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4.0 out of 5 stars Winning Emmys from the start
Season Five kicks off with more of Klingons fighting each other, which makes for a rousing start in 'Redemption' part 2. Second episode 'Darmock' was already up for an Emmy, which it won, for tackling barriers in communication. Picard struggles to talk to the Tamarian captain, played by Paul Winfield of Star Trek 2 fame, in a recreation of historical events from the...
Published on 24 Sep 2004

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3.0 out of 5 stars Star Trek: The Finest Generation?
I bought this simply to complete my collection of TNG boxsets along with the Season 2 set and was delighted to find it included "Cause and Effect", one of my all-time favourite episodes. Besides this, most of it is pretty standard Trek. Some great episodes mixed in with some not so great episodes and a lot of reasonably good ones means it is entertaining whether you've...
Published on 26 Oct 2011 by DanP101

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4.0 out of 5 stars Winning Emmys from the start, 24 Sep 2004
By A Customer
Season Five kicks off with more of Klingons fighting each other, which makes for a rousing start in 'Redemption' part 2. Second episode 'Darmock' was already up for an Emmy, which it won, for tackling barriers in communication. Picard struggles to talk to the Tamarian captain, played by Paul Winfield of Star Trek 2 fame, in a recreation of historical events from the Tamarian past. It's the aliens who are intelligent, really, in thinking that this will bridge communications with the Federation, and they were right.
Season Five also sees the return of Spock, now Vulcan Ambassador, trying to reunify the Romulans and the Vulcans. This two-part episode, 'Unification' marks the death of Spock's father, Sarek; and was made to commemorate the death of Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek.
Watch out for many dark episodes in Season Five: Power Play, Cause And Effect, Conundrum, Silicon Avatar, The First Duty; all full of death and destruction.
The penultimate episode 'The Inner Light' should have won an Emmy aswell, for it's portrayal of an entire civilisation destroyed by their star going nova. Picard learns all about these people by living a whole lifetime amoung them. Actor Patrick Stewart had a make-up call of 1am to turn him into an old grandfather for this episode. The earliest make-up call for any production in Hollywood, ever!
Finally in 'Time's Arrow', it's not everyday that you find Data's head a mile underneath San Francisco, aged 500 years. But where do the crew go when they disappear through the alien's porthole at the end of the episode? Back to 19th century San Francisco? You'll have to buy Season Six to find out!
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4.0 out of 5 stars My favourite season..., 1 Sep 2002
By A Customer
The fifth season of The Next Generation remains one of my personal favourite, and it all kicks off with "Redemption, Part II" in which the crew race to stop the cunning Romulans from orchestrating a civil war within the Klingon Empire. While it lacks the pace and tension of previous two-parter "The Best Of Both Worlds", it's certainly entertaining and introduces the evil Romulan Commander Sela (played by Denise Crosby, who must obviously have regretted her decision to leave the show as Lt Tasha Yar)
When Yar was killed off, the show was left without a tough female character, so this season brings on the excellent Michelle Forbes as Ensign Ro Laren, a Bajoran officer with a troubled past and whose own personal history helps lay the foundations for the next saga, Deep Space Nine.
Ro's arrival comes in aptly titled "Ensign Ro", which remains one of the best episodes of the season. Other highlights include "Cause And Effect" in which the Enterprise becomes caught in a timeloop, destined to be destroyed over and over again, "The Inner Light", "The Game", "The Next Phase", "Disaster", "Darmok" and a guest appearance from Famke Jansenn (in what must be one of her earliest roles) in "The Perfect Mate".
However, the best episode(s) is the two part "Unification" in which Trek veteran Leonard Nimoy reprises his role as Spock from the original show. Suspecting that Spock has defected to the Romulans, Picard (Patrick Stewart) and Data (Brent Spiner) are sent undercover to unearth the truth, and results in one of the show's most classic of episodes.
All in all, season five is defiantly a season worth owning.
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5.0 out of 5 stars High quality adventures in space, 30 Dec 2010
LXIX (scotland) - See all my reviews
(TOP 1000 REVIEWER)   
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
1991/1992's Star Trek TNG series 5 continued to consolidate and go from strength-to-strength (even though Executive Producer and series originator, Gene Roddenberry, tragically died halfway through the filming). There are several standout episodes here and generally the quality of the plots and storylines of the 26 episodes is consistently high. Familiar friends and foes feature including Romulans, Klingons, Borg, Ferengi and Vulcans. The legendary Spock guests, Lwaxana Troi (the wife of Gene Roddenberry) makes her customary flamboyant appearance and the boy wonder, Wesley Crusher, also features in two episodes; however, there's no place for the Q entity or Data's errant brother, Lore, this time round. "Darnok" is a very popular episode, although in my view Picard is seen in much more character depth in the bizarre, but intriguing, episode "The Inner Light".

There are 7 Mission Log extras on the final disc: Mission Overview (18 mins), Memorable Missions (18 mins), Intergalactic Guest Stars (15 mins), A Tribute to Gene Roddenberry (28 mins), Alien Speak (12 mins), Production (15 mins) and Visual Effects (17 mins).

The following is my personal take on each episode in the order that I rated them:

*Episode 23: I, Borg (While exploring a cluster of 6 stars for colonisation potential, a crashed Borg ship is detected on the moon of a 4th planet. An away team finds four dead Borg, but one injured survivor, and then agonise over whether or not to help him. Picard agrees to beam him on board and hatches a bold plan to resuscitate him then try to infect him with a virus in the hope that when he is returned to the collective he will infect the other Borg through their neural connections. As the Enterprise crew examine him and contemplate the morality of how to wage warfare, they gradually shift his consciousness from the collective to the singular and even give him a name - Hugh)

*Episode 7: Unification 1 (Federation Ambassador and legend, Spock, is spotted on Romulus and a major defection is feared. After visiting the dying Sarek for potential leads as to his son's motives, Picard manages to convince the Klingons to loan him the use of a cloaked ship and sets off for Romulus with Data. Meanwhile, with Riker in command, the Enterprise investigates the disappearance of several old Vulcan starships and some damaged Vulcan hardware. An interesting episode for a look at Romulus, the Romulan home world)

*Episode 25: The Inner Light (The Enterprise is probed by an unknown object and Picard is knocked unconscious. He then wakes up in a parallel world as Kamin, an iron weaver on the planet Kataan. There he has several children with his wife, Eline, and lives out a 40 or so year lifespan on a planet that is gradually becoming untenable to live on due to a star about to go supernova. All this takes place as he is lying on the floor of the bridge for about 20-25 minutes while the probe connects itself through a beam to the Enterprise. This episode is also notable as Patrick Stewart's son plays his character son also)

*Episode 8: Unification 2 (Spock believes he is making groundbreaking inroads with his clandestine Vulcan/Romulan unification talks as he has the ear of senior Romulan senator Pardek and their new young proconsul. However, events turn sinister and the Romulan propensity for skulduggery is close at hand)

*Episode 19: The First Duty (Back at Starfleet Academy in San Francisco, Wesley Crusher gets caught up in a cover up with 3 other cadets who were taking part in a banned flight manoeuvre near Saturn that led to the death of Joshua Albert, one of their colleagues. Picard tries to get Crusher to see sense and the young cadet is torn between telling the truth and loyalty to his Nova Squadron friends. This is one of only two episodes in Series 5 to be set, in part, on Earth)

*Episode 24: The Next Phase (While helping out a Romulan ship in distress, La Forge and Ensign Ro are assumed to be killed in a transporter malfunction. However, they are both back aboard the Enterprise in a `phased' mode where they are invisible to others and can pass through objects. The Romulan skulduggery continues while La Forge targets Data as the person most likely to be able to retrieve them)

*Episode 21: The Perfect Mate (While transporting a 200 year old Kriosian ambassador to peace talks with their enemies the Valtese, his empathic metamorph companion, Kamala, comes out of stasis in the cargo bay. Every man's dream, she is designed to read their thoughts and be their ultimate partner. Riker has his brief requisite professional relapse; however Picard comes to regret ordering an end to her confinement to quarters as he also partly falls for her looks and charm. This episode also features an appearance by two typically devilish and opportunistic Ferengi)

*Episode 6: The Game (Will Riker brings a highly addictive game back from vacation on Risa and soon the whole Enterprise are under its neurological spell - except for the visiting Will Crusher, Ensign Robin Lefler and the incapacitated Data. The game stimulates pleasure in the brain, but is actually part of a malevolent plot by the Ktarians)

*Episode 26: Time's Arrow Part 1 (The Enterprise is recalled to Earth as Data's head is discovered in a cavern near San Francisco. Clues lead to a single cell entity exclusive to a certain star system and the Enterprise sets off to investigate. While on an away team mission, Data enters a time shift phase and is transported back to San Francisco in the late 19th century. A few comical moments ensue as he tries to get his bearings about him on his own and 500 years in the past)

*Episode 18: Cause and Effect (While exploring an unknown area called the Typhon Expanse, the Enterprise gets caught up in a temporal distortion of the space-time continuum and is condemned to repeat itself over and over in a sequence of events that always results in the destruction of the ship)

*Episode 1: Redemption Part 2 (With civil war raging in the Klingon Empire, the Enterprise coordinates the building of a tachyon net to help detect Romulan involvement in the form of relief supply convoys. Led by Commander Sela, who claims to be Tasha Yar's daughter, the Romulans maintain a game of cat and mouse in their efforts to assist the Duras camp, and the talents of Data once again are called upon. Worf, meanwhile, is at the heart of sinister events as they unfold on the Klingon home planet, Kronos)

*Episode 17: The Outcast (While helping an androgynous species called the J'Naii deal with a lost shuttlecraft in a zone of blank space, Riker falls in love with Soren, who claims to have secret feelings of being female. According to her customs, such feelings are illegal and a court case ensues on her home planet when they are found out. Picard, of course, cites the importance of the Prime Directive in such situations. If you can get beyond the notion that Riker would somehow fall for Soren over e.g. Troi, then this is an interesting sociological examination of the notion of gender and sexuality)

*Episode 16: Ethics (Worf is injured by falling containers and sustains a permanent spinal injury that paralyses him. Due to his Klingon beliefs he requests that he be allowed to commit suicide as he can no longer fulfil his warrior duties. His injury is accepted as a fait accompli and a moral dilemma ensues among the crew. However, a doctor arrives with controversial, unorthodox and innovative ideas and working practices)

*Episode 12: Violations (While transporting three telepathic Ullians, a number of crew members are struck down by disturbing mental images to the point that they are put into comas. There is little evidence to go on, but what they have leads back to the Ullians and their unusual ability to invade minds and trigger the memory area of the brain. Star Trek can do horror very well when it wants to and this is one of those disturbing episodes at times)

*Episode 3: Ensign Ro Laren (The Enterprise is sent to investigate an alleged terrorist attack on a Federation outpost by the Bajorans - a nomad race who were evicted from their home planets by the Cardassians. At a starbase, Admiral Kennelly also orders a Bajoran Ensign to join the Enterprise - Ensign Ro, a controversial character currently in prison for causing the deaths of 8 Starfleet members on an away mission. The Enterprise eventually makes contact with the suspected Bajoran warlord, Orta. However, a tale of high intrigue then unfolds and Picard's diplomatic skills are put to a severe test in the unfolding drama. A notable episode as it's the first time the Bajorans feature)

*Episode 13: The Masterpiece Society (The Enterprise helps an unknown and remote human colony to deal with the threat of a rogue stellar core fragment. The society is highly controversial as it is based on genetic purity and specific allocated roles for everyone. The very presence of the Enterprise's crew leads to much soul-searching amongst some of the inhabitants)

*Episode 4: Silicon Avatar (An old foe, the Crystalline Entity, returns and obliterates all life on Melona IV, a Federation planet - except for an away team who manage to shelter most colonists in a cave. A prominent scientist, Dr. Kila Marr, beams aboard the Enterprise to help track down the entity. After her initial reticence about Data - as his brother, Lore, was instrumental in her son's death on Omicron Theta - she then befriends him when she discovers that the android Lieutenant Commander holds some of her son's memories in his data banks. Meanwhile, as they finally track down the entity in space it becomes clear that the visitor has a private agenda and is in no mood to compromise or communicate with the beautiful but destructive force)

*Episode 9: A Matter of Time (Berlinghoff Rasmussen, an eccentric time traveller claiming to be from the 26th century, beams onto the bridge of the Enterprise and stays as a guest while the crew attempt to deal with an environmental catastrophe on Penthara IV. As you may expect from a plot such as this, the moral issue of interfering with the linear timeline is paramount; however some crew members are suspicious of the unusual arrival - fears that are confounded by the disappearance of many small items of equipment during his visit)

*Episode 14: Conundrum (The Enterprise encounters a small unknown vessel that wipes out the memories of all of the crew. On eventually retrieving the crew logs and mission logs they then continue with their `mission' to destroy the Lysians, whom they believe the Federation to be at war with)

*Episode 15: Power Play (While investigating a distress call on an allegedly uninhabited moon called Mab-Bu VI, three away team members - Data, Troi and O'Brien - fall under the spell of unknown entities who take over their minds and bodies. Claiming to be the unsettled spirits of crew members of the USS Essex that vanished in the area over 200 years previous, the entities hold a number of the Enterprise hostage in Ten Forward)

*Episode 22: Imaginary Friend (While exploring an unusual nebula, an alien entity comes aboard the Enterprise and takes up the role of being a little girl's imaginary friend. The ship experiences power drainage and the entity also tries to lead the youngster astray and into trouble. After Troi is attacked, the links between `Isabella' and the energy problem becomes urgent)

*Episode 20: Cost of Living (Lxwana Troi beams aboard for an unannounced wedding to a person whom she has never met before. However, before any formalities can be carried out, she becomes more interested in befriending Worf's son, Alexander, and takes him through some holodeck programmes. Meanwhile, a mystery entity appears to be eating away at the Enterprise and develops from being a nuisance to become a serious threat to the ship)

*Episode 10: New Ground (Worf's son, Alexander, comes to live with him on the Enterprise however the boy has deviant behavourial tendencies and shows few traditional Klingon qualities, much to the dismay of his father. A subplot involves the Enterprise monitoring a new, but unpredictable, propulsion technology called a soliton wave)

*Episode 5: Disaster (The Enterprise hits a quantum filament with disastrous consequences. Most systems go down, some crew members are killed and the vessel becomes compartmentalised, meaning that various isolated groups have their own challenges to deal with - for example, Captain Picard is stuck in a lift with 3 children, Riker has to use Data's detached head in Engineering, Worf helps O'Brien's wife give birth in Ten Forward and Troi is in command of the bridge. A bit of a filler episode with a number of human interest subplots)

*Episode 2: Darnok (Picard is beamed down to a remote planet against his will along with the captain of a Tamarian vessel. There he is expected to bond with his contemporary by challenging a mythical creature together. Most of the episode involves Picard trying to work out what is actually going on as the Tamarians only communicate through metaphors - "Darnok and Jalad at Tanagra... The walls came down ... With arms open ...". Some, of course, claim to love this episode. Each to their own)

*Episode 11: Hero Worship (A boy, Timothy, is the sole survivor from the mysteriously wrecked USS Vico that had been exploring the Black Cluster. Data uses his superior strength to rescue him during an away mission and the traumatised youngster then develops an obsessional bond with the android, even deluding himself that he is also robotic. The Enterprise meanwhile continues to explore the strange and dangerous physical properties of the Black Cluster area and the boy's recollections are ultimately of value. A very slow burn episode. During filming, the crew apparently learned of the death of Gene Roddenberry, and perhaps this may have impacted upon the general atmosphere of the episode)
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5.0 out of 5 stars Star Trek The Next Generation - SEASON 5, 21 April 2006
The fifth season was again, a smash hit, there are memerable episodes such as the season opener Redemption, part 2 and Darmok, where captain picard is stranded on a planet with an alien who he can not understand, then there is 2-part episode Unification where spock and Sela return, there are also episodes like Disaster and The Inner Light, again, a great season, which every fan should be proud of, the dvd features for this season are also of a high standered.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Possibly the best season of TNG, 30 July 2008
This is simply the best season of TNG, and contains some of there best episodes ever; incl cause and effect, the inner light, disaster, times arrow p1 and the best TNG episode ever 'the game', a must buy
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5.0 out of 5 stars Picard's Enterprise: Year five, 9 July 2014
Paul Tapner (poole dorset england) - See all my reviews

Seven discs. In four plastic boxes. Inside one larger cardboard one. Containing all twenty six forty two [approx.] minute long episodes of the fifth season of Star Trek: the Next Generation.

The language and subtitle options are as follows:

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.

Subtitles: English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish.

After two great seasons, could the show manage more of the same?

Episodes are as follows:

Redemption part two: a conclusion to the Klingon/Romulan started at the end of the previous season. And a satisfyingly epic one it is.

Darmok: Picard is stranded on a hostile planet, and has to work with an alien whose language is very odd indeed. A truly great episode about communication and one that really knows what the show should be about.

Ensign Ro: New semi regular character Ro Laren, a rather angry Bajoran lady, debuts. And makes a great impression.

Silicon avatar: a return for the crystalline entity, last seen in season one's 'Datalore'. With a lady who is obsessed with dealing with the being. Not a popular episode but it's a very good look at obsession, and has a powerful ending.

Disaster: the show does disaster movie as things go wrong leaving people stuck in situations akin to certain disaster movies. Great entertainment.

The game: Wesley's back to visit. Just as an insidious plot to take over the ship gains ground. A polished production, but a bit predictable. Notable for an appearance from a young Ashley Judd.

Unification part one: start of a two parter involving the return of Mister Spock. It's a good opener.

Unification part two: lots of Mister Spock in a decent conclusion to the story. With one of the greatest bloopers ever. Look at the silver pyramid....

A matter of time; a charismatic time traveller takes an interest in the Enterprise. Originally written for Robin Williams, Matt Frewer takes the part. And makes it quite entertaining.

New Ground: Worf takes custody of his son. The rest of the crew do science stuff. Another polished production but the second plot doesn't amount to much.

Hero worship: a child who is the only survivor of a disaster idolises Data. A capable Brent Spiner vehicle but not the best of those script wise.

Violations: Telepathic crimes in a Troi story. An episode that succeeds at doing what it sets out to.

The masterpiece society: Good intentions cause problems for a genetically engineered society. In a thought provoking drama.

Conundrum: the crew lose their memories. So don't notice something odd. An entertaining mystery episode.

Power Play: Crewmembers possessed by power seeking aliens in an exciting action drama.

Ethics: Worf is badly hurt. He wants to die. He could be saved. But is the method of his salvation right? A good moral drama.

The outcast: An alien falls for Riker. Their species is rather unique. A look at gender and orientation but as with other romance ones the episodic nature of the show means it can't follow things through as it perhaps should.

Cause and effect: The enterprise does groundhog day. And does it really well.

The first duty: Wesley's in trouble at the academy. In a very good drama about doing the right thing.

Cost of living: Troi's mother is back. The ship has science problems. Not as annoying as earlier episodes featuring her but a bit forgettable anyhow.

The perfect mate: A lady who cane become what any man wants meets Picard. Played by a young Famke Janssen, it's a good drama although the story may not appeal to some.

Imaginary friend. A young girl's imaginary friend might be something more. A capable production of a fairly average script.

I, Borg. The Borg are back. But this one is getting more human. A good way to do something different with the Borg.

The next phase. Ro and Geordi can't be seen or heard. What has happened to them? An excellent bit of science fiction with great character moments and exciting scenes.

The Inner light: Picard finds himself in a universe where is a man on a not very advanced world. A stunning drama with great acting from Patrick Stewart and an amazingly powerful ending.

Time's arrow part one: Buried for a long time on Earth. Data's head. The crew go time travelling to find out why. A really good time travel story but not the strongest way to end a season.

The extras on disc seven are the usual featurettes, running from twelve to thirty minutes.

Mission overview year five: Various anecdotes on the season.
Memorable missions; More anecdotes [with a title sequence that might give epileptics a problem].
Production. Stories of production design and things being put together.
Visual effects. Stories of how various things were done.
Intergalactic guest stars. A look at some of those. Although it doesn't interview any of the famous ones.
Alien speak. An interesting look at how the alien languages of the show came to be.
A tribute to Gene Roddenberry. A nice tribute to the Star Trek creator.

This season does have a small handful of average episodes, but those are watchable. And more than made up for by the great ones. So it's another dvd box set that belongs in your collection.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent quality, 19 Dec 2013
F. Tzoras (Athens, Greece) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Excellent quality as with all previous blu-ray of ST-TNG but the extras are not up to the previous seasons !
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5.0 out of 5 stars More worlds to explore..., 27 Nov 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is yet another quality season from the TNG crew. The episodes look fabulous in HD, making the experience even more memorable - like watching the show all over again for the first time. It brings life into this imaginative and intelligent series, the clever stories are given more reality than ever before.

This season includes a fantastic season opener, "Redemption, Part 2." Another favorite of mine is "The Game", a highly underrated episode about the crew being controlled by an addictive and dangerous game, reminded me of a brilliant TOS "possessed" episode. I have always loved "Conundrum" too, as it was the first TNG episode I had ever watched when I was a young boy with my Grandad, who introduced me to this timeless show. "Darmok" and "The Inner Light" are fan favorites. There not my absolute classics, but I still like them. "Cause and Effect" is intriguing, written by fantastic TNG writer Brannon Braga, even though it does get annoying after a while (watch the episode and see what I mean.) "The First Duty" is perhaps my favorite of the season though, a really good episode about morals and doing the right thing, love it.

Season 5 is another top-notch delivery from the Enterprise: picture, packaging of the box and story power is all there - bring on season 6!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Best ever TNG season!, 12 Oct 2008
A. Rawlings "rawlingsandrea" (Yorkshire, UK) - See all my reviews
This season is full of amazing episodes from the wonderful "Cause and Effect", to the cliffhanger "Times arrow part 1" to one of my personal favourites "Disaster". The qaulity of the story-telling in this season is never bettered (although seasons 6 and 7 are close) with great character development and inventive plots. I have all the seasons of TNG on DVD but this is the season I come back to time and time again.
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5.0 out of 5 stars This is the best version of this series, 18 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is the best version of this series. You already know if your a fan of TNG, if you own a hd tv and blu ray you owe it to yourself to get this. Is it only for fans? No, but you should purchase series 1 to 4 first. You at least need season 4 because this season opens with the second part of a two-part story.
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