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4.6 out of 5 stars111
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 16 October 2014
This book has all the ingredients of a hit movie. It has everything you could possibly want in a good story. The character of Sam broke my heart. She's a woman in pain and I hurt for her, what she goes through is nothing short of horrific. To cope she stays on the fringes of society, never really involving herself and never making friends. She is lonely and afraid but it is a life that she is used to. At the same time she has a core of steel running through her and a strength that you can only admire, which of course Brandt does. He is a cop and a very alpha male but he is one of those unique individuals, especially as he is of the male species, that is to others opinions, open to new ideas and open to things that most have a hard time believing. He finds himself drawn to Sam and feels very protective of her although their relationship doesn't come easy as Sam is broken in some ways. The psychic element of this story is what drew me to this book and it didn't disappoint, I felt everything that Sam did in her visions and the consequences that she had to endure because of them. This book is a thriller, a mystery, a crime novel and a love story all rolled into one. It kept me hooked.
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on 19 December 2013
This was an easy read, the main character was very interesting - a story of a physic who helps the police even though she has been shunned before.

There were unfortunately some problems. The paragraphs only consisted of a few sentences each which gave it a very disjointed feeling. There were a lot of punctuations errors which meant that some of the sentences didn't make sense no matter how many times I read them, so the whole book didn't flow very well.

If you want a quick easy read, and can ignore the disjointed feel, then you will enjoy this book.
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on 19 October 2015
This is a paranormal thriller about a young woman with psychic abilities who helps the police to track down a serial killer.

Sam, the heroine, has the ability to inhabit the bodies of dying people from the approach of death until the soul leaves the body. Most of bodies she inhabits are those of female murder victims. She suffers the same injuries and pain as the victims including blood loss. However, once the victim has died and Sam returns to normal, her wounds heal. In an effort to obtain justice for the victims, Sam then goes to the police with the information she obtained during the murder. Most of these trips however are in vain as she is, at best, disbelieved and at worst, a suspect.

On one of her visits to the police department she meets Detective Brandt Sutherland who takes a liking to her. He believes her and decides to work with her to track down the killer.

This is an interesting and original thriller with lots of action. Readers should note that there is quite a bit of violence. The main characters are likeable and we want things to work out for them.

Sam's character is well developed but we are pretty much left in the dark regarding her past. We are given a few details about her childhood in foster care but nothing regarding the origin of her psychic abilities. As this is such an important part of Sam's character and life, it is surprising we are not told more about it.

We are also told very little about Brandt's background. We know that he has an affinity with psychics and has already worked with them but not how this came about. As this would be unusual in a police officer, it seems that an important part of his past and character has been overlooked.

It also seems to me that an incredibly high number of murders took place in the course of the novel. I know that this is a paranormal story so not everything is true to life but Sam lost so much blood during the murders that she should be dead. Her injuries heal but her blood supply is not replenished. It is hard to understand how she could have survived without a blood transfusion or without even consulting a doctor. I think that this is an important fact that was neglected by the author.

The love scenes are also a little contrived and should probably just have been glossed over. The author seems to be more at ease writing murder scenes. Some spelling and punctuation errors are also to be noted and the book could do with proof reading.

In spite of the flaws, the story kept me gripped. I could really feel for Sam and what she was going through. I also loved the part about the dogs. I even thought that the book would make a good film and while reading, got distracted trying to decide who should play Sam's part. All in all, I would read this author again.
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on 27 November 2013
I believe in psychic powers, so I really enjoyed this book. However, if you are a skeptic then I doubt this book is for you!
Sam is a young woman with powerful, but untrained, psychic powers. She has visions she cannot control of women while they are being murdered by a serial killer. She feels every blow and every wound, and actually bleeds. These wounds heal themselves quickly afterwards, but leave her drained of energy.
She reluctantly goes to the Police, where she is treated first with scorn and then as a suspect as she knows too many details for their liking.
Finally she is believed by a Detective, Brandt (funny first name?) and they work together to try and track the killer.
The growing attraction between Sam and Brandt was necessary for the plot, but I found it intruded too much after a while and, in my opinion, the author should have cut down on it.
Brandt's mother lives in a nursing home and is a feisty lady determined to find a wife for him, much to his discomfort!
Throw in a bad cop, an aggressive rescue dog and a more experienced psychic who tries to help Sam handle her unwanted "gift" and you have a good book. I thought it was well written and I really felt for Sam in her mental and physical exhaustion. I give the book 4.5 stars and would read another by this author.
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on 17 January 2014
this was the first book of Dale Mayer's that I had read and, although intrigued by the psychic side of this book, I was also dubious as previous novels I have read in this genre have seemed clichéd and a bit cheesy. However, I loved this book and really connected with Sam and this ability she didn't know how to control. The underlying love story gripped me too and I thoroughly enjoyed this book overall. I have since bought the following two books in this series and have enjoyed these too.
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on 2 November 2014
Having tried other paranormal romances this author came up as a similar style so I thought I'd try it. Glad I did.....I very quickly became engaged in the story and wanted to find out how it finished. I was glad to find the rest of the series were stand alone stories and will definitely be reading them. The only criticism I have is that the spacing between paragraphs is too wide (I read on a kindle) so constantly swiping pages.
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on 6 October 2014
A book which grips the reader from the first few sentences. The story flows fluently , with more than enough excitement building up to a terrific conclusion. The characters are vividly discribed and weave in and out of the very professional written book. If you are interested in or have an empathy with psychic experiences -you won't be disappointed. A great read .
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on 23 April 2015
Dale Mayer grips the readers imagination and takes you along the lives of the heroine and hero.the love angles certainly add to the stories. I love that the swearing,so often overused in books,isn't on every page.this writer knows when it's acceptable. I am a fan of psychic reading and a firm believer but a reader need not believe,just enjoy.
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on 11 January 2015
A Really Good Read in my humble opinion. I like Psychic Mysteries and this one approached the subject from a slightly different angle which I liked. I found the characters believable and the story flowed smoothly without too many digressions or side stories. I hope the author intends to give this Psychic another case to deal with very soon.
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on 29 January 2015
I really enjoyed this book,especially as it was a change from the norm. However, the ending was totally rushed and really fizzled to nothing which was a real shame. It is the only thing stopping me giving it 5 stars. I did even wonder if the characters were in the next book. I will certainly read another book from this author.
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