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4.7 out of 5 stars37
4.7 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
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on 29 December 2013
Dishonored is an excellent stealth game with a steampunk style, a story of political intrigue, great gameplay mechanics and clear influences from other games that it builds upon. It presents its world in a unique visual style that brings its characters and locations to life.

You play the role of Corvo, the Empress's bodyguard. After her assassination you are framed for her murder and must escape prison, seek allies and start the fight back against the plotters who have seized power.

The first-person sneaking and exploration has some similarities to the Thief series, while the range of weapons, tactics and found items feels somewhat like Bioshock. However, Dishonored always has new ideas to explore.

You come across runes that can level up your powers, allowing you to teleport, possess enemies or have them devoured by a swarm of rats. You also pick up bone charms that provide useful enhancements. Because of your powers of stealth and attack, combined with areas that have multiple routes, there are many ways to approach a mission. Combat is good and feels physical, such as blocking sword blows or attacking someone with a knife. Because a lot of your attacks are close range and through the character's eyes, taking out a target can be quite brutal. The game doesn't shy away from showing the bloody effects.

At the same time the story deals with themes of revenge, political manoeuvrings, inequality and revolution as you explore the decaying sprawl of the city of Dunwall.

Dishonored has a wonderful and unique art style influenced by Viktor Antonov who designed City 17 in Half-Life 2. It's a mix of imposing futurist architecture and 19th-century Britain, an industrial powerhouse running on whale oil and huge machines.

The effect is a bit like a 3D oil painting with soft strokes of varied colour as well as detailed shadows and bright areas highlighted. The artists have done a great job creating detailed environments such as the ragged coastline, confined streets, a palace, dark fortress, a huge bridge, the slums, prison and sewers.

The sound design is well crafted with effects for your assassinations, the noises of guards moving about their patrols and the general hum of city life. Characters are brought to life with well-done voice acting and conversations that never become dull.

There are only a few negative points to the experience. Sometimes enemy perception is a little too keen, so you can be spotted even when you think you are behind cover. The branching storyline and moral choices mean that sometimes other story elements and achievements are locked later in the game, meaning another play-through to get a different ending.

With the GOTY edition you get all of the DLC released for the game. With the Dunwall City Trials you are placed in a series of scenarios to test your puzzle, movement, stealth and combat skills in parts of a floating city.

The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches see you play as the Empress's assassin, Daud, with a new story arc as well as abilities and tactics in combat, such as summoning an assassin to help. New areas include a whale slaughterhouse, the Legal District, Coldridge Prison and the Brigmore Estate.

The Void Walker's Arsenal comprises four pre-order item packs that provide you with bone charms and money, as well as in-game books and statues.

Overall Dishonored is a brilliant title with hours of engrossing gameplay, allowing you numerous play styles and brings together the solid main story with some excellent extra content.
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on 21 July 2014
I don't normally like games that ask the player to be stealth I normally mess it up and have to blast my way throw the hordes of enemies that came to check out the notice, this game allows the player to choice if they want to go full stealth or guns blazing or even a mixture of the two the game wont punish you for your choices the story will still develop and depending on the way you play you will get different endings to each section.

The game of the year edition includes the DLC these add content that will enhance the play time of the game and enhances the love of the game, Dauds story is just as long as the main game, adding so much to the already amazing game making you will bad for your previous opinions.

I would recommend this game to everyone, I still play through now again even so long after my purchase
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on 14 October 2013
i bought Dishonored: game of the year edition because i heard so many good things about this game but never actually played it and getting bundled with all dlc with it is a steal.

After playing it constantly and finishing it i was satisfied with the game completely, the choice in gameplay was brilliant with a huge variety of ways to play adding tons of replaybility to the game.

The dlc is also really good the void walkers aresnal makes the game so much easier and the bonus money really helps new players to the game. the knife of dunwall and brigmore witches are also very good playing as the Assassin Daud was a cool experince and adds a new perspective to the dishonored world. Finally the dunwall city trials are decent and challenging and can help further develop skills with your magic, weapons and stealth skills.

If you have yet to play dishonored now is the perfect chance the full game and dlc together is definitely worth the price and with tons of replaybility you will be coming back for more. This is one of the game of the year games that definitely earned its goty title.
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on 1 May 2016
I love stealth games and dishonored was original and fresh, This game puts you in a first-person perspective and the way to avoid detection is to stay out of enemy's line of sight (Cone of Vision). The ways you would do this in familiar stealth games would be to move around walls and hide behind objects whilst an enemy walks past. In Dishonored that's not necessarily the case, when navigating or avoiding, you'll be thinking Vertically rather than simply whats in front of you. You have Powers, a selection of powers that you unlock over time and in which order is up to you. The most vital power is 'Blink' which is a short teleport (Can be upgraded) that lets you traverse upon lampposts, buildings or just to get you out of trouble. You will find yourself at times with many enemies on the ground and few above, making the use of Blink a primary choice of progressing. You'll be using it a lot.

The powers do recharge to certain extent, Blink will recharge completely if not used in quick succession, use it once, wait to refill and use it again. If you used blink twice then it'll recharge to a certain point from when you used it that second time, the bar wont be full but you can just use one of the items you can stock up on to replenish it.

You can go anyway about it, guns blazing like some crazy steampunk psycho ninja with time-stopping powers and turning everyone to ash. Or you can use Sleep darts from your crossbow along with 'Possession' which allows you to take control of animals (Humans when upgraded) to navigate a certain area and jump out of the host's body when your done. You can complete the game with just blink and no other powers of you so wish, I'd recommend doing that on a second play through mind-you, you're gonna need that initial level knowledge :) The game does alter depending on your play style however by using a 'Chaos' scale after each level, less fatalities generally means less chaos, not being spotted by every guard in one given area is also a plus! Keep that Chaos scale in mind because even the story and ending can change.

Since it's the game of the year edition it comes with all the DLC, the best of which are the 'Knife of Dunwall' campaigns that fill in some details of the main story and lets you take control of Daud, an assassin with powers much like your own, who you do meet in the main story so it shows you a different perspective on the events but with completely different levels.

No, I really had fun with this game. I hadn't played a game quite like it so it was a new experience but one that was easy to adapt to, once you understand how to use your powers. Damn fine! I look forward to the sequel.
You have fun.
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VINE VOICEon 1 December 2015
Dishonored has received many accolades and praise from many quarters for its fresh ideas and bringing a new IP into the spotlight. Ultimately, I found Dishonored to be disappointing and at times a real exercise in tedium and I'll attempt to explain why within this review.

In Dishonored you play as Corvo Attano, a master assassin who finds himself in a perilous situation. I won't spoil the story, although I will warn you that the boxart does it best to do this for you anyway if you read the details like me. Corvo has many tools at his disposal in the game but these tools are not that interesting. One tool such as the heart just helps you find runes which is not useful for any other reason than upgrades. Perhaps the most useful power that Corvo can use is Blink where Corvo can teleport from one area to another within a limited distance. This is very useful within the game. Other abilities such as possession and dark vision are available to the player but if you play through the game as I did you're unlikely to find enough runes in order to truly benefit from Corvo's skillset.

The story starts off interesting but it's questionable as to whether the payoff is worth it. The story is shaped around your actions but in a hamfisted or half-baked manner. This is because the fate of Dunwall is attributable to your actions and that's as simple as causing more 'chaos'. Therefore, rather than giving the player clear choices it is condensed as to whether you go on a rampage or not and try to play stealthy. The stealth within the game could work better than it does. The AI moves between stupid and highly sensitive. This is so extreme that you can be seen to the point of it being incredibly frustrating. The dark vision ability helps with this somewhat but is not always available to the player. There is no sort of radar and this is all the more unfortunate where the stealth is from a first person perspective. It doesn't really work. Furthermore, whilst some of the powers are inventive, the weaponry available to Corvo is not. You have a crossbow, pistol and a sword and that's it. This will likely suffice for most players but long range combat is limited to the crossbow which is not readily stocked with ammunition although this can be found with not too much difficulty if you don't want to spend coins at Piero's.

Dishonored attempts to strengthen the story through notes and books in game that can be found. This proves to be very dull and is not directly related to the story. The player will not encounter many different enemy types and there is a lack of variety. The magic is also under utilised but this can be more depending on how the player progresses. The ability to play the levels the way you want was one of the big attractions for the game but in practice it falls short. As far as player choice goes that's pretty much the apex. The story leaves you playing as a character that doesn't really have any at all.

The DLC within this package of The Knife of Dunwall, The Brigmore Witches and Dunwall City Trials was not tested. This will extend the playtime of the game beyond the 8-10 hour campaign.

Graphics - 7 Very Timesplitters and makes the characters look cartoonish. There is nothing spectacular graphically to see here.

Sound - 7 Okay, but there is a distinct lack of music.

Gameplay - 7 The stealth elements could be a lot better in this game and the combat is not very engaging either. It works but stealth is not suited for a first person experience.

Lifespan - 8 There is plenty content to get through here after the main game is finished.

I did not enjoy playing Dishonored and wanted it to reach its conclusion before it did. Perhaps it tried to be too ambitious. The flaky combat and uninspiring story do not help the game and its credentials. It certainly is not really deserving of the lavish accolades it received, at least in my own experience. Dishonored is not really worth your time and there are much better stealth games out there. Some have undoubtedly enjoyed Dishonored but I could not get past its shortcomings.
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on 18 January 2014
"Ridiculously good" according to the 13 year old player of this game, on a par with Skyrim and Assassins Creed
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on 6 May 2014
I have already spoken more about Dishonoured than anyone want's to hear, so when I found Bethesda had created an extended edition where the player controls the slick and stylish assassin Daud, I was rather jubilant. The actual added content adds a dozen new levels, (even if two are set in the same locations as the original game) which let us see even more of Dunwall, give us a few interesting new characters, the best being the fleshing out of Daud and his Whalers, and even play up to parts referenced in the game but never glimpsed. A few trial missions are also added, mainly time trials and combat, but there is also an interesting stealth section as well. All in all a good purchase that improves upon an already good game.
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on 11 July 2014
I really like this game, I have found it entertaining in the many ways you can go through a level, which also gives it a level of replay-ability. I had no issues with any of the discs, everything came as I thought it would, as in no scratches or damage to the discs, booklet or case. I would happily reccomend this game to any one that is looking for a good single player game to pass the time, which it has certainly done for me as I am on my third playthrough!
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on 4 February 2014
Great first person experience, with long game play (40 hrs in play case!) The attention to detail and nonlinear storyline, creates a maximum replay factor, with all the DLC you'll never have the same playthrough twice.

Round up, the gameplay is amazing, the engine is amazing, the graphics and sound is amazing, you see what I'm getting at, one of the best game I've played up there with Mass Effect 2! Great job Bethesda, cannot wait for the sequel.
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on 2 April 2014
This game is fantastic I would recommend it to any gaming fan,
Plays very smoothly, controls are all great and no lag or bull s***
Also each area is an open map, like each area is a mini sand box so thats cool
Loads of collectibles if Youre into that stuff
Storey is solid and gripping,
DLC is all cool, if you like be a goodie you pay the DLC as the antagonist so you can let your evil flow a
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