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4.2 out of 5 stars445
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 26 August 2014
When applied correctly this is without a doubt the perfect screen protector. It's cutout fits perfectly onto the Note 3, it feels of good quality (Surface is smooth and offers no finger resistance).

I have noticed many people do not actually know how to apply a screen protector correctly. If done correctly you will not be able to tell there is a screen protector on the device. There are some important rules to installing a screen protector. You must thoroughly clean the glass surface in a well lit room (I find lots of sunlight helps as it enables you to see very small dust participles), make sure there is no dust on the screen before its application (you will find dust may settle on the screen even after you have wiped it down). Keep cleaning it until there is no dust as any dust will create bubbles between the screen protector and glass. If there is any dust under the screen protector just use a piece of sellotape to carefully lift one corner and another piece of sellotape to remove the dust. Good Luck - Even if you don't succeed the first time this set provides you with 6 screen protectors.
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on 27 October 2014
First I must say i am very impressed with the delivery time on this, ordered on Friday from the UK and received on Monday in Spain. I had ordered other matte screen protectors from a different web site (because they were cheap) and it took 3 weeks for delivery, very poor quality and unable to put on without bubbles.
I watched the video recommended on the front of the package (which is good if you have never put on a screen protector before) but I didn't see anything new for putting the screen protector on. After taking a deep breath I decided to jump into it and see if these protectors were any better quality for putting on my Galaxy Note 3. After cleaning the screen and ensuring there were no dust particles, fingerprints or smudges on the screen I pealed off half of the first layer of the protection screen and placed the screen protector in position on the Note 3 screen. After ensuring the protection screen was placed properly I removed the remaining protection layer off the back and started rubbing out the bubbles. To my great surprise these removed very easily and in less than 1 minute I had every bubble removed. Now I just removed the top protection layer and was presented with the perfect matte screen protector for my Note 3 first time out and i have another 5 screen protectors as spares.
How does the screen protector work? The Note 3 with the matte screen protector removes a lot of the glare from the bright lights and sun. I can see the screen much better and am not blinded by the reflected sunlight like before. OK as some have pointed out the S-pen does not glide over the screen as smoothly as it did without the screen protector but it does work. I only have had my Note 3 for two months and have not used the S-pen too extensively maybe because my handwriting can be compared to that of a doctors and I am always backing up to correct the input so I use the keyboard more (maybe in time I will use the S-pen more when I get use to it). But for me I can put up with the slight drag of the S-pen if I can get a better view of the screen without the glare.
Would I recommend these screen protectors to anyone else? Most definitely.
Will I ever again order a cheaper screen protector to safe a pound or two? Never.
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on 6 March 2014
I bought a matte finish one earlier in a hurry when I bought note and it costed me 300 rupees (£3) in India.
But it was masking the clarity. I thought I will try this and bought. Arrived promptly and when I replaced matte-protector with crystal clear screen with this one, I think I am now getting the feel of true clarity and resolution of the display. No issues while using S-pen as well. I would say, just buy it blindly. Oh.. I have just used one... there are 5 more to use.. super
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on 22 October 2014
Just Brought this for my Note 4, It doesn't cover the entire screen it leaves 1mm gap around the edge, not impressed. I have one of these on my Iphone and it covers the entire face from edge to edge. I feel like this screen protector won't protect the face of my phone comprehensively. also the screen protector isn't sealing correctly around the edge, leaving gap around the edge with a bubble under it 1mm all around.
on the up side the actual quality of the product is good.
review image
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on 18 May 2016
This screen protector came in sufficient packaging and is small enough to be posted through the door if no one is in to collect it. Sorry that i couldnt provide pictures on how to apply the screen protector to the phonee but i have the next best thing a decent set of instructions for a bubble free screen =)

The best instructions i have found are off the internet as followed:

Get a screen protector.

They typically come custom-cut. (In a pinch, see the "Tips" to cut one down to fit.) There are a few basic materials:
Semi-hard, slick, clear soda-bottle style such as PET, the most common and generally best. (Gimmicky variations such as semi-reflective or matte can be fun, but less practical.)
Very hard, clear tempered glass, like a stronger microscope coverslip. Should have a plastic layer to hold together if damaged. Extremely scratch resistant, but brittle; tends to flake apart progressively once chipped.
Very tough, thick plastic such as polycarbonate. Provides direct impact protection. Not very scratch resistant--won't stay pretty. May reduce accuracy of touchscreens.
Soft vinyl plastic. Not recommended as generally less pleasant to use, but does prevent scratches.


Understand the limitations of a screen protector. Screen protectors mostly ward off light cosmetic scrapes and scratches, not breakage--a particular danger for fancy cell phones with their all glass fronts and often minimal plastic edge cushioning. A "bumper" case that wraps around the front edge of a phone can provide fairly effective yet stylish impact protection. Keep it out of back pockets and other crush danger areas.


Find a low-dust workspace. Anywhere indoors with calm air is a good start. You can improve things with steam. Running a hot shower works well, which fills the room with steam. When the steam has subsided, there will be less dust in the air than usual. This is the best time to apply the screen protector.


Wash your hands. Dry them with a clean towel. Shake off any excessive lint.


Clean the screen. Wipe it with a mild solvent like eyeglass cleaner or rubbing alcohol--or a damp soapy rag, which would not risk damage to low quality surrounding finishes. Rub it dry with a soft cloth and remove as much lint as possible with a blower or by wiping lightly with a lint free cloth, such as the microfiber wipe often provided with the screen protector.


Check placement of the screen protector. Carefully remove it from its box or packaging.Before you lift its backing, position the screen protector over the screen to see how much margin to leave on each side and ensure clearance of features such as camera spots (with which the screen protector's less even surface would interfere) and microphone holes.


Remove residual bits of dust with a mild adhesive. Dust is the most important thing to remove from under a screen protector: bubbles will eventually diffuse out through the plastic and tiny finger marks will probably merge with the glue, but dust specks stay. Lightly dab a sticky note (such as a "Post-it") all over the screen. Looking at the reflection of a bright area in the screen at an angle will confirm the presence or absence of dust. Quickly attach the screen protector before dust can gather!
Some fancy screen protector kits include a special sticker to pick up dust.


Stick on the screen protector, aligning an edge carefully. Peel back the screen protector's backing from one end (leaving it on the other allows more control by holding that end). Align it with the correct edge of the screen, leaving the margin you determined previously and watching how the alignment of the sides perpendicular to it will fall. Then peel off the entire backing and smooth down the protector.


Problems? Little mistakes like tiny dust specks should be ignored, as trying to fix them will do more harm than good, the screen protector will soon absorb worse damage exactly as intended, and it will eventually be replaced for a fresh one. If you need to reposition the screen protector, lift an edge carefully with a thin but not sharp implement like a piece of backing material, fingernail, or plastic spoon edge. If a big speck of dust is underneath, try fishing for it with a sticky note, length of cellophane style tape (such as "Scotch") or sticky note, taking care not to disturb the adhesive.


Remove air bubbles. Wipe the air bubbles toward the edges with a smooth implement like a credit card. Don't do this forcefully unless the screen protector has a surface protector to peel off after installation: the air will eventually diffuse out and too much force could scratch the brand-new protector.


Finished! Enjoy your gadget without fear.

I hope this set of instructions has helped you just like it has helped me.

Overall this screen protector went on fairly easy it is completely bubble free and no trapped hair under the screen. I hope you all get the same results as i have =)

Please note: I received this item at a reduced purchase price or, in some instances, free from charge, so I can test the product and leave my honest, fair and COMPLETELY impartial review of them – bad bits (if appropriate) and all! I'm required to review them within a few days of receipt. In the case of some products, such as beauty products, this means that I cannot provide details of the long-term benefits or effects of a product. However, I try the product and report on how it looks, feels, smells etc. and whether or not any instant difference or benefits were observed. Furthermore, I always try to comment on the ingredients where appropriate.
I really hope you found my review helpful and would love for you to click on the YES button to say so. If you don't think my review has been helpful, before you click on the NO button to say I was unhelpful, I would love you to leave me a comment with your thoughts, so I can try improving my future reviews.
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on 24 April 2014
The Samar tempered glass for Note 3 isn't the best tempered glass protector for the Note 3. Nillkin, Spigen and other brands are slightly better and thinner. But they also cost a good 10-20 pounds more than this packet of Samar that includes 6(!) protectors.

The first one was easy to install and has done its job just fine and I don't regret going with the "cheap" protectors instead of the expensive ones. The only thing I dislike and why I rated it a 4/5 is that the edges aren't quite as rounded as I'd like but that's just a minor inconvenience and you won't notice it if you use a case for the phone.
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on 28 March 2015
Samar are by far the best screen protector available in my opinion. I have used them for a few years now and they have preformed brilliantly in protecting my screens.

The last one I used was on a Samsung galaxy S4 that lasted for the whole 2 years of my contract before it needed replacing and I work as a labour on site and my phones take a beating.

This time I have bought the Samar Samsung galaxy note 4 screen protectors and am pleased as always with there fit. Because the Samsung galaxy note 4 screen has a curved edge all the way around the screen there are no screen protectors offering a perfect screen fitment and this leaves a few millimetres gap all the way around the screen that the screen protector do not cover. If this screen protector is fitted correctly by applying from left to right or right to left and not top to bottom or bottom to top it basically is invisible and does not effect any movement of the touch screen and there is no noticeable different to the screen clarity that I can notice at all.

All in all these Samar screen protectors are the best out there.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 20 October 2014
Absolutely perfect installation, first time with absolutely no bubbles. The surface is as smooth and silky as the original - all in all, a fantastic product. The only (slight) let-down was the tacky 'Home' button, feels and looks a bit ugly, but it does the job. I only got one protector in the pack though, not 6 as some people are saying!
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on 3 November 2014
I have the Note 3 version of this as well, and for that one - I gave 5 stars.

Unfortunately, the Note 4 version just does not fit. You will get the Halo effect, caused by the glass protector not quite fitting to the slight curve of the Note 4. This means there is about a 2mm border on the glass protector that does not touch the screen.

With time, this will attract dust and dirt, but worse of all, the left/right edge of the protector is over the display, so I get a slight Halo over the screen. It's clear when the screen is off, and still visible, albeit slightly when the screen is on.

This may be first world problems, but having spent several hundred points on a top of the range smartphone, you want to see the screen at its best.

No problems with the seller (Case Specialist) - they dealt with the issue, and sent a replacement without quibble; but the product is not fit for purpose (in my opinion) with the replacement basically having the same issue.

If you search on the internet, you will find it's a common, and known problem, and is not just limited to the Samar version. First one to do it properly will probably make a lot of money.
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on 20 March 2014
Very Good value for money.
Clear instructions, easy to follow.
Well worth the 5 Stars
I Would recommend this product.
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