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4.1 out of 5 stars663
4.1 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 January 2015
I didn't expect much from this film, after the huge disappointment that was "Chronicles of Riddick", but I was VERY pleasantly surprised! Below, more of my impressions, with some SPOILERS.

PRECISION: this is the review of 122 minutes long extended version of the film, 8 minutes longer than the cinema version; those additional scenes are quite welcome, but they are not really essential for the story.

Twelve years after the events of "Pitch Black", Riddick (Vim Diesel) finds himself again stranded at a hostile planet - but this time he is alone and also badly wounded. This film tells the story of his struggle to survive and ultimately escape from this anonymous planet (which we know only as "not Furya"). The escape will be made ultimately possible by arrival on this planet of two ships - but it will be also a difficult thing, as the tough and experienced crews of those spacecrafts have terminally hostile intentions... I will not say more about the story.

This is a very honest SF/adventure film, not as good as "Pitch Black", but still a well done thing. There are many treasures in "Riddick", not the least of which is the very limited place accorded to this whole "Necromongers" nonsense, which completely destroyed the second film in the series. There are two moments showing Riddick in his functions as Necromongers Lord Marshall (and allow Karl Urban to appear in a cameo), but they are mercifully short and all the rest of the story takes place on "not Furya" planet.

This planet is a very hostile place, every bit as dangerous as desert planet in "Pitch Black" - albeit not really as lethal as Crematoria from "Chronicles of Riddick" (incidentally the only thing worth watching in this latter film). Riddick's adventures in its deadly wilderness are shown very, very well indeed.

People who come to the planet looking for Riddick are tough and unpleasant, albeit one of them, the youngest of all, seems to be in the wrong line of work... Amongst those unpleasant bounty hunters there is a sadistic, machete wielding thug named Santana (Jordi Molla), a middle aged, highly professional and deadly serious guy named "Boss" Johns (Matthew Nable), who has a personal score to settle with Riddick and also, last but not least, a very athletic and very lesbian amazon/sniper named Dahl (Katee Sackhoff). Their interactions amongst them and with Riddick are actually better shown than in most action movies - although some opportunities for better dialogs, more drama and better jokes were wasted, there was still a clear effort on the level of scenario here.

This film actually reminded me of some old westerns as indeed we have here three groups of very different people (Santana's crew, Johns' crew and Riddick who is a kind of one man army) in an abandoned "town" (OK, a couple of barracks) in the middle of a deadly wilderness - and we know that the Apaches (here known as Mud Demons) are never far and will ultimately show themselves...

There are some developments in this film, centred around character of Dahl, which are soooo deliciously not-politically correct, that I howled with admiration...))) It begins with giving to an athletic amazon/sniper lesbian character the name which is pronounced as "doll"...))) But it actually gets even better and I think that any feminist and especially a lesbian feminist who would dare watch this film would probably get a heart attack towards the end...))) So a friendly warning ladies, stay away from "Riddick" - in every posible sense of these words...)))

It is worth noticing also that if two first films seemed indicate that Islam is the dominant religion in space civilization of future, in this one we finally have a devout Christian - although the director couldn't resist the temptation to give him the name Luna (like in "lunatic"). Incidentally, the existence of this character gives Riddick an occasion to place a killer one-liner, one of the best in the whole film...)))

In this film we also have one more time the confirmation that deep inside all men, even the most macho, are little boys at heart - and it is well known that a boy should have a puppy to play with...))) Another thing we learn in this film is that in space "everybody has a box"...))) I am not explaining that one - you will have to watch the film...

Even if I liked "Riddick" much, much more than I expected, I still cannot rate it five stars as some moments are weak and the drama initially build into the confrontation between Riddick and "Boss" Johns ultimately doesn't deliver. Still, a nicely done thing. I think I will keep my DVD for another viewing in the future. ENJOY!
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on 4 October 2013
Not sure why this film is getting the roasting it is. While it may not be the deepest of films, it is a superior action/SF film that more than holds its own against the competition.

I will admit straight away to liking the unloved Chronicles of Riddick, so you may want to throw up your hands in horror and walk away now. While that got slated, at least it tried to do something different to Pitch Black. Vin Diesel worked hard to get Riddick back on screen, and if nothing else it shows his commitment to the character.

The film Riddick is taking the story back to basics. The first 20 minutes are so are excellent, when you see Riddick abandoned for dead on a nameless planet, his struggle to survive and then how he rears and befriends an alien dog. After he kills an alien beast, he finds an empty outpost and entices 2 rival groups of mercenaries down on to the planet. This effectively reestablishes the character, and demonstrates why the mercenaries who are hunting him see him as such a threat.

There is an all-too-brief flashback of Riddick among the Necromongers after Chronicles, and then the main story shifts to the mercenaries, and Riddick playing cat-and-mouse with them, picking them off while using them to get transport off the planet.

A lot have people have said that Riddick is too much like Pitch Black, however for much of the film, Riddick is more like Rambo in Space, as he uses his stealth and wits to play the mercenaries against each other until he can take them on on his own terms. And the film nicely portrays the characters of the mercenaries too, so they are not just mindless grunts.

The film isn't perfect - budgetary constraints mean the FX are a bit dodgy in places, and the final sequence were Riddick fights off hordes of alien monsters IS too similar to Pitch Black for comfort. But even here they seem to have taken the original idea and revamped it, giving more thought to the ecology on the planet so it makes more sense.

Don't believe all the bad press, this is well worth seeing. And fingers crossed it makes enough money so the final 2 films will be made.
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on 5 March 2016
Bit formulaic, especially if you have seen Pitch Black. I think the demand for the character (Riddick) is high but after the panning (though not by me!) of the second film, The Chronicles Of Riddick, it seems those in charge of the character development returned to the successful first film rather than extend the finish (in any meaningful way) of the end of the second. Pity - I suspect that would have been a much better film.

So a loss of a star for that and another for wasting the talents of Katee Sackhoff as eye candy, "all pretty like".
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'Vin Diesel' revisits his role as 'Riddick'
When betrayed by his own, and left for dead on a seemingly desolate
planet, 'Riddick' is in fact 'ever-so-slightly alive, he sets out to
regain his strength and adjust his life to survive what is proving
to be a dangerous place to be.
Soon 'Riddick' is joined on this nowhere planet by bounty-hunters from
around the galaxy, one group wanting his 'head' the other information
first, death afterwards.
However this 'one' guy isn't gonna' roll-over anytime soon, all 'Riddick'
wants is a 'ride' off the God-forsaken Planet before things get a whole
lot worse.
(one or two interesting creatures along the way)
An enjoyable Sci-Fi adventure, with great action sequences and a heap of
impressive C.G.I (special-effects)...........great Blu-Ray and sound
quality throughout.
Extra's : 'Vin's' Riddick.......'Meet the 'Mercs'.......and 'Riddick:-
Blindside'...........Exclusive to Blu-Ray features: Both theatrical
version and 'Director's Cut( I watched the latter) also 'The Twohy Touch'
'Riddickian Tech' and the 'World of Riddick'
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 20 March 2016
Unsurprisingly reactions to this, the third outing for Vin Diesel's sci-fi based anti-hero, has been very mixed. In truth it's hardly a great film of the "must see" kind, and it does in fact cleave very close to Pitch Black, the first and most superior of the Riddick trilogy. However, there's a whole bunch of science fiction fun to be had here.

Plot has Riddick left for dead on a inhospitable planet, where he finds himself up against some alien creatures. His only hope of getting off the planet is to bring notice of his whereabouts, which brings two ships to where he is. Both with crews who have differing reasons for wanting to capture the enigmatic convict...

And thus we get a beautifully filmed sci-fier that features beasties of both the human and alien kind. Action and moody histrionics are never far away, and Diesel is wonderfully muscular, macho, course and scary. Some of the CGI is weak, and naturally much of the film's coincidences and contrivances have to be forgiven if one wants a popcorn and beer good time of it. 7/10
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Our taciturn hero is back. This time dumped on some random planet which, of course, has breathable air and water! The dumper is one of Commander Vaako's lackeys, Krone, who manages to bury Riddick alive under a 100 tonnes of rock after Riddick dispatches four necromongers following an attempt to double-cross him in the wake of his obvious aversion to his new role as Lord Marshall.

Miraculously, Riddick survives the attempt with nothing worse than a broken leg, which he immediately `sets about' sorting out with, of course, the minimum of fuss. He then sets out to explore his new surroundings: not much flora but some typically nasty fauna in the form of particularly hideous things that look like the love children of a giant scorpion and the big daddy of all aliens; that designed by H. R. Giger!

But then we're not talking about Ripley, as feisty as she is, or Dallas, but Riddick; the ultimate lean, mean alien killing machine, who might reasonably be regarded as a kind of fictional descendant of Lee Child's Jack Reacher.

The giant `scorpions' aren't the only animal nasties roaming about: Riddick is cornered by a pack of dogs or more accurately, hyenas on steroids! Imagine a hyena wearing `The Mask' and you'll get the picture. He escapes their fearsome fangs and captures one of their pups who accepts him as the `alpha male'.

Eventually, Riddick and pet discover evidence of human habitation in an apparently unused mercenary station. He sets off an emergency beacon, which attracts two teams in the area who land in the vicinity and proceed to argue between themselves about how best to go about hunting down Riddick and receiving the bounty. These people seem endlessly naive and beyond hopelessly optimistic; surely they must know who they're dealing with?

Despite a couple of slightly dodgy cgi moments, it looks fantastic on Blu-ray, but the plot has more than its fair share of irrationality. I won't go into details, but if you're prepared to accept these it makes for a more than an acceptable entry in the ongoing story of Riddick's journey.
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on 22 September 2013
Riddick finally returns in a film that really has some bite to it. it has a very distinct (and rigid) three act structure that follows on from The Chronicles of Riddick and Pitch Black.
It spends a good half an hour watching how Riddick survives on a desolate, barren world and introduces the threat that will shape how things play out later. After that the mercs come in in two groups, one with the aim to put Riddicks head in a box and the other to catch him for reasons other than just money.
Riddick proceeds to toy with them in what I most enjoyed about the film, he's always just out of the mercs sight and uses the planet and their tools against them in a guerilla campaign to demoralise and thin their numbers.
As the film progresses it becomes more horror oriented but managed to live up to my expectations for the series and really seems to be a passionately made film aimed squarely at its fans.
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on 26 September 2015
I enjoyed this film and thought it a reasonably good continuation of the saga. I'm not mad keen on Vin Diesel films generally, but I like his portrayal of Riddick. Nice effects. There probably shouldn't be any more of these films made, as the plot feels exhausted.
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on 18 August 2014
I enjoyed this film but it is not much of a step forward for the franchise. In many ways this is just Pitch Black except that it is rain that brings the monsters instead of darkness.
The first 20-30 minutes are very interesting showing Riddick survive wounded and alone in a hostile environment, and this is the best part of the film, the rest is a fairly routine story of bounty hunters trying to catch Riddick but eventually all having to work together under an uneasy truce.
I can see why this film had to take that approach after the box office failure of Chronicles of Riddick, and Vin Diesel is still very good and charasmatic in this movie. But it is not really much of a step forward for the film makers and has no unique element to lift it from the crowd.
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I'm not going to review the movie itself as everyone will have their own opinions on this, but I will add that the quality of the Film and the quality of the sound is top if your a fan of Riddick then you won't be disppointed..Cheers
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