certainly didn't want so the fact this screen protector is 'rainbow effect proof' was a big plus.

I can safely say that the features this screen protector claims to have are TRUE. The installation was time consuming, but indeed bubble free. I watched some Youtube video's of the best way to apply screen protectors, and included is a small manual telling you how to do it. My advice would be to watch the Youtube videos, as they were more helpful than the manual. I was able to apply the screen protector with NO BUBBLES.

After it was all installed, I was amazed at the feel of the Matte. It allows your finger to glide more smoothly, it feels very satisfying to touch and has made my iPad even more joyous to use. The transparency is on point, everything looks crisp and sharp. There is no rainbow effect and the touch screen is excellently responsive.

This is a fantastic screen protector, purchase with confidence. Thanks Anker!

UPDATE: - I noticed that my screen protector had been cut unevenly, and therefore caused the application on my screen to look wonky. I got a refund from amazon customer support, and purchased the TUFFSkinz matte screen protectors, which are even better than these Anker ones.
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on 4 September 2015
Very pleased with this. I ordered a matte/anti-glare version specifically for use with a new Adonit Jot Dash stylus - it adds just a tiny amout of extra friction that does help somewhat. The normal iPad screen is so smooth and shiney that a hard point stylus does tend to slide around a little too easily - this screen protector achieved exactly what I was after and so I am happy. I also have to say it was surprisingly easy to fit. I used the selotape trick someone else dreamt up here and it really did help - just place the protector on the iPad in the right place (before peeling the covers) and selotape it in place along one edge (I used the long left edge). This creates a sort of hinge that means you can lift the sheet and start peeling away the "back" film and the protector just falls back into the right place - genius. I got it done first time with no dust spots and just some small bubbles at the edge that came out easily with the tool provided. I do quite like the slightly matte finish - it certainly doesn't affect the clarity of the screen and it does reduce the glare, but if you are really after a screen protector rather than a slightly different writing surface (like me) then you might also want to consider the crystal clear version. All in all, I have to say that this Ankar product is brilliant considering its very reasonable price, particularly as you get two sheets and all the little extras you need to fit it (except the roll of selotape).
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on 4 May 2014
This is just a great protector!

I could not understand that other people had so many bubbles, but here is what I did - do not laugh!
1. put your cats and dogs out of the room! Their hair is in the air and will of course settle under the protector on your screen ;-) a where else? Haha.
2. I put a clean wrapping paper under the working area, believe me every little bit can make bubbles.
3. This sound funny, but take off any clothing such as long sleeves or sweaters, they also contain dust particles which may fall on your screen and make nasty bubbles.
4. Wash your hands! Bind back any long hair.
5. Clean the surface with the provided cloth.
6. User the sticky paper pre-emptive all over the screen to eliminate all particles.
7. Align the protector really REALLY neat onto the edge, - leave no border.
8. Apply screen protector now according to instructions and leave the sticking protection on it and detach it bit by bit.

It went utterly smooth onto my screen, with just some bubbles at corners, which were easily removed by the bubble scratcher, - its just perfect!
I am very happy!!! Well, I can see some fingerprints, but not as much as without the protector and its very clear! Also I think the anti glare is ok. Additionally it feels quite smooth when working with your fingers over the screen.

And I still have a second one left... :-)
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on 16 February 2015
Well for me it was far from bubble free installation as the instructions said. The holes did not line up exactly. To get the on/off to line up then the protector went over the other edge. Messing around the first protector ended up with dust on it, so that went in the bin. Second one, I lined it up before taking off the paper, and same thing, holes did not line up. Well .... ipad still worked which was main thing, So proceeded to put the protective cover on. I have put loads of protective sheets on laptops, iphones etc so I know how to do it ... this one .... still ended up with bubble along the edge about 1.5 inches in. Ive left it on as that is all I have. Maybe it was me .... but not the first time I have put on protective sheets and not had a problem before. Only difference between this one and others I have had, is this one is thicker, so maybe needs more of a knack in not getting bubbles in ....??
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on 11 June 2015
I really don't remember how many protectors I tried. However, all of them were waste of money and time. Full of bubbles, difficult application,etc. Yet, this is awesome! Very easy to apply, NO bubbles, fingerprints are really reduced. I am obsessed with details, and this item could make me happy.

Few tips:
If you want shinny, do not buy the matte one. Wash your hands and clean your desk carefully before you apply it.
Be patient, do it slowly ;)

I have also added a photo.

UPDATE: After using for a few days, I can say that not good enough for anti-fingerprints.
review image
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on 15 November 2013
This product was supplied by Anker for my evaluation and review. My review is completely unbiased and honest.

I don't usually use screen protectors on my iPads, simply because they are usually so difficult to apply without those annoying air bubbles. I'm the type of person that if there are any air bubbles (even if they are tiny!), I will simply remove and bin the protector. So I must say I was skeptical about this product. However, I really wanted to use my new air without a cover and so thought it would be a mistake to not us a protector.

The product came well packaged by amazon. Inside is 2 screen protectors, an instruction manual, a dust removal sticker, a cleaning cloth and a bubble remover. The instructions were actually for the iPhone, but they do the job fine. The bubble remover was more of a hindrance and I found it far more effective to use my fingers to push any bubbles out.
Applying the product is fairly easy, you just have to make sure you line up the holes with the home button and the camera. Most of the air bubbles were easily pushed to the side and the remaining ones disappeared after a couple of hours. Now I'm pretty anal about bubbles as you can tell. I've inspected every inch and can honestly say there are none whatsoever. This is a great result!

Testing on a day to day basis revealed that the screen is a little more comfortable to use in dark environments thanks to its anti reflective properties. And in bright light, I found I didn't have to increase the screen brightness so much to be able to see the screen clearly. The protector is much easier to clean and keep clean then the iPad glass. There is no rainbow effect and I quite like the feel of it.

I would definitely recommend this product. It's for those who not only want the benefits of anti scratch, but also a few other benefit which make using your iPad daily just that bit more comfortable on your eyes!

Update: Recently, Anker sent me their Ultra Clear Version to review. It is just as good as the matte version, with particular focus on ease of installation. Again, no bubbles whatsoever! It does make the iPad look better in my opinion, but the trade off is that you get from glare from the screen. I feel the ultra clear version is for those who want their iPad to look as original as possible, while the matte offers benefits for those who use their iPad as a workhorse, valuing its anti glare properties. For me, I would choose the matte but with one will be a good buy! And what value!
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on 7 June 2014
This is going back. It is not anti glare or matt as described. It's shiny, not matt and does nothing at all to dampen the glare. The packaging even has a section on the back that lists it's features- no mention of matt of anti-glare. If glare is not something you are concerned about, this is a perfectly good piece of transparent plastic to slap on your already shiny and durable screen.
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on 8 December 2014
Standard Screen Protector. Zero bubbles or dust if you know the techniques of applying screen protectors.

The matt screen is, I believe, a better option for the iPad as fingerprints is a major issue with reflective screens. Fingerprints is still an issue with the matt screen, it is just not as noticeable as with reflective screens. However, the crispness of the iPad screen is not there anymore, but once you get used to it, you don't really notice it.

My iPhone has a glass screen and it is easy to clean, just a rub on the shirt will do, but the iPad screen is more difficult to clean.

The screen itself is very smooth to the touch and the responsiveness of the iPad is not impeded in anyway whatsoever.

The size of the screen protector covers about 98-99% of the screen. So as you can imagine, there is not much space left for misalignment. Line it up with the touch id button and and camera, CAREFULLY.

Overall, it is a reasonably priced screen protector. Coupled with a case, the IPAD is 100% protected from most knocks and bumps.
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on 5 May 2015
I was given an iPad Air for Christmas and had never previously installed a protector of any description before (not even on a phone). Having read reviews for various products I approached the job with trepidation and dread. This product got the best reviews, and with good reason.
It arrived very well packaged, contains two screen protectors, an instruction manual, a dust removal sticker, a cleaning cloth and a bubble remover. The dust removal sticker did just that. Applying the product was pretty easy, provided the holes are carefully lined up with the home button and camera. I found the bubble remover awkward to use, so discarded it, but it was easy to use my fingers to push any bubbles out to the sides. I'm really pleased with the result, and now that I've used it for a while, can attest to the fact that it has good anti-glare properties and finger prints are far less of a problem than with bare glass. Now I'm off to buy the Anker protectors for the family iPhones. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this item.
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