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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 5 April 2016
My sennheiser HD205s broke and the augusts had been sitting in my wish list for months so I decided to get them. I loved my 205s, I recently tried them out at a local electronic store (which may or may not be named after a type of food) to compare them to more expensive models and brands. My 205s really held their own against beats and bose headphones at 4 times the price so it was going to be hard for a set of headphones to beat them for price and sound quality. Though the sennheisers did lack the punchy bass that the more expensive brands offer.

The packaging for these are nothing special. If they didn't have such good reviews then I probably would have never second looked at these headphones just cause of how poor the packaging is. However the headphones themselves are excellent quality, I was worried they would feel really cheap and plasticy but they have a nice solid build to them. I'm a fan of soft touch plastic (loved it on my nexus 5 and I have a mouse which matches the augusts perfectly) though it will pick up finger prints very easily.

The comfort is as good as everyone says. My HD205s had bad reviews based on their comfort and although they would start to hurt my head and ears after many hours wearing them, they didn't really bother me as the sound was so good. The Augusts are extremely comfy and soft. The ear cups just about cover my entire ear which adds to the comfort.

As soon as I put them on and played some music, my instant reaction was 'wow these are as good as my sennheisers' however as soon as some bass kicked in it changed to 'these are as good as my sennheisers but have much better bass'. This is generally what I wanted from headphones, I wouldn't say i'm a bass head but I like having that option there and being able to tone it down using EQs when needed.

The bluetooth works fine and is quick to pair to a device. I don't have an NFC phone anymore so I can't test that feature. I have seen people complain about the buttons on the side not being easy to locate by touch alone but I find it fairly easy. The play button is dented in so once you have found that, you can move your finger up or down to the other buttons. Not had a problem with the LED as of yet, would have been nice if you could change the colour but meh, not a deal breaker. Range of 10m is probably accurate.

Overall, I'm really pleased with these. Even if they didn't have bluetooth they would still be a good deal. I feel if these had a well known brand logo on them and came in fancy packaging they would be selling for well over £100.
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These are excellent headphones kindly provided to me by the manufacturer to review. I've never tried Bluetooth headphones before but they give you a lot more freedom than when getting tangled up with wires.

Setup was really simple, the instructions tell you everything you need to know. Once paired your device (in my case a mobile phone, but could easily be a tablet, laptop or PC) can automatically reconnect without needing to pair.

The design is very lightweight considering it contains a battery. They are very comfortable and they don't move around much at all. They can fold down for storage/transportation and the red colour looks fantastic.

Sound quality is excellent with music having a nice depth to it with them offering a good bass as well, no tinniness from these cans!

Controls are simple, just 5 buttons on the right hand ear. You can play/pause, adjust the volume, and skip back and forwards. The play/pause button also acts as a call answer button.

If you plan on using these as wired headphones you can do so with the included 3.5mm to 3.5mm wire. They're charged via USB.

Bluetooth range is also excellent, far better than I expected. As a test I left my mobile downstairs and the music was still playing upstairs, so you'll have no issue if you pop you phone in a bag away from the headphones.

Great set of headphones for the price, and if you've never had Bluetooth headphones before I think you'll love the wires free experience.
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on 14 March 2016
From quite experienced audiophile, these are the best headphones I've ever owned, so let me get into details.
I decided to give them a good and long try before posting any opinions, so this is me after using them for around 2 weeks.

Battery life: I use these headphones everyday, and can confirm you rarely need to charge these puppies. If led indicator is flashing once 2 seconds, it means it has over 50%. The only time I was caught offguard with low battery (<20%) was when I forgot to turn them off during all night. So if you thought you would have to charge these all the time, don't worry because they'll hold juice easily for 2 days of intensive use (6-7 hours a day) (ps: I never ran out of battery so far)

Connectivity: Pairing them to smartphone is fast and easy. And after they're paired, headphones remember that forever, so you can go out of your house with these headphones, turn them on, and then press play to start playing music from your phone, without even taking it out of the pocket. This will really make you experience that smell of "future tech" as you use it every day.
Now, while connecting to any smartphone is easy peasy, pairing these headphones with something that doesn't have display, like Bluetooth transmitter can be frustrating experience. I bought a bluetooth transmitter to connect any kind of mp3 device to these headphones, but it couldn't manage to pair them at the end. So my advice, make sure you're using same bluetooth version (v3) on your transmitters, or even better, got o a tech store and see if you can try them on hand, to avoid headaches.
Range wise, I live in apartment and headphones kept connected without any kind of quality loss to the audio while I walked around in different rooms, so that's another cool aspect.

Audio quality: First let bluetooth/wireless. There isn't any kind of difference while I used wired vs wireless. Sound is crisp and loud, and let me highlight LOUD because these are the loudest headphones I ever had. While on wireless, I always keep headphone volume around 30% (which would always be 100% on any other wired headphones) and when I'm using wired cord while on pc, I keep my volume even lower (10-15% compared to 50-60% that I was used to). So shortly speaking, you could be on a rock concert, next to huge box speakers, and still be able to chill to your own music without any problems (spare your hearing though, lol, I'm sure these can damage it if you put them on max).
If you were worried about audio delay (as was I) don't worry because there is none, at least on smartphones. I watched youtube and audio/video was perfectly synced. But again, if you want to use these headphones for more musical purpose, you can connect them directly via 3,5mm cord, eliminating any kind of wireless delay.
Which brings me an important point for anyone who produces music professionally. These headphones enhance bass and treble a lot, compared to midrange. So if you're making music, make sure to use more balanced and specific monitor speakers/headphones for that.

(CONS** sometimes, specially when you're in very busy places with a lot of people and wireless interference, audio can stop/skip/stutter now and then. But its happens less than once or twice per song, so not enough to be annoying. Though it also has to do with your phone/device. This might not even happen on better, high end devices.)

(CONS** Wire cord is like 1,5 meters long, which is very short in my opinion, so if you're thinking in using them on your computrer, make sure to buy/make a longer extension (like 3-3,5 meters) so it doens't pop out every time you stand up)

Overall/Conclusion: Solid build, super comfortable (I swear , I don't want use anything else If I can use these headphones), solid air isolation that makes bass a wonderful experince (you can really feel it), easy to use buttons, over the ear fit (this was one of the main aspects I looked for), compact and practical for both inside and outside use.
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on 28 April 2016
Sooooo, I've been using these Bluetooth headphones for about 10 hours a day since January 2014 and I thought it was about time I gave them a review:

(Also, quick heads up; I think they've updated these a bit since I bought. Added NFC and better Bluetooth quality)

The build quality is great. I'm not careful with them, I work mostly on building sites and have treated them to several drops, soakings and crushings. The only sign of wear so far is the faux leather coating has come off some of the foam. The battery life is exceptional. About 24hours of use from a 2hour charge. They transmit in Bluetooth 4.0 which allows for cd quality audio. The sound is full and well balanced. They even come with a cable to use like regular headphones if you run out of charge. They're comfortable over my ears for long periods and don't get too hot. They're adjustable to fit my enormous head, and have a set of controls on the side to change volume & track etc. The call quality through them is a bit rough, but it works, and I put some tape over the flashing blue light on the side.

The only con I can think of is - there is about a 60ms lag from the source to your ear. This is not the headphone's fault, it's an issue with Bluetooth in general. If you're watching on Mac or PC with VLC, you can compensate for this in settings, but for e.g; Netflix on iPad, it might annoy some people. That said, I've been using them with my Playstation Vita and I barely notice it anymore.

Great gift for anyone who loves music, podcasts, tech / hates wires! They've made my day to day life better, and on the rare occasion I have to revert to wired headphones it feels archaic on par with using a mangle to dry my clothes.
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on 21 November 2015
Overall: Everything described and more. Would greatly recommend. Stylish, comfortable, good quality and value for money.

Sort of gift that looks, feels and sounds way more expensive than it actually is.

Comfort: No major problems whatsoever. High quality padding on the ear, surrounding the ear and over the top bridge of the headphones. All of this padding cushions well and means I can use the earphones for hours on end without any discomfort. My ears fit perfectly within the ear padding (average sized ears I guess 😂). This means not too much audio leakage. The parts that hold the ear pads rotate slightly so they can accommodate different head sizes, hair etc. Padding is a touch heavy on the ears, nothing you'd notice before 2-3 hours of use though. 8/10 for comfort.

Audio quality: Very good considering the price. Bass is clear. Slight hiss sometimes occurs when using Bluetooth mode, no hiss present in wired mode. Audio is of a good quality even when volume isn't very high. The ear padding are very good at cancelling noise. I find that at approx. 50% volume people need to use a raised voice to even begin to be heard and at 60-70%+ volume it's very much unlikely you'll hear anything apart from whatever you're listening to. Audio quality is slightly better when using 3.5mm audio jack provided. Some audio leakage is auidable at higher volumes. 7.5/10 for audio quality.

Battery: Around the 10 hour time frame. Quality of audio seems constant throughout battery usage. (Headphones come fully charged). I find that about 1.30 hours of charging is enough to get the 10 hours of usage time out of the earphones. LED will indicate when battery is low. Then can just use standard 3.5 mm audio jack as the wired alternative. 9/10 for battery.

Microphone works rather well, Siri picks up commands without any problems and without need to raise voice.

Control: 5 buttons provided to control volume, track and play/pause. Takes a few minutes to get used to positioning but quite fluid/smooth to control after. I do like the attention to details e.g. fade in/out in volume when paused/played or a slight pause when changing tracks. 10/10 for control.

NFC enabled (only iPhones 6 and 6s have the NFC function within the iPhone range). Bluetooth pairing was very easy; a couple of seconds and phone/tablet and headphones paired. Can connect to two devices simultaneously to the headphones as seen in some other brands. Range is adequate, 10 m according to manufacturer,

Aesthetics: I purchased the matte black edition. As you can see from the pictures, they do give the feel/look of premium quality (as indeed they are). Brushed metal elements and attention to detail is evident. Looks and feels like a long-lasting product. 9/10 for aesthetics.

Packaging: Very secure packaging (see images attached). The box that encompasses the headphones themselves doesn't do service to the quality of the headphones. A better unboxing experience would be nice (has nothing on the unboxing experience for beats but if this keeps the price as low as it is, then so be it). A small bag could be provided to carry the headphones in like other brands. But again, the absence of a headphone case is a good compromise for the price. 6/10 packaging.

Delivery was very prompt: arrived 3 days sooner than earliest predicted date under standard delivery. (Was a nice surprise).

Great value for money, even for headphones 2x the price. If you prefer slightly better audio quality and are prepared to pay more then try the audio technicas. However, the Audio technicas aren't as stylish, no cheap wireless headphones offered and aren't as valuable for money.

9.5/10 overall.

review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on 10 May 2015
After these headphones arrived I was amazed at the value for money I was getting. These things are very well built and nice to the touch. They're very very comfy to wear as well.

Here's what really matters, function. Since these are bluetooth headphones you'd hope the battery will last. Well I spent a solid 6 hours listening to music on these and they didn't show any sign the battery was running low, which is great in my eyes. These headphones can go from wireless to wired as you need which is good if your using a computer without bluetooth. One word of advice though, when wired to your PC these headphones get unbelievably loud, seriously my PC's volume is set to 30% and that's booming, which gives me what I need for my taste in heavy metal. Go much higher and you can feel the headphones shake!

Whats the sound quality actually like then? Well... It sort of reminds me of dre beats phones, the bass is strong and thick and at times a little overpowering. For most music however this isn't too bad, I find they deliver a strong, thick sound making even lower quality mp3's sound better than you'd think. I love these phones.

One of the better points in terms of value for money are; the headphones can go from wireless to wired as you need, they come with a double sided headphone jack. They have a built in rechargeable battery, no need to keep swapping AAA's out of these things. The best part is they come with an inbuilt microphone you can't see. Lets say you do what I do, all your music is played from your phone, which you've left in the next room, and then someone calls you. Just press the play pause button and you can answer the call right there without having to run to your phone. You'll also hear text notifications or anything else your phone is set to alert you about. This is great for me as I've always gotten so sick of trying to enjoy my music and missing a phone call in the process...

For £32.00 this product is a steal in my eyes. I'd never heard of August before now. You'll find that with audio companies though, the less you know about them, the better value their products are, buy these and you can laugh at anyone who bought Dre beats.
review image
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on 2 January 2014
It'd be fair to say I'm nothing short of astonished with the EP650's. The cheap-looking box gave me much cause for concern, but it really doesn't represent the product inside, which is of superb quality. How they sell these for so little is beyond me.

The materials are excellent, with soft-touch textured plastics and lovely dense foam cushions. The headband is really nicely sized, as are the earcups, combining with that great foam to make them extremely comfortable, even on my very large head.

The sound quality is super if you like this type of sound, as I do. They're extremely, slightly artificially, warm-sounding, just like most Sony cans. They've obviously been tuned this way, and because they're Bluetooth headphones they have an inbuilt amplifier which means bass is in no shortage. The highs are acceptable, nothing spectacular but I'm really not after crispy highs, and nor are most people buying consumer-grade cans. If you like the Sony-style warm sound, you'll love these.

One crucial aspect of headphones for commuters is leakage - and there is almost none at all. They're actually better isolated than even my full-on studio cans (Sony MDR-V6), despite their low price. I suspect this is because the electronics and chassis/headband joints are all well-sealed and placed over the drivers, and the edges are covered with that very dense foam. Whatever the cause, the effect is super sealing that allowed a colleague of mine to try them just now with loud hip-hop and I couldn't hear a single note, standing right next to him, in a silent office (first day back after Christmas, no one is here...).

The pairing process is of course super-easy, and being Bluetooth 4.0 the battery drain on the cans and the device streaming to them ought to be very low indeed. Many forget that regular wired headphones also take a toll on device battery life, as they take a current to power themselves from the device over the headphone wire. In practice, they use a similar amount to these Bluetooth cans which have their own power source and only require very little voltage for Bluetooth 4.0 LE, the new standard.

Some minor criticisms are still worth mentioning. As others have said in the reviews, the buttons on the right earcup, though useful, are hard to use without seeing as they have almost no tactile response - but I suspect that this is one of those things you get used to from day-in-day-out use. A more serious criticism is the LED which continues to blink blue the entire time they're connected to your device. This is more of an irritation to those around you, and happens with every Bluetooth audio device I've owned, unfortunately. On a similar note, the Play/Pause button is a bit vague and requires a good firm press to activate.

That's it - I am so hyper-critical of headphones and have sent back as many as I've bought over time, but these are definitely staying. They are absolutely deserved of 5 stars despite the minor faults, and really put the competition to shame. A steal at their current price, too - do not miss this.

EDIT 21st January 2015: After a year with these cans, I thought it'd be a good time to update this review. I am now on my second pair, as the USB port fell inside one of the cans one day. They are evidently a weak point, so do be careful when inserting the cable. That said, the replacement set I was sent actually had slightly better Play/Pause button quality, so perhaps overall build quality/QA has been improved over the year. The exchange process was handled quickly and efficiently, so I am very impressed with August overall.

The cans have otherwise held up extremely well. The sound remains warm and capable, and the battery life has been really surprisingly good (even if I've learned since writing this review that Bluetooth LE is only for low-power devices and not making a jot of difference to headphones!). I still with the LED didn't obnoxiously blink the whole time I'm wearing the things, but I forget about it most of the time, and people don't stare very often. They've shown themselves to be somewhat waterproof, having withstood many a rain shower with no protection and come out of it fine.

In conclusion, still highly recommended, but as with all audio products, YMMV.
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on 21 December 2013
I purchased these as a headset/headphones for my iPhone. After using them for a while I'm very pleased with the sound quality as headphone, but the microphone severely lets them down as a bluetooth headset. So much so that I've stopped using them as a headset. The microphone is a small hole in the right side of head band, several inches away from my mouth and can't pick up your voice. Every call I made/took, the person at the other end complained that they could hardly hear me or that I seemed to be very distant. Also, any surrounding noises would be pickup and drown out my voice. So if I was walking down the road, listening to my music, and a call came in there was no way they would hear me.
As a pair of headphones they are great. I cannot fault them. I like the fact the I can use them on my HIFI at home (using the audio jack), my laptop(using the USB) or my iPhone(Bluetooth) via these alternative connections. For the price, the sound quality is fantastic. I just wish they'd thought a bit more about the microphone. I'd like to give it 5 star, but I cannot. It's only worth 3 stars because of the microphone.
Maybe if the mic had been on the end of a simple stalk, that you could flick down when on a call. Then I might of given it 5 stars.
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on 29 July 2014
I bought these headphones as my old Monoprice 8323 headphones broke. I spent a while looking for a replacement and came across these. I was a little sceptical as the price was higher than the Monoprice headphones. I was not disappointed. These are excellent headphones. I bought the black colour - they have a nice matte finish and are 'soft touch'. The sound quality is also very good. I am no audiophile but these sound great! These are the most comfortable headphones I have ever owned. I used these whilst gaming for over 2 hours with no discomfort, heat or sweating around my ears. The earcups themselves go over the ears and have a soft leather or leatherette meterial. These headphones recharge via a micro USB cable (the same charger used to charge my Nexus 5). The Bluetooth technology used in these headphones is Bluetooth 4.0 so on certain devices you have a battery indicator. Speaking of battery the listening time for these headphones is 10 hours so you won't have a problem using these on most flights / long journeys. Included in the box is the headphones, a charging cable and a 3.5mm headphone jack (male to male) - both of the cables are a flat 'noodle design'. Overall these headphones are excellent for the price
Well worth the price. 5 stars!
review image review image review image review image
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The manufacturers sent me these headphones for review and I am extremely impressed. The sound quality is remarkably good and they are extremely comfortable - the two essential qualities for good headphones.

The headphones can be connected to an audio source via Bluetooth, USB or 3.5mm jack. USB and jack-to-jack leads are included in the box so you can connect them to almost anything. In Bluetooth mode you can also pause the music and accept an incoming call by pressing a button on the phones, and speak via the built-in microphone. They also have volume and skip-forward and skip-back buttons. (These work in Bluetooth mode only, by the way. This makes sense because if you're wired to your device then you can obviously control things from the device itself, but I thought I'd mention it.) The internal battery has a good long life - at least 8 hours use on mine, which is enough for most purposes between recharges. Recharging is via the USB cable.

The headphones are extremely comfortable. They are lightweight and very well cushioned, and I've worn them for at least a couple of hours at a stretch without really being aware of them. Where they really stand out for me, though, is in sound quality. I tried them first with a Joan Armatrading album with pretty rich production (it was What's Inside, since you ask), and it sounded just fantastic. Sharp and distinct with good treble, a really full, rich middle and the best bass response I think I've ever heard from headphones. They're just as good with almost everything else I tried, too from 16th Century choral music to Led Zeppelin. Some people may perhaps find them a little bass heavy in classical music, but it's a matter of taste - and anything rocky sounds really great.

I'm sorry to gush, but I listen to a lot of music on headphones and I genuinely think these are excellent. They knock spots off my Sennheiser HD448s and come close to my beloved Bose QC2s. I may even prefer them to the QC2s for rock, blues and the like, which is really saying something. They are very good value for headphones of this quality and I can recommend them very warmly indeed.
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