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4.4 out of 5 stars1,235
4.4 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: BlackStyle Name: for iPad Air 1Change
Price:£47.90+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 11 December 2012
Like everyone else, I bought this keyboard to make my ipad more productive. To be honest, I was thinking of selling my ipad and buying a MacBook Air becuase I study at university (OU) and travel a lot. I originally bought the ipad to help me study (reading websites, PDFs, taking notes on Evernote, writing essays), but quickly discovered that typing anything longer than a short message was ridiculusly messy and time consuming. I thought about the mac book air but realised I wouldnt be able to just pick it up, crash on the sofa while reading PDFs. Then i discovered the logitech ultra thin keyboard case and thought id give it a try. Well, it is excellent and solves all my problems. My ipad is still extremely portable and light enough, looks really slick and i can be very productive because the typing experience is excellent. The keys feel great with just the right amount of feedback. It doesnt feel cramped at all. THere are only two improvements id like to see: Firstly, id like to have a key that can do the 4 finger swipe gesture to swipe between open screens. Secondly, would be great if it protected the back and had little rubber feet to protect the actual keyboard case, but then i know these features would add weight and thickness, so it woudnt be 'ultra thin'. All in all, this keyboard is definitely worth buying if you plan to type a lot and it is so simple to carry around that your ipad wont lose its convenient portability. Finally, i didnt want the solar folio case because it is more difficult to take the ipad in and out of that case and its heavier, so what makes the ipad special is lost. But with this ultra thin keyboard, your ipad remains an ipad, its easy to snap on and off. Buy it!
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on 1 April 2013
This product is amazing it works really well and is really easy to use! It turns the iPad into a mini laptop so it is compact and easy to carry round, I'm currently using it for university lectures but I would suggest for everyone it's expensive but in my opinion worth the money.
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on 3 August 2014
I was really looking forward to using this product and making my iPad more functional. I had read reviews for a number of (cheaper) products and thought this would be the most worthwhile in the long term. Can't fault Amazon on their service and delivering the product on time, and the product is very stylish, but beyond that it's been a bit of a disappointment. Having initially struggled to connect the keyboard to my iPad, it worked well for about a day, and ever since I've been able to sync the keyboard and my iPad but connection gets lost within minutes. Occasionally if it is showing signs of working, it freezes and types a row of the same letter.

Having bought this about two months ago, I became frustrated with it and had a lot of work to get done so went back to using my laptop. Going back to the product more recently and trying to get some luck from it I'm still experiencing the same problems, and it has essentially been a waste of money. There's no option for me to directly contact the seller about my problems connecting, and as the returns window has expired, it seems that I'm stuck with a relatively expensive product that simply does not work.

Overall, the product looks awesome, and I may have just been the unlucky one, but I would urge caution before buying the keyboard as it has been very temperamental and there doesn't appear to be much support for customers experiencing difficulties with the product.
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Since the introduction of the iPad, I have seen a dramatic change in its functionality. With a plethora of productivity apps, it has now become more than a mere tablet and can easily be used for simple content creation. For me, this includes extensive use of dropbox, pages, emails and calendar schedules (and others). As the iPad had increased in functionality, I had been searching for a keyboard for my iPad for a long time, to create a commutable tablet/laptop hybrid.

I was sceptical about this keyboard for a few reasons. 1) The high price, 2) Concerns about the keyboard toppling over(!), 3) The lack of protection on the back of the iPad (the keyboard only covers the screen area). However, the high number of positive reviews encouraged me to finally go ahead with the purchase. My worries were in vain.

I am very satisfied with the keyboard. The product looks very nice in person, clips onto the iPad (3rd gen) fine, and even wakes/sleeps the screen when opening and closing, respectively. There is a fairly strong magnetic groove in which the iPad slots; remarkably, the iPad is held very sturdily. Typing is also comfortable of the chiclet style keyboard, although it is a tad smaller. I cannot recommend this for long essays, but for on the go work (emails, messages, short blogs, etc), it is very convenient, indeed!

I cannot comment on battery life, but Logitech does claim 6 months, with 2 hours of daily usage. Charging is achieved through a mini-usb to usb cable (included), however, I have been using my Kindle charger with this just fine. A cleaning cloth is also included.

There are a few negative points I can mention. The price is very high (I paid almost £90) and construction of the device does feel very slightly sub-par. Don't get me wrong, the device feels and looks fantastic, but for the price, I would expect more. But the keyboard is very thin, displaying a nice feat of engineering.

In conclusion, with it attached to my iPad, I have created a convenient and fully functional, mini mobile laptop. I am very satisfied indeed and can whole-heartedly recommend this device, provided you are prepared to pay the premium.

PS- The iPad and keyboard went very comfortably in this Belkin case:
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Colour Name: BlackStyle Name: for iPad Air 1Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've previously used the Logitech Ultrathin Keybaord Cover for my 3rd gen iPad and thought it was generally a great keyboard, one of the best depending on what you're looking for. When I bought an iPad Air I thought I'd check out Logitech once again.

The keyboard is pretty much identical to previous models except that it comes in Space Grey to match the colour of my iPad Air. One downside is to watch that this doesn't get scratched when you're typing as the Space Grey covering touches the surface that you're typing on. But as for the cover itself, it attaches via a magnetic hinge in much the same way as the Smart Cover does and protects the screen of your iPad. It's quite thin so doesn't really add any unnecessary bulk or weight to your iPad and is great for slipping into a bag when you need to take it with you.

Typing is great, the keys are well spaced and you get good feedback from the keys once pressed. There's a nice range of shortcut keys across the top of the keyboard for most commonly used functions such as cut, copy and paste, music playback controls, etc. It can feel a little strange tapping your iPad screen when using it with a keyboard and the added shortcut buttons just make it feel more natural.

The iPad itself slots into the cover via a groove which has magnet at the bottom to hold the iPad in place. It provides one single viewing angle and one only, presumably optimised based on various tests conducted by Logitech. Depending on where you're typing the angle can be perfect or it may need some adjusting which is where this cover falls down. If I'm typing on my lap then I feel like I need to adjust the viewing angle, if I'm in bed late at night then I tend to want the angle to be more upright. For the most part I can get by but it would be nice to have an adjustable viewing angle and I guess this is aimed at typing only at a desk for instance. I sometimes like to use the cover to hold my iPad for watching movies and for that the angle is no good in most cases.

But it's a good cover if you're after something of great quality and gives a good typing experience. It's well made, attaches to the iPad well and doesn't add bulk or weight too much. The battery should last you a good 6 months and I'll hopefully be able to see how that pans out over time. It's worth spending the money on if you don't mind the one and only viewing angle, that would be my only gripe with the product.
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on 25 July 2012
The Logitech ultrathin keyboard is extremely well made and connects like a dream. It has only one small flaw and that is that the groove into which the Ipad fits is not quite deep enough and therefore the Ipad is not 100% secure so I have had to invest in a small portable stand. IPAD STAND
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on 10 September 2012
There's no doubt about it - the price of this keyboard is high; the cost is a fair percentage of what you'd pay for even the top-of-the-line iPad to go along with it.

I've had a couple of Bluetooth iPad keyboards before, but never really got on with them. The build quality had been poor to average and the usability poor to worse. They didn't really integrate with the iPad.

The Logitech is a different kind of beast. Yes, half of it is plastic. But all of it is very well made. Your iPad slots snugly into the keyboard and doesn't feel loose. The keys are positive, if a touch springy - but fine for touch-typing once you have the measure of its narrower width. The keyboard's function keys have lots of iPad-specific shortcuts, so you only really need to reach for the screen now and again.

The iPad and Logitech combination can't match the keyboard of a MacBook Pro or Macbook Air - but as a travelling companion for the iPad, this is the best I've seen - I'll definitely be using my iPad on the pad far more now. This review? Yes, typed on the Logitech and my iPad.
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on 11 November 2012
This really is an amazingly comfortable, well designed and practical piece of kit for the iPad. It is not excessively thick or heavy, the connectivity is effortless everything just clicks into place and the usability of the keyboard is astounding (nothing like a netbook if you remember those).

Only good things to say. HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who wants to maximize the use of their iPad or indeed move one step closer to having a pseudo-laptop with the everywhere.
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Colour Name: BlackStyle Name: For iPad 2,3,4Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
When I bought my iPad2 I found it hard to justify as I already had an iPhone, a laptop and a kindle. I finally bought an iPad2 when my laptop was in for repair - and fell in love. Since then I've used it every day and used the apple smart cover all the time and a Belkin case Belkin Pleated Sleeve for iPad - Plum (Compatible with New Apple iPad 3rd Generation HD) for when it's in my bag.

To my surprise this new cover with built in keyboard has made me love my iPad more. It means that I can type emails far more easily and it should be fine for travel, rather than having to take my laptop as well. Obviously, it adds a bit of weight - but it's worth it for the benefits of the stand and the keyboard. I have been asked where I got it every time I've been using it when out and about...with people remarking that it gives the look of a netbook


- weighs 325g so with the iPad2 (600g) it come in under a kilo
- very slim and well designed - aluminium with logitech log and black keyboard. It looks good with the iPad
- keyboard has good typing function and has a home button
- makes great use of the magnets and attached to the iPad securely in both modes
- installation is a breeze - bluetooth and a charge and an on button
- battery life is long - 6 months apparently
- like the apple smart cover, it sleeps your iPad when you close it and wakes it when you open it
- slim enough to still fit in my Belkin case

- has only one angle when you clip it in to use the keyboard...however it's perfect for me
- obviously has a bit more heft than the apple smart cover but, for me, 325g is worth it for the function
- doesn't protect the back of the iPad- but then nor does the apple smart cover

Highly recommended

EDIT 22/2/2013 just an update to say I have only had to recharge this once and it gets long use daily. It still draws attention whenever I use it in public and i am still delighted with it.
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Colour Name: BlackStyle Name: For iPad 2,3,4Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Almost Everything about this iPad accessory screams superb design. The sleek outer metallic casing, matching the iPad perfectly when it closes shut with the subtle magnetic mechanism. It does make it look like smart little laptop with the ultimate touch screen capability when the logitech keyboard is assembled with the iPad. Not that I wanted to make it look like a laptop (far from it) but it is quite amusing in a way. It does stop looking like a laptop though when you flip the iPad round and use it in portrait mode. That's very useful for me because I use the tablet mainly in portrait rather than landscape.

The set up is very easy, as soon as you switch it on (make sure your iPad is already Bluetooth enabled via the general settings) they pair up and you can start using it. The feel of the keys is excellent, very light and bouncy enough to make it worthwhile for reasonable fast typing. Great for blogs, emails, writing documents longer than a couple of paragraphs (the screen keypad does get a bit tiring sometimes after long use). In fact I am writing this review using the new keyboard. It does take repetitive strain out of using the iPad for long periods if you are doing plenty of writing on it. This was the main reason I got this smart case, as well as for some solid protection of the iPad screen when I am carrying it around in my travel bag.

The magnetic holding design is excellent and it is quite amazing how fine the recess of keys is to make sure they don't actually touch the screen when you close it over.

My only gripe is that there is no hash (#) key on the keyboard, considering it is used quite often these days (eg on Twitter) so to get the hash symbol, you need to bring up the on screen keyboard and then click through on screen as usual, not very clever on that. Hence 4 stars instead of 5 as my score.
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