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4.4 out of 5 stars28
4.4 out of 5 stars
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DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION is a cyberpunk RPG set in 2027 in Detroit and Hengsha, China. You play Adam Jensen, a security specialist gunned down in a terrorist attack on his employer's labratory. His life is saved by augmentation, have limbs and other parts of his body replaced by cybernetic enhancements. As the game proceeds you have to investigate the terrorist attack and deal with a number of side-missions whilst learning how to use your new powers and abilities. Released in 2011, the game attracted considerable critical acclaim for it's open-ended gameplay (you can deal with situations via stealth, combat, hacking or a mixture of the three) but also some criticism for a series of unavoidable boss fights which forced you into lethal gunfights.

The Director's Cut is a re-release of the original game with a number of new features. The most notable is a set of Wii U-exclusive features which make excellent use of that console's touch-screen controller, allowing players to hack computers and refer to their map, quest log or inventory without switching out of the main view. I haven't seen these features in operation, but other reviews indicate they are well-implemented.

Of more interest to PC and other console players are the upgrades to the actual gameplay. The most notable of these is that The Missing Link DLC - which takes place about two-thirds through the original game - has been integrated into the main narrative. There are good and bad points to this. First, if you haven't played The Missing Link before it adds about 4-5 hours of gameplay set on a remote base in the middle of the ocean. It adds new environments and enemy types and, like the main game, a series of situations to resolve through combat, hacking, stealth or a combination of all three. There's also some tough moral choices. The DLC integrates into the main storyline quite well, with Jensen's continuing investigation into the attack on Sarif Industries informing the expansion. Unfortunately, the expansion's biggest weakness remains: it removes all of your augments and upgrades, forcing you back into the state you were at the start of the game. This makes the first half of the DLC a chore as you rebuild your skill set back up to something useful. The Director's Cut really should have eliminated this tiresome mechanic (originally necessary because it was played separately from the main game) and allowed you to continue with your existing inventory and skill set. Still, once it kicks into gear it's a very worthy expansion to the game.

The second notable change is to the boss battles. Much-criticised in the original game, The Director's Cut reworks them so each boss can now also be defeated by stealth or hacking as well as direct combat. Unfortunately, defeating the third boss, Jaron Namir, requires hacking skills. Depending on a choice made earlier in the game, your augments may be completely offline during this battle, making hacking impossible and forcing you to defeat him in direct combat. Fortunately, as this battle comes shortly after The Missing Link, in which you can acquire a powerful missile launcher which can take Namir down in just a couple of hits, the developers have a way around it.

Eidos Montreal also claim to have upgraded the game's graphics. To be frank, this claim seems dubious. The textures seem identical, the lighting and shadows appear to be the same and the character models are still the mixed bag they were in 2011. The console versions may indeed look better, but the PC version appears to be identical to the original release.

Finally, the game adds a 'Game+' mode in which your augment loadout continues into a new game. This is a nice touch if you plan to replay at the hardest difficulty level (which is notably more punishing), but given you can max out 90% of your augments in a single playthrough, it will leave you as an almost unbeatable tank during the replay.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Director's Cut improves on the original game, but it's more of a series of minor upgrades than a major transformation of the whole game. If you've already completed the game (iffy boss fights and all) and The Missing Link, it's questionable if there is enough here to make it worthwhile, especially on console where you have to re-buy the entire game. Wii U users will likely enjoy it tremendously as a rare and much-needed example of what their console can do. PC players, however, will find that the Director's Cut is an extremely cheap upgrade on Steam if they already own the original game and The Missing Link, in which case it's a no-brainer.

For new players who have never experienced the game before, the improvements remove the original game's most annoying niggles and leave it as a cyberpunk RPG masterpiece it aspired to be. If you haven't played the game before, the Director's Cut (*****) is a must-buy.
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on 4 March 2014
When I used to play my 360 back in 2011, I remember buying this game on release, hating it initially, I decided to play it again and now it's one of my favourite games of all time next to Dark Souls, GTA Vice City and Half Life 2, the game is brilliant. I built my PC back in 2012 and have been meaning to play some old favourites on the 360 and my god is this game beautiful at 1080p Maxed out at 60 FPS. I urge you to buy it and also urge you to put thought in it, this game expects you to think outside the box, which is the reason why I hated it initially back on my first playthough. The directors cut also has the Missing Link (a very good expansion) but merges it in with the base game giving it a seamless feel. 10/10
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on 12 December 2013
I tend not to play games with killing, this game though allows the player to use stealth, which I always find fun, also there are dialogue options to resolve problems with certain characters!
I prefer games with open world, and although every part of the game isn't open at once, the maps in down time are pretty expansive and open, also, when there's an objective map like a building you've been flown to, upon reaching the end, you can still choose to travel back to the beginning!
There are gun runners in the game in each area, also there are weapons and ammo in certain locations that you can sell to the runners in order to buy stuff like Praxis kits from Limb clinics, or energy bars to enable enhancements to work longer! If selling guns though, just remember, they don't stack, having one type of weapon in your inventory, upon picking up another all you get is the bullets within that weapon, if you're willing to do the leg work, you can sell individual guns and make more money!
The game crashes every time I play, however it also saves automatically, as well as there being a choice of hard save of quick save! I personally choose a hard save for beginning a new area, and quick save just before an action, like hacking a pc, or moving from behind cover! When I first started playing, the game movement was jerky, upon turning off shadows it stopped, weird thing is, it's the detail of shadows that stopped not the in game shadows, and I can't see any difference!
I hope this was at least part helpful to you!
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on 29 November 2014
I played the old Deus Ex, and with an updated computer found this game an absorbing one too. Your character, Jensen uses either stealth or shoot em up, or combination of both to achieve various goals. Although I bought this with an XBox controller, I found it easy to use on PC keyboard, which is what I am used to. Jensen again has augmentations to help him get through each mission and you upgrade with praxis points, which are rewards for achievements. This runs on Steam, but I always play offline after logging in as my BB is hopeless and cuts out a lot, but be warned, Steam spent half an hour downloading all the updates for this game and I nearly went over my meagre BB limit waiting for it to do this, despite buying a game with DVDs in the case brand new. I'm barely half way through, and some of the cut scenes are tedious, but you press space bar and can opt to skip them if you wish. Jensen lives in different cityscapes, crawling through airvents and hacking PC terminals and security systems, picking up EMP grenades, guns, ammunition etc as he goes. Definitely worth the money for a good stealthy game, but to my mind not up to Thief or Dishonoured. A bit gory too with 18 certificate, there are 'trainers' to download online, if you find it too difficult.
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on 27 January 2014
The Director's Cut merges together both Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the Missing Link DLC (Downloadable Content) in an almost seamless fashion.

Excellent storyline with bonus commentary that will keep you entertained for hours on end and shows some real insight into the making of the game as you progress through it and makes it a whole lot more enjoyable. I have currently played 265 hours on it and just finished my third play-through (maximum difficulty, Pacifist and Factory Zero achievements) Somehow missed the Foxiest of Hounds (Set off no alarms) so will be playing it through from the beginning again!

Links straight into steam to save your save games to the cloud and upload screenshots as well as updates and achievements.

The only downside is (which I found to be a real annoyance but didn't really warrant loosing a star) was you can only have 99 active save games. To preserve any others you have to copy them out of the steam folder and save them elsewhere, Which in the end I gave up with and spent a good half hour deleting any saves I didn't absolutely need.The most logical way round this I suppose is to just do a save game at the start of each "level/mission" and use F5 to quick save through it.
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on 17 December 2014

I was a big fan of the original Deus Ex and played it to death. Its direct sequel, Invisible Wars, was disappointing, so I was hoping that Human Revolutions would be a step back in the right direction. Thankfully, it was!

I'm a big fan of story-driven games. Though the gameplay is of course very important (no complaints in that department - it plays wonderfully), single-player games stand or fall by their storylines. The first Deus Ex was a conspiracy theory thriller and had so many plot twists and turns that I kept wanting to play on to see what would happen next. Human Revolutions, for me, recaptured that spirit. You never know which characters you can trust, and occasionally a poor decision can even come back to bite you later in the game. The plot develops at a good pace and kept me wanting to play on a little bit longer just to see what twists were around the corner.

The setting is wonderfully detailed. The various locations are each unique enough to feel remarkably different. Hengsha in particular was a highlight. I loved exploring all the streets, buildings, and hidden corners. You get a real sense of achievement when you manage to lose pursuing enemies in a maze of alleyways, only to return quietly later and pick them off one by one.

In short, I can't recommend this game enough. If you like story-driven action games, then look no further!
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on 17 February 2014
You should get this for the addons alone, if you missed them.

Most likely this will be cheaper than getting them for the base game on Steam (and this copy goes straight to Steam if you want to).
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on 10 December 2014
I started gaming on my PC on BF3, I've since done all of the CoD and MoH. This Deus Ex is by far the best most complicated game I have found, BF4 took me 2 afternoons to complete. I played this game for 2 weeks, then played it on game + (harder with no help and less equipment) for another 2 weeks. It takes a lot of thought, planning, guile and skill to play. I hope they bring out another one soon. BEST GAME on the market for real players (single player), and you don't need others to help you.
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on 9 February 2015
What can one say, Deus ex human revolution, help!!!, many many many hours were spent on this bad boy. I thoroughly enjoyed the 1st Deus ex and invisible war, this was almost as good, now bear in mind the bar is set pretty high, 'almost as good' is league's ahead of the bioshock franchise and the fallout series. My bias is for beautiful story driven games, and this has it all!. Ah if only I could wipe my memory and play it all over again. Hell I would want to play them all again, such good games.
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on 21 May 2014
After reading previous reviews I decided to buy Deus Ex and can honestly say that I’m not disappointed. This game has good graphics along with a story line that kept you interested. You can also play in different modes from a stealth approach or all guns blazing. There are also various upgrades for the central character who is quite likable. So if you want to while away a few hours…buy it!
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